frozen concept


Hi!!! These are all my drawings of Disney princesses!!!! I worked very hard to do them and it took me a lot of time, but I finaly did them all so I hope you like them!!!!

Which is your favourite one??


“Your wings….they’re  s p a r k l i n g.”

                                                                                                        “Like yours…”

Evolution of a Snow Queen

1. Inspired by Bette Midler (Art by Claire Keane)
2. Inspired by the titular character from Auntie Mame (Art by Claire Keane)
3. Inspired by Amy Winehouse (Art by Claire Keane)
4. Inspired by Idina Menzel (Art by Brittney Lee)

So…I am pretty excited about “Frozen” going to Broadway, although it is YEARS away! I am glad to hear that the songwriting team is already developing more songs and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for sets and costuming! Now, Disney has set the bar pretty high with Frozen and the musical will have to be pretty innovative to match the beautiful visuals in the film. This is my quick concept for what the “Let It Go” sets may look like. I feel that the use of projections will be a must for this musical in order to capture the magic of the movie!