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This is the best Frozen parody, everyone else can go home

i just saw a video of someone harassing kids near a minions display and it was really fucking horrible so:

don’t fucking harass kids for liking minions

they are children

it’s something that makes them happy

it’s okay to hate on minions

just don’t fucking scream at or harass kids for liking minions stuff

same goes for anything really (frozen, angry birds, MLP, etc)

don’t be a douche to kids in public for internet points it’s not funny 


Seriously though, this is one of the most emotionally intense movies I’ve watched in a while.

It helps that the movie keeps itself focused on what’s important, which is the conflict/sisterhood between the two protagonists, and the challenges they have to get through to reach to their happy ending. But the way to that happy ending is so full of surprisingly dark and twisted blows. From the parents dying to Anna being the target of the meanest twist I’ve seen in a Disney movie.

However, there is enough comedy, songs, and likeable characters that the ride doesn’t feel too heavy handed. At no point it cheapens the drama or it overloads the pathos. It’s one of those rare movies where everything seems surprisingly well balanced.

My only problem with the movie was the unbelievable amount of hype it created. I mean, wow, this is a huge movie inside and outside the screen. Granted, its quality justifies this appreciation, but I’ve put it back for this long so I could see it without the hype affecting my reaction. So with that said, count me as one of its fans, this movie is really, really good.

And now, if you excuse me, I think I’ve unintentionally traumatized the Royal Sisters. I think I’m in trouble.


Discord isn’t shy about being shy about his past.

Artist: Discorderly Conduct
Twilight VA: Meredith Sims


Storywriter: Thanks everyone for putting up with sporadic updates and actually sending asks. Still have no idea why this is my only blog that’s actually getting any though…

I may have forgotten some of you that I could actually find models for, sorry! At least I was able to use a stand-in for ask-lord-ducksworth. Though some of the models I used may not be fully accurate to the characters. 

And umm, yes, I did put rainbow dash as two blogs because I forgot askrainbowdash1114 and they seem to have a 100% canon design. Also the russianfromapplejack Applejack has a hat for distinction’s sake. 

Also, it might be hard to see, but outofworkderpy has the “hardly working” CS:S mug for panhalding lol.

Questions for Fellow Antis

Okay, in your personal experience, which fandom is the most unpleasant? 

For me I think it’s a tie between Frozen and MLP. Like the fandoms have really great people in them but there is so much bullshit you gotten deal with it. It’s not even funny man.