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any that follow the plot of a Disney princess movie/based off of?



Beauty and the Beast



Sleeping Beauty

Laure’s fic recs:

So I have been reading a lot of good fics lately and I want to give those more love so here we go!

  • The Fates serie by @amkatepet - A serie centered around Erlendur and his redemption in the arms of the gentle Brynja and its sequel which focuses on Harald’s thirst for conquest and his alliance with his old foe, Erlendur Horiksson
  • Always a Stark serie by @zoesongsA series of occasional one-shots about Sansa Stark set during and after Season 6 of Game of Thrones
  • Paris Summit by @zoesongsA chance encounter in Paris. Rolisla Modern AU
  • The Princess and the Bear by @zoesongs - A Rolisla story that follows Rollo and Gisla’s meeting at the end of season 3 and an alternate season 4.
  • The Land of Eternal Winter by @wintermoonqueen -  In a world of sacrifice, shields, and gods, Elsa never felt that she belonged. Having thought to be a curse left by Odin, she stays hidden. As Anna struggles to connect with her sister, both women are dragged into a war they aren’t ready for. How will they survive when treason threatens to tear them apart
  • The Swan Queen by  TheMusicalHermit -  A retelling of the Swan Princess animated film, with more focus on Odette’s captivity than on Derek’s search. Darker and with expanded backstories for all
  • The Sea Wolves by @ceridwenofwalesA Scottish girl is trying to avoid being noticed by the Vikings that came from the fogs of the sea to torment her village. But it seems the norns had woven her destiny in an unexpected way.
  • A Grumpy Customer by @ceridwenofwalesIvar and Emer from The Fox and The Maiden Fair in a modern AU. She is a waitress in a Swedish coffee shop, and he is her grumpy customer.
  • Turn the Tide by @anniemarA new young seer in Kattegat conspires with Lagertha to ensure that the queen will not be “killed by a son of Ragnar” as it had been prophesied. In the process, Ivar gets an education of sorts, before he goes off to become myth and legend. And the seer must decide if she wants to become a part of his story.
  • Light and life in an unusual place by @ourashesofroses -  “A ringing voice, a woman yelling in a foreign language. He turned towards the voice, as if it was calling his name, as if it was something for him, and then he saw her.
  • And The Women Shall Lead by  LadyFangs - They are both tired. Tired of loving Ragnar Lothbrok. Tired of supporting him. He would be nothing without them, and yet they have both suffered his insults, his abuses. He has finally crossed a line, and this time, they will not stand for it. Explores what could have happened had Aslaug told Lagertha that Ragnar hit her.
  • Nightfall by @daizydoe Slight AU. Rollo doesn’t speak up when the Cardinal comes and Gisla is being as stubborn as ever. In order to save all he has worked for Rollo must win over the heart of the stubborn princess using every trick he knows. A story inspired by the myth of Psyche and Eros.
  • The Things that Bind Us by @daizydoeAU. Rollo takes Gisla back to Kattegat after the Paris raid.
  • Blame by @whenimaunicorn Lagertha can’t fight the pull she feels toward Ubbe, even though she knows she’s fated to be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons.
  • Snowed In with the Ragnarssons by @whenimaunicornWhat will you and the boys do to pass the time when you’re all snowed in together up at the hunting cabin?We could play with the slave…

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Hi! Do you have any helsa fic recs :) ? Gotta start somewhere xD

Oh my dear friend where do I start? I read so many but I just leave you a bunch of those I loved the most:

All the fics by @blue-pixiedust check her blog. Absolutely and deliciously sinful, but also sweet in her modern au ( with baby Isla, awww the cuteness)

Every moment after by @bookishdruid . Adorable fluff and adventure!

All the Helsa fics by @calenheniel but especially the North Wind, Fractures, Mist, Aftermath. Angst. Hotness. And god, does this girl know how to write.

Spun by @lamotrijane . Perfection. I don’t even want to anticipate anything so not to spoil it.

Betrothal by elsainblue. Hotness level is pretty strong. And angst too.

