frozen vegitation

Tuna Rice Bowl

Hey just thought i would share a little something i eat pretty regularly to save money but I never get sick of in case of you wanna give it a go!

Its pretty simple and easy to edit just a little and still be good.

What you need:
1. Rice
2. A can of Tuna
3. Cheese

Its pretty straight forward, you make rice, scoop as much as you like ( I like a rice heavy bowl of this myself), pop a can of tuna on there, and spinkle on the amount of cheese that makes you happy.

Can’t afford the cheese? Sometimes I cant either. I wait till its on sale but sometimes it just isnt. Instead I would heartily suggest putting a can of mushroom soup in the rice and stirring it in, becareful how much you add or it may be too soupy.
Or if you have cheese do both.

I also like thawing and mixing in some frozen vegitables ( spinach is my favourite)

Hope this works for some of you too!