okay, not gonna lie. i’m pretty proud of this.

i was actually only planning a simple sketch but i think i got really carried away. This has taught me alot about composition and lighting but now i’m gonna try and ban myself from drawing because i’m neglecting my other work.

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Who Said Love is Blind Sneak Peek (Halloween Carnival)

Porter had some explaining to do for his costume as not everyone got that he was Peter Parker. Kris stayed out of the way as there were a lot of people in the gym and it was hard to keep focused. Anna and her students took turns luring parents and teachers to the pie throwing booth. Each class was earning money for a special field trip. Miss Curtis’s class was hoping to attend the Arendelle Symphony during their school performance next month. There wasn’t a kid who didn’t want to throw a pie at their parents or teacher. So Anna’s booth was probably the most popular of the carnival. Most of the parent volunteers had enough of getting hit in the face and began nominating other teachers and even students to join Miss Curtis’s booth. By the end of the night there wasn’t a parent or teacher who didn’t have remnants of banana cream pie stuck to some area of their bodies. Except for one Anna Curtis.

“Miss Curtis! Miss Curtis!” Adam and Porter shouted, trying to get her attention. They had planned with Kris to get their teacher. Because honestly who would suspect a blind guy.

“Yes Peter Parker and Tony Stark?” Anna said, addressing her students as their alter egos.

“Should we start taking down the booth now or should we wait a bit longer?” Porter asked, looking for his brother. Tommy was giving Kris the last banana cream pie and leading Kris in the direction of Porter and the other students.

“We still have one pie left,” Anna said. “Maybe there’s someone here who hasn’t gotten pied yet.”

“Look out Miss Curtis!” Trinka shouted, giving Kris away.

Porter glared at the girl. Anna turned around and saw her blind boyfriend hurl a banana cream pie in her general direction. With a great splat, the pie smashed into her face and all ten of Anna’s students began to laugh. They had been waiting all night for Miss Curtis to get hit with a pie. Anna knew Kris wasn’t the mastermind behind this. She wiped off the cream and smeared it across Kris’s face.

“Still tastes good,” Kris laughed. A piece fell to the gym floor and Sven, being a dog, was all to happy to help clean up.


Fox Elsa and Anna (Color Test)



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Hi! It’s been a long while since my last post. I’ve been very very very busy with the school works. At last I’m on summer vacation but still so many works to do…

Anyway, my Chinese friend taught me how to color pic in Photoshop and here’s the result. I really wanna cry. It looks so soft!!! >/////< And somehow Elsa and Anna look more sexy than ever! >/////<

Now I’m so ready for more commission!!!