And by the same author The Helsa files ( modern au. Nsfw)

And these two last works which have the best historical reconstruction and I love the political games and schemes in them:

Thaw by @yumi-michiyo

A particular understanding by @fasadi

I’m pretty sure I left out many but I’m on the phone and I can’t do anything more than this. I hope it might help you start enjoying this beautiful angsty ship. Welcome aboard!

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What you suggest as some good Elsanna fanfictions (besides Snowflake in Spring cause I know that one) I need some good reading for the weekend though :D thank you in advance!

ooh my friend, you CAME TO THE RIGHT PERSON :D

I have made a side-blog for elsanna fanfics today! Here is the link. 

I will make a fic rec on that blog right now after I answer this.

okay okay here we go:

(The one’s highlighted in bold are my favorites)

The Sun's Gift - a Coming Home story

art by sargar3000!

The Sun’s Gift

series: Coming Home (set after ‘Hidden Strength’)

pairing: Kristanna

words: 1890

rating: T (non-graphic references to childbirth)

Anna stretched sleepily, reaching out for her husband, but the bed beside her was empty. A month ago she would have felt a twinge of panic, of the deep seated fear that one day she would wake up and find him gone. No matter how often he promised to stay (and he promised every night, with his lips against her ear) or how much she wanted to believe him–did believe him, with her whole heart—the fear lingered, and gave her dreams about him leaving again, about him never coming home in the first place. Pregnancy had given her especially vivid dreams, and Kristoff had learned not to leave the bedroom until she was awake and had seen him.

Things had changed in the last few weeks, however.

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Kristanna Master Post

In case anyone is interested, here is my Kristanna Fic Master Post!

You can find my fics for other fandoms on FFnet and AO3!

The Engagement: [AO3] [FFnet] [Tumblr]
Multi-Chapter, Rated M, WIP
Anna and Kristoff are newly engaged, and no one is happier than Elsa. However, forces outside of Arendelle are not willing to accept that a lowly ice harvester took away their chance to win the princess’ hand and have an alliance with the Snow Queen. Elsa is willing to do anything to secure Anna’s happily ever after, even if that means waging a war she isn’t sure she can win.

Wasn’t Expecting That- Kristanna Harvest Festival 2015 [AO3] [FFnet] [Tumblr]
Multi-Chapter, Rated M, Complete
A series of one-shots exploring Anna and Kristoff’s relationship, from beginning to end, based on Tumblr’s Kristanna Harvest Festival (Kristanna Week) prompts. Inspired by the song “Wasn’t Expecting That” by Jamie Lawson. I do not own Frozen or any of the characters.

A Very Frozen Christmas [FFnet] [Tumblr]
Multi-Chapter, Rated K, Complete
A collection of one-shots sharing the stories of Anna’s various “first” Christmases.

For My Valentine- Rouge à lèvres [AO3] [Tumblr]
One-Shot, Rated M, Complete
This piece is loosely based off of the prompt for the first day of Kristanna Smut Week, “Roses are Red.”  Anna is given a gift Kristoff finds too beautiful to touch. Of course, there are other ways to pleasure a princess…

The Concert- A Modern AU One-Shot [AO3] [FFnet]
One-Shot, Rated K, Complete
Kristoff comes home to find Anna singing into her hairbrush. Of course, he has to join in. Inspired by the song Be Mine Forever by Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran.

Warm- A Frozen One-Shot [AO3] [FFnet]
One-Shot, Rated K, Complete
He has nightmares, but she is always warm. A mini one shot about a night in the life of Kristoff and Anna. Pure, fluffy fluff.

Intentional- A Frozen One Shot [AO3] [FFnet]
One-Shot, Rated K, Complete
It seems like no one approves of Elsa letting Anna marry for true love. But Elsa isn’t about to let anyone tell her how she should “use” her sister.

All my love was down in a frozen ground by navigator

Louis almost drops the dime again before he shoves it into his pocket and turns around, too curious to keep himself from trying to play it cool. A boy – a man – is in front of him, arms folded over his chest, and he turns to look at Louis just as he spins himself around to face him.

