frozen screens

Stolen Clothes - Peter Parker

Prompt: Reader is afraid of thunder/lightning and there is a freak thunderstorm, and her best friend, Peter Parker, has to comfort her.

Words: 2,499

Warnings: None- fluff mainly.

Bolts of bright light cracked across the dark sky. The constant breakouts of lightning flashes through your thick curtains. Booming of ground shaking thunder shook your dead apartment unevenly. 

You were curled up in your bed eye glued on the TV screen out of fear. The storm knocked out the satellite being the reason you were staring at a frozen screen for the last half an hour. You hid your body from the horrid weather under a mound of warm blankets fresh out of the dryer.

Fuzzy socks covered your feet and a steaming cup of hot chocolate rested untouched on your nightstand. Paralyzed with fear you didn’t dare move a muscle. Even though you hated thunder storms you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from the rain pounding against your window. It was like the scene of a car crash, the best thing was to avoid the mess but it was almost impossible to think about anything else.

A loud crash hit your window earning a screeching yelp from yourself. The stray branch from a tree outside blew in the wind knocking the glass continuously. You parents fell asleep in pure bliss to the tempest leaving you to wallow in your lonesome. 

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anonymous asked:

can i request rfa reactions to mc having a celebrity crush (not like they'll ever have a chance and they know it)?

Haha, this was a fun one to do. 


  • He hears you talking on the phone with Jaehee
  • You’re getting really animated and squealing while talking about someone
  • When you finally hang up, he asks what happened
  • And you just smile softly
  • “Sorry, I get a little excited when I talk about my celebrity crush.”
  • He gets all blushy and throws an arm around you
  • “Aww, babe. You’re so sweet. Who is it?”
  • He think he’s playing along with some flirtatious joke
  • Then you say a name that is definitely not his
  • He gets super pouty about it
  • Sends you a selfie with every text he sends 
  • “How can Nam Joo-Hyuk be as good looking as me?”


  • You’ve been pretty quiet for a few days
  • Texts came in less and were a bit shorter
  • When he mentions something, you apologize and explain that it was BTS’s comeback
  • You had been lost on social media looking at concept photos
  • When you’re together next, he asks to see them
  • He wants to share in your interests
  • You start fangirling when it comes to Jungkook’s photos
  • He gets super defensive/jealous all of a sudden
  • “What’s so special about him?”
  • You gasp really loud and show him videos of Jungkook singing and dancing
  • He can’t argue with the talent
  • You accidentally catch him learning how to dance a few days later


  • She catches you listening to something else other than Zen’s music
  • You decide to fess up
  • You show her some songs from U-kiss
  • You show her some videos too, admitting to your celeb crush is Kevin
  • She’s quiet for awhile
  • You start stammering apologizing for betraying Zen’s fan club
  • She wordlessly pulls out her phone and opens her pictures
  • She shows you a bunch of photos of Shin Soohyun
  • Fangirl session begins


  • He was just relaxing after coming home from a business trip
  • So, he decided to start the K-drama W since he never got to watch it
  • You come to visit while he’s in the middle of it
  • You get very excited when you see what he’s watching
  • You admit that you have a celeb crush on Lee Jong-Suk
  • He’s silent for a moment
  • Then he points to the screen frozen on Jong-Suk’s character
  • “Him?”
  • You nod. “Yeah, him.”
  • “But, he’s just…but, why?”
  • Elizabeth the 3rd makes it worse when she sits in front of the TV and stares at the screen
  • Jumin is exasperated
  • “Not both of you!”


  • He would’ve been okay if it was someone from a K-pop group
  • Or even a Korean actor
  • But the fact that you admitted you had a celebrity crush on Benedict Cumberbatch rubbed him the wrong way
  • You blurted it out when you both were watching Sherlock
  • He turns it off and turns to you seriously
  • “Is it because he’s smart? Because I’m smart.”
  • You admit it’s part of it, but it’s also due to the accent
  • You know he speaks English fluently
  • And you’ve heard his American accent, which was near perfect
  • But then he opens his mouth
  • “Harr-ee Pottah!”
  • It was horrible and you both knew it 

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so i found this book about elsa’s gay adventures at a local book store

(don’t tag as kin/me)

Spoilers for GotG 2)

So after wondering how news travel in the galaxy, thinking if they have some sort of TV or modern newspapers that come with videos attached or something…

I ended up wondering if Stakar, whom I still think didn’t know about Peter and that Yondu had saved one child, would end up hearing about the Guardians more and more often after Yondu’s death – and then, one day, it finally clicks.

