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Greater Good {Oberyn Martell x Tyrell! Reader}

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 @andtheytoldustotellyouhello requested: “Tyrell!reader who marries oberyn cause him and willas are totally planning on Dany being queen?“ 

[Thanks for the request! Warning of suggestive teasing, but no actual smut.]

 He found himself watching her again. The small lady from the Reach, too wrapped up in her flowers to notice the carnal way he eyed her. His bride to be. His quill had stalled on the page, frozen mid-letter. His gaze narrowed, eyeing the way her hips swayed as she walked. Maybe she did know that he was watching. 

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for your prompt meme: #17 and sonamy :)

Aww, this one will be cute~


Prompt: (Classic Universe)

“Uh, um.. uhh!!!”

Amy kept trying to keep up, but sadly, her little legs could only take her so far. She strained profusely over a large rocky mass she had to climb over, as little sweat drops sprang out all around her in threes.

She finally made it over, but still looked in distress, trying to get the attention of-

Aaaaand she lost his trail.

She started to tear up, and pulled out the letter she wanted to give him.

It was everything she loved about him, and everything she couldn’t say just yet to his face… but she wanted him to have it… at least… just spend a moment reading through it.

Maybe… maybe he would love her if he knew-

The wind sped up behind her, cutting off her thoughts as she held her headtie on, ducking her head down but the letter beat against the wind at such rapid speeds…

Finally, the grip Amy’s gloved hand had on it slipped and the letter went flying.

“Ah!” She reached up, chasing after it.

Sonic slowed down and yawned, seeing a comfortable patch of grass, he jumped and laid down on it. He had one hand up, wiggling a pinkie finger in his ear, and the other holding his head up as he rested on his side, one leg up and the other forward and stretched out.

He was just chillaxing.

The wind soared the letter first through a flower, having it stuck in it’s twirling petals.

It caused the letter to change directions, and Amy rushed over, in a panic.

She swung her hammer out and knocked the flower over, opening her eyes to see the damages, she noticed the letter wasn’t there anymore.

“AHHH!!” she saw it flying over some volcanic leftovers, and dodged the flames that Eggman had unsettled recently on pieces of rock that weren’t burnt up yet.

The letter flew over metallic fields of electricity, and she had to quickly move or be shocked by their electrical trains.

Sonic twitched his nose, having a butterfly try and land on it. He flicked his wrist, shooing it away as he peeked a closed eye open, trying to lazily tell it to buzz off.

Amy weakly wobbled with her arms in front of her, drooped down, towards the next location her letter was flying too…

Her eyes widened in complete shock and horror, her face turning white.

Not only did it look like a giant lake, but the other side was a frozen mountain, and the letter delicately landed on it’s highest peak.

Amy just stood at the water’s edge, blinking.

She looked unamused and unwilling.

The letter was suddenly blown away, and she nodded, as if telling the deity of wind that he best knock it off.

She jogged along the water bank as the letter was now within reaching distance, dipping along the water but never truly touching it.

Fishes sprang up and she worried one would try and eat it.

In desperation, she saw one fish jump to gobble it, her worst fear for the situation realized!

She leaped into the water, “NOOO!!!!” she knocked the letter away but was flung into the water, and stared to helplessly be pulled along it’s currents. “Bah! Ahh.. gurbrbrbr, PAH!”

She tried to keep her head above water, being a decent swimmer, but the currents were too strong.

One rammed her against a rock.

The other slammed her under and dragged her already beaten body against the rough rocks below, smoothed over time, but still deadly.

She floated a moment in a still water… her last air bubble about to falter…

Then, a bubble lightly and gently was blown out from the bottom, and reached her just in time.

She zapped her eyes open, holding her breath after sucking in the bubble, though it was immediate and fast, and looked around.

Above her, the letter still flew, but was heading fast.

She narrowed her eyes, holding her hands in for a moment to show her determination in closed fists by her face, and nodded.

She swam along the current, poking her head up out of the surface to get more air.

Sonic’s toe flicked, as he snored quite peacefully.

The water’s rapids got heavy and more dense, as she looked to the shore. It looked serene… safe…

She shook her head, paddling on.

She had made up her mind! 

It took her a long time to make that letter! She even added cute doodles for Sonic to laugh at so she could see him smile.

She was just glad this wasn’t cliche, you know, with a waterfall and all-


She felt the winds begin to dip, and looked done with life.

