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Kisses, Ice Cream, and Admissions.

Summary: You and your husband skip out on an Oscars week party to go loiter in a grocery store. At the end of the night, you reveal some news you’ve been keeping for a while. 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

A/N: I started this like five hours ago and I finished it really quickly. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but I just today thought of tying it into Oscars week festivities. 

ALSO, I did want to post something today because I wanted to tide you guys over. I said previously I was going to take part in the @hamwriters Write-a-thon, but I just found out that the week for the celebration is going to be filled with some exams, prior commitments, and traveling and I will no longer be able to participate. So, for the next two weeks, this will probably be the last fic I post. I thank you all for reading this and reading ANY of my fics - you’re all greatly appreciated. I’m terribly sorry about the write-a-thon. (I would queue up my fics, but they aren’t even written yet (yes, I procrastinate) so I just can’t participate at all.)

Words: 2,954 

Warnings: Mild cursing, mild make-out scene, and general lack of knowledge about Oscars stuff or if there even are Oscars week parties(??)

So, without further ado, enjoy this fic! 

You felt like you were watching your life out of someone’s else eyes. You raised your eyes above the crowd that surrounded you and connected eyes with your husband. He caught your look at the same time and stopped mid-sentence to smile at you. The sight of his grin warmed your body, reminding you of the way you felt as a child in the summertime sun when it touched every inch of your being and made your soul giggle with giddiness. You vacantly returned to the complacent conversation taking place right in front of you, nodding at the right moments and laughing politely at the rest. It was another story in another place, part of your husband’s Oscars week parties. You’d happily agreed to accompany him on all of his trips, as you wanted to show him off just as much as he wanted to show you off.

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That Oversized Sweater (Klance Sickfic)

For: @403secret (because she liked this one too and a little bird told me she liked sneezing fics)


Getting groceries were harder than Keith made it out to be. He didn’t mention that a little bit of math was needed.

Lance looked at the two bags of apples with narrowed eyes, noting how one of them was more expensive than the other. Honestly what were pink lady apples? And what was so special about them anyway? And what was the deal with calling apples pink ladies? Until today, he’d only seen apples as either green and red, pink nowhere in the mix.

Out of curiosity, he dropped a bag of them in the cart and wandered past the vegetable and fruit aisle into the frozen food section. He shuddered at the dead-eyed fish looking at him and escaped to the washing detergent section. After (completely illegally) unscrewing dozens of bottles, he found a satisfactory scent and sighed in relief as he made his way to the check out.

Keith was so very dead, but Lance was not prepared for what greeted him back at the apartment.

After loading and unloading like a madman, Lance felt like he’d just run a marathon and treated himself to an ice cream. After eating the ice-cream (and unashamedly licking the last bits left in the tub), he felt generous and bought one for his Keith. He really was far too nice for his own good. What a good Samaritan he was.


Lance almost dropped the bags as he stood in the doorway. It took a split-second for him to grip them again, sparing himself another disaster. It had been kind of cold outside and and his skin was tingling.

His gaze was directed at Keith, but more importantly, was directed at what Keith was wearing. You see, about a month ago Lance had seen this grey jumper in a sale and had loved it so much that he’d bought it right then and there, only to find out it was far too big. (The fact that he’d binned the tag and the receipt was irrelevant.) At the time, Keith had commented on how much he’d hated it and it had been stuffed in the back of his closet.

It wasn’t in the closet anymore because Keith was wearing it now. It was even big on him, swamping his lithe form and covering his hands. It reached his knees and he looked so small and vulnerable and Lance just stood there, sure his brain was short-circuiting. Keith looked downright adorable.

“Lance?” Keith didn’t sound right and upon closer inspection, Lance saw the red nose and glassy stare of a sick person. “Where were you?” He sounded confused and if Lance wasn’t worried before, he was worried now.

Dropping the bags on the floor gently, he walked over and placed a hand on his forehead, brushing aside damp hair to check his temperature. He did feel a little warm and judging by Keith’s lack of protests, a bit out of it. Keith coughed weakly and Lance winced at the grating noise it made in his ears.

“Come on, Keith, let’s get you to bed.” He gently led him towards the bedroom, a muddled Keith in tow and soon had him on the bed, sweater like a blanket, draped over him. His cheeks were bright red, contrasting starkly against his pale sin and his lips were dry. “Let’s get that sweater off, hmm? It’s too warm,” he said as he tried to gently pull it off.

Much to his surprise, Keith shook his head furiously. “Smells like you, it’s not so bad.” At that he scrunched his eyes and sneezed, tears springing into his eyes and looked utterly pathetic, close to crying. “Don’t make me take it off.” He uttered hoarsely.

“Okay, we’ll leave it on.” Keith looked so reassured and smiled, looking pleased.

Lance was everything, but he was not heartless. So he left Keith be, reassuring him that he’d return with something to help his throat. A few squeezed lemons and spoonfuls of honey later, Lance returned bearing water, a steaming cup of you’ll-drink-it-no-matter-what-it-tastes-like and medicine. Keith took them all meekly, much to Lance’s surprise and concern.