Because I still headcanon that Peter, somehow, in some way, would insist to honor his found and lost Daddy in a way, and perhaps take up his name.

Peter Quill-Udonta, how does that sound to you guys?

So after weeks, months have passed and the initial shock and hurt has passed, Stakar finds himself more and more with news from the so called “Guardians of the Galaxy” – a silly name, and he finds himself wondering why those were the people who called him to tell him about Yondu’s death and the funeral he deserved so much. What group is that, and how was Yondu – no guardian at all, not in any sense of the word, at least to Stakar – involved with them?

So fleeting interest becomes something more, and Stakar ends up actively looking for news about those Guardians. And there is much to be found – saving a planet from a swarm of monsters, breaking a few laws to help out a suppressed tribe on another planet and end a civil war, busting a Kree troupe’s ship and freeing a bunch of slaves…

Something eerily familiar seems to blink up a few times when Stakar looks at the colorful group shots with those Guardians – one of the guys has a fin very, very similar to Yondu’s, and that rat-like creature holds Yondu’s former arrow in his paws on more photos than not… and there’s that other one, the leader it seems, a young Xandarian… Terran? Something like that…

Stakar finds himself staring at the kid, something in that smile and the way he tilts his head, something in those eyes… it’s familiar, achingly so, as if he’s looking at blurry picture of a younger Yondu. Not the same, but similar enough to make it ache again.

He goes looking for information, but there is not much to be found about the boy. Criminal record had been cleared, but some digging brings up that the young man didn’t even have much of a record – not for someone like Stakar, at least. Peter Quill has been titled a Ravager, so Yondu had taken him in, but even with that knowledge, the itch stays. There is something more, something he can’t quite grasp.

It’s not until one day, when he watches an interview with the Guardians (and isn’t it funny, that he actively stays still to watch something like that, he has never done so before, even Martinex looks at him funny) that he understands.

It’s not even interesting, not really, until…

“..Star Lord, why exactly did you decide to change your name?”

That catches Stakar’s full interest, and he drops the act of pretending to be engrossed with planning a new route for them, looking towards the screen fully.

Star Lord – Peter – smiles a bit strained, hand reaching out seemingly unconsciously and being caught in the green hand of the woman next to him. Just everyone in the group seems to move just a breath closer, the Xandarian’s hand resting on his Capt’n’s shoulder, the little floral colossus pressing against his cheek. “Yeah, well, that was… a bit of a spontaneous reaction to a few events. Yeah.”

“Any chance you are going to tell us about those events?”

“As much as I would love to – I think that would take up all the screen time here. Long story.”

“Well, then, a summary, perhaps?”

“Let’s say I finally got to see what was directly in front of my nose the whole time. And… just something to remember my Dad by.”

“He must have been something very important to you, if you decide to take up his name!”

“… That he was. Really.”

“Thank you for being so honest with us, Peter.”

“No problem.”

“And remember, you heard it here first, people – the Captain of our beloved Guardians will from now on be known as “Peter Quill-Udonta” across the galaxy… although I think he does prefer the name “Star Lord”?”

“Honestly, by now, I’m more than fine with both…”

The rest of their empty words is lost on Stakar. A sudden dizziness washes over him, blood roaring in his ears as the name repeats itself in his memory.


A Terran on a Ravagers ship, a young Terran at that, taking up Yondu’s name…

“Are you gonna listen to what I gotta say?!”

“I don’t gotta listen to nothing, you betrayed the code. Ravagers don’t deal in kids!”

There had been something… Something Yondu had wanted to tell him. Something about the children…

And Stakar stares at the screen, sees Peter Quill, sees the boy throw his head back in laughter at something the woman next to him had whispered to him, and it clicks as Stakar is once again painfully reminded of Yondu’s laugh.

Yondu hadn’t sacrificed himself to save the galaxy from a crazy planet.

He had sacrificed himself to save his son. The one child he had not dealt with, but protected all those years.

And if Stakar had been proud of Yondu before, than he was beyond proud now.

He smiles through the sting in his eyes and the guilt and pride washing over him, and saves the video playing on the screen still. He needs to keep this piece.

I’m sorry, Yondu. I didn’t listen.

