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The Stranger in the Bed - 1st Interlude
  • Fandom: Frozen
  • Pairing: Kristanna
  • Prompt: Kristoff Weekend, Ice (…ish)
  • Words: 2006
  • Rating: M
  • To: @upthenorthmountain and @ominouscloudsofarendelle who responded to ‘I have a weird fic idea’ with ‘tell me about it’ and then ‘you should write the thing’ <3
  • Warnings: Angst, post-partum depression, sex repulsion, explicit sexual content

Soft, yielding heat—enthusiastic hands pulling him closer—a laughing whisper in his ear that merged into other sounds of pleasure, warm breath sighing against his neck, and he was so close to feeling complete, so close—


Kristoff woke in a snarl of blankets, mind foggy and body aching, and reached out for his wife. A distant cry made his hand stop short. Anna lay with her back to him, the quilt pulled up to the high neck of her nightgown. Her shoulders were stiff, and he knew she was awake, but she didn’t stir. There was no real need, after all. There were innumerable nursemaids to see to the baby. He pulled his hand back silently and scrubbed the heel of it over his face.

There was the grit of sleep in the corners of his eyes, sandy roughness along his jaw, but it was his stomach that felt as though it was full of stone, full of a cold, dull ache. And then there was another part of him that ached, but it was a persistent throbbing that refused to forget the heat of his vivid dreams. He sighed harshly and flung the covers back.

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The Past is in The Past

This is my submission for @dreamswanderer‘s Autumn Equinox Review Extravaganza, using the prompt of ‘back-to-school’.

Word Count: ~4,500

Rating: K (hella fluff)

Theme: Iced Lightning or Exolvo (Frozen x Harry Potter)

Pairing: Snow Sisters

“First years to me, please,” called the severe looking witch who had appeared seemingly from nowhere to direct Hogwarts’ newest students.

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Secrets Shared: A Kristoff X Anna Frozen Fanfiction

                “What do you know about love?” Kristoff asked with a chuckle as he raised a single eyebrow at the red head across from him. She was leaning on a tree across from the one he was currently resting his weight on. “You tried to marry a man the day you met him.”

                Anna’s face was almost as red as her hair as she turned her face away. He always picked on her but this time it hurt. She didn’t like to think about Hans, their unofficial engagement and how he had left her for dead. She knew it was her own fault for opening her own heart so recklessly to him. She had learned from her mistake the hard way and though she knew Kristoff was only bringing it up in jest, she felt hurt. “That was over a year ago. I’ve grown up a lot since then.”

Her tone was flat and Kristoff knew he had struck a nerve. He silently bemoaned his insensitivity, hating to see the hurt in her eyes as she turned away from him. He hadn’t thought about what he was saying up until after the phrase was past his lips. He knew better than to bring up the past, after all he had heard in hushed whispers that she still woke up screaming from her nightmares about the cold. It was all that he and Elsa could do to get her to leave her chamber in the winter. Slowly but surely she was getting better about it, but a cold and bitter wind or a locked door still terrified her. He stood up straight and marched over to her in silence. He grabbed her hand and held it as tightly as he dared as he spoke to her.

“Anna… I’m sorry I didn’t think…” He sighed and ran his thumb over her knuckles absentmindedly. After the first kiss they had shared he often did such things without thought. They had become very close in the time since the summer’s winter’s end. He sighed lightly, “Tell me more about him.”

Anna turned her head and looked to the man who currently occupied the space beside her. She knew he hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings and now that he was grasping her hand she felt some of the pain in her heart melt away. She slid down the tree and onto the ground suddenly, she wanted to sit in the rich, natural pine needle mulch beneath the tree.

Kristoff followed her down a moment later never releasing her hand from his. His focus was on her and her only. He would be careful now. He would not hurt her again.

“Well…” Anna began as she leaned off the tree and into him, “He’s kind and strong, but he has a soft side. I won’t tell you his last name, but I know he wears size twelve boots, his favorite food is carrots and his best friend’s name certainly isn’t John.” She blushed recalling a slightly more pleasant past experience.

“Sounds like you’ve got a crush on Sven.” He joked pointing to a not so far off clearing where the reindeer in question was playing with Olaf.

Anna laughed and smiled. She liked it when he teased her the way he was currently. He made her happy. “Close, but not quite.” She joked back sticking her tongue out at him. “Plus Sven doesn’t wear boots.”

“He wears mine sometimes.” Kristoff interjected returning the favor by sticking his own tongue out at her.