Crawling in beside him, he cradled the boy in his arms, Keith’s face buried in his chest. He ran his fingers through his hair, eyes staring at the wall in front of him. Keith coughed, harsh barks that hurt Lance to the core, and he soothed him, patting his back softly. Every now and then, he sneezed, little squeaks that made him smile a little.

Then, almost out of nowhere, he heard sobs emitting from Keith. Looking at Keith again, he could see that his nose was running and that a mixture of snot and tears were trailing pathetically down his face, eyes red and cheeks stained. He tried to wipe them away, but Lance was quicker and gently wiped them with his sleeve, being sure not to wipe to hard.

“Oh, Keith.” He lamented, taking in the sick boy in front if him.

“’M sorry.” Keith whimpered. “I didn’t mean to get sick.” He wiped a long sleeve across his cheek.

“Of course you didn’t. Now, lie down and see if we can get you to sleep and we’ll see how you feel tomorrow, all right?” He cupped is jaw softly and Keith nodded tiredly.

Then, Lance remembered. He had bought Keith ice cream! Hastily assuring Keith, he dashed and ransacked through the bags, pleased to find that the ice cream wasn’t complete soup. Grabbing a spoon, he returned with the spoils.

Keith reached for it, but Lance whacked his hand away playfully. “Nope. I’m feeding you.” Keith had enough of his wits about him to blush.

So he fed Keith, carefully spooning them in, wiping his lips where some had smeared, laughing at the way Keith scrunched his nose at his cheesy behaviour. A sick Keith was a cute Keith, and he was going to savour it.

They lay back down again after the ice cream carton was discarded and Lance hummed quietly, alternating between patting his back and combing his hair gently.

Keith was tucked comfortably beneath his chin, a hand gripping his shirt for dear life. He felt so soft, the sweater evening out all the sharp angles and felt so small in his arms like this. Lance caressed the soft folds and chuckled when Keith approved with a low hum.

They fell asleep like that.


“Lance? Why the hell did you buy the apples with the pink insides?”

So that’s what pink lady apples were.

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So glad the ask box is open again ^_^ Could you do HCs of the Chocobros grocery shopping with their s/o? Like I can totally see Gladio getting items from high shelves and Noct admiring the booty when your digging through freezer bins lol. Maybe a little nsfw action when they get home. ;) Thanks! <3

Aww, this is so cute!


- Tries to steer the cart away from the produce section. That’s where the veggies are

- Will pile half of the cart full of junk food. You’re pretty sure he’s got every chip flavor imaginable in there.

- Will reluctantly go back to the produce section if you whine. He’s fine with fruit, but the second he sees you pick up a broccoli crown, he’s got a disgusted look on his face.

- The bulk section is his favorite if they’ve got candy.

- “I can get two pounds of gummy bears?”

- “Noct, you don’t need that many gummy bears –“

- “…But they’re on sale. And there’s gummy worms.”

- “Sold.”

- Will try to pay for everything at checkout. He’s a prince, he’s got money. …Also you tolerated him whining over candy and veggies at the store.


- Shops on a budget. Has coupons!

- Will try to talk you into hopping into the cart while he pushes it around. He thinks it’d be hilarious and he wants pictures. He also wants to ride in the cart once too.

- Beelines for the produce section first. He likes junk food, but he prioritizes healthy stuff first. – He’ll try to get you to try healthier stuff too if you’re not a fan of it.

- Pineapples. Expect a lot of eyebrow waggling at you when he puts them in the cart. ;)

- Will toss into the cart something he’s never tried before if it catches his eye. He’ll text Ignis about it before he buys it since Iggy probably has a better idea of whatever the new thing is, and whether or not Prompto will like it.


- Gets the spiciest hot sauce he can find.

- “We gotta get the orange-scented soap. IT’S MY FAVORITE”

- When the two of you get home, he’ll try to carry every grocery bag in one trip. Has like ten bags on each arm and it’s hilarious.


- Has two shopping lists. One for his place, one for Noctis to make sure the boy eats on things other than junk food.

- Can eyeball the weight of things sold by weight pretty well. He’s slightly off every time, but he’s pretty damn close.

- When you’re shopping with him, he’ll adhere to his lists, but he’ll let you pick random things off the shelves if you want to.

- Too short to reach something? He’ll get it for you, smiling all the way. He’s thinking about calling you short, but he bites his tongue when he sees you blushing.

- EBONY. A quarter of the cart has Ebony in it. There’s also a mountain of cleaning supplies.

-  Will probably spend a lot of time in front of the frozen food section debating on what ice cream he wants.

- Sneak some chocolate and/or strawberry ice cream into the cart. He loves those.

- If the grocery store has a floral section, don’t be surprised if you notice him sneak a bouquet of flowers in with your items at checkout.

- Buys candles and incense to help him relax in the tub if it’s been a particularly stressful day.


- LIGHTER FLUID. STEAK. PROTEIN POWDER. At the top of every list. He’s gotta grill, gotta have steak, gotta have protein powder. No questions asked.

