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K so another au I’ve been thinking about recently is about Blue Lion and why she’s the most friendliest lion out of all of them.

What if the reason why she is the friendliest Lion is because she has to be. In this au the Blue Lion is usually the first of the lions to really connect with her Paladins, and the more she connects with her Paladins, the more the paladin can use her ice powers, use her ‘magic’. But there’s a down side. Like all magic, there’s a cost. The more the paladin uses her powers, or the more deep the connection goes between her and her paladin, and sometimes if the paladin has to much stress or has a major rift in their emotions, the more likely they can becomes overwhelmed by her magic. Which can result in many different things, either their body starts to freeze, which can lead to death. Or their hearts become frozen; they can’t love or their view on love or just on the world can become twisted and cold.

She has to be the most friendliest and the easiest to accept new Paladins because she has to be.

Now I remember that there was another post about how haggar (I think that’s how you spell her name) was the original blue paladin, I don’t remember who posted it, but if you know who please tell me so I can tag them. Anyways, I’m kinda on board with Haggar being the original blue paladin, but her heart had become frozen and twisted from using blues magic too much. And because of this she joined Zarkon and helped him.

Edit: it was @ftlosd who came up with the original blue paladin theory. Wanted to give a shout out cause I absolutely love it and it helped me come up with this au, so thank you!

Now think about all of this, and then think about Lance. Who is very connected to Blue, and because of this has very easy access to Blue’s ice powers. Lance who is already dealing with anxiety and some serious self-doubt. His heart starts to slowly freeze. Now the poor boy doesn’t know this is happening, at all. And Blue tries her very best to keep him happy, because she doesn’t want to lose him, she doesn’t want to lose another paladin because of this. She loves this little Cuban boy too much. So she listens, she encourages him as much as she can, all the while knowing that their bond is getting deeper, knowing that it’s putting him more at risk.

And then Shiro disappears, and Lance knows that until hey can find Shiro, someone has to lead Voltron. And Lance sees this as his shot to finally prove that he’s worthy of being with the others, even if it’s just as a temporary leader. But Keith hen says that Shiro asked him to lead Voltron. And it break Lance’s self-esteem to new heights. Once again, Lance is second to Keith. Once again, Keith is better than him. And it freezes his heart even more.

Now fast forward, to a fight with the Galra. Lance is fighting on his own when suddenly Haggar shows up. And she can see that Lance’s heart is slowly freezing. And she sees this as an opportunity to taking down the Paladins. She starts to fight Lance, and has him cornered away from the others. She starts telling him how the others don’t need him, how he could do his planet more good by joining the Galra. At first, Lance isn’t budging, no way is he going to join the bad guys, but then she starts talking about how Keith is so much better than him, how everyone thinks so, how he would always come up short compared to Keith. But if he joined the Galra, she could help him prove to everyone how he was better than Keith, that she could help him beat Keith and finally prove himself. She says that if he joined the Galra, they would leave his planet alone, that it would be safe. And Lance hesitates. He can’t really see a down side at first, but before he can say anything, Keith’s voice comes up on the radio, kind of berating Lance for disappearing on the team, to get back to the others before he does any more damage. And that makes lance snap. He takes Haggar up on her offer, it doing this makes his heart freeze.

Not completely, but just enough to twist his judgement.

And all the others hear are Blue’s pained roars as another one of her Paladins are lost to the darkness that hovers over all of her paladins.

That’s all I got for now, but there might be more coming sooner or later.


The Last 5 Disney Movies
  • Wreck-it Ralph: The bad guy was actually a different bad guy all along
  • Frozen: The good guy was actually the bad guy all along
  • Big Hero 6: The dead guy was actually the bad guy all along
  • Zootopia: The good guy was actually the bad guy all along
  • Moana: The bad guy was actually the good guy all along
  • Would you lovely teenagers like to be called Mom? Yeah. I don't think so. Allura isn't a Mom. She's a queen who leads a fucking rebellion.

I’ve come to the realization that if Bill Condon hadn’t explicitly said that Lefou was gay, no one would care.

I mean, there have been a lot of moments in Disney movies that could be interpreted to be LGBT. Timon and Pumbaa, Mulan impersonating a soldier (accompanied by the line “your great-granddaughter had to be a cross dresser!“), that guy in Frozen who owned that little shop – I can’t remember his name but he went “hi family!” and it cut to what we can assume was his boyfriend and kids in the sauna… I could go on and on. But the point is, no one protested any of that.

Aside from the super Gay Stuff that took place in the tavern, I feel like no one would’ve picked up on Lefou’s gayness – the Big Gay Moment at the end with Stanley could’ve easily flown under the radar for kids AND adults. It could’ve been seen as just a funny, charming moment.

And let’s face it – we’ve been saying Lefou was gay for decades anyway.

Am I the only one who thinks this?

How can people even complain and compare disney movies? Like Frozen is about how love between siblings can be stronger than romantic love. Big Hero 6 is about how depression can seriously affect people and how friends can help you heal. Tangled is about abusive parents. Brave is about how you are in control of your fate no matter what people tell you. Lilo and Stich is about how the family is all the people you love and you should always look out for them. Mulan is about no matter who you are and what people tell you, you make your own path in life and can be as strong as anyone else.

They may all be by the same company but all these movies have different amazing messages so stop pitting them against each other and enjoy the beauty in them

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