frozen storyboard


some screencaps of the story boards for Olaf’s frozen adventure i did when i was watchng The making of Frozen: A return to arendelle 


And just thinking about what this giant Arendelle gingerbread would look like in animated version makes me hungry!

(more sreencaps: x  x )

Disney Crossover AU Update!

Hello, sweets! :D 

I know you’ve been seeing some awesome content come from my friend @helthehatter for the crossover AU, and PLEASE, READ ALL THEY HAVE BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME ;0; (AND @judylavernehopps has some really well drawn pics for the AU as well *0* Please see her work!!)

But my friend and I met up today and we’re putting most of the basic story together as of now :D SO BE PREPARED. THIS IS…MAYBE THE BIGGEST AU WE’RE GONNA THROW AT YOU >:D We’ll have a proper title once the first chapter is posted, and it will go through a few editors besides my friend and I. 

The first chapter is coming real soon, hope you all are excited ^o^

Based on Bonkalore’s stunning Frozen storyboard! It is so powerful and I had a really hard time to choose a shot. I would love to give her new queen outfit a shot some day. :,3

PS: Edited Elsa’s face to match Bonka’s design more. :3 It’s not so obvious when there is nothing to compare to thou…

See the video here! :D

Program used: Photoshop Movie used: Frozen © Disney

EDIT:  The small errors kept piling up and I just felt the need to re-edit it. But would you know, you apparently cannot change images in re-blogs. So I deleted that completely. :P

Storyboard sketch of #Elsa. It takes hundreds of drawings to make up one sequence of storyboards for our films, so it’s important to draw loose enough that you don’t spend too much time on each panel. That said clarity is very import. It’s a very tricky balance but an important skill for story artists. #waltdisneyanimationstudios #frozen #sharpie #storyboard #dayjob

“You want me to be queen? Fine, I’ll show you what a real queen looks like!”

I got really inspired after seeing bonkalore‘s amazing Frozen storyboard and her modifications on Elsa. It just felt so much more dynamic and edgier than the actual movie! I also really like her costume modifications

So I did some fanart! Hopefully I did bonkalore‘s art some justice :) Sigh Frozen would have been such a better movie if they didn’t waste so much time on Hans and Kristoff and instead made Elsa the central villain. It would have been so cool to see that dynamic between Anna and Elsa if Elsa really was more evil! So much wasted potential in that movie, especially since the source material The Snow Queen is such a great and complex story T-T 

As always, let me know what you think! 


A fan-made storyboard for Frozen! (^w^)

Featuring a reprice to “Do you wanna build a snowman”.



Back from the Open House of the Art school I want to apply for! I had a tour of the Media Arts field, and got one-on-one attention from the instructor! (Out of… 40? Kids?)
BUT THATS NOT THE BEST PART. So this instructor guy- his name’s Art- told me that he dID STORYBOARDING FOR FROZEN. Then we drew Olaf! And after that, made our own snowman- and eventually made our own storyboard! It was so cool~ (Pun not intended) AND I GOT TO USE HIS BLUE PENCIL! *fangirls*