frozen in storybrooke

Some thoughts about Trees, True Love, and The Wish Your Heart Makes When You’re Fast Asleep:

In interviews, fans were promised full-season style arcs this year. The writers were hoping to regain their season 1 format and appeal. For that reason, although lately the super-plot feels a little shoved to the side, I don’t believe that the Land of Untold Stories is an over and done deal. 

My speculation began with the return of the wardrobe realm-jumping gimmick. We haven’t seen this used since season 1 (unless you count using the incinerated wardrobe ashes in season 2, but I don’t.) 

Please note the use of the True Love rainbow effect. It is used for both Pinocchio’s and Emma’s arrival. This tells us that the effect is tied to the magic of the tree, and not simply used to denote the arrival of Emma, who is the product of true love. 

Then, it hit me. 

True love is the only magic powerful enough to transcend realms. 
The tree used to make the wardrobe must be powered by True Love. 
Like…. a matured True Love sapling, perhaps? 

It’s uncanny, really. Similarly to when Snow and Charming touch the sapling, when Pinocchio touched the tree, he was blasted back by magic… that made him recall his family (his true love) and is reminded how he must look after Emma or he will never be able to reunite with his family. 

Wish-Realm Pinocchio even said that, away from the Queen’s tyranny, the magical tree was able to grow and flourish… Without the dark curse in place, is it possible that this tree was the one Snow and Charming “planted”? Frozen in time in Storybrook, it would have remained a sapling… but without the curse, it could have very easily grown into a tree. (yeah, I know, a tree that size would have taken hundreds of years to grow, but hey MAGIC.) 

The True Love rainbow effect is MISSING this time, though.

I have read how some have speculated that, despite the missing True Love rainbow burst, we actually did see the colors of true love (red and yellow).

(please note the true love bottle existing between essence of night and day…. yin and yang, anyone????)

There was Red. 

And there was Yellow.

And while I really want to see it (and I can’t argue against the obvious yellow), I am a bit skeptical about the red. It is a little on the pale side… but it wouldn’t be the first time we saw the red and gold color combo in this wish realm: 

(Please also note, that when Emma’s love stopped Henry from hurting Regina, saving them both, she used Red magic. Red is not exclusive to the “freezing” spell, as evidenced. But it has traditionally been the color of Regina’s magic when she performs it with Emma. So, I can’t help but find it curious not to mention funny, that Emma used a True Love color to save Regina and Henry…. but not Hook. She force blasted Wish!Hook back with standard white savior magic, just like she did Gideon later in the episode. I’m just saying…. lol)

What bothered me most about the tree/wardrobe/portal, though, was the unnecessary wavy magical portal effect. When Emma was placed in the wardrobe as a child, there was no fancy expensive effect. They just closed the door on her and she vanished. Poof. Simple. So, why the need for the costly special effect when they could have simply had none? 

That was when I realized…. 

I’d seen this effect already this season… 

And, the first time we saw it, in a truly odd episode regarding Cinderella that, at one point, there was featured a key…  and a wardrobe portal… To the Land of Untold Stories.  

Sound familiar?

And then there was also this picture that JMo tweeted a while back. 

I want to think that it was supposed to be used to show her waking up in the Wish!Verse, before she finds the sword under her bed. Perhaps it will show up in a deleted scene, because the first shot we got of her in the wish realm, instead, was of her her blowing out her birthday candle. This whole wish!verse theme has meshed wishes and dreams together fluidly. And all I can hear is “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep…” 

I don’t really believe that Emma and Regina are truly “home” yet. That battle with Gideon was far too easily won. And the fact that Wish!Robin still can exist outside of the wish-realm boggles me. Perhaps it is possible that Emma’s wish placed her in a dream realm? One where time seems to have no meaning? (I mean, seriously, it took Pinocchio 2 hours to make that wardrobe. Tops.) Perhaps this dream realm is really one of the many islands in The Land of untold stories??

Consider how Gideon literally broke a giant timepiece at the end of the episode. He had spent his entire “life” in a realm where time acted differently. Do you see the parallel? Even if Emma (and the rest) aren’t actually in a physical “land” of untold stories, that doesn’t discredit that fact that they are certainly participating in a metaphorical untold story. And, despite wish!Robin’s inclusion, the fact that Emma and Regina went through that wardrobe together could mean that this their untold story.

Oh, speculations abound! I can’t wait for the rest of this season. 

A friendly reminder that Regina (Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time) killed thousands of innocent people including her own father, yet everyone was begging for her to be redeemed, and everyone is extremely happy that she was.

Maleficent was redeemed in the movie Maleficent and everyone was happy about that.

So with all this Frozen 2 hype, why is everyone against Hans’ redemption? He only attempted to kill one person. Why is it so hard to forgive him like we can forgive worse villains (Regina and Maleficent)? Why does everyone assume he is a sociopath? Just because he is clever and falsifies emotions sometimes doesn’t mean he is because it’s never been said either way. Goodness, I could be a sociopath! Everyone is a fixer upper! Even if Helsa doesn’t happen, Hans at least deserves redemption!


Here is my Ooak Elsa doll from Once upon a time. I wanted Elsa to look like she was made by Barbie , to resemble the actress but not realistically. Elsa matches my Ariel perfectly. The repaint on this beautiful doll was made by the extremely talented @arianbutlerart … You are so smart, wonderful, amazing, creative and the sweetest person ever. You were able to do an incredible job and I’m so happy with how she turned out 😍
The outfit was done by the always so AMAZING @stardustdolls on Instagram, the fabrics you used, I would have never thought of and they are Perfect ❤️

I didn’t do much this time 😬 I just added some rhinestones to the bodice and did the reroot and hairstyle. ❄️

  • Emma: You know, I'm kinda' surprised you haven't said anything about my parents yet.
  • Elsa: What about them? They seem nice.
  • Emma: I mean the fact that we're all roughly the same age. I think that rates at least a mention.
  • Elsa: I mean, my family is my missing sister and her fiance, a talking snowman, a reindeer, and about 30 rock trolls so I didn't think I really had the right to say anything.
  • Emma: You are gonna' fit right in here.