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I heard that people did not like Coco and critize it

As a mexican I must say:

  • The movie portrays the mexican culture almost perfectly
  • The Mexican Towns are like this.
  • In the streets we do see sellers and craftworkers.
  • The houses do have this architecture
  • The facial and body features are like mexican people. I was honestly surprised of the accuracy in the hands, expressions.
  • Mexican families do behave this way and it shows perfectly that our families are matriarchies
  • The Land of the Dead has buildings with porfirian architecture that can be seen in every city’s downtown.
  • The story of how family needs to support your decisions really touched me
  • The fucking ending man
  • I cried
  • I legit cried
  • I never cry
  • It is beautiful and it broke my heart twice
  • Throughout all the movie ibwas screaming YES THIS HAPPENS HERE YES I KNOW THIS YES YES YES
  • As a mexican I felt really proud of my culture
  • It has nothing to do with the Book of Life
  • Nothing!!!!
  • I was expecting the same
  • It wasn’t
  • Las Flores de Cempasuchil looked real
  • Wow
  • Just
  • Wow
  • Go watch it

The only thing that sucked from this movie??

The Frozen clip

Big Misunderstandings about Hans

[This writing does not necessarily represent the viewpoint of this blog]

Misunderstanding 1: Hans came to Arendelle with the intention to kill Elsa and Anna for the throne.

False. Hans did not come to Arendelle with the intention to kill anyone in the first place. Hans clearly stated he initially wanted to marry Elsa for the throne, but that failed. Hence, he ended up resorting to Anna. This shows that he was willing to have an option which leaves everyone unharmed as his primary one. From here, he is depicted to be more open-minded and merciful than Scar who insisted on taking the throne in his homeland and bent on removing all obstacles between him and his goal.

Misunderstanding 2: When Hans said that he would have to “stage a little accident” for Elsa, he meant he wanted to kill Elsa under the guise of an accident after marrying Anna.

Not necessary. In my opinion, the phrase “a little accident” is often interpreted as killing due to its euphemistic nature and tendency to downplay something terrible. However, it is important to realize that Hans was being completely honest with Anna at that moment. Hence, there is a very low chance that Hans’ words contain hidden meaning. Furthermore, Hans later uttered the phrase “kill Elsa”. This shows that he had no intention to downplay words which sound brutal. Therefore, by “little accident”, he really meant a little accident- accident that is not horrible or gruesome but effective enough to overthrow Elsa.

Misunderstanding 3: During the attack on the ice palace, Hans purposely shot down the chandelier to kill Elsa while making the whole thing appear like an accident.

If there is one thing I have learnt from Tumblr GIFs, it would be they can be very misleading. I observed that many “Frozen” GIF-fied movie clips (or even movie clips in general) are slowed down. While this allows us to notice things that cannot be observed at the original speed, it also takes away our sense of the human reaction time. Therefore, it is important to watch the original movie to get the feel of the original speed. In the case of Hans’ act of pushing the crossbow upwards, the speed can drastically affect our interpretation of his actions. To me, the reason why Hans directed the crossbow towards the chandelier is because that was the nearest obstacle he could find without alarming Elsa of the guard targeting her. If Elsa was alarmed of the guard, she would have harmed him, who was already trapped in ice spikes, out of intuition and panic. (Remember the childhood accident?)

A more obvious reason why Hans was not trying to kill Elsa on the spot is the fact that he was later shown to be willingly negotiating with Elsa to convince her to stop the winter curse. This is interesting as it shows that Hans can see the human qualities in Elsa. In other words, he can see past appearance of others, making him an antagonist who deserves more respect than Gaston.