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awkward video I made for James

This is what I said:

what I said:

I’ve done this video like 5 times and I never had anything to talk about. And then I just thought of something to talk about so YAY. I realized earlier that I don’t think that James and/ or Angel depending on who watches this, even though they probably won’t watch this, have ever heard me talk and I told James earlier that I hated how I talked. So this is how I talk James if you watch this video. Which you shouldn’t because this is weird but yeah. But yeah this is how I sound. Your accent is really  much cuter than mine I guess, even though I don’t think I have one. I might have one, I don’t know. I live in redneck country, so I’m glad I don’t have an accent, cause there’s people who talk like idiots here and I don’t claim to know. But yeah. Awkward room shot. Yep, picture of yall haha. But anyway, cause I’m gonna ramble because I’m weird. So I have to just like talk and stay on track otherwise I’m gonna ramble on this video and this video is gonna be way to flippin’ long. But anyways this is what I sound like if you watch this video James and/or Angel or whoever. Don’t really care. That sounded mean. I do care but whoever watches this, especially James, I hope you think or like how I sound whatever that is supposed to mean. But ya James if you watch this I love you, and I love . Yall are flippin adorable. Yall are my favorite couple in the whole world. Unless you count me and my boyfriend, then I still think yall come in first. Which is sad that I like you two more than I like me and my boyfriend. I don’t know. Probably don’t cause that’s just weird. But I do like yall. It’d probably yall and then Sterek. So yall actually come above Sterek, which I ship really hard. But anyway, told you im gonna ramble. I love you two and I hope you have a good day cause it’s like 6am there. So I hope yall have a good day, I’m going to sleep in a couple hours. Yay. But oh well. What the heck am I doing? I promised myself I would not do this in front of yall. Cause it sounds weird. This is not.. not cute James. This is not. This is just sad cause I do not sound like yall. And I lose my accent randomly but yeah. Anyway. Lets not talk about my weird attempt to do your accent. Cause that was just kinda awkward. Didn’t realize I was gonna do that, I do it too much in my spare time I guess. But yeah. I’m awkward. Yeah. I was trying to think of something funny to do. But there’s nothing funny to do. I don’t have anything near me that’s funny. I have a tail, but I cant reach it cause I’m short. Yeah. But anyways I love you both. You’re so flipping cute. I’ve said that like 5 times but, oh well. And yes James I have really random awkward moles too. But they’re cute I guess. I have one on my back too. I’m rambling oh my god. I have to go, because I’m just gonna keep talking. And no one really care about anything I’m saying. So yeah. Im gonna go. Goodbye