Unable to help herself Anna pictured such an event taking place and laughed again. “Regardless it’s not Sven, he’s sweet, but the guy I like has feet not hooves.” She was being brutally obvious with her clues at the moment. She had been secretive before, but now she was simply telling him the truth. She had a feeling he already knew, but she wanted him to. The truth made her feel light and yet at the same time she was terrified. Her hands were shaking slightly and she kept shifting around in order to become more comfortable.

Kristoff wasn’t blind, he knew Anna had feelings for him, and he in return had feelings for her. He was fairly reserved, secretive, and unforthcoming with his emotion. He wasn’t sure of how deep her feelings for him ran, but he knew that she didn’t know how he felt for her. “Well other than feet, what does he look like?”

Anna’s blush was evident as they proceeded to discuss her love. She tucked herself into him further in hopes that he would not see how scarlet her face was. “He’s tall, twice my size, with big arms and broad shoulders.”

Kristoff smiled lightly, she was looking away from him so she did not see. He wrapped his arms around her and all but pulled her into his lap. If she was going to let him know her feelings, the very least he could do was make her comfortable.

Anna was shocked by Kristoff’s sudden action. Lying in his lap was comfortable; he was warm against the cool fall air. She took a deep breath and continued. “He has an amazing smile, even his eyes smile when he’s really happy. He has soft hair and rough hands.” Tentatively she turned her head so that her face nuzzled into his chest. She moved slightly so that her voice would not be muffled by his shirt. “He smells like the forest and he’s always working hard all the time.”

Kristoff loved the way it felt to have Anna tucked up and into him. Unable to help himself he moved his head so that his face was up in her hair. She had no idea of the devastating effect that she had on him. Of course he had never told her or shown her, but regardless it was true. She drove him crazy and he loved every minute of it. “So you think it’s love?” He asked gently, trying not to get his hopes up.

Anna sighed in contentment. It were as if her whole body was encompassed by Kristoff. She felt like he wasn’t just holding her but as if he were in her blood and in the air around her. Her life had never been so much about someone other than herself before meeting him, but now she knew that she could never again live without him. “I think so.” She said in a voice no louder than a whisper.

“You think so?” He asked confused by her unsure reply when earlier she had said it openly, proudly, and with great sweetness.

“Yes… I think I love him. I just don’t know if he’ll feel the same. I’m terrified of losing him.” She paused for a moment teary eyed and upset but not crying “He’s my best friend.”

Kristoff, still comfortable with his nose tucked into her hair began to gently play with a few loose strands that had fallen out of her braids. “Must be love then.” He said, kissing gently at the part of her hair. “Love strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest men. If you’re afraid of losing someone, you must love them.”

“What would you know about love?” Anna asked softly, returning his original question.

“I was raised by love experts.” He said in reply just as softly as she had asked. “Plus I’m terrified of losing someone too.”

“Tell me about her.” Anna said as she began to trace small circles on his wrist with her thumb. She was embarrassed and nervous, but still with him she felt completely natural.

Kristoff lifted his head from her hair and leaned back against the pine tree behind them. He sighed still playing with her hair. “She stubborn, even more than me, she’s brave to a fault and even when she’s scared she tries to act tough. She loves life, she keeps her promises, and she is always kind to everyone.”

“She sounds like the perfect match for you.”

“I think so too.” Kristoff replied with a light chuckle. “She’s just perfect in general.”

Anna smiled praying that he was speaking of her as she had been speaking of him moments before. “What does she look like?” She turned so that she was facing him but was still being held by him.

Kristoff smiled and release her hair as she turned in his lap. “Beautiful.”

Anna laughed, “That’s not much of a description. There are plenty of beautiful women in Arendelle.”

Kristoff knew what she wanted, he had known, but he would never pass by the chance to tease her a bit. “She’s not your common beauty Anna. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. She’s slight and small, but it suits her well. Her hair is sunny as her personality, and her smile gets me into trouble.”

“That’s strangely romantic of you.” Anna teased. There was a light in his eyes, his features were soft and he was looking at only her. “What do you mean trouble?”

“I’d move the world for her if she asked me with that smile on her face. When she’s smiling I’ll do anything that she asks.”

Anna’s blush was back and in full view. Kristoff was looking at her lovingly in such a way that she had never been looked at before. She felt hot all over and there was a feeling in her chest that willed her to tell him flat out that she loved him. After all they had already all but confessed to one another. Instead, being unsure of what to do, she smiled at him.

