frozen zone

Uncertainty when you’re about to face death is a completely normal thing. Frisk just needs a moment… meanwhile, Sans makes awful puns.

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Also, a little extra because everybody loves Sans:

Electric puns! :D


My version of Satan from The Divine Comedy. Satan is trapped in the frozen central zone in the Ninth Circle of Hell, Inferno, Canto 34. He has three mouths and in each mouth holds a sinner, the one in the middle is suffering most of all is Judas and the other two are Brutus and Cassius. What’s very interesting about Satan is that although Dante often speaks to most sinners and devils in The Inferno, it’s chilling in a way that Satan does not speak to the pilgrim and his guide, only staring silently as he chews on the sinners in his mouth while tears run down his face.

I wanted my Satan to resemble a venus fly trap, and while the eyelashes I drew on him at first were just a joke, I decided to keep them. There’s something disconcerting with a Satan with long mascara.