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*sees the Elsa fic* *slides up from behind counter* *whispers*part two? *slides back down*

*whispers* as yoouu wiisshhhh *slides back down under my blanket to write*

“Y/N!” BamBam exclaimed, running out onto the ice towards you with tears streaming down his face; he had never meant to hurt you with his powers - it had been what he was most afraid of, and now you were frozen in ice, gone forever.

“No…please…” BamBam cried, throwing his arms around your frozen body and hugging you tightly as he whispered how much he needed you to be with him; at his words, a bright light began to glow around you which BamBam barely noticed through his tears until it began melting away the ice that was encasing you at which point he gasped and held you in his arms, smiling down at you.

“Bam…Bam…” you whispered, weakly in his arms as you looked up at your savior whose white hair was blowing in the wind; “It’s okay, Y/N. I’ve got you know. I won’t let you go,” he said, stroking your cheek fondly and pressing his lips lightly against yours as the warmth around you began to spread towards the frozen palace to bring back summer. 

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

The Signs as Disney Princesses
  • Capricorn - Tiana: Ambitious, Determined, Focused, and Sincere.
  • Aquarius - Belle: Knowledgeable, Inquisitive, Imaginative, and Broad-minded.
  • Pisces - Aurora: Compassionate, Tolerant, Gentle, and Artistic.
  • Aries - Jasmine: Fiery, Sassy, Confident, and Independent.
  • Taurus - Elsa: Responsible, Dependable, Practical, and Overprotective.
  • Gemini - Rapunzel: Childish, Curious, Feisty, and Expressive.
  • Cancer - Mulan: Tenacious, Persuasive, Sympathetic and Strong.
  • Leo - Ariel: Straightforward, Headstrong, Stubborn, and Optimistic.
  • Virgo - Cinderella: Hardworking, Down to Earth, Reliable, and Patient.
  • Libra - Snow White: Gracious, Fair, Non-confrontational, and Social.
  • Scorpio - Pocahontas: Resourceful, Passion Driven, Leader, and Honest.
  • Sagittarius - Anna: Wanderlust, Idealistic, Humorous, and Impatient.

which Disney princess are you? tag yourself!

Disneyisms YouTube Channel 

Disney: “I Believe” (Christina Perri) Music Video | Disney: I am a princess Music Video | Inside Out Core Memory Cupcakes Recipe Video


Disney Princesses + Friends !!! Which is your favorite one? 👑

So in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast, Josh Gad plays Lefou, Gaston’s bumbling companion.

Josh Gad is also the voice of Frozen’s infamous snowman, Olaf.


Come back to this post in 2017, SEE IF IT DIDN’T HAPPEN


Yuri with a power that act when he is stressed? What could go wrong ~ ? 

Viktor: So next AU is going to be Frozen? This could be so fun!
Yuri: Oh no.
Viktor: wait Yuuri - what is the problem? Where are you running? YUURI!
Yuri: *very far away* still no!

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