“That’s the one.” Kristoff said absent mindedly as Anna smiled at him broadly. It took him a moment to realize what he had done, but he was happy to have it out in the open.

Anna could see all his feelings now and she was fairly sure that she was reading his reactions correctly. However it never hurt to be sure, “Do you love her?”

Kristoff returned her glowing smile and took a moment to think. “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The only friend I’ve ever had except for of course Sven, and my family knew that I loved her before I even did. So yes, I do love you Anna.”

Anna felt her heart race. The words had tumbled from his mouth so simply and naturally, it was as if it were something that he said every day. She stared at him awestruck but with a broad smile on her face. He was usually so silent and reserve, playful of course, but he rarely showed his emotions so outwardly. “I love you too Kristoff.”

It was a simple sentence, four simple words and a name, but it made Kristoff happier than he had ever been before. To hear his name come from her lips with a profession of love was almost too much to ever hope for, yet it had happened and he was grinning like an idiot over it.

Anna blushed even deeper than she had been moments before as she added to her admission. “I wish I would have told you sooner, but I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same. Other than Elsa you’re the only family that I have and even though we’re not really family yet I’ve thought of you as family for a really long time and…”

Kristoff pulled Anna up onto him so that she rested bridal style in his arms. He stood quickly and kissed her hard on the mouth. It was a moment of passion that also had the added effect of silencing her babbling. He had noticed before that she talked quickly when she was nervous or flustered and he knew that this would be the most effective manner by which he could quiet her. Pulling away from the kiss after a moment he smiled down at the young woman in his arms. “You’re my family too Anna.” He kissed her again softly, “Never forget that.”

Anna felt like she was floating. In just a few minutes everything she had been worried about for months had fallen into place. She relaxed completely into Kristoff’s arms. “I won’t.”

“Good.” He replied with a soft chuckle as he set her down onto her own two feet. “Now let’s get you back home, Elsa is probably worried about you, and I want to get you back before it gets dark.” He pointed up at the sky as he added softly, “I don’t want you to be out in the cold, I know it scares you.”

Anna appreciated his consideration and once again grabbed his hand. “I’m not afraid when I’m with you.” She turned to face him and stood up on her tiptoes. Her lips just caught his as she kissed him due to their difference in height. His free arm fell around her waist naturally as he leaned down and into her stolen kiss.

When the kiss finally broke the two walked off to find Olaf and Sven. Both were a little closer to each other and each a little more relieved than they had been upon entering the forest for a day out. They still had a way to go in the aspect of showing their true feelings, but today’s progress left them both breathless and full of hope for the future.

Where the World is in the Making, Chapter 2  [Kristanna Homesteader AU]

When homesteader Kristoff Bjorgman advertises for a wife, the woman who arrives is not what he expected. Rated K for now.

Chapter 1 by @upthenorthmountain

Kristoff glanced sideways at the girl—woman—on the wagon seat beside him. She was holding her hat onto her head with one hand and clinging to the bench with the other, squinting ahead as if she was trying to see something more than the wheel ruts of the track and the acres of flat, featureless prairie.

His wife.

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The Mirror of Erised, a Frozen FanFic

Characters: Kristoff, Anna
Rating: K
WC: 3,180
Summary: A Harry Potter au, based off of this otpprompt: Your OTP goes to the Mirror of Erised once a year. Person A sees themselves as the Quidditch Captain, really popular, etc. Person B says they see themselves as head boy/girl with perfect grades. This is all the same until sixth year, where Person A sees Person B kissing them…

for jessica988

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TITLE: There’s a hero if you look inside your heart
AUTHOR: thegirl20
FANDOM: Once Upon a Time
PAIRING: Frozen Wolf (Ruby/Elsa)
SUMMARY: Ruby encounters a stranger at the edge of town.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own ‘em.
NOTES: Written for @magicsophicorn in the @rubyweek Exchange. Prompt was Trapped Together.

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Do you want to write a fan fic?
Do you want to write a fan fic?

Do you want to write a fan fic?

Come on, what do you say?

Please write one about my favourite ship, make my stomach flip, remember make them gay!

Please don’t write them as buddies… I need ‘not safe for work’, and please do not let them die!

Do you want to write a fan fic?