- The employees at the store know him as the Cup Noodle Guy. They’ve got a case for him when he’s run out. It’s in the back, he’s just gotta find the manager to get it for him.

- Thinks it’s hysterical when you try to jump up and reach something off a high shelf. He’ll eventually step in to help after watching you struggle a little bit.

- Finds the book/magazine section and piles up on anything that has an eye-catching title or book cover. Will buy erotic novels. Several of them.

- “What are those for, Gladdy?”

- “Dramatic reading night when the guys and I are camping.”

- Playfully argues with you over what flavor of chips is better, then settle for pretzels. The chocolate covered ones. They’re his favorite.

- Thinks it’s cute when you take over the shopping cart and make him follow you around instead of the reverse. He mostly does this so he can check out your backside. ;)

- Like Prompto, he’ll try to get every single grocery bag on his arms and carry them all into the house at once. He hates making multiple trips.

TianShan Shopping (Scene 10)

He Tian: *sees Mo standing near the frozen foods section*

He Tian: You shouldn’t stay around here for too long, you know

Mo Guan Shan: What?

He Tian: Because you’re so hot you’ll melt all the food in this aisle ;)

Mo Guan Shan: *sigh*

TianShan Shopping:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

The accidental Husband

Part 5. Fires and Cure-all Stews (Final Part)

Previous Parts

Fireman!Dean x Reader

A/N: This is an AU inspired by the namesake movie. It doesn’t follow the same storyline, just the main concept. 

A/N2: For those of you who read Fate, yes, the vintage clock in this fic is the same one. *wink*

Summary: Dean gets dumped and apparently it’s all your fault. That’s why he and Charlie decide that a little payback is not gonna hurt and, if it does, well… then it’s just karma.

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @anokhi07 @driverpicksthemuusic @mysoul4dean @bitch-i-am-a-dean-girl @thing-you-do-with-that-thing@ amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498  @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @castiels-tardis-sound @squirrellover1967 @barneybrigade @emilypkuzu @aiaranradnay @tatortot2701 @electricbluecas @destinyhuntergirlfriend @samdean-67 @soivebuiltupaworldofmagic @keepcalmandbeajunkie @deanandsamsbitch @vanessa-monique @sharkeeshark @asgardianvamp21 @a-closet-full-of-skeletons  @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday  @deansbaekaz2y5 @aquabrie @moonstar86 @antiyouantimirrowantime  @keep-calm-and-omfg-jensen-ackles @smoothdogsgirl @lavieenlex @faithfulpanicmoon @lumiereaimante @awesomecocobambiworld @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @paigeee1023  

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Had a bizarre day. I went looking for veggie burgers at the grocery store and couldn’t find them after having searched the burger sales display and the meat section and the frozen food section. So I asked an employee. That went like this:

Me: I’m looking for veggie burgers. Could you help me find them?

Her: *gestures vaguely toward the burger sales display*

Me: Oh, I’ve already looked there and there aren’t any veggie burgers.

Her: Is veggie a brand?

At this point, I’m starting to think maybe she doesn’t know what veggie burgers are. She thinks they’re just regular, beef burgers or something?

Me: No, they’re just burgers made without meat

Her: Without meat? Oh, you won’t find those in the meat section

She turns to leave after saying this, as if the initial query has been addressed in a satisfactory way. Yet I remain veggie burger-less. 

Me: That’s right; I’m just wondering if you know where they might be?

Her: Okay, let’s ask the butcher

She walks me over to the butcher and asks him where the veggie burgers are. I could have done this myself. The butcher assures me that they’re in aisle 7, and she leaves. I check aisle 7. It is full of meat burgers. There are many, many options – four different kinds with cheese in them, beef-pork mix, chicken and turkey. You name it, they have it. But none without meat.

I give in to my exasperation and break for lunch. The store has a wide selection of bento boxes, one of which fills me up so I can go back to my quest of finding meatless patties for grilling. This time, I decide to ask someone at the cash:

Me: Excuse me, do you know where I’ll find veggie burgers?

Her: You know, I don’t. Let me ask the service desk.

Again, something I could have done myself. However, I appreciate this new employee’s conciseness relative to the last one who attempted to help me. We approach the service desk and the cashier relays the query to the woman working there. Without missing a beat, she picks up her intercom phone and says for all to hear “MEAT DEPARTMENT TO SERVICE. MEAT DEPARTMENT TO SERVICE FOR ASSISTANCE”. I can’t keep it in now

Me: NO! No, not the meat department. I’ve been there already. I’ve spoken to three people now, how do none of you not know where or what the veggie burgers are? Is this bizarro world!?

The service lady looks at me, then her cashier counterpart, then back to me. It certainly feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone. 

Service lady: Okay, sir, let’s go find the veggie burgers

She leads me straight to aisle 7. 

Me: The veggie burgers are not here. 

Her: They’re usually here

Me: I believe that, but there are none here. I’ve checked.

Her: Let me just double check.

