frozen freckles


Being hot never bothered him/her/them anyway.

As promised, I updated Sailor Scorpio! It’s a long post, but it explains in detail what happened to LoS!Milo. :“)

Do you wanna paint a blank wall?
You can even paint my back.
I never see you anymore
Come out the door
It’s like you’ve gone away

I know it must be lonely
Alone in your room
So please, will you let me in?

Do you wanna paint a blank wall?
I’ll even buy some new paints.

((Rapunzel finds out that Hans married her just so he could be next in line for the throne. She’s upset that he lied to her from the start, despite Hans trying to reassure her that he does love her now. She refuses to see him and often closes herself in her room when he tries to talk to her. A little headcanon letdxwnyourhair and I talked about ;D I had to quickly sketch it!))


For my friend Rebecca ( prince-hans-pants ) : you know i am in love with this song and your idea of having Hans in his admiral outfit singing along with the sailors this song was absolutely perfect. Also, dedicated to bookishdruid who actually created the nickname Admiral Freckles, which is my weakness.

(digital repainting over “The little mermaid” original screencaps)