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Today’s theme parks spend lots of money and effort to produce compelling, coherent lands filled with dull, disjointed rides.


the summer of love

 rita skeeter & elora zabini : endless pool parties, frozen strawberry daiquiri, wizarding celebrity guests, weird sisters blasting from the wireless, bronzed warm skin, next year’s swimwear collection, lazy morning kisses, homemade hangover potions, editing by the pool, waffles for lunch, world domination for dinner

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A List of Famous Fan Fictions, in No Particular Order
  • Jane Eyre: Emma fan fiction.
  • 50 Shades of Grey: Twilight fan fiction.
  • The Inferno: Bible fan fiction.
  • Wicked: Wizard of Oz fan fiction.
  • Ulysses: The Odyssey fan fiction.
  • Any Disney Movie: fairy tale fan fictions.
  • The Fantasy Genre: mythology fan fiction.
  • The Sci Fi Genre: science fan fiction.
  • Literary Novels: fan fiction about real life.
  • Your Life: A fan fiction your parents invented when they thought, "Hey, what would it be like if we had a kid?" (The opening scene was filled with smut, btw.)
  • Conclusion: Everything's fan fiction. You're fan fiction. I'm fan fiction. Anything anyone thinks of ever is fan fiction. We're all just fan fiction.

I had this super intense basilisk and Riddle drawing going on but I was thinking about Frozen and then… this just happened instead. And now it’s stuck in my head : I

Could someone please just tell me, why so many people forget about Hagrid?
So, he got expelled for something he didn’t even do. So many people think of him as some kind of monster because of who his mother was, his father died right when things were about to turn better for him.
And yet, even of all the hard times he had to go through he was never bitter! He never let his heart freeze and he never growled against the people who just don’t know better.
He loves all this creatures who are said to be monsters because he knows how it feels to be the ‘monster’, and he never believed that any of this creatures would be bad or anything because he always remembered his own good heart.
Guys, don’t you dare to forget about Rubeus Hagrid!

Dark!School headcanons!

So I’ve had these in the back of my head for a while. Might as well share!

Fire: Fire wizards are able to control their flames most of the time, but when they go Dark, its almost as if everything they touch is flammable. Fire Wizards become your average arsonists setting fire to everything, soon their entire body becomes a hot spot and just by walking these wizards burn everything they touch.

Ice: A dark ice wizard is definitely someone you DO NOT want to mess with. The common spell frostbite? Turns into so frozen you shatter! These wizards slowly get engulfed in ice, making them look even scarier.

Storm: Ohohoho, a storm wizard gone dark? More common than you think! Storm wizards are impatient, yet quick and agile. When their patience grows to its thinnest, these wizards cause TYPHOONS! Any hint of electricity will burst in their presence and anything in their way will get shocked like a taser on its highest setting.

Life: Life wizards are razor sharp, and I mean that literally. Their beautiful and calm natures turn into razor sharp leaves and rose petals as the ultimate weapons. They begin to drain the life out of surrounding plants making them even stronger.

Death: Death wizards are a mystery to all, especially since no one has lived to tell the tale of a dark one. These wizards not only summon the dead, they use the dead like puppets, their face turns into something out of your nightmares and their eyes look like demons.

Myth: (My personal favorite dark!school) Myth wizards are the cause of disaster when they go dark. With every step the ground cracks beneath their feet and with one punch they can cause ultimate chaos! Myth wizards use their powers to summon creatures deadlier than ever seen as their personal aids, but when the creatures refuse? Well lets just say DONT REFUSE!

Balance: Sand powers, WOOSH WOOSH, but in all reality these ones are some of the most deadly. (Of course all of them are deadly but bare with me!) These wizards can suffocate their enemies and cause tornadoes and sandstorms that can travel for miles! 

My finals for the Semiotics project; give yourself a gold-star if you recognise every single one.

Also I’m looking to do a second page because I’m aware of missing loads out so if anyone has any suggestions (simpsons, weasleys etc.) just pop a note in my ask box and I’ll see what I can do.