Maybe she wasn’t meant to confess in a letter..?

Maybe.. she wasn’t meant to confess… at all…?

The strength of her limps began to fail her, and slowly, her eyes drooped in weariness.


Sonic’s ear twitched immediately out to the direction of the voice.

Amy sunk under the water again… ‘help..’

A loud crash was heard above the water, as Amy’s vision started to fade her.

When she woke up, there was a pink envelop in her lap, and she was leaning against a tree, covered in a blanket, and near a beach house.

She blinked her eyes as she examined her surroundings.

She looked down at the letter.

“Ah!” It had been opened!

It was wet on parts… like fingerprints.

She took the letter out.

Dear beloved Sonic! 

All my life, I’ve always wanted Adventure and something grandeur than myself! I’ve wished and prayed for love… but I never thought I’d get one in the same!

Suddenly, Amy noticed a different color on the sides of the paper, and she gasped.

Me too.

I’ve always been a bit of a klutz at these things though… I’ve wanted to tell you how I’ve felt for a long time, but you’ve always been busy saving the world. I get that. It’s super cool!

I noticed that. Thank you.

Do you think you could ever teach me to curl up like you do and spin so fast like that?

Maybe. I could try.

I’ve always, always, always wanted to tell you this!

That’s a lot of time.

Sonic… I …

You write dots? Is this for dramatic effect?

Thank you for reading this! I’ll always be yours! Truly! - Amy Rose

I have to say, for an ending, that was kinda anti-climatic.

Amy puffed up her cheek.

He downright RUDELY answered her letter in silly and sly remarks!

She slightly crinkled it up in her anger, bending her head down.

But then… she lowered her shoulders and let go of all her tension. Looking lovingly to the paper, she smiled.

Her doodle of Sonic saving her for the first time, he wrote- That was fun, huh?

She looked at the next one.

Their first picnic together… Good food. Good company.

She smiled, tilting her head into it.

The last picture was a wedding pic.

This made her glare and twitch again, crinkling the paper up on both sides as she tightened her grip.

He had drawn ninjas crawling on the walls of the cathedral and pirates smashing through windows and space aliens trying to absorb her into their ship as he scribbled out his picture and drew himself fighting each one all at the same time.

Cute story. Needs more dragons.

She bent her head down…

And flung it up laughing.

He gave it time. He even commented. That’s more than what she asked for.

She sighed and hugged the letter close… before noticing there was something scribbled on the back…

“I never…” she turned the paper over.

Her eyes grew wide.

There was a very well drawn picture of her smiling, and Sonic ahead of her, reaching back with a hand to her while he walked on.

The letters under it said-

If you ever need me. I won’t be too far ahead.

She softly cried out tears of joy.

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Alex, before John wakes up and when/after he finds out about the tattoo, the constellations aligned

Can do! x


When Alex is high, he sleeps like a dead thing. When’s he’s drunk-drunk, he wakes up every hour or so and then immediately falls back to sleep. When he’s tipsy, he drifts in and out of sleep, never going all the way under until he’s sobered up. When he’s in an unfamiliar bed, he can never quite allow himself to give entirely into sleep.

Tipsy and high, post-orgasm, in von Steuben’s library, he seems to be falling somewhere in the middle. He drifts for a while and then sits up straight, wide awake, and then falls back into his half-sleep when he decides not to get out of bed. It’s a few hours into the night when he gives up and props himself up in the bed, hoping maybe he can sober up entirely and then at least nap until it’s time to go home.

Next to him, John sleeps on, undisturbed. He’s on his stomach, his hair a riotous mess of tangled curls that’s mostly up off of his neck and back, bare in the cool air of the room. Alex shivers—John is beautiful, this ethereal being that he’s somehow allowed to touch, something otherworldly and precious.

He would blame the affection on the lingering alcohol and marijuana sluggishly crawling through his system, but he tries not to lie to himself—this is how he always feels about John, deep down inside.

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My shop, my rules - part 1 (A Kyungsoo & Noona series)

Cakes are silly things, people spend all this time and money making them pretty only to cut into them an devour them without much thought. Haerim hated cakes. But she loved cakes at the same time. Honestly she was just tired of making the same Disney’s Frozen cake over and over. She contemplated banning the theme from her shop.

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One last message

Context: It’s Robert & Aarons wedding day and Diane has a rather special letter for Robert.

