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Hey, I don’t know if this is how this works, but I adore the Elsewhere University world, and as a former theatre person it really spoke to me. I wrote something for you. I hope it’s half decent. 

Elsewhere U turned out fantastic stage managers. They were punctual, sharp, attentive, and—most importantly—incredibly flexible in scheduling and communication, honed from years of having to contact entire casts and crews at the drop of a pin. Rehearsal has been moved to the gym; 3:30 call. Fitting schedules to come. Leave your schedules free. The theatre department always had a few too many of them, but that worked out. Freshmen got assigned their own stage manager buddy to help them out. Perhaps the software engineers didn’t need the extra help with the rules, but They loved theatre, and without the help the underclassmen would disappear in droves. The more jaded stage managers would meet up after welcome week and cast lots on which ones would disappear first.

This year, the top candidate was universal: ‘Andromeda’, some costume technician from God-Knew-Where. She was the kind of shiny-eyed kid who already liked the Weird Stuff (the kind of high schooler who read about demons and bought crystals and did tarot cards with no real regard for the Rules) and really liked it. The upperclassmen techs were content to show up in their blacks, clutching their teas and coffee and blinking blearily into space. She showed up dripping in jewelry and piercings and vibrant colors. She’d talk to anyone (nervous chatter, mostly, but chatter inevitably lead to slips) and wrote fantasy stories and, worst of all, couldn’t seem to follow the unspoken rule of Don’t Look.

“But why not?” She demanded one time. Her beleaguered partner, “Pinstripe”, moaned and rubbed their tired eyes.

“Look, if you want to see what happens, be my fucking guest,” they snapped, “But don’t ask anyone to come and Trade you back.”

Andromeda survived somehow. Freshman year dulled her sparkle. Sophmore year spun around and she learned not to look, to be a little less conspicuous, not to chatter so much or so loudly. She started dating a sweet guy in the Music Department (a bassist, safe enough from Them) and drew less attention.

Even so, sometimes, when she was the last one to leave the basement Costume Shop, she’d pause in the empty theatre and stare across the seats, listening. Sometimes she swore she heard it; an undercurrent of whispers, the slight shift in the echo of air conditioner. Andromeda paused at the door like she did every night and unzipped her backpack, pulling out a six pack of vanilla pudding.

“Good night,” she whispered to the dark. Peeling open the containers, she left them in the last aisle and locked the doors behind her. It wouldn’t be there tomorrow.

Tech weeks went easier with her there, when the whole crew was tired and cranky and on the twelfth hour of blocking and light staging. When the whispers from the empty chairs got loud and angry and time started warping again, she’d pull out her writing notebook and read very softly until it hushed again, only the electricians on the catwalk shouting cues overhead. When wardrobe finished their laundry she stayed behind until the small hours of the morning, escorting them out into the stillness of the night and back safe to their dorms. She never came to harm alone out there; she had learned not to look, and now all of her jewelry was iron.

Well, she thought she’d learned not to look.

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Vernon dating Joshua and vernon threesome plz

huuuuge thanks to a sweet anon who sent in this idea for the scenario, Memesol and I loved it so much that we nearly fought over which one of us would get to write it 😂 hope you guys enjoy! 💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,380 words

As Vernon’s girlfriend and a fan of Seventeen, it had only been natural for you to watch every single teaser they posted up til the release of their album Al1. His was the very first teaser and you had loved it already, and they kept the level of aesthetic pleasantness until the very end.

The most memorable teaser for you, however, ended up being Jun’s one. Sadly, it wasn’t necessarily for him, but for the voice that was speaking at the beginning of the teaser, which just happened to belong to Joshua.

And, well, that voice just happened to make your imagination run wild: there was something about Joshua’s voice, as calm and beautiful as it may be, that you found incredibly attractive, and you unashamedly played the teaser over and over again, to the point of Vernon finding it funny.

Little did he know.

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Imagine being an avenger that Tony is very protective of cause you are like a sister to him and Loki takes an interest in you (part 1)

This imagine is based off of another imagine I did but a longer version :) It’s basically the same thing but longer. Also there is going to be a second part.

