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I think if the movie is as sophisticated as previous Disney films it could not have the backlash that Frozen did. I want Moana to be extremely successful so we have powerful brand with a different ethnicity. But maybe we should marvel level success

No, it will get backlash. Everyone loved Frozen and claimed it was “sophisticated”…until it became popular. Tumblr has a very strong “hipster” culture (i.e. if its popular its bad).

We definitely want it to be successful so it doesn’t get shoved to the side like Big Hero 6, but expect backlash if it does. Its inevitable, but as a Frozen fan, you eventually grow to expect immaturity and backlash about your favourite movie.

Just keep your chin up, and love the movie anyway :) x


Merci d’avoir autant attendu, votre enthousiasme m’a beaucoup encouragé pour la réalisation de cette troisième partie donc j’espère que ce chapitre vous plaira, et encore merci de m’avoir soutenu durant tout ce temps ! :3

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Frozen Love - Part. 1     Frozen Love - Part. 2

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Thank you so much expected, enthusiasm encouraged me to achieve this third part so I hope you enjoy this chapter, and thank you for supporting me all this time ! :3

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Frozen Love - Part. 1     Frozen Love - Part. 2

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