It doesn’t have to be a long fic…

Marks of the Future

1500 words

Kristanna, rated T

for Anna Weekend: Rain (just a little late)

Part 2 of Marks of the Past


The second time she saw the marks on Kristoff’s chest, it was because of rain. They were on a hillside far above the castle, and the morning had started with warm sun and cool breezes, the sky full of scudding clouds. Anna had sprawled on her back in the grass to watch them and idly pick out shapes. Kristoff sat beside her, leaning on his elbows. She was aware in a warm, secret way that he was watching her and not the clouds she pointed to, although she pretended not to notice and he pretended to see the sheep and ducks and foreign ambassadors she described in the sky, and Anna pretended the flush in her cheeks was from the sun.

It should have been easier to spend time alone together—ever since they’d been formally engaged, the castle seemed to be full of people eager to turn away with a wink—but that didn’t really help because there was just so much to do. Anna had woken up three times the night before, panicking about forgotten invitations or dresses that tore to shreds when she touched them. That morning she’d arrived at the breakfast table to find Kristoff waiting, with stern instructions to take her away from the castle for the entire day.

Anna let her eyes drift shut. The sun was warm on her face, and the breeze tickled the grass against her bare feet. She could fall asleep right there, with Kristoff watching over her, and be perfectly safe—

“I think it might rain.”

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Advent Calendar December 3rd- Little Kicks

                Kristoff’s grin was broad as he lay in bed beside his wife. His hands rested lightly on her swollen tummy as they talked lazily about their day. All was dark and quiet in Arendelle with most of its inhabitants having gone to bed hours ago. Tonight was an ordinary night for them, but an extraordinary magical one for the royal couple.

                “Elsa wouldn’t let me do anything today because of ‘my condition’.” Anna laughed, “She keeps calling it that and worrying over me like a mother hen. I know she means well, but I hate doing nothing and honestly I just have this weird feeling like I want to wash everything.”

                Kristoff chuckled in return, “You’re nesting Anna, and you know Elsa is just worried about you and the baby.”

                “I know, but I don’t know if I can take another four months like this.” Anna was currently twenty weeks into her pregnancy and thanks to her small frame it was rather easily noticeable.  From the moment that she had begun to show Elsa would not allow her to do single thing or even lift a finger. Anna, of course appreciated her sister’s love and care, but it was getting difficult to be so restricted in her life.

                “Want me to talk to her?” Kristoff asked as he leaned in to Anna’s face to kiss her forehead lightly. He and Elsa tended to have an open forum of communication when it came to Anna and the pair had an unspoken agreement to assist the red head in any way possible when they could. That was how their relationship worked, through similar personalities and a mutual love of Arendelle’s one and only Princess.

                She sighed softly and ran a hand through Kristoff’s messy blond hair, “No I think I can handle it. She thinks she’s helping and I don’t want to discourage her. After all despite the stress it’s probably put on her, this whole experience seems to be good for her.”

                Anna stretched out a bit, but didn’t move so much to shift Kristoff’s hand off her baby bump. She liked it when he rested his hand on her like that, it was comforting and relaxing. It reminded her that he was just as excited about their bun in the oven as she was.

                “If you say so.” He replied, yawning slightly in exhaustion. He had been working with the palace guards all day, assisting them with some trivial matter that was now required of him as the consort of the Princess of Arendelle, or more simply put, a Prince. He never imagined in a million years holding that title, and as such he never referred to himself as a Prince. Being someone who was raised in the mountains by trolls the entire thought of royal titles seemed far too pompous to him. He was simply Kristoff Bjorgman, an ice harvester who happened to fall in love with and marry a Princess. He had honestly given thought once or twice to the fact that if anyone had told him even two years ago that he would be married to the Princess of Arendelle and would be expecting a child with her, he would have laughed in their face and taken away the tankard of whatever they had been drinking. He would have never believed that he would be where he was today.

                “What do you think?” Anna said expectantly, pulling Kristoff out of his own thoughts.

                “About what?” He asked, missing the first part of whatever she had said due to his intent focus on his thought process.

                “About the name Sofia for a girl and Peter for a boy?”

                Kristoff mulled this over in his mind for a moment. “I like Peter, but maybe Emilie for a girl?” He smiled softly before adding, “I was told once that my mother’s name was Emilie.”

                Anna smiled for a moment, Kristoff had never mentioned that to her before. She was sure that it had merely slipped his mind or he had his reasons for not telling her about it at the time, but it brought a smile to Anna’s face to hear it. She knew Kristoff knew little to nothing of his parents except for the fact that they had passed on when he was very small. “Emilie is a beautiful name.”

                Kristoff nearly jumped a mile, seconds after Anna spoke. “Did you feel that?” He asked wide eyed and mouth agape.