Original Imagine:

Part 2:

Warnings: some mention of sex, and some cursing.

Notes: This was requested by someone but I forgot who (I’m so sorry) but I hope you enjoy:)

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Loki had been watching and staring at your every move since you first arrived at the gala with Steve. He continued to watch you even after he got captured and was on the plane. He thought you were so captivating he felt like it was impossible for him to take his eyes off of you. Then you bend over a table to write something down, this giving Loki the perfect view of your ass, which made him think of all the things he could do to you. Oblivious to Loki staring at you, Tony realized it when he turned around and saw Loki staring straight at your ass. He quickly went up to Loki, and aggressively grabbed the collar of what Loki was wearing,

“Listen, rock of ages I see you staring at y/n, and I know the things your thinking about. I would suggest you stop or I will kick your asgardian ass into next week.” You turned your head and looked at Loki in disgust.

Loki put his hands up in surrender “Alright, alright. Didn’t mean any harm.“ Loki looked into your eyes and winked at you, which made you roll your eyes.

“Great, now some nut job likes me” You said. Even moments after Loki’s eyes still lingered on your figure. He knew what he wanted. He wanted you to be his, be his queen. Loki always got what he wanted. Most of the time.

After you arrived at the Helicarrier you quickly went to the lab to go talk to Bruce about the events of the capturing of Loki. While you were talking to him, Loki went by the lab armed guards by his sides he smiled at the two of you, mainly you, which made you uneasy.

Steve walked into the lab “Hey y/n, can you take guard duty for Loki. Since he has taken a liking towards you maybe he will tell you something about his plan.”

Right then Tony walked into the lab too “I’m not letting y/n go near him, and just let Loki have eye sex with her.”

“What I have to babysit that asswipe? But Steve..”

“Please y/n…”

“Ugh fine but I’m leaving if he gets creepy.”

Before you exited the lab Tony grabbed your hand slightly “If he does anything funny, just call for me ok.” You nodded to Tony.

You had your way out of the lab and walked down the hall towards the room where the cell was keep. You opened the door and walked in.

“Well, well it seems so that you couldn’t get enough of me, come back for more.” Loki smirked.

“Please I’m only here cause I have to be.”

“sure.” It had been a few minutes in silence until Loki spoke again “Mmmm what I would give to have my way with you. Have you spread across my sheets hands tided to the headboard to use as I please. It hear your little moans in my ear..”“ You turned around and looked at him disgusted.

“If you don’t shut up I will shoot you. And you know what that would solve a lot of our problems wouldn’t it?”

“Aren’t you a feisty one, that’s how I like them.”

“Alright I’m leaving your weird as fuck.”

“Mmmm wait y/n, let me get a last view of your body before you leave so I can have a fresh imagine of it in my mind for when I need to imagine it for later.” After that you quickly left the room and looked for Tony. He was in the lab with Bruce.

“Yeah you are totally going to have to kill him.“ 

While Loki escaped his cell, you were walking fast down the hall towards Loki’s cell.

"Where are you going darling the fun as just started.” You heard Loki whisper in your ear as he grabbed your wrists and pinning them behind you. You tried to push away from him but he didn’t budge. He turned around to face you he grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him. “You know pet you will soon learn to appreciate things when they come to you.” As he said that you punched him in his stomach with your knee making him fall back a few steps, and then you punched him in his jaw.

“You think your hurting me but I find this father enjoyable.” You scoffed and before you could get another hit in he flashed from in front of you to behind you and pinned your arms again taking you to New York with him. As you were walking to the jet where he would escape you said,

“Well your plan sucks by the way. Kidnapping and holding a girl against her will isn’t really going to win her over.”

“You’re lucky I didn’t take control of your mind but I didn’t really think would be far would it love?” He whispered in your ear as he moved his nose down your neck. You started to try and escape his grip again but you couldn’t. “Well well pet I think its time to have some fun he said as he pushed you into the quinjet.

As you both arrived in the Stark tower he pushed you up against a wall "Well isn’t this place every private. Maybe we could have some fun before the war.”