Hans and Voldemort: Strikingly Similar Sociopaths

Since writing an analysis about how Hans displays the traits of a sociopath, I realized that he compares to Lord Voldemort, the main antagonist of the Harry Potter books and films, in many of the same ways. We don’t know very much about the former’s past that made him become the villain he is, so most of what is revealed offers more speculation. On the contrary, more is known about Voldemort’s past and what is revealed indicates that he has not changed very much, if at all, from what he was like as a child. The only thing about him that did change was just how powerful and more evil he became as he grew up, while there is a chance that Hans was not always a sociopath.

Parts of Voldemort’s personality, particularly when he was a teen, were and are very similar to those demonstrated by Hans. In his youth, when he was known by his real name of Tom Riddle, Voldemort was very handsome, polite, and charismatic, which earned him the trust and respect of many of his teachers and fellow students. This is just like with Hans, especially in how he manages to get Anna to fall for him so quickly. However, as it discovered, the mens’ seemingly friendly, admirable ways were just a ruse. Their good looks and charms represented what was superficial about them, and they used them to manipulate people and fool them completely. Hans and Voldemort used their good exteriors to their advantages in masking who they truly were: they are both pathological liars who are very cruel, cunning, manipulative, ruthless, arrogant, sadistic, and egocentric.

One of the classic sociopathic traits that Tom displayed in his youth was that he was very skilled in masking his true colors and very few people actually suspected him of any wrong. Before and during his time at Hogwarts, he became very intelligent and cunning in how he was able to lie and commit crimes so well and not get caught for them, much less even have the crimes linked to him. But he did not carry out his crimes on impulse; he carefully planned them out down to the last detail to make sure he didn’t get caught, and especially so that someone else could take the blame. Whenever Tom did wrong, he continued to display classic sociopathy because he showed no care or concern for the fact that he was doing wrong. He had no guilt, remorse, or shame for his actions or sympathy for his victims. If he showed anything, he would just act very cold, dry, and emotionless.

Furthermore, if Tom had any concern over the things he would do, it was for no one but himself. He only cared about the consequences of his actions if they could benefit him or get him in trouble with the law. Such examples include when he framed Hagrid and Aragog for being the Heir of Slytherin and the monster in the Chamber of Secrets, respectively, and when he murdered his father and paternal grandparents, but framed his deranged uncle Morfin (he wiped Morfin’s memory, making him confess to the crime). Tom had no witnesses to say that he was guilty and not Hagrid, but due to Dumbledore’s suspicions, he was forced to stop attacking students with the Basilisk to avoid discovery. And even though he was underage when he murdered the Riddles, when underage magic is performed outside of school, the Ministry of Magic can only detect the magic in the location, not the perpetrator. Thus, Tom was never convicted for that crime because he was able to escape in time so that Morfin appeared to be the guilty one instead. Although he did take credit for his crimes later in life, lying by denying his involvement with the earlier crimes (including those he committed with other orphans before he attended Hogwarts) and/or having others take the blame were part of Tom’s sociopathy. This refers to the fact that sociopaths will blame for whatever wrong they do on someone else. If they ever feel regret for their actions, it would be if they get caught, and they will insist that they are not guilty. (In the case with Hans, he blamed Anna’s apparent death on Elsa, and because killing Elsa would have made be seen as a hero, I am sure that he would deny that he did anything wrong, even when he was finally caught.)

Tom was so skilled in deceiving people and committing crimes without getting caught before he became known as the Dark Lord. When he was an underage student, he had to make sure he didn’t get caught because it would mean expulsion and forbiddance to perform magic anymore by the law. He knew he had to finish his education because he saw how magic had so much to offer him, and he couldn’t risk doing anything that would take the chance away from him. When he was still a young man, after the first several years upon graduating from Hogwarts, Tom would still use his looks and charisma to deceive and manipulate people. If he committed murder, he would still avoid getting caught by having someone else take the blame. This includes when he killed Hepzibah Smith, then framed her house-elf Hokey. But years after he became so involved in the Dark Arts (during which he lost his handsome looks) and took on the name of Lord Voldemort, he no longer hid his true colors from the world or feared being caught for his crimes. Revealing himself to really be a cold, sadistic, ruthless murderer, Voldemort became so dangerous, so feared in the wizarding world, and his great knowledge of magic was such that no one could easily arrest and imprison him or match him in a challenge, and few dared to stand up to him, except Dumbledore.