Oh. Harry. Louis has a frantic moment where he can’t for the life of him remember his last name, but he looks so much like his mom, Anne, shit, what the fuck is it –

“Louis?” Harry grins, nodding and looking him over, starting to laugh as he holds out a hand for him to shake. “You remember me?”

Louis nods, switching the log to his other hand so he can shake Harry’s, eyes locked on his. “Styles. Yeah, Harry, right?”

sketchy fan art of the amazing angrykittykj aka Gemmika’s fanfic, For Your Love!!! she completely made all my dreams come true with her fic, The Selection and Kristanna together…. *swoons*

drew Anna in America Singer’s dress for now, eep. ;v;

I promise actual fan art once the Kristanna in the story has progressed. the Kristanna is yet to start in the story, but it’s completely amazing and you guys should totally check it out!!!

Harbor: The Beginning: Part 5

Harbor: The Beginning

Part 5 (final part)

art by sargar3000

words: 307

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, ’Harbor' (rated M), Part 5

Note: Harbor was a one-shot based on a tiny bit of this prompt–this series filled in the rest ;) This final section is actually set just after Harbor. Special thanks and praise to sargar3000 for absolutely knocking it out of the park with her illustrations and making this story truly special! 

Happy birthday week, minnothebunny! <3 <3 <3 I hope that you’ve enjoyed the birthday fic that got out of hand ;) 


He woke up because a cold nose was touching his leg. The rest of him was warm, warm and tired and…curled around a sleeping Anna. Kristoff looked down and Sven whined faintly, apparently not wanting to wake her up, but clearly anxious to be let outside. Kristoff carefully shifted himself away from the soft, quietly snoring form, levered himself up so that he could carefully ease over her, and tried very, very hard to ignore the way the torn shirt she was wearing had fallen open, exposing a creamy, freckle-speckled curve of hip and thigh.

The throw blanket had slithered to the floor at some point during their extended nap. Kristoff picked it up and gently draped it over Anna. He felt a pang of regret as the folds of it hid her slim, bare legs and obscured the outline of her body, but she hated to be cold. Shouldn’t have moved to Alaska, he’d told her when she complained. Didn’t have a choice, she’d said, and stuck her icy hands under his shirt. Now she mumbled contentedly in her sleep—he thought he heard his name, a soft Kris lost in a breathy sigh—then she rolled over to snuggle deeper into the couch.

Kristoff, urged on by Sven’s nudges against his legs, crossed the small living room and smaller kitchen to open the back door. The dog went out, but he lingered in the doorway, still staring back at the couch and its soft, sweet occupant, his mind full of memories of how warm she’d been under his hands, how fiery and demanding and eager.

He hoped she wasn’t going to think this was a mistake, because he wanted to keep her forever.

When Sven came back Kristoff knelt to fondle his ears.

“Well, buddy,” he said softly. “I guess you’re allowed to like her.”

art by sargar3000

I think it’s about time to make a new list of Frozen fic recs, now that I’ve become entirely too immersed in this fandom. (And if you end up enjoying all of these, here is the first set of Elsanna recommendations I made!)

Originally I was just going to post more Elsanna fics but I realized that a few of my favorites are other ships as well. So I’ll post the Elsanna ones first and then at the bottom list the others. :) A little bit of something for everyone!

Café Liégeois, by 4mation

So a blind woman walks into a coffee shop…

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Romance/Humor, AU, Elsanna

Tempest, by kaiserklee

Word was, the war in Arendelle lasted less than a day. “There’s just one thing, and if you agree, I can promise Arendelle leniency.” Elsa nodded at Anna. “I want her.” (AU, Elsa is raised as a weapon of war and Anna becomes her unwilling guest.) Elsanna, but not incest.

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Romance/Hurt/Comfort, AU, Pre/Totally-working-up-to Elsanna

Magic Undone, by sandstormhero

At a young age Anna’s memory was changed by troll magic to save her life but in return she was forced away from her sister and left to wallow all by her lonesome. This is the story of how she got her memories back before frozen, and what it would change for her and her sister when the secret became unraveled. Will they stay distant or become closer than anyone thought

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Romance/Humor, Pre-Elsanna(?)

