frozen pipe

Okay, well I was tagged by @ffxv-edits to do this selfie thing so I guess I’ll show my face. This was a couple(?) weeks ago while waiting for a certain someone to get out of work. I don’t have anything more recent than this nor do you want to see my nasty ass self at this moment as I haven’t showered in a while and the pipes are frozen. Fuck Maine.

I’m not tagging anyone, but if someone wants to do it, then go right ahead :)

Frozen Pipes Rob Local Cat of Shower Power

Totosha was getting ready for work Wednesday morning when it happened.

“He was brushing his teeth, but instead of hearing the shower come on, it was just this sputtering sound,” says Sam Oswell, the cat’s friend and longtime roommate.

No water, and further inspection from a plummer confirmed their fears. The bathroom pipes were frozen.

“I don’t mind the winter too much, but Totosha is so sick of it,” says Oswell. “We’re so close to spring, but this cold snap is wearing him down. If he doesn’t have a hot shower in the morning, you can kiss his productivity goodbye.”

via kot_totosha.

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

Not the most exciting pick for my first GTSF of 2015 but it is super comfortable. I’m definitely into comfort over style 99% of the time so I’ll take it.

No fun Garmin data to show you today, I’m afraid. Yesterday’s workout was kind of doomed from the start. I had planned on going to the gym (too much ice on the sidewalks right now) in the morning but I discovered my kitchen pipes had frozen so I spent my morning hunched under the sink with a hairdryer, trying to bring them back (I did, crisis averted). Then I decided to just go after work. I kind of forgot that afternoons in January is like asking for three times as many people as usual in the gym. 

It was also a hard run on the treadmill. What is UP with me lately? I just can’t get comfortable right now. Still, I managed 6 miles, 50 minutes and then followed that up with some strength training. Then this morning I went to the pool. Swimming is turning into one of my favorite things. I’m seriously considering trying masters swim for more structure but it sounds absurdly intimidating.

ANYWAYS, I have a Major Life Change happening this weekend that may impact my running/swimming/life schedule rather dramatically…

I am picking up this guy from a foster home tomorrow morning! I am about to embrace the Single Dog Mom Life (is that a thing? It should be. Imma hashtag it and just MAKE it a thing). I’m driving down to North Carolina today, spending the night, and bringing him back with me if all goes smoothly!

You could say that I’m ridiculously excited. I’ve been wanting a dog for a while now and I feel like I’m finally set in my life where it’s not an irresponsible thing for me to do. 

Wish me luck!

EMERGENCY Writing Commissions - Save My Pipes!

So, I was at @miss-adaarable‘s for a couple of days and because the weather got really frikking cold while I was away, I returned to find my pipes frozen solid, and blocks of ice in the toilet. My house has no central heating, and I’m on my own with a ferret at the moment as @an-avaar-skald-and-bearsark is offshore for work. I have space/propane heaters and a fire going, trying to defrost everything, but in the meantime I need to get some emergency funds in case I need to hire a plumber or get a lot of firewood or an extra space/propane heater, as this is money I do not have.

I’m taking writing commissions! 

$1 per 100 words. Ie, if I write 100 words, you pay $1. If I write 800 words, you pay $8. If I write more than you pay for, of my own choice, you will not be charged extra. I will never write less than you pay for.

Guaranteed completed within 24 hours, unless you want something which is more than 5,000 words long in which case it might take a little bit longer.

I can write: Fanfiction (ask me about fandoms*) or Original Fiction (contact me with more details), Some Smut/kink, Some Violence
I cannot write: Hardcore Smut, Graphic Violence

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please send me an email at


* Fandoms I’ve written before/know well enough to write: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Merlin, Dragon Age, M*A*S*H, Sherlock, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics, Firefly, Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, Maximum Ride, Star Trek, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Welcome to Night Vale, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls. Feel free to ask me about other fandoms, especially ones you’ve seen me reblog.