“Hiya pet,” Diane said entering Vic’s living room to see Robert in there trying to knot his tie properly but seeming to struggle slightly,

“Oh come here, you’ll never get anywhere doing it like that.” Saying this she reached up and began tying Roberts tie for him as he allowed his hands to drop to his side and took a deep breath in.

“You feeling nervous?” Diane asked smiling.

“Yeah a bit, but a good nervous you know?”

“Of course I do, I had the same feeling the day I married your dad, shaking like a leaf I was.” She finished doing up his tie for him but had noticed his facial expression had dropped slightly after she had mentioned Jack. “Robert, are you alright?”

“Yeah yeah of course, it’s just…” Robert took a moment to think of how to explain his feelings, “I can’t help but wonder what he would’ve thought, about today I mean.” He said sitting down on the sofa

“Do you want to know?”

“What?” Robert asked looking up at Diane.

“Here,” She began reaching into her bag before pulling out an old, tatty envelope, “I found this when me and Doug were moving our stuff out the pub, I was meant to give it when – but I completely forgot – “

“-Diane. What is it?” She came and perched on the arm of the sofa and handed him the letter, which Robert could now see had his name written on it, in a handwriting he hadn’t seen in far too many years.

“It’s a letter from your dad, he gave it to me before he passed away, asked me to give it to you on your wedding day and well I completely forgot about it when you married Chrissie so I thought I’d ought to give it to you today, hopefully this marriage will be more successful.” She smiled, knowing full well that this marriage would last, however she could see how Robert was taken aback by this and wanted to be alone, “I’ll leave you to it.” She whispered before getting up and leaving Vic’s house.

Robert sat frozen, staring at the letter before him in his hands, he was nervous, shocked, confused and overwhelmed, he had no idea how to react to it. Shaking slightly, he slowly opened the envelope and pulled out the letter, taking a deep breath before beginning to read it,


If you are reading this then that means that it’s your wedding day, either that or you’ve been snooping in Diane’s cupboards and come across it, I hope it’s the first. I haven’t seen you in so long my boy, too long, and I realise now that that is my fault, my biggest regret was sending you away, I wasn’t the father you needed, I let you down and I’m so sorry for that Robert, I truly am. If I’m honest, I don’t think we’re going to cross paths again, not in this lifetime anyway, you’re my boy, my son and I want you to remember that.

Anyway, the wedding, I hope whoever it is who is making an honest man of you is good enough for one of us Sugden’s, I hope they are everything you want and I hope they can give you the happiness I failed to – whether they’re a woman or a man. Since you’ve been gone I’ve had more than enough time to reflect on our past. When I caught you that time, I shouldn’t have acted the way I did, I was shocked but that’s no excuse, once again I failed you and I am sorry – just be happy, marry the person you love, that’s all I can ask from you.

Know that me and your mum are looking down on you and even though you didn’t think it or know it, we love you so much, you’re our son, our little Robert. gonna be right there with you today, maybe this one time it’ll actually feel like I am there for you. I love you dearly Robert and I am so proud of you, I just forgot to let you know.

My endless love,


Robert had tears rolling down his face, he was trying to keep it together so he didn’t look like he’d been crying, he folded the letter, kissed it and placed it in the pocket of his suit jacket. He stood up, straightened his suit up, adjusted his die, took a deep breath and looked in the mirror,

“Come on then dad, its time.”

With that he turned to walk out of the front door, meeting Diane and Vic.

“Come on then, time to get you a husband.” Vic smiled at him.

“He’d have been proud of you, dad.” She continued.

“I know.” Robert smiled, trying to hold his emotions together, before walking with them both down to the Church where Aaron awaited to become his husband…

Let me know what you think and whether you’re interested in more wedding fics. 


Heart-rending Fall.

Cold dew glistened like a death sweat on the heartrending yellow foliage. A pale sun, marked by the seal of the disease, inserts the needles into the insects , maybe hoping to fix the wounds… or to give them a quick death.

Little wasp curled in the arms of black earth, like an embryo in the womb of Autumn… Poor wasp quietly surrendered to the power of the cold. The last memories become dark spots on the  fallen leaves. It was like a map.  My frozen hands collected these letters and hid them in the diary - to remember the little deaths of 53 autumn day.

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did you guys actually do a "which letter of frozen are you" quiz or did tumblr make that up cause i think i'd be the 'f' and i want to confirm my suspicions

We’ll just leave this here.