“Get away from me you disgust me, and..”

“Well, well if it isn’t rock of ages, with y/n. You know I warned you about getting near her.” You saw Tony walk in and you felt relieved. Loki still held a firm grip on you while him and Tony had their conversation, you weren’t really listening, thinking about all the ways you could escape. Stuck into your own thoughts the next thing you noticed Tony flew out the window, but then Tony came back and blasted Loki with an energy blast. Before the fight could continue and almost help you to escape Loki, the Tesseract opened a portal in the sky causing the  invasion of the chitauri. Loki grabbed your hand and forced you to look out of what was happening in New York.

“Just imagine it y/n. The king and queen of Midgard.”

“Your fucking insane.” Then you heard a loud noise and turned to see what it was. Then you turned to see Thor.

“Loki let her go.” Loki soon released his grip from you to start fighting his brother. As Thor was fighting Loki, Loki threw a spell at you that made you freeze in place.

“Oh come on!” You screamed as you watched the two brothers fight. Then after Loki and Thor were fighting jumped off the balcony leaving you there still frozen in place. Thor rushed over to you "Lady y/n are you ok?“

"Yes I will be fine now please for the love of god end this war. Don’t worry I will find a way out of this.” You smiled lightly at Thor as he left.

After a while you were still frozen in place while Loki was fighting. Then out of nowhere Hulk and what it looked like to be Loki smashed into the building. Loki got to his feet, and then Hulk screamed “give me back my friend!!!” Then Hulk repeatedly smashed Loki into the floor leaving in there, and you were released from Loki’s spell.

“Thanks Bruce!” You called out as Hulk left threw the smashed hole in the wall. You then ran down from the Stark tower and help the fighting with the chitauri. Then after the Avengers captured Loki he was soon taken into custody by the Avengers. Thor was allowed to take Loki back to asgard for his punishment. As you said goodbye to Thor you could hear Loki mutter as you walked past him “Don’t think this is the end my pet, I will come back for you, if you like it or not.”

You tried to pretend you didn’t hear it and just walked past him. But as you saw Thor fly into the sky with Loki you couldn’t help but feel a weird feeling in your stomach, a feeling of sadness but you ignored it.


It’s a little sad how good Clint’s got at faking sleep.

Somehow the seat claiming kinda happened around them, Clint and Bucky being ushered from couch to beanbag to counter and back until one day everyone seemed to have settled themselves and left the oversized armchair - no way was it big enough to be a loveseat - for them to share. Clint had, for maybe five seconds, considered being the bigger man and taking the floor, but Clint is not the bigger man. Clint is a small man, the smallest man, petty and childish and a freaking ninja at revenge.

Turns out he’s got competition though, in pettiness, and for the first couple of movie nights it was all gritted teeth and braced elbows and the odd pointed whispered hiss. And then he’d twisted or sprained or bled out of something - he forgets, okay, they kind of blend - and Bucky had shifted his weight just right that suddenly the chair was perfection.

They’re too grown men and they shouldn’t so much fit, especially with the solidity they’re rocking. But if Clint leans back against Becky’s shoulder, hooks his leg over both of Bucky’s, and - magic. A little too comfy, if anything, because it wasn’t long before Becky’s supersoldier body heat was hanging little weights onto Clint’s eyelids, exerting some kinda magnetic force on his head. Just before he dozed off, that first time, he felt something against his temple that felt suspiciously like a kiss, and -

Well. It’s a little sad Clint’s got at faking sleep.

The Pacific Rim credits are rolling, now, and Bucky eases himself out from under Clint. And then there’s a moments silence, no retreating footsteps, and Clint does his utmost not to hold his breath.

The gentlest brush of Bucky’s hair against his forehead, and the warmth of lips, this time against his ear.

“When you’re ready to talk about this, you just let me know,” he says, amused, and Clint’s somehow impossibly frozen by the sudden rush of heat.