                Anna smiled lightly, “I think someone likes their name.” The baby had kicked, Anna had thought she felt it lightly earlier, but with this being her first child she had been unsure. This time however it was obvious to her, and she was beyond happy that Kristoff had felt it too.

                “She… he… it kicked.” Kristoff said, in absolute awe, “Our baby kicked Anna.” She was excited, but he was more in awe than she was. In fact he was acting quite like a kid in a candy store. He rested his hands again on her tummy before shifting to kiss it.

                Anna smiled, “Elsa is going to freak out in the morning when I tell her.” After this she felt the need to add, “A good freak out that is. She’s been asking me for weeks if they baby has kicked yet. She’s been reading pregnancy and parenting books behind my back, I know it!”

                Kristoff laughed a bit, “I’m sure she’ll be absolutely thrilled.” He knew that he was at the very least.

                “Maybe I shouldn’t wait until morning.” Anna said, her happy smile suddenly transforming into a wicked grin. “Maybe I should go tell her right now.”

                Kristoff knew that this was some sort of evil payback on Anna’s part, waking her sister as vengeance for her helicopter sistering.  Yet despite this he did not attempt to talk her down. Usually he was the only thing standing between Anna and a ridiculous idea, but in this case he was standing aside, and was actually joining up to go with her. If Anna was happy, he was happy. And of course the snow queen would be annoyed at being awoken, but not for long when she realized the reason behind it.

                Anna hopped out of bed immediately after the idea hit her, “Let’s go!” She said as she headed for the door.

                “Maybe you’ll want to put on some clothes first?” Kristoff said to her just before she turned the door handle. He might be going along with her on this crazy scheme, but he still would be her voice of reason.

                After they were both adequately dressed the duo went off to awake the Queen and subsequently spent an hour in the library touching Anna’s tummy to feel the kicks of the little royal to be.

Just a Kiss, a Frozen FanFic

Characters: Kristoff, Anna
Rating: M (for references to alcohol and sexual activities)
WC: 1,173
Summary: “All she knew was that one minute they were on a couch in some seedy fraternity room and the next they were in her dorm, rolling around in her sheets and going at it like rabbits. ” - Anna and Kristoff share a one-night stand, but was it really nothing more than a few drunken kisses?
(Prompt #7 for the 12 Days of Kristanna).

A/N: Yes, I know this is a day late but I was extremely busy this weekend forgive me. 

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Thaw the Frozen Beast - A Kristanna AU

Pairing: Kristanna (who else?)
Alternate Universe: Beauty & the Beast
Role Placement: Anna - Belle | Kristoff - the Prince/Beast | Elsa - Papa | Hans - Gaston | Duke of Weselton - Asylum Dude | With Birger guest starring as the face of the Beast.
Summary: Anna is just a young girl living in a small, boring little village. But when her sister goes on a trip and doesn’t come back, it’s up to Anna to find her. While Anna is expecting to save her sister, there’s someone else who needs her even more.
Even if neither of them know it yet.
Author’s Note: Okay, so I’ve had this in mind for a few days now, ever since I watched B&TB again. I always tend to make my #1 Favorite Disney Movie of All Time (you’re a threat, Frozen, but I’ve got a soft spot for this movie) into AUs of other stuff I love. So, when I heard the call for more Kristanna AUs, I knew my idea had to become a thing! FOR KRISTANNA!!! Besides, I’ve been immersed in Kristanna and yet have barely contributed diddly squat. Well, here’s to contributing to the Kristanna society! XD
I’ll admit, I had an interesting time making Kristoff’s gruff first impression into something worth getting cursed for. I think I did okay…now let’s see how everything else goes.


A long time ago, there was a Prince who ruled a grand castle in France. While he treated his servants fairly, outsiders were not met with such by the prince. Gruff and cold, most all who came to meet the prince were met unfavorably. Stories would exaggerate his character, but indifference met them, only fueling more exaggerations and rumors.

The prince had been wronged too many times in the past, and it had vastly ruined his opinion on anyone not of his castle.

Then, one cold winter’s night, an old woman came to the castle seeking shelter, offering only a rose in compensation. The prince, tired and ill-tempered, turned the woman away, irritably telling her to seek out the nearby village instead. The woman warned him not to let his prejudices cloud his mind.

The prince turned her away once more, apologizing, but only half-heartedly.

Disappointed by the prince’s failure to let go of the past, the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. Shocked by this, and realizing the mistake he’d made, the prince tried to apologize. But sadly, it was too late, for the enchantress saw that he was too stubborn to let it go. As punishment, she transformed him into a cold beast with an icy appearance to match his own, frozen heart.