Since I wrote an analysis about Hans showing sociopathy, I won’t repeat myself too much here. But in short, when his true colors are finally revealed, he is shown to have or almost done acts that were very similar to what Voldemort did, both when the latter disguised his true nature and when he rose to power. Even though very little is revealed about Hans’s past, whatever he experienced could have lead to his villainous transformation. Because he is the youngest of thirteen princes in his kingdom, he was most likely ignored, abused, neglected, and overlooked by and because of his brothers, as well as his parents and the people in his kingdom. By being the much youngest in his family, he would not have, if ever, been considered to be very important to his kingdom. He very likely never received the love, attention, respect, and admiration that his (particularly the oldest) brothers did because he has so many before him. This made Hans very jealous, angry, and desperate to get what he wanted but could never have: power and fame. He became so resentful of his position that he decided to do whatever it took for him to finally be on top and important to people. He wanted to become king so he could get everything that he never had before, and he was not going to let anything stand in his way. Similarly, when Voldemort learned of his magical heritage as a boy, he showed contempt for his Muggle heritage because he wanted to be different, notorious, and set apart from others; he did not want to be ordinary (which was clearly indicated when he showed hatred for his name, due it to being a very common name). He denied his half-blood status, claiming he was actually pure-blood, and showed hatred towards Muggles, Muggle-borns, half-bloods, and blood traitors. Fully embracing his magical heritage, Voldemort became thirsty for power, with great ambition and greedy desire to become the greatest wizard in the world.

Hans and Voldemort also compare to each other greatly as sociopaths due their inabilities to show or express love. Even though Harry was raised by the Dursleys, the fact that he is able to love goes back to his first year. He was conceived by two people who genuinely loved each other and loved him. James and Lily loved him so much and showed that well before they died. Ultimately, it was because of Lily’s loving sacrifice that Harry was protected from Voldemort’s killing curse. So despite being raised by people who were cold and uncaring towards him, the fact that he was incredibly loved by his parents during his first year is what enabled him to be capable of loving and caring for others, too. On the other hand, Voldemort was conceived through slaved, artificial love. While Merope fell in love with Tom Sr., her love may have actually been more along the lines of obsession or infatuation. Not to mention that she then bewitched him so he would love her in return. Merope and Tom Sr.’s love for each other was not genuine, like that between Lily and James. So then the former couple had a child who was not able to comprehend love due to him being conceived under a false love bond. Another huge difference there is that from the moment of his birth, Tom was institutionalized and had no real guardian who ever showed him any sort of love or affection. As I said above, Harry was loved from the moment he was born (up until his parents died, but their love was able to affect him), and that’s why he can love while Voldemort cannot.

Like I said, because of his family position, Hans was most likely never or rarely shown any sort of love or affection by his brothers as well as his parents, which would explain why he appears incapable of loving himself. If anything, his heart was full of nothing but hatred for others. He is shown to abuse love when he manipulates and deceives Anna into making her believe that he loves her, and it’s all just because they do everything that Anna believes is part of love. When Hans finally reveals his true nature, he reveals that he never loved Anna in the first place and was just using her as his ticket to ensure that he would become the ruler of Arendelle. Although Hans almost gets away with murdering Elsa (and the real reason why on why he sentences her to death), Anna’s love for Elsa saves her sister as well as herself from her frozen heart. In fact, Anna sacrifices her life (though she is brought back to life) to save Elsa from Hans before he can kill her (Elsa) and he is knocked out. It is exactly like when Lily makes the sacrifice to save Harry after she refuses to step aside and lets Voldemort kill her. Because of her sacrifice, Lily’s love for Harry is the magic that protects him when Voldemort casts the killing curse, which destroys his body and only leaves Harry with his scar.