Pregnancy/Baby Alphabet-Thomas Shelby

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A= Aftercare After Birth (How they act after you finish giving birth.):Tommy will sit beside you as you rest after you finish giving birth. When you wake up, Tommy is running a hand through your hair and he has your child in his arms and he is whispering to the baby. Once he notices you are awake, Tommy would set the baby on your chest and cuddle close to you.

B= Baby (Who is the baby more like. The baby’s personality.): The baby is as soft as you, but they are also have their father’s attitude when it is needed. It was obvious to both you and Tommy that the baby will grow to be a true blinder themselves. Making Tommy more proud, you not so much.

C= Care Taking (Who takes care of the baby more. Do you have someone else take care of the child.): You tend to take care of your child more than Tommy. This isn’t because he doesn’t care, he is normally busy with the business. You only have someone else watch your baby when you have to go and do something that is not safe for the baby to be around.

D= Delivery (How they act when you are in labor, do they stay in the room or outside the room): Tommy stays in the room with you, holding a wet cloth to your forehead the whole time. While you are pushing Tommy will whisper praises in your ear and telling you that he proud of you for doing this. He doesn’t leave your side while you are giving birth.

E= Emergencies (How do they act when something happens to the baby. If something happens during labor how do they react): When Tommy was told that you had to rush the baby to a doctor he felt like his world was slowly closing in. He didn’t know what was wrong, but he rushes to the doctor as well, hoping that it is nothing serious. The whole time on the way there his head is swimming with the worst thoughts. 

When Polly and the Midwife had told him that the baby was breeched, his heart stopped. He had heard of women who had not survived a breeched labor and it made his heart heavy. He stood frozen as they rushed to unbreech the baby, he snapped out of it when he heard you cry out. 

F= Falling (How do they react to the baby falling off of a step or off a swing.): The first time the child had fallen off down the stairs, Tommy had made a big fuss of it. Checking them from head to toe, making sure everything was okay. The next time the child falls off something, he does not make a huge fuss. He simply makes sure the child does not have a huge injury before he tells the child they will be okay and to run it off.

G= Gender(s) (What gender do they want the baby to be, how do they act when it is the other gender.): Tommy really wants a boy, a boy he can grow to be a successful businessman. If you have a girl Tommy is still happy, and he can already tell he will be more protective of her than he would be if it were a boy. But the gender doesn’t stop him from making them into a successful businessperson.

H= Hair Color (What hair color does the baby inherit): Due to the strong Shelby gene of brown hair, it is likely your child will have brown hair. If you don’t have brown hair, you might hope they get your hair color.

I= Illness (How do they react when the baby gets sick for the first time, how about when the baby is ill for a while.): Tommy is worried about the baby but he does not cause a huge scene about it. He goes to the doctor with you, and hopes that the baby will be fine and it is nothing serious. When the doctor tells you guys that the cold might be present in the baby’s system for a while Tommy worries even more. He actually takes time off work for the baby, wanting to make sure they are fine. 

J= Jumping (How do they react to the child jumping into their arms from a high place, or the child jumping off the bed.): The first time the child jumped into his arms Tommy was kinda surprised. Mostly due to the fact that they were rather high up when they jumped. Once he placed them down, Tommy strictly told them not to do it again. The same thing happened when they were jumping on their bed.

K= Keeping the Baby? (Do they want the baby in the first place. Do they let you keep it.): At first Tommy was conflicted about having the baby, he didn’t think it was a good idea. But he soon realized that he wanted you to have the baby, and then he would decide if you guys will keep it or put it up for adoption. But when he saw the small body, he knew he had to keep the child.

L= Love (Do they fall in love with the baby right away. What do they love the most about the baby.): The moment Tommy saw the baby’s head full of hair he fell in love automatically. He was completely in aw when he saw their small body and face, and he had teared up a bit. Tommy loves the small button nose the baby has, how the tip of their nose is a light pink color.

M= Movement (When you are pregnant how do they react to feeling the baby move. How do they react to the sight of the baby kicking.): When the baby had started to kick, every time Tommy when to feel it would stop. It upset him greatly, which amazed you. One night while you two are reading, Tommy keeps his hand rested on your stomach hoping to feel a kick. When the baby finally kicks, Tommy just stares at your stomach with a face full of happiness. He also doesn’t have a problem telling you how weird it is to see the baby roll over in your stomach.