Appreciating Anna, by elsayoustinker

Elsanna, post-movie. In which it’s Anna’s turn to be insecure, and the queen realises some Anna appreciation time is long overdue.

One-shot, Complete, Romance, Elsanna

The Promise, by isaias.rondon

When Elsa and Anna were children, Arendelle was attacked by Weselton. The king and queen, their parents, were killed while trying to protect them. As the princesses were escaping, they got separated. Thirteen years passed, the princesses of Arendelle are returning to reclaim their land, not realizing that they’ll reunite with one another once again.

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Drama/Romance, AU, Pre-Elsanna

Frostbite Symptoms, by caramelcat

Anna was eleven when the darling princess of Arendelle celebrated the turn of her fourteenth year. Elsa/Anna AU. Rated M for future chapters. Villager!Anna, Royal!Elsa.

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Romance/Angst, Pre-Elsanna (possibly already at Elsanna; I’ll admit I’m currently reading this one now so I don’t know for sure)


Frozen: The Snow Queen, by Halm Vendrella

Living for so long in fear of her powers, Elsa never quite realized that the most difficult part of being the Snow Queen might not always be the “snow” part. A story of magic and mystery… of desire and responsibility… of love and family.

Multi-chapter, Complete, Adventure/Drama, Elsa-centric (with Kristanna on the side)

…And its sequel! The Snow Queen: Love and Duty, by Halm Vendrella

Into the Darkness, by Nina542

When Anna decides to pay a surprise visit to Kristoff at the end of the ice harvesting season, what would have been an easy trip to Lake Amstel goes horribly wrong when she and her companion are attacked. Now up against bandits, hungry carnivores and the growing darkness, Kristoff must find his princess - dead or alive. 

Multi-chapter, Complete, Romance/Adventure, Kristanna

Frozen - A Dark Retelling, by Searlait

The movie retold, a darker exploration of the characters, their motives, their psychological states, and their fates. Two sisters who were once the best of friends, kept apart by forces beyond their control: when secrets are revealed and death seems imminent, will their isolation eternally define them, or can they find one another again in the darkest depths of winter?

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Drama, No Active Ships (yet)

In the Old World, by ijs1337

Months after the infamous Winter, Elsa and Anna find themselves caught in the middle of a war between an ancient sect of knights and dark magic assassins. Things escalate when the assassins kidnap Anna, and Elsa and the knights must race across unfamiliar, old, dangerous parts of the world to get her back.

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Drama/Fantasy, No Active Ships (but I can totally see a bit of Hansla happening)

Jump Into the Fog, by Eliza Darling

What if Hans decided he didn’t want to kill Elsa? What if he thought he could control her and her powers? What if Kristoff found Anna first? When Hans decides that he wants Elsa to marry him, he’s keen on putting an act to get her to trust him, and he succeeds. But when Anna wakes and becomes hellbent on revenge, will she go too far?

Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Drama/Romance, AU, M rating heads up, Hansla, Kristanna

Frozen Solid, by AvatarHufflepuff

Series of one shots and drabbles for Frozen, prompted by you! All pairings, all characters, and obviously spoilers. Rating will stay at K for now.

One-shots, Ongoing, No Active Ships

The Brave One, by robert3A-SN

Post movie: After a lifetime of hiding and living in fear, Elsa wishes she had an ounce of courage and bravery in her - unaware that she always has and then some. It takes Anna and an outing in town to show her this.

One-shot, Complete, Family/Hurt/Comfort, No Active Ships

Home - Kristanna modern AU


rated M

words: 3078

Harbor AU, set after Harbor

Note: not edited ha ha nope. I haven’t even read over it, don’t judge me

Anna woke up slowly, vaguely wondering why her bed felt so lumpy…then her eyes opened as she realized that she was in Kristoff’s living room. In his living room, and on his couch, a blanket draped over her, and as she stretched she felt a certain ache in her body, the satisfied ache of muscles that she hadn’t had a good reason to use in a long time.