Peter’s grin is frozen on the screen as Stakar’s hands fly over the buttons to save it and replay it.

But you did pretty well without me, you stubborn old git.

Stakar pauses, taking in the bright young man before him once more, before smiling ruefully.

You did pretty well with that boy of yours.

fervidice-a-deactivated20170615  asked:

8!! Meredy and Lyon lol or just one of them ^.^

Color Palette Challenge. // Lyon Vastia & Meredy

Office Cohorts

fluff // There’s trouble bubbling up at work

With a screech, the chair in front of you was pulled up. You kept your face pointed down at your laptop, but your eyes didn’t dare take themselves away from the intruder who’d now sat down and placed his files and cup down. You waited for him to say something, better yet, stand up and sit at the other empty tables.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” He asked.

You inwardly scoffed. What was the point in asking when he’d already become well acquainted with the seat?

“Sure.” You finally said.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: jelous phil about the anthony and dans video please i need it

Hope this satisfied your need! It turned out a bit longer than I was anticipating but thanks so much for the prompt!

Phil had never thought of himself as a violent person let alone anyone else, including his fans or other youtubers. Phil didn’t think Dan had even technically seen him all that angry. It rarely happened. And when it did it was usually for righteous, just reasons. Such as an abused animal or mistreated person.

That’s why as Phil sat at his desk watching the video Anthony had recently released in which Dan played a big part in, he desperately tried to push away these unfair feelings of jealousy, anger, and quite honestly…burning hatred. It was only natural right? Dan was his friend, his flatmate, his video partner. Dan rarely made videos with other people because he just didn’t care. He wasn’t a people person. So up until now, Phil had never really had to face exactly how possessive and jealous he really got. 

He tried to reason with himself. Why was he jealous? It was one video. It didn’t mean Dan was going to move out and never seen him again! But…Phil thought as he replayed the video for a third time, Dan had done a really good job in this video. He was really into it. He’d put everything he’d had into this video with Anthony. That’s what was doing it, Phil realized. Dan and Phil had gotten so used to filming with each other that everything came naturally to them. The banter, the comedy, things their fans would enjoy. They knew all of that and so filming together was just easy. Dan didn’t try that hard in the videos he made with Phil. Had their relationship really become so easy that Dan didn’t even try to impress him anymore? It wasn’t that long ago it seemed that Dan did absolutely everything to get Phil’s attention. Why had things changed? Was Phil doing something wrong? 

Phil leaned back in his desk chair, pausing the video and frowning at Anthony’s frozen face on the screen. He sighed, his anger replaced with a sudden twinge of sadness and fear. It wasn’t as if he could confront Dan about this. It would sound ridiculous and petty. And perhaps Dan would think Phil was jealous for other reasons… 

If someone asked, which many often did, he would describe him and Dan’s relation as a close friendship. There was no doubt in that. But the years they’d spent together side by side had brought them in a sense, closer than friends. Their had been those few drunk nights where the two had messed around a little. But they’d always woken up and ignored it. In fact, Phil wondered if Dan even remembered any of those nights.

So then, his jealousy was stemming from even more than he’d thought. Unspoken feelings it seemed. 


Dan jumped as his door creaked open. He clicked open a tab before spinning around, his heart pounding. 

Dan furrowed his eye brows and smiled amusingly. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Phil said stupidly.

Dan glanced at the screen over his shoulder and nodded. “Right. Staring at the Google home page is certainly a blast isn’t it?”

Phil opened his mouth to speak but Dan strode over to him and had the mouse in his hands before Phil could stop him. “Hey!”

“You’re a horrible liar Phil, I know you better than that. If you’re watching porn maybe I want to know if it’s any good.” 

“No, it’s not-” Phil started.

“What the fuck? It’s just Anthony’s video?” Dan scoffed. “Why would you be hiding this from me?” Dan stepped back and raised a brow at his friend, clearly confused and amused. 

“I told you it was nothing.” Phil insisted, trying to stop himself from stuttering and turning red. 

“Aww, were you admiring Anthony’s beautiful face? It is quite nice, isn’t it.”

“You’re only saying that because people think you look like alike.” Phil rolled his eyes, trying to act normal. 

“Duh.” Dan pushed playfully at Phil’s chair, spinning it around and stopping it once it turned completely. When Phil didn’t say anything Dan cocked his head. “Wait…do you really like him? Cause Phil, we to along really well. I bet I could talk to him for you or something.”