N= Normal Cravings (How do they react to your cravings when you are pregnant with your baby. Is there a food that they will not let you eat mostly because it grosses them out.):Tommy is confused with the things you are craving but he will get them for your regardless. Even if he is grossed out by the food, he will still get it for you but can’t watch you eat it.

O= On Time (Are they there by time you go into labor. Do they arrive before or after the baby is born. How do they feel if they are late.):Tommy makes damn well sure that he is there in time for the birth. He doesn’t know how he would feel if he was late for the birth of his own child. He will even call off a meeting if it is near your due date.

P= Pain (How do they react to seeing you in pain due to the contractions. How do they handle seeing you in pain during labor.): Tommy does whatever he can to help ease the pain, back rubs, warm towels, anything really. Watching you go through the pain of giving birth made him feel bad. He makes sure to remind you that he finds you strong and he is so proud of you after words.

Q= Questions (Do they ask the midwife a lot of questions. Do they keep asking if they are doing something right when they are doing something with the baby.): Tommy doesn’t ask the midwife many questions, mostly due to him knowing about everything due to John’s kids and when Finn was born. But when the baby is born he keeps asking you if he is doing it right. When he feeds the baby he keeps asking if it is too much or too little, when he is holding the baby he asks if he is holding them correctly.

R= Resting (Do they get a lot of rest when the baby is born. Do they stay awake at night worrying about the baby.): Tommy only rests peacefully when the baby is against his chest for a solid three months after they are born. Even when he starts to let the baby sleep in their own room, he still worries about them.

S= Singing to the Baby (Do they sing to the baby, or do they listen to you sing to the baby. What is their favorite song to sing to the baby): Tommy only sings to the baby if the baby can not sleep, which happens often. His favorite to sing is The Night Nursery by Reginald Rigby. You normally sing to the baby as you cloth or bath them.

T= Talking to the Baby (Do they use baby talk. How do they react to hearing you talk in baby talk.): Tommy only uses baby talk when he is alone with the baby, not wanting anyone to see him all soft for a baby. When he hears you using baby talk he can’t help but laugh and get a joyous smile on his face.

U= Underneath the Man/Woman’s Heart (How do they truly feel about having a child. Do they feel as though they are ready for a baby): After Tommy had gotten past his fear of something bad happen, he is extremely excited. He is glad to have a child of his own, and with the woman he loves the most. He doesn’t feel as though he is ready for a baby, but he does not turn down the idea.

V= Vision as in Supervision (Do they keep a close eye on the baby. Do they have someone watching the baby at all times): For the first few months, Tommy’s does not let the baby out of his eyesight. Even if the baby was with you, he would always keep an eye on them. Soon he just lets you watch the baby, but he has a few trusted blinders to watch after you two.

W= When the Baby is Born (What day is the baby born. Are they in town at this time or are they off for business.): The day the baby is born is nine months from Tommy’s birthday. Which means something special happened on his birthday if you catch my drift. Thankfully Tommy was in town when the baby was ready to be born.

X= Xray or Ultrasound (How do they react to seeing an x-ray of the baby. Do they tear up when they see the ultrasound.):Since ultrasounds were not quite around for pregnancy yet, when the doctor told Tommy that you are fine and the baby is healthy he would be the happiest man in all of Britain. Although it cost a lot, Tommy had gotten a rough xray done, wanting to see the baby inside you someway. 

Y= Yawning (Do tired do they get when dealing with the baby. Their reaction to the baby yawning.): Tommy doesn’t grow tired quickly when he has to care for the baby. He had raised Finn with Arthur so this baby is not much different. Tommy would be lying if he said he doesn’t gush a little when the baby yawns. A tiny ‘aw’ and a happy smile on his face as he stares down at the baby.

Z= ZZZ (How much sleep do they get during the pregnancy. How much sleep after the baby is born.): When you are pregnant Tommy barely slept, he was too worried that you would go into labor while he is asleep. Once the baby is born, the both of you barely get sleep due to the baby waking at all hours of the night.

