Thaw the Frozen Beast - A Kristanna AU

Pairing: Kristanna (who else?)
Alternate Universe: Beauty & the Beast
Role Placement: Anna - Belle | Kristoff - the Prince/Beast | Elsa - Papa | Hans - Gaston | Duke of Weselton - Asylum Dude | With Birger guest starring as the face of the Beast.
Summary: Anna is just a young girl living in a small, boring little village. But when her sister goes on a trip and doesn’t come back, it’s up to Anna to find her. While Anna is expecting to save her sister, there’s someone else who needs her even more.
Even if neither of them know it yet.
Author’s Note: Okay, so I’ve had this in mind for a few days now, ever since I watched B&TB again. I always tend to make my #1 Favorite Disney Movie of All Time (you’re a threat, Frozen, but I’ve got a soft spot for this movie) into AUs of other stuff I love. So, when I heard the call for more Kristanna AUs, I knew my idea had to become a thing! FOR KRISTANNA!!! Besides, I’ve been immersed in Kristanna and yet have barely contributed diddly squat. Well, here’s to contributing to the Kristanna society! XD
I’ll admit, I had an interesting time making Kristoff’s gruff first impression into something worth getting cursed for. I think I did okay…now let’s see how everything else goes.


A long time ago, there was a Prince who ruled a grand castle in France. While he treated his servants fairly, outsiders were not met with such by the prince. Gruff and cold, most all who came to meet the prince were met unfavorably. Stories would exaggerate his character, but indifference met them, only fueling more exaggerations and rumors.

The prince had been wronged too many times in the past, and it had vastly ruined his opinion on anyone not of his castle.

Then, one cold winter’s night, an old woman came to the castle seeking shelter, offering only a rose in compensation. The prince, tired and ill-tempered, turned the woman away, irritably telling her to seek out the nearby village instead. The woman warned him not to let his prejudices cloud his mind.

The prince turned her away once more, apologizing, but only half-heartedly.

Disappointed by the prince’s failure to let go of the past, the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. Shocked by this, and realizing the mistake he’d made, the prince tried to apologize. But sadly, it was too late, for the enchantress saw that he was too stubborn to let it go. As punishment, she transformed him into a cold beast with an icy appearance to match his own, frozen heart.

This curse spread to the castle and its inhabitants, revealing to the prince his prejudices affected more than just himself. The castle grew cold, its stones lost color, and frost covered much. Even when the warm seasons came, the icy cold now gripping the castle and all inside resisted. The inhabitants became like wolves, covered in gray fur and bearing tails and claws. Angered by the mistake he’d made, the prince locked himself away.

The rose the enchantress had brought was truly an enchanted rose. Tied to the curse, it would bloom until the prince’s 21st year. If he could not break his prejudices and find love, and earn that woman’s unbiased love in return; he would be doomed to remain a cold beast forever. Years went by, and the prince fell into despair.

For who could ever learn to love a frozen hearted beast…?