frozen concept


Today I found your shirt, the one I wore to bed for a week straight after you left the door unlocked. You did not ask to be the thunder that kept me awake in the middle of the night and I never meant to be so hungry for a taste of the pieces of you that exist between the every day. Love is an abstract concept, frozen between thought and voice. We were blind to the possibilities of the events unfolding and while the eternal end lacks interpretation, I long for the day when a goodbye kiss means “see you tonight”. I am distracted by dreams that should be real while you become the sun learning to reflect the moons light. The infinity symbol is for math and other practical things, unlike love, they said. I didn’t listen and found abstractions in mysterious things like the elegance of my lips melting into yours. Sometimes beauty resembles madness and we are stunning to my every sense. Perhaps someday …

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 14 - Favourite Steel Type: Alolan Sandslash

The best steel type is appointed elsewhere so I chose Sandslash for this slot. Its typing was definitely a surprise but a neat one. I quite like the concept of frozen spikes, too. I thought that since the dex entry specifically says “its steel spikes are covered in ice” I’d make the spikes appear more like frozen clumps of porcupine-like spikes rather than pangolin scales. It somehow felt better.


Drawing Elsa with the help of my buddy Puppet! Last video of the year! He went through some major surgery haha.

again my personal taste has a lot to do with why i prefer frozen, and i think anybody who knows me irl and knows what i enjoy would guess which movie l’d have preference to.

like honestly if didney set out to make a princess movie specifically targeting me, besides pirates it would be frozen,,

visually the darker blue/green/purple colour scheme is one i really like, i more or less even based my prom dress on those colours that’s how much i enjoy them. and frozen has a lot of those in both constume and setting.

hell, just the scenery of fjords is something i love, this movie made me go to norway so i could see the landscapes in person.

another visual motif i adore are slavic decorative paintings. the early concepts of frozen had more slavic tones to it but norwegian traditional art shares a lot in common in both art and clothing. i love the background details in the movie showcasing them, i wish there was more

as somebody who greatly appreciates films set in a certain historic location, i think it’s easy to understand why tangled didn’t fit the bill as much. it more or less takes place in fantasy fairy tale land of no discernible location which works for the movie, but is a thing that never stuck with me. 

tangled more or less based its visuals on 18th-19th century romantic european paintings and illustration. which is something in itself that i like the concept of, but i think the aesthetic wasn’t pushed so hard in the final film. which i can understand, because tonally it wouldnt fit the movie so much, and i think in general that artstyle would mesh more in a hand drawn or very stylized 3d film instead. i guess that extra ‘push’ of historic concepts is what i wish for.

finally as for music, i am slut for theatre and frozen’s music direction is more towards the musical theatre area and i also love wicked so theres that. tangled is more towards the pop genre which i am less partial to.

and as for character design, physiologicially i dont hold either characters’ physiques above another, i just really like norwegian dresses.

tl;dr: i like frozen better than tangled on a basis of personal taste and aesthetic, somebody could just as easily do the same thing favouring tangled and neither opinion is right or wrong.

Inktober Day 1: Pua

Hello everyone! I’m doing Inktober again this year! 8D I’m so excited! THIS MEANS KELPIES WHENEVER I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING. YESSSS!!! I’d love it if those of you who are doing Inktober would send me your drawings! I’d love to see! <3

Today I decided to draw this cute little guy! I’m so pumped for Moana, I’ve been excited since I first saw the concept after Frozen came out. I’m so excited that I went out and got a little Pua plush! IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER <3 (my secret other favourite animal is a pig~ I love piggies)

Drawn in office/bic pen!

sometimes i think of the Frozen concept art where the Ice Queen had a mink coat made out of actual live minks and i just get really sad because we could’ve had it all

Kristanna in Minkyu Lee’s Concept Designs

This is a proof of concept to show how the snow fallsl from the Kite Eating Tree after Charlie slams into it. The Challenge was to keep the Peanuts shape in the snow all the way through but also show some subtle realism to how snow separates. In other words, I had to watch snow fall from trees for awhile. Surprisingly, driving on the freeway is a great place to catch snow falling off the top of cars. Semi trucks are the best cause you can watch it fall longer. Okay, enough nerding out!