Facebook vs Tumblr - Disney Edition

Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook

Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr

Someone sends you a message on Facebook

Someone writes in your Tumblr ask box

Loses a friend on Facebook

Loses a Follower on Tumblr

Error on Facebook

Error on Tumblr

Someone sends you a Dirty message on Facebook

Someone sends a Dirty message on Tumblr

Scrolling through Facebook

Scrolling through Tumblr


Reaction to nudes on Facebook

Reaction to nudes on Tumblr

Paul Lahote Imagine: Heart Attacks

Synopsis: Paul Lahote watches the reader’s rugby game as she gets injured. 

My body automatically carries itself to the starting line. There is an intensively beautiful air that surrounds the rest of the members that have positioned themselves as well. The green field has been taken hostage by red and black jerseys that stand perfectly still, awaiting the whistle. My knees bend softly as I see the familiar ball glide effortless in the air within seconds of the whistle being blown. My hair dances behind me as I rush forward staggered with the rest of the team. Both on the offensive side and defensive side we are charging towards each other like we are warriors beginning a battle.

The ball is caught by my team as we continue fighting for more ground forwards. My fellow red jerseys weave in and out of the crowds of defensive team, manipulating the spaces available on the field. My breathing is echoed in my ears as I keep slightly behind the rest of the line of fellow players. The ball slowly jumps between people that are avoiding being caught by fiercely determined looks from those with black jerseys on. On the outside of the field there is a collection of voices being carried out, telling players what to do urgently.

The ball in right in front of me. My voice gets strangled by my running and mouth guard as I attempt to cry out, “On your left.” I see a quick glance towards me as the ball floats effortlessly in my hands. My feet carries me faster as I try and protect this seemingless valueless object. My waist feels a pressure wrapped around it as a powerful and soundless being picks me up and tosses me. My shoulder takes the effects of the collision. My arms reaches over behind me to a provide a safe passage between the legs the surround me allowing the ball to remain within my army of red. I can see the white line inches from me and I manipulate myself away from the people. I am regretfully optimistic as I realized that I was steps away from scoring. The whistle blows once again cutting throughout the field as everything seems to stand frozen.

Paul comes rushing towards me hungrily. I hold my shoulder as I await his arrival. I see a red jersey get up from the side lines and takes my place on the field. My cheeks are wet from the inevitable screaming that descents from my shoulder. Paul grabs my face with his large hands as his thumbs tries to wipe away the pain, “it’s okay. It’s okay. Please don’t cry.”

We return to the chairs and blanket set up from the supportive onlookers. Paul wraps his arm around my waist as he works up the courage to not tear the player apart that tackled me in a penalty way. The paramedic walks over and hands me ice and Paul takes it and cautiously places it on my injury. His deep brown eyes looks at me painfully, “as hot as I think it is that you play rugby, watching your games always give me several heart attacks.”

Boo -Zach Werenski

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A/N: I AM BACK!!! I am finally back to a point where I can begin writing again, but please work with me a little, I’ll get stuck and I need to write up another queue because I had some requests through messages and a request for part 2 of “Don’t talk to her like that!” I still need to write, I also have a few ideas of my own I’d like to do at some point! But that being said, I thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy! Also could the Anon who requested the Kevin Bieksa one about the crazy immediate family please message me! I have a few question!

Request:  Hello! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where you go to a haunted house and theme park?

When Zach recommended the two of you to go on a date you eagerly accepted, with hockey season right there you needed to take advantage of the time you two had left together before it was chopped up into little pieces here and there. You had expected something sweet, a movie, apple picking, maybe even picking out a pumpkin. You were not expecting a haunted house at a theme park by any means and you were starting to regret your decision to accept this date.

“Why are you shaking? We aren’t even inside yet!”  He teased, nudging you with his elbow.

You cast a playful glare in his direction, resisting the urge to pull away from him completely, the only thing keeping you from doing so was the fact that all around you were the precursors for whatever was inside the dreaded haunted house.