As part of his inability to feel or understand love, Voldemort never developed any real emotional attachments to other people. Even when he was young, he was very much of a loner, friendless, and very independent. This is shown from when he first met Dumbledore, who offered to help him buy his school supplies in Diagon Alley. Tom refused, revealing that he did not want help and preferred to do things alone. This was something that continued long into Tom’s adolescence and adulthood. While at Hogwarts, he formed a gang of students, whom he claimed were his friends, but he had no attachments to any of them and merely used them as servants. This gang was the forerunner to Voldemort’s Death Eaters, whom Voldemort also viewed as nothing more than mere servants that were expected to obey, respect, and be loyal to him. Despite him wanting Death Eaters to carry out whatever orders he gave them, Voldemort still often wanted to do deeds on his own, showing that he remained extremely independent. He claimed that the Death Eaters were like family to him, as well as his closest friends and confidants, and many of them claimed the same. But in reality, since his childhood, Voldemort never once had a friend and never desired one.

Although we don’t know so much about Hans’s backstory in comparison, since I see how he compares to Voldemort, perhaps he is the same way about having friends or loved ones. He is one of the few Disney villains to not have a sidekick or minions, including a pet who would help him with his goals, like Voldemort had Nagini. While Hans does have the palace guards and visiting dignitaries help him carry out his plan, keep in mind that he never reveals himself to them. When he gets them to be his allies, they have no idea of his true, dark intentions, completely unlike Voldemort and the Death Eaters. And even though Hans has his horse Sitron with him, nothing indicates that he really had anything to do with Hans’s plan, given that he has very little time on screen. But anyway, since Hans has no one on the side of his real, dark self, it is possible that he prefers to carry out much of his work alone, without any help. And since he likely was never shown any sort of affection from his family or kingdom citizens, maybe Hans came to a point where he didn’t want any friends. Like Voldemort, his only true love is power, and he wanted to gain that power by becoming king. But unlike Voldemort, Hans wanted to be a respected and admired king, not one that was feared and hated, yet also be obeyed and served.

So for two villains who exist in two completely different fictitious worlds (even though they both include elements of magic ;)), Hans and Voldemort have a great deal in common in showing how they are sociopaths to the core. While Voldemort becomes extremely dangerous during his adult years with his extensive knowledge of magic, Hans is dangerous just because he was so good at pretending to be someone he wasn’t and how he nearly got away with his crimes. They play their roles as villains so well in their stories, and in the end, justice is served because their own arrogant behaviors are their respective downfalls. Voldemort finally dies after all of his Horcruxes are destroyed and Hans is arrested, banished from Arendelle forever, and sent back to his kingdom.

I’d like to give shout outs to letitgoleviosa, minervadeannabond, and arrendelle, three of my closest friends on here who love both Frozen and Harry Potter! They liked this idea when I first told them and encouraged me to do it. Hope you enjoy this, guys! :D

Dancing Through Life (Frozen Wicked AU)

After I saw Pauline’s fantastic frozen/wicked art, I felt very compelled to do the thing so here’s a silly drabble.  Elsa is Elphaba and Rapunzel is Galinda.  The rest are pretty easy to figure out.  Enjoy!

This was the way it should be.

Flynn (freaking) Rider twirling her around the dance floor while multi-colored lights engulfed them.  Wearing her pinkest, flounciest dress, dancing the night away with her prince charming.  When she looked into the dreamy brown eyes of her date, Rapunzel had expected to see…well, something.  Fireworks of love, giant hearts, the works, you know?  Instead he was just sort of…vacant.  He had on a bright charming smile, sure, but there was something hollow in his eyes.  Before Rapunzel could ask him if anything was wrong, Ms. Stick-Up-Her-Butt (aka Madame Gothel) tapped reluctantly on her shoulder.

“Miss Rapunzel,” she began.  She didn’t have the respect or decency to use her last name when addressing her.  “I have something for you.”  She pulled a long thin piece of wood from her sleeve.

The perky blonde gasped in awe.  “A training wand,” she took the slender wood between her fingers and examined it.  It was beautiful – elegantly carved with cherry wood with a balmy finishing.  “Oh, how can I ever express my gratitution?”

Madame Gothel smiled cordially.  “Don’t thank me.  This was your roommate’s idea, not mine.”

“What?  Elsa?” Rapunzel thought of the green-skinned, bookish, awful girl who shared her room with her.  That couldn’t be.  From day one, Rapunzel and Elsa absolutely hated each other.  No, Elsa would never do something so kind.

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