frozen now available


Long live @vortexofdeduction !!

Seriously bless, i love her so much, thanks to her you’ll all be glad to discover that my giant fanfic, Untangling the Frozen Knots, is NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH !

i’m so freaking happy right now, really over the moon.

UTFK is a cross-over fanfiction between Tangled and Frozen, and is a novel-length (140k+ words), COMPLETE, Humor and Drama, fluffy Snow Sisters/Elsanna fanfiction.

Here’s the description :

1 month passed since Arendelle went back to normal and that Elsa’s reigning. As Anna and her start to share complicity again, they’re both invited to the Lanterns Festival of Corona. They accept, seeing here the occasion to spend some happy time together like before. But unplanned events will put them in danger…

I hope you’ll like it! :D Have a good read!