Oh. Right. She felt a blush heat her cheeks, and it wasn’t entirely a blush of embarrassment, because while she cringed a little to remember how she’d alternated between crying on him and practically assaulting him (and oh god, how many of his neighbors had seen her wearing just his shirt?) the embarrassment was drowned out by a flood of heated memories. Anna sank back against the cushion, her arms stretched loosely over her head and her eyes dropping closed again. She’d wanted his hands on her, and they were such hands—warm and large, just work roughened enough to make her skin tingle when he touched her. And how he had touched her, so gently but with so much blunt, demanding need, his fingers stroking down her back, curling around the curve of her hip, holding her close. A shiver ran down her spine as she remembered how the strong muscles of his back moved under her clinging hands, how it felt to be wrapped around his warm body….

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Choosing Sides, a Kristoff week drabble

words: 2079

rating: T (for non-explicit implied sexy times)

Prompt: Day 3–Culture Shock

Before he got married, Kristoff had a vague idea that married couples slept on opposite sides of the bed. He heard men mention it in passing—‘the dog sleeps by my side of the bed and trips me when I get up,’ ‘my wife insists on keeping an extra blanket on her side of the bed, then she steals my blanket,’ ‘my side of the mattress is hard as rock.’ It seemed clear enough. Husbands slept on one side, wives on the other. He guessed, when he eventually paused to consider the question, that couples met in the middle to take advantage of their marital rights, and then retreated to their respective sides to avoid the resulting damp spot (another piece of knowledge absorbed from listening to men complain—‘my wife always manages to make sure that the damp spot is on my side.’)

On the first night of Kristoff’s marriage he doesn’t think about sides. He is very busy thinking about Anna—Anna biting her lip, Anna blushing pinkly all over her body, Anna demanding to know why he was still all the way over there and with his clothes still on, Anna pressing trembling hands to his chest and bravely lifting her face to kiss him. He is preoccupied with the question of Anna most of the night, and falls asleep close to dawn with her wrapped around him, too tired to notice that he’s on the wet spot.

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Ties That Bind - Kristanna Smut Week, Day 1

I’m so grateful that other people also went straight for the kinky on day one, because I haven’t been this nervous about posting something since my very first smutty fic (which in retrospect is so very tame and innocent). At least I’m in good company <3 This is right out of my comfort zone, so please be gentle (but do please give me constructive feedback). 


Ties that Bind

Rated MA for explicit sexual content

Words: 3020

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Chaste as Ice

words: 2278

rating: T? idk Kristoff says ‘damn’ a lot for some reason and there are veiled references to sexual subjects. 

Kristoff Week prompt: Family

Chaste as Ice

“Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.” –  Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 – William Shakespeare

“Kristoff,” Elsa asked suddenly, “what happened to your hand?”

He paused, his arm checked in its reach for the decanter, and shared a brief, panicked look across the table with Anna.

“Uh. Ah, I just…had a little accident when I was up in the mountains.”

The queen raised an eyebrow. “You went into the mountains since this morning? Your hand was fine at breakfast.” She glanced from Kristoff’s reddening face to Anna’s excessively innocent one. “Well? What actually happened? I suppose it will explain why you were late to dinner.”

Kristoff looked at Anna. Anna looked back at Kristoff. Kristoff looked down at his hand—he must have broken the scabs open somehow, because blood had soaked through the bandage that had so hastily been wrapped around his knuckles. He wished desperately that he was a better liar, because Elsa had settled back in her chair, her own hands folded neatly in her lap, her face calm and expectant and dammit, he was going to have to tell her. Something about that quietly interested expression dragged the truth out of people, which had been very useful as Arendelle improved its diplomatic position but which was inconvenient for certain ice harvesters with skinned knuckles. Damned inconvenient, because he was going to tell her the whole thing, and he already knew that she wasn’t going to like it. He was in so much trouble.

