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Another Watch Me Edit video! ;D

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Elsa Train Tutorial Part 1

I bought 5m blue organza fabric, a lot of glitter (40ml in diamont colour)  and fabric glue (I took one to spray but I don’t recommend that because it never really dried and my train is now full of dirt and blurred glitter. It is not as bad as it sounds).

I didn’t made any pattern for my train but it worked out :D.

In total my train has 5 pieces, after cutting them out I sealed each one with a zig zag stitch with small width so the seam is not that visible. You have to be very careful with the fabric, mine unravelled fast. For the middle piece I took my folded fabric and pinned it to the middle of my puppets back. Then I just cut it out as I thought it would look good and like Elsas train, I unfolded the fabric and pinned it again to the puppets back. For the next two pieces I took the folded fabric (so I have the same piece for each side), pinned the upper edge to one side of the puppets back and the side of the fabric to the side of the middle piece so they have the same length. Then I just cut it out and sewed the two new pieces to each side of the middle one with a zig zag stitch. After that I did the same thing with the last two pieces.

In the second picture you can see my finished train.

I made a lot different fold snowflakes (while I was watching Dr Who). There are many patterns at google pictures how to cut out the folded paper. The easier ones I made up. Look out that the paper you use is not too thick because it gets hard to cut through all the layers.

But you can’t use those snowflakes for the lower part of the train. You have to use them as stencils to cut the snowflakes out of paper as you can see in the next picture.

First I sprayed the glue to the fabric and then put the stencil on it. Next I poured glitter over it and pulled of the stencil. With that glue it was easy to get the stencil off but I would try that on a different piece of fabric first.

And that is my lower part of my train.

After I started the upper part with the other stencils I ran out of glue and the convention was close, so I didn’t made it to buy a second can. 

I will post some pictures when I finished it and some of the pattern I made for the rest of the upper part. And I hope I can find a solution for my ‘the glue does not dry’ problem.

Disney Princess Hairstyle Masterpost

Transparent Princesses in the Banner

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora
Snow White

Alexander Williams Animation Tutorials

Body Language for animators

Former Disney Animator, Alex Williams, explains how to show weight in animation.

Alex Williams is the son of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ Animation Direction, Richard Williams and is currently Head of the animation school at Bucks New University. His animation work has featured in such films as ‘The Iron Giant’, ‘The Lion King’ & ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’

Source: Alexander Williams


Reuploading these two WMEs, but this time together. :D



Drawing KORRRRA! This was probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Please enjoy the frozen yogurt Ice cream!!

If I did makeup tutorials for Marceline, Anna, Ivy, and Punk Mercury would that be something y’all would want to see or would that just be weird? The only one that I’m unsure about how I’m doing rn is Mercury but that’s only because I haven’t cosplayed her yet. I have an idea that it’s just going to end up being this brown smokey eye with blue eyeliner but I’ve got two lip options to choose from so… would this be something anyone would be interested in? I’m looking for more content to put on my youtube and lacking inspiration.


Elsa stole another famous queens outfit. ;)

The making of THIS edit! :D


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Usagi Drop

EMBROIDERY: a beginner's guide by a beginner, part 2

part 1 is here!

here’s a little thing I figured out about three feet into Kristoff’s sash. When you start your second stitch, if you go from the same side you just went INTO, you’ll save a lot of floss, but it requires more brainpower and THINKING than if you just go one by one in the same direction each time.

What I mean is something kinda like this, where I started at the bottom of the triangle, went in at the top, and then came back out also at the top.

like so.

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Elsa Sequin How To

Things you’ll need:
Sewing needles
Your sequins
Scissors (NOT your fabric scissors!)
Thin CLEAR thread!!!

1. Start at the back of your dress, at the top, on either side of your zipper. From the back, poke the needle a little above the sequin, not going through it. Be careful, because if you don’t have enough light, you could tangle the thread. It’s very easy to lose/tangle the thread because it’s so thin and clear. Make sure you have plenty of light!

2. Once you’ve got your thread through, and have your sequin positioned, loop it through the hole and bam! Sequin in place!

3. This is a picture of a few sequins in place. You can see the thread in this picture pretty good. Like I said, you need plenty of light!

Your sequins should look a little like this. It’ll take a little bit of positioning to get them to sit how you want, but I’m not done yet! Stay tuned for more of this ‘how to’! I’ll explain later how to get your sequins to stay put and the rest of the detailing!