frozen ice tea

summer blog aesthetic rates !!

hey y’all !! i haven’t done anything super interactive in a minute so i’ve decided to do blogrates/blog aesthetics bc a) i need cool new blogs to follow and b) it’s always a lot of fun !!


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trainerethan  asked:

You ask for a Pepsi and I bring you an iced tea. I sit down and drink the ice tea right in front of you. I say 'that'll be $2.50' and take your entire wallet. You look around and realize you aren't in a restaurant. We're inside your home. I broke into your home and made your frozen ice tea you'd been meaning to drink and then stole your wallet. You thank me for the service and exit your home. It's no longer your home.

ive been staring at this for 5 minutes it haunts me

And most days have just been so cold
that not even turning up the temperature of the shower
to a heat I can barely stand,
works to unfreeze the innermost parts of myself.
I have tried it all to melt the ice;
but neither tea nor hot showers have worked.
I am starting to question whether you could help me thaw,
if you tried.
I remember saying that just being around you for a night
would make me happy for a long time
but I did not keep in mind
that winter encourages ice to keep growing.