Phil’s heart flipped at the words. His skin heated and he felt the jealous boiling back up. “No!” Phil jumped up from his seat and paced to the other side of his bed.

“I don’t mind, really. He actually seems like your type. I think it would be really cute. I mean, you guys would have to keep  it under wraps for a while, with the fans and everything but-”

“Dan! Stop!”

Dan shushed instantly, his eyes widened a little with Phil’s seriousness. 

“It’s you Dan, I’m…you…in the video..I just…AH!” He growled through his teeth and pulled at his hair.

“Whoa, whoa, calm down. What are you going on about?”

“Dan, when did you stop trying?” Phil couldn’t get the right words out. In fact, he knew he shouldn’t be letting any words out at all but his boiling blood was making him say these things without thinking. 

“Stop trying?” Dan stepped away, taken aback by the insult. “Did I really do that bad in the video?” There was a pained look on Dan’s face and Phil immediately felt horrible. He knew how insecure Dan was about his video content, let alone what he did with other youtubers. 

“No, God, no that’s not what I meant. The video was amazing. But that’s just it Dan…you tried so hard to impress Anthony and I just…” His voice lowered and he avoided his friends eyes, “When did you stop trying to impress me?”

It was quiet for a long time. Long enough for Phil to swallow and risk a glance up. Catching site of Dan’s shocked expression though made him look away again quickly. 

“Phil…Oh my God. When did you start thinking that I’m not trying to impress you?”

Phil looked up at that, furrowing his brows. “What?”

Dan let out a sharp laugh and stepped towards his friend, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking up at him. “Every time I make a video I’m trying to impress you. That’s why I ask for you to watch it first. That’s why I always ask for your help if I can’t figure something out in the program.”

Phil shook his head, the words not quite computing. “But that’s just because you want to make sure your fans will like it and so that other youtubers are impressed. And I went to college for some of that stuff, that’s why you ask for me help.”

“Sit down.” Dan demanded, sounding angry but it was only because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Phil sat gingerly at the bed beside him, looking at him hesitantly. Dan looked directly into his eyes. This was obviously extremely important to Phil, and Phil had actually no clue as to all Dan did to make him proud. “I ask for your help because I want your approval. I want you to be proud of me. I may not cower anymore when I look at ‘AmazingPhil’ but that’s not because I’m not trying to impress you. It’s because I know you wouldn’t want me to worship you like I used to. How weird would that be if I still gawked every time you spoke?” Dan laughed.

Phil gave a small smile, looking away. “Well…fanboy fetus Dan was pretty cute though.” Dan punched him in the arm. “Ow!”

“Do you understand that though? Sure, in Anthony’s video I put more into it maybe that I do say, our gaming videos but you know how I am when it comes to how people view me. I’m terrified that he won’t let me make another video with him if I mess up to many times, or that it’ll be awkward next time I see him at a youtube event.”

“Anthony’s not like that.” Phil assured.

“Maybe not but he’s still not you.”

“Not me?” 

“Yeah. I could mess up a thousand times in a video for your channel and you wouldn’t care. We would still have a blast, you would still invite me into another video, you’d still treat me like a good person and drink Ribena with me in the corner at a social event. You like me for me and I never have to worry about that.”

Everything inside Phil melted at the comforting words. He could see the genuineness of them in Dan’s eyes and in the relaxed way he held himself. “Okay, I believe you.”

“You better you son of a bitch.” Dan snorted. “How many times have you watched that video?” He gestured toward the screen. “Were you really that jealous of how I acted in Anthony’s video?”

“Well…yeah.” Phil said defeated, his shoulders sagging. “I know it was stupid. I tried to talk myself out of it but I just kept thinking about how you used to be in our early videos.”

“Do you mean how we used to sometimes do this?”

Phil looked up just in time for his eyes to widen as Dan closed the space between them, grabbing the sides of face and connecting their lips together in a deep, hurried kiss. Dan pulled away quickly enough. A warmth started from his toes and burned to the tips of his ears. Dan was grinning mischievously at him.

“W-what was…” Phil swallowed anxiously. 

“I think it’s been too long since we did stuff like that.”

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So I did Craig’s story last and after the 2nd date the game glitched and Josephs creepy fucking twins were frozen on my screen for like the rest of the story…. 

