frozen wizard

A List of Famous Fan Fictions, in No Particular Order
  • Jane Eyre: Emma fan fiction.
  • 50 Shades of Grey: Twilight fan fiction.
  • The Inferno: Bible fan fiction.
  • Wicked: Wizard of Oz fan fiction.
  • Ulysses: The Odyssey fan fiction.
  • Any Disney Movie: fairy tale fan fictions.
  • The Fantasy Genre: mythology fan fiction.
  • The Sci Fi Genre: science fan fiction.
  • Literary Novels: fan fiction about real life.
  • Your Life: A fan fiction your parents invented when they thought, "Hey, what would it be like if we had a kid?" (The opening scene was filled with smut, btw.)
  • Conclusion: Everything's fan fiction. You're fan fiction. I'm fan fiction. Anything anyone thinks of ever is fan fiction. We're all just fan fiction.

Could someone please just tell me, why so many people forget about Hagrid?
So, he got expelled for something he didn’t even do. So many people think of him as some kind of monster because of who his mother was, his father died right when things were about to turn better for him.
And yet, even of all the hard times he had to go through he was never bitter! He never let his heart freeze and he never growled against the people who just don’t know better.
He loves all this creatures who are said to be monsters because he knows how it feels to be the ‘monster’, and he never believed that any of this creatures would be bad or anything because he always remembered his own good heart.
Guys, don’t you dare to forget about Rubeus Hagrid!

Dark!School headcanons!

So I’ve had these in the back of my head for a while. Might as well share!

Fire: Fire wizards are able to control their flames most of the time, but when they go Dark, its almost as if everything they touch is flammable. Fire Wizards become your average arsonists setting fire to everything, soon their entire body becomes a hot spot and just by walking these wizards burn everything they touch.

Ice: A dark ice wizard is definitely someone you DO NOT want to mess with. The common spell frostbite? Turns into so frozen you shatter! These wizards slowly get engulfed in ice, making them look even scarier.

Storm: Ohohoho, a storm wizard gone dark? More common than you think! Storm wizards are impatient, yet quick and agile. When their patience grows to its thinnest, these wizards cause TYPHOONS! Any hint of electricity will burst in their presence and anything in their way will get shocked like a taser on its highest setting.

Life: Life wizards are razor sharp, and I mean that literally. Their beautiful and calm natures turn into razor sharp leaves and rose petals as the ultimate weapons. They begin to drain the life out of surrounding plants making them even stronger.

Death: Death wizards are a mystery to all, especially since no one has lived to tell the tale of a dark one. These wizards not only summon the dead, they use the dead like puppets, their face turns into something out of your nightmares and their eyes look like demons.

Myth: (My personal favorite dark!school) Myth wizards are the cause of disaster when they go dark. With every step the ground cracks beneath their feet and with one punch they can cause ultimate chaos! Myth wizards use their powers to summon creatures deadlier than ever seen as their personal aids, but when the creatures refuse? Well lets just say DONT REFUSE!

Balance: Sand powers, WOOSH WOOSH, but in all reality these ones are some of the most deadly. (Of course all of them are deadly but bare with me!) These wizards can suffocate their enemies and cause tornadoes and sandstorms that can travel for miles! 

Pro Adult Life Tip

If you like baking cookies, but don’t want to monster them all in one go (you laugh now, but one can have too many), freeze the balls of raw dough separately, and cook them from frozen, adding 5-10 mins onto the time (dependant on recipe). You can also cook them on demand for sad friends and look like some kind of baking wizard.

Also, frozen brownie defrosts well and keeps its deliciousness.

A Winter’s Oneshot: Ideas for your Christmas Games!

1. The party are all elves who have to deliver coal to the naughty boys and girls.

2. Christmas comes and goes and no one gets any presents, and the party decides to go see why, and something is horribly wrong at the north pole…

3. An angry old  wizard has frozen time at 11:59 on December 24th because he’s mad that he got coal last year, so he’s not letting it ever become Christmas… ever!

NEVER ever over emma’s magical friendships!!

both elsa & merlin essentially helped (in one way or another) emma not only w/ her magic but w/ truly accepting herself & her worth & this makes me VERY DAMN EMOTIONAL!!

apart from their own arcs, they were/are both there to help her on her journey, in her growth, help her overcome horrible obstacles in her path (ingrid’s machinations, the darkness &etc)

!!!!! *falls over*