Sure enough, my eyesight has not betrayed me and there are no veggie burgers among the plethora of burgers in aisle 7. We go back to the service desk and she pulls something up on her computer.

Her: Oh, we don’t have veggie burgers right now. The next shipment is tomorrow.

Me, outwardly: Thank you so much for checking that for me. Have a great day.

Me, inwardly: 

Originally posted by mangabean

The store down the street had veggie burgers.

Curious isn’t care.  a poem by Ryan Lowrie

Grocery shopping with a limp from a torn thing that was treated as far as it could go

I’m standing in front of the glass doors of the frozen food section.  

Pondering between types of frozen french fries.

  above and beyond the soft jazz musak pop rock that flutters down from the dusty bunnied ceiling I hear a grown woman whimper.

Over my shoulder I spot a woman blowing her nose.  She looks like a supervisor I used to have in shameless laborious wage chasing adulthood.  Using a tissue covered thumb to clean out the unpleasantness from her proboscis, she spots me gandering over my shoulder at her and split second polite smiles before registering that I was another wage chimp beneath her iron fist.

Long time no see, sighed in defeat.  How have you been?

I shrug and ask her what she’s crying about.  She asks me why do I care about what she cares and I tell her that I don’t care but I’m curious.

She was picking out a frozen cake to take to her mom’s for her mother’s birthday next week because she didn’t have time to cook a cake.  She could cook a cake in a week.  It’s not a question of time.  It’s a question of wanting to and she doesn’t want to and that makes her feel guilty because it’s her mom and she should care more about her mother but she doesn’t and that makes her feel bad that she didn’t become a better person to her mother.  She just realized that she didn’t become the person her mother wanted her to be.

We stood quiet in the frozen food section for a few minutes nodding and then I asked if her mother had become the woman she wanted her to be as a kid.  What does that have to do with anything?  Everything.  

You feel you didn’t become the person your parents wanted you to be.  They probably didn’t become who you wanted them to be either.

Chances of them becoming the older person you wanted them to be are just as slim because you’re not them and they’re not you and eventually you’re going to have to do your own thing and sever the parents’ leash.  The sooner the better.  If your mother doesn’t want to eat crow then let her eat cake. 

Can’t let go

Character: Casifer x Reader

Summary: Lucifer needs to give in to Castiel’s feelings for you

Words: 3.8k

Warnings: Smut, angst

“Cas“ You breathed out, not more than a whimper with the lump closing up your throat.

You noticed the brother’s pitying glances in your direction, but you were used to this already. As well as the eye-rolling Cas gave you, not your Cas, of cause, it was Lucifer sending you that rather annoyed look. It used to be a string of hurtful accusations, imitations and mockings to dig deeper and deeper inside your mind, to finally make you let go of the idea of him still being there, but you never let him manipulate you, never gave up on him because it was still Cas after all.

“She’ll never get it, will she?“ Lucifer scoffed towards Sam and you watched his jaw clenching, suppressing any comments on this because he’d given up trying. They’ve been the ones to stop trying, to convince you that Cas wasn’t there anymore. And you’ve simply ignored it, every single time.

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suburban gothic
  • You’ve been in line for a drive thru Starbucks for 8 hours. You have been fourth in line the whole. More cars keep coming, but they all look they same. A minivan drives away from the pick up window. You are still fourth in line. 
  • The street is full of golden retrievers. All stare into the sky and howl at the moon in unison. 
  • Somewhere in the distance, a lawn mower growls loudly. There is always a lawn mower working somewhere, but you have never seen any of your neighbors mowing their lawns. The grass is emerald green and uniform. 
  • Your cart is almost full. You stop for free samples in the frozen food section. The eyes of the Green Giant boxes follow you as you leave the aisle. 
  • Children play with chalk in the driveway. They have written the words EMPTY BOXES ARE PUT IN THE RECYCLING over and over again. The stick figures drawn around them are not smiling.  
  • Bicycles litter the street. No one seems to put them there, and you have never seen anyone bicycling. None of your neighbors acknowledge them.
  • You are at a barbecue. Is it Helen’s annual grilling party or Sue’s? You aren’t sure. You raise your glass and toast the host. 
Purple Plastic Spoon

WC: 710

Genre: Fluff

TW: Nada

Inspired by a cute conversation I heard between a father and son at the grocery store earlier.



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ahh this is cute!! how about how the rfa (+saeran) would propose to mc if you don't mind?

[these got long so i didn’t do all the rfa members. Let me know if you want someone specific!]

Zen: He invites you to see the premier of his newest play, but when you arrive the theater is empty. You’re confused and a little scared at the sight. Did you get the wrong time? Wrong theater? Did you miss the play? 

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  • Saitama: There are two kinds of angry people in this world: explosive and implosive. Explosive is the kind of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking their coupons. Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and finally shoots everyone in the store. You’re the cashier.
  • Mumen: No, no, no. I’m the guy hiding in the frozen food section dialing 911. I swear.
Take A Break [Hamilton x Reader]

Length: 1169 words

Genre: Fluff [No angst this time!]

