frozen zone

Uncertainty when you’re about to face death is a completely normal thing. Frisk just needs a moment… meanwhile, Sans makes awful puns.

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Also, a little extra because everybody loves Sans:

Electric puns! :D

In an alternate universe Brother Bear was as successful as it deserved to be and Disney World has a 30 square mile area of unspoilt Yukon wilderness painstakingly brought to Florida by truck and maintained by a network of underground refridgeration units which employ over 1000 people who rarely see the light of day as they maintain the workings of The Bearzone. The rest of the park was demolished to make space.

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A continuation of the fic you wrote where Danny destroyed dark Dan in front of his parents? :D

I’m liking this… Might continue it even more…

Danny didn’t know how long he’d been aimlessly floating around the ghost zone before he realized he should probably tell his friends what had happened before his parents did. He reached into his pocket to get out his cell phone and – 

Green. Ectoplasm. Blood.

His white gloves were stained green with the ectoplasm from the ghost he had just destroyed. Ripped apart. 

Molecule by molecule.

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My version of Satan from The Divine Comedy. Satan is trapped in the frozen central zone in the Ninth Circle of Hell, Inferno, Canto 34. He has three mouths and in each mouth holds a sinner, the one in the middle is suffering most of all is Judas and the other two are Brutus and Cassius. What’s very interesting about Satan is that although Dante often speaks to most sinners and devils in The Inferno, it’s chilling in a way that Satan does not speak to the pilgrim and his guide, only staring silently as he chews on the sinners in his mouth while tears run down his face.

I wanted my Satan to resemble a venus fly trap, and while the eyelashes I drew on him at first were just a joke, I decided to keep them. There’s something disconcerting with a Satan with long mascara.

frozen review (drunk) UNEDITED

I’m drunk and I’m watching frozen. I decided to log my experience

  • BOOM headshot
  • That fuckinbg snowman song is killing me
  • I kinda cried
  • just a little
  • guy is talking to a reindeer like he’s a person. funny. 
  • dude the villian is way too obvious
  • second song in like 3 mins
  • ducks!!!
  • elsa is so scared all the time
  • I wanna learn how to waltz
  • chick getting married to a dude she knew for half a day. dumb
  • cold anna. Ice fucking cold.
  • the villan guy is gay
  • that is a fact
  • elsa can walk on water that is legit
  • kill the weasle dude
  • he is weak
  • survival of the fitest
  • oh that s9ng i heard on tumblr a bagillion times
  • horse is a wimp
  • trading post guy is my favorite. still selling summer shit even though its crazy cold and stuff
  • why didnt they use the sauna
  • i like kristoff
  • how old is anna?
  • doggies1!!
  • sven has hops
  • mannn sleds trashed
  • anna burns threw cash like a kardashian
  • kristoff is a bit nuts
  • i like sven when kristoff doesnt tlk for him
  • bitch punted his head off
  • snowman from the beginning
  • kristoff is kinda a dick to olaf
  • hans not that bad. i like him more than weasle man
  • update: I’m 8 beers deep
  • snowman is convientely usefull
  • kristoff is mangasming over ice
  • anna is judging
  • memories coming back
  • elsa is like fuck that shit
  • blizzard and shit
  • duuuuuuude elsa killed anna again
  • snow man is ppiiiisssssed
  • the fuck is a snow anchor?
  • I had no clue that was a thing
  • snow man is mean snow man
  • not olaf
  • thats a long drop they should be ded
  • trolls are like jewish parents
  • plot poing
  • olaf is my favorite now
  • elsa can work those henchmen.
  • henchman 1 is a douche
  • kristoff wants it
  • hans wants it
  • anna is it
  • He can act I give him that
  • fuck face
  • Olaf knows love
  • thats about it
  • funny snowmam
  • blizzard is crazy
  • sick slide
  • olaf fucking blew away 
  • anna is dying some more
  • sven = Badass
  • sick animation
  • laaaannnnaaaa……. Danger zone
  • why is archer in this
  • Anna stone walled that shit
  • but she ic3 now
  • sad
  • AWWWWWWW shes back
  • olaf shut the fuck up
  • hans got fucked up
  • get it girl
  • finally weasle dude is gone
  • new fucking sled
  • anna hook a brother up
  • why does anna remind me of my girlfriend
  • i love my girlfriend 
  • she is a disney movie
  • ice rink in summer
  • the edn

In Focus: The Cyprus Buffer Zone, Frozen in Time

This year marks four decades since the Cyprus National Guard staged a coup that led to Turkish military intervention and escalated the civil war between the Greek and Turkish communities on the island. After the ceasefire, a heavily restricted buffer zone, controlled by the United Nations, was established between the north and south. It stretches 180 km (112 mi) across the whole island measuring 7.4 km (4.6 mi) at its widest and 3.3 m (11 ft) at its narrowest point. The demilitarized zone is restricted to the general public and no Greek or Turkish Cypriots are allowed inside. Reuters photographer Neil Hall recently visited the buffer zone, which still contains crumbling relics of times gone by - abandoned houses, businesses, and even an airport - crumbling snapshots of Cyprus in 1974.

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