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12 Days of Kristanna: Day 4 - Keeping Warm

This fic is a follow up to Show Me and Here and Now–it’s set just after Here and Now. It could probably be read alone if you don’t feel like reading the other two stories (but it’s better with them, I promise!)

edit: other stories in this series:

  1. Show Me
  2. Here and Now
  3. Keeping Warm
  4. To Have
  5. To Hold (tba)

Special thanks to desert-sailor and upthenorthmountain for their feedback! minnothebunny, I made you wait for this a super long time, sorry, but I hope it was worth the wait ;)

Keeping Warm

Rated M for sexual activity

Words: 3860

The last of the guests were gone, the chandeliers in the ballroom had been lowered and footmen with long snuffers were hard at work extinguishing candles. Anna’s elbow was wound around Kristoff’s, her other hand clasping his, her hip bumping gently against his leg with every step as he walked her upstairs to her room. In contrast, Elsa’s fingertips were a light touch against his sleeve, her slim form distant, although when Anna glanced around Kristoff’s chest at her she smiled back.

 "That,“ Anna declared, "was a very good ball.”

“It went well,” Elsa said. “I think that the duke is going to support me in the council session tomorrow, and—”

“Elsa, are you ever going to have fun at a party? You weren’t supposed to be on duty!”

“I’m a queen, Anna. I’m always on duty. You know that.”

Anna sighed. “I know, and I am too.” She glanced up at Kristoff’s face, a wicked grin at the corner of her mouth as she remembered the respite that they’d taken together, away from the crowd of guests. Just a restful walk in the garden, she’d explained. Elsa had raised an eyebrow, but hadn’t commented. “Well, almost always,” she murmured, and was delighted to see Kristoff blush.

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Harbor--Kristanna modern AU

Me: I’m in the mood to write something sexy! I’ll take a prompt and knock out something super short and fast!

*hours pass*

Me: Well, that went well!

Anyway, this is for feistypaants and jessica988 (who asked for it) and minnothebunny (who prompted it)

Not edited, no editing here, do not expect editing, ha ha nope. 


rated M

words: 2399

Anna huddled in the corner of the couch, her face pressed into Sven’s fur and her arms wrapped around the dog’s neck. The rain had stopped during the night, but the phone next to her stayed silent. They had promised, they had promised that they would call as soon as they made contact with Kristoff’s boat. They hadn’t called.

Promises always seemed so easy at first—she’d promised to look after Sven, and not to eat all of the ice cream while she was house sitting. Sven had promised to behave and to look after her, and also to not eat all of the ice cream. (They had eaten all of the ice cream).

And Kristoff had promised to be back in a few days.

(He hadn’t come back).


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Frohana Week: Introductions

A fic! A fic for Frohana week! This is for the prompt ‘Getting to know you.’

Love and adoration and gratitude to counterpunches for not just helping plug the weak spots in this fic, but for listening to me blather on endlessly about a few other fic ideas that I’m working on <3 Thank you, Rachel! 


Pairing: Frohana! 

Rating: G

Words: 2455

“What do we do now?” Olaf asked, sounding for all the world like a child at a fair and looking around with his big grin, ready for some new adventure.

“I…I don’t know,” Elsa said. She looked at her hands, at the sunlight glinting off the water of the fjord (water, not ice), then at the shore, where townspeople were gathering on the docks, staring up into the sky where the snow had vanished. On the wall of the castle she could even see the resident diplomats, ranged in a row like a Greek chorus. They were…cheering? Or shouting. She clasped her fingers together nervously. She didn’t even know how to get from this ship to dry land.

“We’ll figure it out,” Anna said confidently. She grinned, taking Elsa’s hands. “We’ll figure it out together.”

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Wayfaring stranger, chapter 13

“That is correct,” Elsa said, her voice echoing ever so slightly in the ice-stained room. “I AM the queen. I am not some attendant, scullery maid or concubine, nor am I a silly little girl playing dress-up. I am the rightful, the blessed, the divine ruler of this nation…its mother, if you will. This land is my Divine right and dominion, passed down to me by my mother and father, just as it was passed down to them by theirs. Clearly there has been some discrepancy of late regarding that fact, at least within your mind.