This curse spread to the castle and its inhabitants, revealing to the prince his prejudices affected more than just himself. The castle grew cold, its stones lost color, and frost covered much. Even when the warm seasons came, the icy cold now gripping the castle and all inside resisted. The inhabitants became like wolves, covered in gray fur and bearing tails and claws. Angered by the mistake he’d made, the prince locked himself away.

The rose the enchantress had brought was truly an enchanted rose. Tied to the curse, it would bloom until the prince’s 21st year. If he could not break his prejudices and find love, and earn that woman’s unbiased love in return; he would be doomed to remain a cold beast forever. Years went by, and the prince fell into despair.

For who could ever learn to love a frozen hearted beast…?

The Ice Palace - a Kristanna week fic

I wrote a thing! And now I will go to BED

The Ice Palace
rated G
words: 2119
Prompt: Kiss/Fairytale

Arendelle – 1945

It had haunted his dreams for as long as he could remember—the ice palace, glittering on the mountain peak like a jeweled crown. Mysterious. Ancient.

Many people said that it didn’t exist. It was a legend, they said. A folk tale meant to explain the unusual weather, a cautionary story to warn climbers off of the treacherous crags. There was no proof, people said. No photographic equipment had ever survived the altitude—no planes could navigate the dangerous winds that whipped around the mountain and kept it perpetually shrouded in dark, stormy clouds.

There was no ice palace, they said. Nothing but a story for children.

Kristoff knew better.

After all, they said the same thing about trolls.

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Avent Calendar December 12th- Hot Spring (A Continuation of Surprise)

Okay so this is a continuation of the previos story “Surprise”. WARNING: This contains mature content (sex), so reader discretion is advised.

                Anna’s eyes shot to her side just enough that without turning her head she could see the brown fabric of Kristoff’s trousers lying beside her. She knew that he was bare, and as much as she wanted to look she forced herself to wait. Also she was forced to wait as she was rather frozen with the shock of what had just happened. She was curious, albeit a bit nervous. She had seen him naked before, but only in the darkness of the cabin, with no candles or lanterns lit, but rather only the starlight through a small window illuminating his bareness.

                Kristoff walked towards Anna, bare and proud. He never had any worries about his body. He had no issue with his image. He was natural, just like the rock that surrounded him, and knowing already that Anna loved him, that they were wed and she would have no objections to his nakedness, he walked towards the warm clear water of the hot spring.

                Anna saw him as he approached the water, her cheeks flared red and hot as flames as she caught his figure in the light. He was perfect, but not the kind of perfect that she read about in books or heard about in hushed giggles and whispers from young maids, rather he was her kind of perfect. He was broad and muscular, but not overly toned. He was the kind of muscular that a man got by working hard long days and eating a steak and potatoes diet, not the lean and trim muscular one got from practicing fencing in the court yard every day. She grinned like an idiot as her eyes wandered over his chest and stomach, but as he got into the water it was his back that faced her. It was just as strong and muscular as his chest and stomach, as were his broad shoulders and arms. Her eyes darted to the scars down his back that she had never asked about, and down to the curve of his ass. At this point she was of course tomato red, wondering why on earth she hadn’t taken more time previously to explore his physique.

                Kristoff watched Anna’s blush as he passed her, but did not turn to face her fully until he was about chest deep in the water. This was the deepest point of the spring, towards its center, and he sighed as the water covered him on every surface below his bare shoulders. With a sound of splashing water he lifted his right arm and smiled, flexing a finger for her to come join him. He wanted to see her, he wanted to see everything he had missed in the dark.

                Anna, still red watched as Kristoff beckoned her, she knew that he held zero judgment for her but still there was some innate self-conscious shyness left inside her. That maybe in the light of day the freckles on her chest were too bold, that he wouldn’t like the thumb sized birthmark on her lower back. Maybe her chest was too small, her hips too broad, or maybe she had missed a few hairs shaving that, being red, would certainly catch enough light to be noticeable. She took a deep breath and looked at her husband again. She could do this. She could do this for him.

                Kristoff watched as Anna nervously unbuttoned the shirt she wore, which was his, and as her fingers fumbled to undo each button Kristoff stepped towards her. She was still seated on the water’s edge, legs in the water, and as he stepped to where she was the shallower water only covered him to just below his stomach. The breeze, though warm, was cooler than the water and chilled him slightly, but it was worth it.

