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Elsa/ The Ice Queen went through many incarnations before be reimagined as a reformed villain, and later non-villainous. I must admit, I like black haired, seemingly mischievous Elsa, better. She visually shows more personality. If she’s nearly as mischievous and sarcastic as her art shows her to be, she would have been more fun to watch on the screen. 

In Wasteland:

Really, any of these could easily be a villain lamenting that their replacement isn’t even evil. A villain, replaced by a protagonist? What is to become of the great Disney villain line? It’s almost as if Disney doesn’t want villains, anymore!


Scrapped version of The Queen (whose design makes more sense)

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Ahhh imagine the snow queen but sarumi and also niki as the queen (not the disney vers)

Somehow it feels more like Kisa should be the Snow Queen here XD Like say Niki’s actually the troll from the beginning of the story, who creates a mirror that makes everything look terrible and ugly. He then flies around the kingdom of the Snow Queen Kisa, using his mirror to make everything in her domain look awful and ugly. Fushimi is an orphan who was captured once by troll Niki and used as a servant. He’s only looked at the world through the mirror his whole life so he thinks the world is just as twisted and ugly as Niki’s convinced him it is. Then one day he manages to escape Niki and is adopted by Munakata, who finds this sullen child all alone in the snow and takes him in. Fushimi and Munakata live in this little house in the city and Fushimi hates the house and everything in it because he still assumes the world is awful. One day though Yata appears at Fushimi’s window, their houses are connected at the roof and they can reach each other’s house just by walking through the gutter. Yata’s been watching Fushimi since he moved in and was curious about this sad quiet kid with the striking blue eyes who lives across from him. Initially Fushimi’s reluctant to befriend Yata but Yata keeps coming to see him every day, and it’s through Yata’s affection that Fushimi begins to believe that the world might be beautiful after all.

Then one day Yata and Fushimi are playing when a fragment of Niki’s mirror ends up flying into Fushimi’s eye – Niki’s been looking for Fushimi all this time and when he sees Fushimi happy with Yata he thinks it would be fun to ruin it, so he shatters the twisted mirror on purpose in order to force Fushimi to see everything as horrible and ugly. Fushimi immediately pushes Yata away and maybe sets on fire the flowers the two of them had planted in front of their houses. Yata’s all horrified and betrayed as Fushimi laughs, taunting him and calling him an idiot. Yata feels betrayed and upset, vowing never to talk to Fushimi again. But then that night it snows and Fushimi finds himself called out into the town square, where he stands in the snow until Kisa appears riding on a magnificent sleigh with Niki in disguise beside her. At Niki’s urging she summons Fushimi into the sleigh with promises of caring for him and Fushimi finds himself moving towards her because to him she alone appears beautiful, though he is unable to see that her heart is frozen and cold. A touch to Fushimi’s forehead makes him forget Yata and he’s spirited away to the kingdom of snow. The next day Munakata discovers Fushimi missing and raises an alarm, Yata’s totally panicked despite his fight with Fushimi the day before. The villagers all conclude that Fushimi drowned but Yata refuses to believe it, determined to find out what happened to Fushimi.

Yata goes out to search for Fushimi and ends up meeting the river spirit, Awashima. In exchange for his lunch (some buns filled with anko) she tells him that Fushimi did not drown, which makes Yata even more determined to figure out the truth. He continues on until he meets the sorcerer Hisui, who tries to get Yata to stay in his cave basement with all his other followers, where they practice forbidden magic and try to change the world. Hisui briefly makes Yata forget about Fushimi but then one of Hisui’s followers, Sukuna, drops a knife on the ground and Yata is suddenly reminded of Fushimi. As he escapes Hisui’s underground cave the moles that live underground tell him that Fushimi is not in the earth either, he is not dead. Yata is now extra determined to figure out who stole Fushimi and to get him back.

Yata decides to travel north, but he doesn’t get far before the robber band Homra captures him. Yata has to admit that these robbers are kinda cool but he has places to go and he can’t stay here. He tells them his story and the robber leader Mikoto is impressed with how far Yata’s gone for his friend. One member of the band, Anna, steps forward and uses her powers of foresight to tell Yata that Fushimi’s been abducted by the Snow Queen and a terrible evil, and that he’s been taken to a frozen castle where he will remain unless someone can melt his heart. The castle itself is dangerous and the touch of the Snow Queen can kill, but even so Yata is willing to go there at any cost. Homra agrees to help him and together they all travel to the Snow Queen’s castle, where Mikoto uses his magic fire powers to melt down the door so that Yata can go find Fushimi.

Yata makes his way to the main chamber of the palace, where he finds Fushimi sitting in the center of a giant puzzle made of ice, face blank as he puts the pieces together. Kisa sits on her throne, utterly ignoring Fushimi and the way his skin has gone even paler than before and his body even thinner. Yata’s pissed off seeing him this way and runs to save him, only to have Niki interfere and stir Fushimi so that Fushimi stands and tries to fight Yata. Yata’s not going to run away this time though and instead of fighting he just throws his arms around Fushimi, yelling out is feelings and how Fushimi’s been his most important person from the moment they met and how Yata’s not ever letting Fushimi out of his sight ever again. The warmth of Yata’s embrace melts the splinter in Fushimi’s eye and Fushimi whispers out ‘Misaki…?’ With the splinter out of his eye Fushimi’s at last able to see the truth of the puzzle he was putting together and with Yata’s help he completes it, freeing him from both Kisa and Niki’s clutches forever. Yata and Fushimi return home with Homra accompanying them and live happily ever after (also Mikoto punches Niki in the face and burns him to a crisp so that he can never bother Fushimi again).


Brought some early “Frozen” concept art of evil Elsa to life. :D

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