frozen genderswap

For The First Time In Forever (Reprise) (Male Version)

So….I’ve seen a post somewhere on tumblr that they did a gender bend for Anna and Elsa and changed them to Andrew and Eric? And so I wanted to do a cover of this song as Andrew and Eric singing LOL….

***the song belongs to Disney***

****the instrumental track I used was from ‘Shiva’s Instrumental’ on YouTube : ****

-Wishing the Impossible-

I ship helsa so.. much
Like real hard

Especially when they’re genderswap

They’re just both so regal and cold and lonely

Oh yea, the background
It is a room in Versailles Grandeur, and the lighting just fits the ‘gloomy mood’ and the sketch
I love how it turned out though..

I found it on google so…. yeah