AU: Modern Time

TW: None

A/N: This is like my shortest fic- I’m so sorry. If you want a part 2, just let me know!! Alexander telling someone to take break?? NO ME DIGA! I also have this head cannon that Alexander really likes to play Angry Birds bc he just relates to it SO MUCH. The eyebrows, the anger, AND SO SMOL. Also, the schedule Y/N talks about is my schedule this week /cries

“Y/N?” you heard your friend, Alexander, knocking on your door.   

“Come in!” you shouted from your desk, typing away at your essay.   

“Where have you been?” he asked upon entering the room. He jumped on your bed, still in his PJs, and making himself comfortable.   

You rolled your eyes. “A little busy here, Alex.“ 

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Soulless Mate Part 8

Summary: Sam and the reader were a happy couple until Sam lost his soul. Now the reader can’t stand to be around him, which Soulless!Sam doesn’t seem to mind until he starts having these ‘feelings’ that go beyond attraction. 

Word Count: 2,826

Warnings: Quick smut.

A/N: I hope this chapter is okay. It’s kind of a filler, I think.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 

You sigh to yourself as you circle the last ‘Help Wanted’ ad on the current newspaper page with a red sharpie. It’s for the supermarket about twenty minutes away from the house. They’re looking for a cashier.

“I could be a cashier.” You tell yourself as you sit cross legged on your bed. “I have decent math and social skills, right?” You ask yourself, nervously biting the end of the marker. “I can try it. There’s no harm in trying.” You nod, still trying to get used to the thought. “This is for the kid.” You remind yourself before grabbing the newspaper and climbing off the bed, ready to tell everyone your idea about finally getting a job.

“Morning, mama.” Dean greets you with a smile as you walk into the kitchen, where he and Sam are having coffee.

You playfully roll your eyes at your new nickname. “Morning, Dean. And Sam.” You quickly add and nod at the younger brother, who returns the gesture before he resumes to drink out of his mug.

“You hungry? I could whip up some eggs. Maybe some sausage…” Dean offers.

You grimace at the thought of food. “Not right now. I was nauseous earlier and just thinking about eating is making me want to barf. But thanks.” You smile graciously.

“Not a problem.” You watch as his green eyes trail down to the reading material in your hands. “What’s with the newspaper?” He asks with a weird look. “You do know you could just get the news from the Internet, right?”

“Ha ha. Very funny, Dean. I was looking for a job in the neighborhood.” You inform him and Sam.

“A job?” Dean raises an eyebrow as he shoots a glance at Sam, who shrugs in response. His eyes find their way back to you. “Why are you looking for a job?”

“For the baby…I have to buy a ton of stuff-”

“We. We have to buy stuff for the baby. This is a team effort. We’ll give you the money you need. You don’t have to worry about that.” He waves you off.

“How? We don’t get paid, Dean. Besides, it’ll only be part-time.”

“You’re pregnant, Y/N.” Dean tells you, as if you didn’t already know.

“I’m only in my first trimester, Dean.” You remind him.

“Wait, aren’t you three months?” Dean asks, confused.

He obviously needs some clarification. “The first trimester is the first three months.”


“I’m three months which means I’m reaching the end of my first trimester but that’s not the point. The point is, being pregnant doesn’t make me incapable of working.” You explain. “Lots of women work during their pregnancy. Some will even work up until they’re in labor. And what else am I supposed to do? I stopped hunting the moment I found out I was pregnant. I’ve only been doing research this entire time. I’m going to go crazy if I have to stay in this house for my entire pregnancy.”

Dean turns to Sam. “What do you think?”

“I think she’s going to do what she wants regardless of what you or I tell her, Dean.” Sam tells him with a hint of a chuckle.

“Exactly.” You agree as Dean turns his attention back to you. “I just wanted to tell you because I didn’t want you to get worried if, at times, you come home and I’m not here.”

He relents. “Okay, fine.”

“Cool. I’m gonna go and start asking around.”

You’re about to walk out of the kitchen when Dean stops you. “Wait. Would you mind getting groceries while you’re out?”

“Sure. Give me the list and I’ll get them.”

“There’s a lot on the list so Sam will go with you.”

The comment makes Sam put his coffee down. “What?”

“She’s not going to be able to carry it all by herself, Sam.

“And why can’t you go?” Sam asks.

“I think you two should bond some more.” Dean says simply.

You step in. “Yeah, I don’t think that’s really necessary.”

“You guys barely talk to each other.” Dean points out.

“So?” Sam asks.

“Don’t you two think you should put all of your crap aside, y'know, for the kid?” Dean turns to Sam. “Sam, I know you’re not exactly thrilled about becoming a dad but it’s happening, soulless or not. Y/N needs more than your protection. She needs your support. So you better get it together.” Dean finishes and you kind of want to hug him.

Sam rolls his eyes. “Fine, I’ll go.”

“Don’t look so excited, Sam.” You remark.

“I’ll try not to.” Sam responds, giving you a sarcastic smile.

Now it’s your turn to roll your eyes. “Can I have the list, Dean?”