                He reached out his hands to her, putting them atop hers while looking her in the eyes. “May I?” He asked, ensuring she answered before he did anything. He was big on getting her consent for such acts. He never wanted her to feel as if she were being forced into anything.

                Anna struggled to find her voice. His fingers were rough and wet on hers, and just the slight touch, while looking at him nude was enough to drive her wild. “You may.” She said softly, almost inaudibly as she looked down his stomach. Water was beaded on him and was running from just below his shoulders back to the water below from whence it came. Following one rogue drop from his collarbone she followed in down his stomach, to his belly button, and the trail of dark blonde hair below it, leading to something she knew was there, something obscured by the rippling water.

                Kristoff worked slowly, letting her say no if she wanted to, while undoing each button. Her hands fell away from the pursuit herself and to the  damp strong shoulders before her. She braced herself on him, feeling his warmth and massaging his shoulders with her fingers as he used his to undress her.

                Anna made a soft, happy noise as Kristoff’s fingers brushed against her skin. He hadn’t meant to touch her quite yet, but just the light, unplanned touch was making her feel things, warm things that felt like shivers. She remembered the last time he had made her feel that way, and Kristoff watched as the blush that was already on her cheeks spread to her corseted chest. Just watching her react to him was causing the same feeling in Kristoff. He felt warm and he knew that he was blushing like her, perhaps less so, but he was. He was also beginning to feel something occur that was rather different yet akin to the heat he felt.

                As he finished unbuttoning her shirt, his hands fell away and her hands released his shoulders. Something inside Anna had begun then to feel much more confident, and she pulled her legs from the water in order to stand up on the rocks and finish the process. He had handled her so gingerly, and with such care that she no longer was worried about baring herself before him. Without thinking much about it she slowly removed her shirt and let it fall atop a nearby rock. Then she reached behind herself to tug at the lacing of the corset she was wearing. It was white, with equally pale lace around the top, showing further just how red her blush was. She did not care however. She simply wanted it off, but not so badly that she undid it quickly. Something in her wanted to give him a show, to let him watch her undress completely, she wanted to see in his eyes exactly how he felt as each layer fell away.

                Kristoff saw the lacing of her corset come undone, and then watched her slowly but surely unclasp the front. Her fingers weren’t shaking now, and he could see that she was not scared anymore. He would have sighed in relief from that point, he always wanted her to feel comfortable around him, but at the moment he was too busy watching fabric fall away from her body to explore his feelings of relief.

                The last thing to go was her trousers, which Kristoff noted with pleasure was the only thing separating his eyes and her ass. He smiled as his eyes wandered over her skin. She was pale as snow, and he was pleased to see the freckles that he had loved so on her face extended on past that. He saw every inch of her skin, every hair, every birthmark, and he loved it. She was so perfect in his eyes, like a red haired angel. He could not believe his luck that he had married her, and as he extended his hand, once more, to help her into the water, he found himself even luckier than he had thought even seconds before.

                Anna walked back towards him, and in only a few steps forward she reached up to completely unpin her hair. It fell around her shoulders in waves of sunset, and as she tucked a piece of it behind her ear, she knew that this was what she wanted. She wanted him, here and now in the light of the sun, in the warmth of water. She had never imagined herself as the overly adventurous sort when it came to love let alone making love, but with Kristoff she would adventure anywhere.

                He helped her into the water gently and embraced her as soon as she entered. She was warm, even in the warmth of the water, and touching her damp and completely bare skin caused his already hardened manhood to respond with a jerk. He knew by the look in her eyes that she had felt it against her, but she did not seem displeased and as such neither was he. Wrapping his arms around her completely and protectively he brought her to the deepest part of the spring. It would have been just over her head if he had not lifted her slightly, body made buoyant and even easier to lift than usual by the water. It was there that he kissed her, softly but passionately upon her lips. She, arms around his shoulders, responded by wrapping her legs around him tightly, and moving one hand up to tousle his slightly dampened hair.

                “Anna.” He breathed as the kiss broke, more quickly than he had anticipated. “Do you…” He couldn’t find the words he wanted. It was called so many different things, sex, love making, fucking. But none quite fit for what he wanted. Making love was the closest, but it still was not what he wanted to say.

                “Be with you?” She asked. Knowing that he meant it in a sexual way. Her answer was of course yes, but she needed them both to be on the same page. She respected him as equally as he respected her.

                Kristoff nodded, that terminology seemed to fit well for what he was asking. Of course he knew that she wanted to be with him, they had wed for that purpose, but to ask it in that manner it was the perfect way to ask if she wanted to be with him in that moment, completely, biologically and in such a soul joining way.