You may have forgotten to mention to Zach that you were the biggest scardy cat ever. Out of all of your friends growing up you were always the one who avoided scary movies, haunted houses, hell even the scary stories your friends made up were sometimes enough to keep you awake for hours on end each night. You had even managed to avoid scary movies with Zach, usually all it took was a kiss or two to persuade him into a different movie genre. You never could understand why people enjoyed haunted houses, who wanted to pay money to get the pee scared out of them? Crazy people! Well evidently, your boyfriend was one of those crazy people and tonight his craziness was beginning affecting you.

You decided that you would be strong, tonight you were going to get through this haunted house, one way or another. But you would not let Zach see you scared, you would never hear the end of it.

That was far easier said than done, the entrance to the haunted house consisted of your tour guide being “murdered” leaving your group to fend for themselves the rest of the way. By the time the sixth person had jumped out at you, your body was shaking, you were fighting back tears, and you were ninety-nine percent sure that you were as pale as some of the make up the actors wore. Your hands were gripping Zach’s arm so tightly you wondered if he had nail marks in his arm, despite the many layers he donned. But even then, he seemed to be enjoying himself, jumping every now and then, but other than that he laughed it off like he did any other time he got scared.

Once you made it out of there and further away from the crowds around you did Zach notice how truly frightened you were.

“Woah, babe. Are you okay?” He asked, pausing your walk back to the main area of the park to look you in the eyes, although you did your best to avoid his, cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“I-I may have forgotten to mention I hate haunted houses… And basically everything scary…” You mumbled, feeling like a child, but even the normal night noises seemed scary in the adrenaline rush that followed the haunted house.

“Shit… I’m sorry Y/N, you could have told me.” He said, rubbing your arms, hoping to ease some of the goosebumps that had prickled your skin.

“And risk being teased for the rest of my life? Uh uh! No thank you.” You could practically feel the chuckle that rumbled in his chest.

“Well how about I make you a deal? We spend the rest of the time we have here, riding whatever kiddie rides you want and in exchange, I will never make you go into another haunted house again.”

You smiled up at him, your arms sliding around his waist to hug him as you looked up at him.

“You got yourself a deal.”

The rest of your night was spent on the merry-go-round, eating cotton candy and complete junk food, even managing to talk Zach to ride the roller coaster with you, despite some nerves at first.

You ended the night with a very cliche kiss at the top of a stopped ferris wheel, by the time you were leaving the park your stomach  was full and the terror from the haunted house was almost forgotten… Almost. As you drove through the dark your mind began to play tricks on you, making you see shadows and other things that weren’t really there.

Only this time, your fears didn’t go unnoticed as Zach’s hand squeezed yours, giving you the last little bit of comfort you needed to survive the car ride home in the dark.

“How about you and I get into our pajamas, grab whatever late night snack you want and just watch Disney movies until we fall asleep My way of saying sorry for dragging you through a haunted house that would apparently scare you.” He said, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

You could hear the teasing in his voice but you smiled nonetheless leaning into his embrace for a moment to take in his scent and the comfort it entailed.

“We’re starting with Moana and not one word of complaint when we get to Frozen.”  You smirked, rushing down the hallway to get changed.


Pairing: You x Yoongi!Deliquent

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Deliquent au, School au

Warning: Language

A/N: okay. Firstly, I apologise that not all males are assholes (i used asshole at least 60 times in this fic) its the males in my school that are assholes. Secondly, this story is inspired by my life in school. Except the appearance of min yoongi ;w;. And tae is the representive of my friend. And lastly, yes. Jam. Mother. Effing. Jam.

A/N 2: Why must there be a 100 block limit on tumblr app now? Augh -_-

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You were getting really annoyed by the amount of garbage in your school, glaring at any male species that so as to dare to look your way. You were disgusted by them, and they were all so retarded. No offense, but it was true. It was something about their brains that have not mature or never will, to be fascinated by a bottle cap, or to go squeaky and jumpy everytime they saw a nice girl. Once, a guy threw a piece of chocolate up, it hit the ceiling fan, and everyone other than you were covered with that sticky substance.

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