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Do you ever think about what the Gavin bros do after work? Because I do, all the time.

I will practice more scenic paintings until I am skilled enough to make an Ace Attorney Scenery Fanbook. 

I love AA so much and I am working hard to make it happen. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


background study ft. link & epona!!

(zoom for details)

anonymous asked:

Looks like your jealous because Frozen, a flawless film that won 2 Oscars is getting more attention and is much better than Book of Life! Book of Shit has ugly, useless women with no personality along with crappy morals and shitty worldbuilding. While Frozen has beautiful, original sisters, good morals and amazing worldbuilding. Just accept that Frozen is forever perfect and Book of Life deserves to rot.

‘’Book of Life has ugly,useless women with no personality’’

Seriously Anon? These are the designs of the women in Book of Life.

These are the designs of the women in Frozen

At least give Book of Life credit for knowing that women can be pretty without giving them the same face. Not to mention Maria was a fiesty,spunky, rebellious one who helped take out Chakal yet was kind enough to appreciate Joaquin and Manolo’s attempts to impress her.Meanwhile Elsa is just ‘’I can’t…’’ And don’t get me started on La Muerte.

Crappy morals? What exactly are you smoking?

Book of Life taught us how past failure can strengthen a person.

Frozen taught us that it’s completely ok to run away from your responsibilities.

As for worldbuilding, despite that the scenery in Frozen can be pretty, Disney-a billion dollar animation juggernaut- sometimes makes the world of Arendelle look…. empty. Take Elsa’s ice castle for example

Yet Reel FX - a 50 million dollar studio- makes the settings look GORGEOUS. Here’s how the Land of the Remembered looks.

Nice job at embarrassing yourself. Oh, and ‘’I’m jealous because Frozen is getting more attention’’? Yeah, TOTALLY haven’t heard that before. Get out of my inbox and don’t come back.