“Sure thing, kiddo.”

After getting the list and grabbing your jacket, you leave with Sam in his car. The drive to the supermarket is pretty much silent. Sam has nothing to say to you and you have nothing to say to Sam. It’s true, what Dean said. You and Sam haven’t really talked since Crowley decided to hold you hostage. What are you and Sam supposed to talk about anyway? Your pregnancy? You know he could not care less about your pregnancy. He doesn’t even want the kid for God’s sake. According to him, his only job is to protect and provide. Nothing less and nothing more.

It only takes you and Sam about twenty minutes, give or take, to get to the supermarket. The supermarket’s a little bigger than you thought it would be. There are about 12 or 13 aisles in total. By the amount of the people in here, you guess this is the only supermarket around for miles.

“You want to split up, save some time?” You ask, looking up at Sam.

“Sure. What is it you want me to get?”

You pull the list out of your pocket, carefully tear it half and hand it to Sam. Sam quickly looks over the list and nods.

“Cool?” You ask.

“Yep. Call me if you need anything.” Sam tells you before he basically runs away.

“Sure.” You mutter as you walk the opposite of Sam’s direction. As you walk, you start to read the list. The very first item on the list is pie. It’s written in capital letters with several exclamations following it. You chuckle to yourself and head over to the frozen food section, where they have ice cream and frozen pastries. After a couple of minutes, you find a stack of frozen pies. Most of them are Apple, which is perfect. Now that you’ve found the pie, you’re able to focus on everything else on the list. You start by getting the meat and spices. Next are the vegetables and the fruit, along with cases of beer. Following that is the bread, coffee, and some junk food. After ten minutes you’re almost though the entire list, with the items tucked safely in a shopping cart you picked up along the way. Feeling constricted by your jacket, you take it off and stuff in it the cart. You’re strolling through the toiletry aisle, looking at the paper towels to your right when you hear your name. You take your eyes off the Bounty and look forward where you see no other than Brady, your former college classmate.

You break out into a smile. “Brady!”

Brady seems just as excited as you are and momentarily leaves his cart to greet you. He happily walks over to you and you engulf him in your arms, hugging him tight.

“Hey, stranger.” Brady say as you two pull away from each other. “How’ve you been?”

“Good! I’ve been good.” You respond, nodding. “And you?”

“Same. We gotta stop meeting like this.” Brady jokes.

“I agree. People will think we’re in cahoots.” You say with a chuckle.

“I wouldn’t mind.” Brady shrugs with a smile. “But I bet your boyfriend would.”

“Just a little.” You say, making a gesture with your thumb and your trigger finger.

“How is he, by the way?”

“Sam? He’s good. So what are you doing here?” You ask, changing the subject. You don’t mention Sam’s in the market because then Brady’s going to expect for you to introduce them both. You remember Sam’s reaction the night you went out for drinks with Brady. Yeah, not a good idea for them to meet.

“I’m just buying some chips and beer.” He lifts up his basket to show you. “I’m having a guy’s night at my place.”

“Are you guys watching a game? I mean, I just ask because when guys get together and drink and eat junk food, it’s usually to watch a sport.”

Brady smiles. “You’re right on the money. There’s a football game on tonight.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“It is.” He nods. “Hey, we should have another night out at the bar.”

“I would but I can’t. At least not for another six months.” You reply.

Brady frowns, not understanding. “Why?”

“Um, well, I’m pregnant.” You reveal with some hesitation. You know Brady has a small crush on you.

Brady’s eyes widen. “Oh?”

You nod, confirming it. Yeah.“

"Wow,” He runs a hand through his hair. “You’re pregnant! That’s Amazing.” He nods to himself. “Just amazing…How far along are you?”

“She’s almost four months.” You feel a hand go around your waist and you look up to see your soulless ‘boyfriend’. “Hi, I’m Sam.” He holds out his hand for Brady to take.

“Brady.” Brady responds as he accepts the gesture and shakes Sam’s hand. “Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Sam nods, a small smile on his face even though his eyes tell a different story. “I wish I could say the same.” His passive-aggressive comment does not go unnoticed by Brady or by you.

You step in before Sam or Brady can say anything else. “Brady, uh, went to college with me.”

Sam keeps his eyes on Brady. “Nice.” Is all he says.

It’s obvious Sam is making Brady uncomfortable but it seems he’s trying his best not to make it any more awkward. “Yeah. Congrats on the baby, man.”

“Thanks. We’re very excited.” Sam responds as he gives your waist a gentle squeeze.

“I bet.” Brady nods and checks his watch. “So, uh, I should be really going now but it was a pleasure to meet you, Sam. Y/N, it was nice seeing you.”

You force a smile while Sam waves as Brady walks off. Your smile quickly fades as you’re stepping away from Sam, his grip on your waist slipping away. “What the hell was that?”

“What?” Sam asks simply.

“The display of the dominance. Your hand around my waist while you stared him down.” You answer, exasperated.

He shrugs. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really? So you wouldn’t mind if I tracked him down and talked to him?” You ask as you put your hands on your hips.

