frozen concept

here it comes again; my emotional void

i can’t control this
losing in my battle of head and heart

my lost afflictions
crystallized giants
of icicles
that’s counteract any progress

this is my ongoing frozen concept
my list of lost love

sometimes i think of the Frozen concept art where the Ice Queen had a mink coat made out of actual live minks and i just get really sad because we could’ve had it all

Kristanna in Minkyu Lee’s Concept Designs

This is a proof of concept to show how the snow fallsl from the Kite Eating Tree after Charlie slams into it. The Challenge was to keep the Peanuts shape in the snow all the way through but also show some subtle realism to how snow separates. In other words, I had to watch snow fall from trees for awhile. Surprisingly, driving on the freeway is a great place to catch snow falling off the top of cars. Semi trucks are the best cause you can watch it fall longer. Okay, enough nerding out!