T’Challa Drabble

anon requested

prompt #50:  “Of course we’re not going to duet a Disney son-” “mY wHOLe liFE Has beEn A sERieS of dOors IN mY FAcE.”

[a/n]: sorry this took me so long to get up i got distracted by the fUCKiNG buLLshIT goING on iN My LifE

T’Challa shook his head laughing as he heard the blaring Disney music echoing from the living room, know that [y/n] was sitting in front of the screen in awe at another cartoon film. He had not been with the Avengers for long, but in the time that he had, he was able to quickly collect a few things about the team: Sam didn’t like to be called a bird, don’t touch Tony’s suits, and [y/n] was relentless when it came to anything Disney. He had once even witnessed her carefully persuade Tony into taking the entire team on a week long DisneyLand trip.

It wasn’t until recently that the king had come to terms with his feelings for the girl. He had finally decided to accept what he had learned to love. He’d learned to love her off-key singing and her bright smile and her belief of the magic of childhood. And there she was now, wrapped up tightly in a fuzzy blanket, eyes intently set on the screen while Frozen flickered into the dark room.

Deciding to take his chances, T’Challa plopped down next to her on the couch, providing some company on the off-chance that she desired his. She did.

And, of course, Sam walked in at the wrong moment to witness the cute scene. He gushed endlessly over them, to which [y/n] only responded by shushing him, claiming that she couldn’t hear the movie over his bullshit. But both men could’ve sworn that they could see a slight blush sweep across her face as she tried to convince herself that this was about the movie.

There was a long pause before Sam grinned and asked, “So are you guys gonna sing the duet together?”

T’Challa rolled his eyes at the absurd idea.

“What are you crazy? We’re not going to duet a Disney son-”

“mY wHOLe liFE Has beEn A sERieS of dOors IN mY FAcE.”

“Dammit [y/n].”

Austin Nights - Part 6

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: About 3200

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Warnings: Language, Not really smut but kinda a level above fluff

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Special thanks and shout out to @misguidedconqueress for reviewing, suggestions, and as always putting up with me.


You woke up tangled in the sheets of Jay’s apartment, this being the second time you woke to him missing. Before reaching for your phone to text him, you heard the shower running and him humming a melody. You crossed the room quietly to find him. Peeking in the bathroom you saw he was all suds up and rocking a fohawk.

He must of heard your small chuckle and asked. “Are you going to come join me?”

You crossed the tiled floor and lifted your shirt, pressing your breasts against the glass of the shower. “Are you going to call off work?”

He turned around to look at you and his eyes widened at the sight of what was exposed. His eyes danced between your chest and your playful eyes as he vulnerably showed his growing attraction. “I wish I could, sweetheart.” You bit your lip egging him on. “Once Thursday rolls around, I am all yours for the rest of the week.”

“I guess I can wait.” You sighed playfully bringing your shirt back down to cover yourself. 

“I mean, I’m sure it’s okay if I show up a few minutes late.” He compromised as his desire for you lingered.

You shook your head no and pressed your lips in a smile. “Think of it as motivation to make it through your day as quickly as possible.” You teased and turned to walk out of the bathroom.

“Oh you are not getting away that easy.” He taunted and quickly finished showering up.

You tiptoed quickly into the bedroom and stood on his bed waiting with a big grin on your face. He came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He slowly analyzed you starting from your legs going up and unconsciously licked his lips. You bounced a little with excitement. He waltzed over to you and wrapped his arms around your legs, his head at the height of your navel. His hands found their way up your side and barely lifted your shirt exposing a bit of skin. He pressed his lips on your waist, his unshaven stubble slightly tickling you.

His hands made his way back down your legs and he pressed his thumbs against your inner thighs. “Are you sure want to wait?” He finished his question by gentle biting your panties and releasing them so that they would snap against your skin.

You let out something between a breathy moan and a laugh but somehow managed to nod your head yes.

“Ah, you’re killing me Y/N.” He moaned and pressed his forehead against your waist. You ran your hands through his damp hair.

He unexpectedly swept you up into his arms. You squealed, caught off guard. “Ah, where are you taking me?” You playfully demanded.

“Breakfast,” He stated and then threw you over his shoulder.

“I can’t go like this!” You laughed.

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Safe {16}

Past!Dean x Reader - {OC} Matt x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling, Arguing, Jealous!Dean

Words: 2,870

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

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