“You’re mine, Y/N.” Sam says, his tone low and serious.

“I’m not a freaking object, Sam.” You say, your tone now matching his. “And Brady’s my friend! You can’t just treat him that way.”

“I know you’re not.” He answers, ignoring the latter part of your response.

“No, I don’t think you do. You can’t just act like you don’t care about me and then try to stake your claim on me when I’m around another man. Especially if that man is my friend.” You explain. “It’s disrespectful. It’s also hurtful. You might not have feelings but other people do. I do. Be mindful of them.” You say as you grip the handle on your cart. You don’t give Sam the chance to reply. You don’t really want to hear what he has to say anyway. “Let’s just get this done with. I still have to talk to the manager about the job.” You tell him before you start to push the cart forward.

After getting the rest of the items on the list and giving in your resume to the manager, you leave the market. As Sam helps you put grocery bags in the trunk, he starts to speak. “You’re not a possession. I know that. You’re your own person and you know how to take care of yourself. I admire that.”

You look up, meeting his gaze, thinking about his words. “Then you know that I don’t need you to act all alpha male when there’s no reason to be.”

Sam sighs as he grips the top of the trunk. “I know.” He says, nodding to himself. “It’s just something that’s difficult to control. It’s my-”

“Instinct.” You finish for him. “I know.”

“I know you don’t appreciate when I say you’re mine-”

“I only told you one out of the two reasons I don’t appreciate it.” You admit to Sam.

“What’s the other?” Sam asks, curiosity in his light eyes.

“The other reason is that…With the exception of marriage, I couldn’t be any more yours if I tried. Even soulless, I’m madly in love with you. I’m having your child for crying out loud. Not Brady’s, not any other man’s, yours.” You say as your finger pokes his chest, driving your point home. “Whether you like it or not, I’m tied to you. I’m yours. Forever.”

The next thing Sam does takes you by complete surprise. He kisses you. And it’s not just any kiss. This kiss is hungry and desperate. It tells you that he wants to devour you here and now. You hear the trunk slam shut before Sam pulls you in closer, one hand caressing your ass while the other’s gripping the back of your neck. You moan into Sam’s mouth when the hand caressing your ass makes its way to the front of your jeans, unbuckling them before it slips into the denim, cupping your mound through your cotton underwear. He rubs just the right way and sends waves of pleasure through you. You enjoy the feeling for a few seconds before remembering you’re in the middle of a parking lot. Your lips leave Sam’s.

“Sam,” You pant. “W-We’re in public.”

“Relax, there’s no one around.” He reassures you as he nibbles on your ear. “If you’re really worried, why don’t you get in the backseat of the car and let me take care of you?” You look up into his eyes, now darkened by lust. Usually you would oppose doing things like this, especially in broad daylight, but your raging hormones coupled with what Sam’s doing with his hand, makes you lose all judgement. You nod your head. Sam smirks at you, obviously pleased, and sneaks his hand out of your pants.

The next couple of minutes are a blur as you two quickly get into the backseat of the car, both of you pulling your pants down in a haste to get a release. You bite back a moan as Sam enters you, your inner walls expanding to accommodate his intimidating size. You grip the leather seats as Sam begins to thrust into you, the force of it  making his hips crash into yours. The ache from the collisions gives you a thrilling mix of pain and pleasure, increasing your already heightened state of mind.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you.” Sam mutters into your skin before he presses his needing lips to your panting lips. You open your mouth when Sam’s tongue begs for entrance, snaking its way in before it meets with yours. No more is said as Sam continues to move inside you, never slowing down until both of you climax, finally getting what you craved. You both lay there, breathing heavily and reveling in post-coital bliss. After about a minute of catching his breath, Sam lifts his head and gives you a lazy smile.

“What?” You ask, not being to help smiling along with him.

“Regret that?” He asks with a raise of an eyebrow.

“You’re such a dick!” You laugh as you playfully shove him.

“I know.” He replies with a cocky smile.

You take in his smile, though cocky, is a wonderful sight. You really do love him. And, in his own weird way, he cares for you. You start thinking about the appointment you have tomorrow. Maybe he’ll come. “Sam?”


“So I have this appointment tomorrow. It’s a regular checkup thing but I think I’ll be able to find out the sex of the baby. Do you, maybe, wanna go?”

“Is it necessary for me to go?”

“No,” You sigh. “But it would mean a lot to me if you were there.” You pause. “Never mind, I can always ask Charlie or Brady-”

“No. I’m coming.” He says firmly.

You knew once you mentioned Brady you would get him. “Really?”

Sam nods. “You’re mine. Both of you.” He reminds you as he slips a hand under your shirt and palms your small bump. There’s no dominance in his tone this time. Just protectiveness.

