frozen graphics


Disney Fancast (1/?)

Cinderella ↦ Tove Agren

Prince Charming ↦ Benjamin Benedek

Mulan ↦ Zhu Zhu

Li Shang ↦ Ross Butler

Belle ↦ Sasha Kichingina

Prince Adam ↦ Timothee Bertoni

Anna ↦ Stacey Sexton

Kristoff ↦ Garret Hedlund

Snow White ↦ Adelaine Kane

Prince Florian ↦ Brandon Logie

C.R.O.W.N. - Continental Reconnaissance Operations to Ward Neutrality
a disney princess modern spy au - written by Brenna, graphics by Drew

Agent_C.A. 1119-13
Codename: AGAPE
Status: ACTIVE

Name: Anna Arendahl.
Birthplace: Oslo, Norway.
Occupation: Civilian.
Division: Non-C.R.O.W.N. personnel.
Specialism: geographical navigation; ice skating; rock climbing; snocross rider.
Additional Knowledge: bilingual (English and Norwegian); university degree in mass communications.
Medical Records: Agent AGAPE is recovering from hypothermia following failure to retrieve Agent ICE (see file: Operation SNOWSTORM).
●  Arendahl, Agnarr; father - DECEASED.
●  Arendahl, Elsa; sister - MISSING. (see file: Agent ICE)
●  Arendahl, Iduna; mother - DECEASED.

Anna Arendahl always had a troubling relationship with her oldest sister, and following their parents’ deaths they became increasingly distant. Tensions deepened when Elsa suddenly disappeared and C.R.O.W.N. agents appeared on Anna’s doorstep, claiming her sister was a traitor to the agency. Now that the proverbial door on Elsa’s world has been blown wide open, Anna is determined to find her and clear her name, hoping against hope that things can be made right.

-Horizon Zero Dawn-

4 Color Pixel-Art tribute to one of the greatest games of 2017. The Frozen Wilds expansion is out now and it feels so good to be back in there hunting machines and exploring. 

This is part of my ongoing series of game and anime PixelArt called PixelFrames. See the rest HERE.

You can now also get prints HERE.

At least she warned me this time, normally she just screams “HELP!!!” at the top of her lungs and her mother and I both come running with the fear of God in us.

Also, I tried to explain “Irony” to her but in the end I just accepted that the fact that Elsa now seems to be a bit of a pyromaniac. Well, at least “Harper’s Elsa” does.

olaf’s frozen adventure tumblr headers

i made a lot of headers of olaf, anna and elsa from olaf’s frozen adventure, and i decided to share some.

like/reblog if use or save, please. hope you like them (don’t delete my user from the image please)

i also have the second one but with sven and kristoff if you want it instead


6 free to use Queen Elsa icons.

Credits are appreciated but not required!
I didn’t put any credit on them, unlike usually,
knowing some people don’t like that on their icons.

#whereisfinn - October 6 Twitter event

Due to the obvious lack of Finn in both merchandise as well as promotion of “The Last Jedi” so far, @stormscavenger and I planned an action to make LucasFilm, Disney and Hasbro aware of our dissatisfaction about the current situation.

The goal is to tweet the hashtag #whereisfinn to @starwars @disney and @hasbro on Twitter tomorrow, October 6.

Feel free to add messages voicing your opinion about the lack of Finn. (We ask you to remain polite though, no insults - because such messages would be ignore by them anyway)

Here is a picture with evidence that you can tweet to them as well:

With the trailer for “The Last Jedi” being released on October 9 this is a good chance to remind them how much WE care about Finn, and how much WE notice the lack of Finn in merchandise and promotion so far!

Please reblog this post as often as possible and share news about the action on twitter. The more people take part, the better!

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