“Yours, Sam. All yours.”

spn spinoff idea: castiel is the protagonist. there are 23 episodes, 40-ish minutes each. every episode is just cas doing domestic things. cas watching the tv. cas petting a cat. cas petting two cats. cas strolling through the park. cas doing the shopping. cas staring at the frozen foods section for 5 minutes thinking about what to make for dinner. cas making dinner. cas burning the dinner (just a little). cas cleaning. cas petting more cats. cas chilling on the couch while reading a book. happy cas

Slim Thick


I sighed looking at myself in the mirror for what felt like the 100th time today. I had begin a new diet plan about two months ago and I still look and felt the same. Fat. I just want to be able to feel confident in my skin without feeling like people are staring at me and judging me as i walk down the street. I can’t even go somewhere with my boyfriend without paparazzi being there and always asking me about my weight or if I’m going on a diet any time soon and it just honestly sucks a lot.

“Babe! I’m back from the store!” I quickly pulled my shirt back down and went into the kitchen

“I was starting to get worried, you were gone for a while” I said helping him unpack the groceries

“Yeah, sorry about that. I ran into Heechul in the frozen food section and we kinda sat there and talked for a while. What did you do while I was gone?” He asked and I froze up

“Nothing much really, just watched some t and cleaned up the bedroom a little bit” I hate lying to him, but I hate how he gets so worried

“Sounds kinda boring” He said jokingly opening up more bags

“Well you know how I am”

“Speaking of that, I was looking for something the other day and I noticed that you threw out all of your snacks, baby why did you do that. Is there something you’re not telling me?” He asked walking over to me

This was it, the moment that I’ve been dreading for weeks now. I can’t lie to him anymore.

“Recently I’ve been comparing myself to other models and girls that are skinnier than me and I just thought that maybe I needed to slim down a little bit” I explained looking away from him

“Baby girl, if you’ve been feeling this way then you should have said something earlier.” He said pulling me into a hug

“I know, but still. I didn’t want to upset you and I didn’t want you to have to put something out online. I’m sorry” I said

“Don’t feel bad and don’t feel like you need to change anything about yourself either. Your body is perfect just the way it is and you don’t need to change a god damn thing, okay?” He said cupping my cheeks

I nodded and leaned up on my tippy toes to kiss him.

“Wait a minute, what were you doing that required you to look through the garbage can?” I asked crossing my arms in suspicion

“I accidentally dropped my engagement ring in there and I had to stick my hand down there, obviously I found it” He said holding his hand up

“You’re a goof but I love you”

mingyu as your neighbor
  • the two of you became best friends so fast after you moved in
  • sending you cute dog videos at 4 am and hearing him giggle at them through the wall
  • getting to see his puffy, half-dead face every morning on the way to uni but he’s??still??attractive?? even with dried drool on the corner of his mouth ??? what kind of witchcraft
  • having to be the mediator whenever him and his friend minghao start arguing over stupid stuff at the lunch table and having to stop yourself from slamming your head onto the table
  • invites you on random adventures around the town to escape hell aka studying for finals even if it’s to the grocery store he makes it so fun  
  • “y/n take a picture of me” “mingyu you’re in front of the frozen food section” “listen the lighting is amazing just do it”
  • him purposely putting your groceries on the highest shelf so you’ll have to call him over to help you and tease you about your height
  • you don’t even question how he gets into your apartment anymore like he’ll just be chilling on your couch with a bowl of cereal in his lap watching cartoons and you’re like did you eat all the captain crunch you nerd
  • smuggled in a dog he found on the street bc the apartment complex has a strict no pet rule but he couldn’t just leave it out in the cold!! :-(
  • so that’s how you became a co-parent to the little pup and help mingyu keep it hidden all the while forcing him to clean up the dog poop off of your carpet as a way to keep you quiet
  • has literally walked into your apartment with only a towel on bc he ran out of shampoo and needed some of yours and you dropped your bowl of spaghetti all over yourself you were so shocked
  • making you go out with him late at night to play Pokemon Go and literally pushes you out of the way to catch the Pikachu he was missing
  • hearing him rap along to Paloalto songs and being his hypeman by making a beat against the wall
  • you hear him sonic dash out of his apartment whenever the ice cream truck rolls down your street and you always shout at him from the window to buy you a fudgesicle
  • sitting on his balcony munching on your ice cream while people watching and talking about life and he just stops and looks at you for a long time before leaning towards you and ofc you’re like is he gonna ki….ss……me..
  • but he just takes a big ass bite of your ice cream with a smirk and you’re still sweating bullets but you punch him in the arm and grumble
  • after a few seconds he tells you with his mouth full of ice cream (gross) that he likes you and then gives you a smooch, mouth covered in chocolate and you’re so in love

i don’t understand the symbolism behind my dreams most of the time but bitch when i tell you I just woke up from the best one……basically i was at the store buying groceries and Jeffree Star was in the same one with his clique (his boyfriend and Manny MUA) and he started saying some foul shit like how he’s richer than everyone in the shop and how you need to afford to be his friend (aka be rich) so bitch i real life got his dusty balenciaga bag and ran off with it and his 30 pound self came RUNNING at me but i kept losing him then finally i tossed his bag into the frozen food section and somehow it ripped. all i heard after that were his white tears. im so happy rn. i feel blessed