                Anna kissed his cheek and ran a hand through her own wet hair before replying. “Yes, right now more than anything.”

                Kristoff smiled again, kissing her hard while moving to slightly shallower water. He was ready, as was she.  While they were still mostly under water Kristoff ran his now free hands over Anna’s legs. They were tightly wrapped around him, but it didn’t stop him from running his hands all over them. They were smooth and soft beneath his calloused fingers and as his hands reached from the back of her thighs around to the curve of her perfect ass he heard her moan lightly. Again, she was ready.

                Not necessarily having much sexual experience himself Kristoff cupped Anna’s ass and lowered her on his body slightly out of instinct, Anna letting her nature drive her as well wrapped her arms again around his shoulders, understanding fully what they were about to do.

                Kristoff touched her beneath the water in her most private place. Everything he did with her and she with him was slow and deliberate for a multitude of reasons, but three were the most important. One because they wanted to ensure the other could say no, two because they were still somewhat new to exploring themselves and each other, and three because they wanted to make the moment last between them. They wouldn’t have this sort of freedom back in Arendelle and neither wanted to waste a single feeling, a single moment of touch before they had to return.

                Anna, moaning out in the pleasure of his touch, reached a hand down to make him feel the same. Her slender fingers wrapped around his manhood lightly, to which he replied by letting out a throaty moan in return. Being so tight to him and in the water she felt the vibration of his chest travel through her, and liking the way it felt, she continued touching him as he touched her until a point at which she could no longer take the need that was consuming her, the need to have him inside her, the need to be with him completely.

                Kristoff felt the same way and as Anna’s hand released him, he withdrew his digits from her. “Are you ready?” He asked his voice deep and husky.

                Anna, replacing her hands on his shoulder as he returned his on her ass, tucked her head into his neck to further their closeness before murmuring a soft, but meaningful “Please.” Into his skin.

                Kristoff, smiling at her and loving the feeling of her against his skin maneuvered her, with her assistance so that he could push himself inside of her.

                The first thrust had Anna already feeling things she had never before imagined. Having him inside her beneath the warm crystal waters of the hot spring was something entirely different than having him inside her in bed. “Kris!” She shouted, lifting her face from his neck, “Mmmm, stay like that, please, just for a minute.”

                He did as she asked, enjoying the feeling of her tightening around him as she began to roll her hips on his, grinding into him, feeling the way his cock felt within her at different angles. He could have finished by her just doing that, but he knew they both wanted more. He let her take the reins though. They were both practically weightless within the water, but that just  meant he was nearly toppled by her as she unexpectedly began to thrust her hips. “Uhhh.” He moaned, “Anna!” She would be his undoing. He knew that from the moment he first felt feelings for her, but now that they were wed and doing such incredible things together he knew it was true, and he loved every moment of it.

                Taking her lead Kristoff began to thrust in and out of his red haired love, the water making it surprisingly easy, but waving, rippling, and splashing around them as they did so. They worked together, as both of their stubbornness wouldn’t allow one or the other to do all the work. However it was hardly a bad thing, it was like singing a duet, and they made the most beautiful music together. Their movements after a few moments were entirely in sync, and their moans and pants were only interrupted by Anna’s occasional joyous laughter.

                She had laughed before when they had made love, it was a joyous noise, not a judgmental one, and Kristoff was not sure if he had ever heard anything more beautiful, expect perhaps when she got close and began to whimper his name from her mouth.

                “Kris!” She said again, this time of higher pitch due to her need and their motion. “Kris please… I’m so… I’m so…”

                “I know.” He said, going as hard as he could, “Me too.” He wasn’t sure how long he could continue to hold back, but one thing was for damn sure. Even if she didn’t finish before he did, he would do everything in his power, tired or not, to see her pleased.

                “I’m gonna.” She moaned, but he already knew, he could feel it.

                “Anna!” He groaned as he released with her. It felt to right, and as she moaned out his name they together entered a state of euphoria and pleasure the likes of which neither had experienced before.

                Anna, still mildly coherent wondered to herself if sex was the sort of thing that got better with practice. She certainly hoped so, seeing their improvement from last time she could hardly wait to try again. They stayed together, completely and utterly even as the feeling subsided. Anna could hardly bear it as he pulled himself from her, she loved the closeness, the way it felt to be completely his and have him be completely hers.

                Despite how tired he felt, Kristoff scooped Anna up in his arms so that she was floating in the water yet was wrapped in his strong arms. She looked like a goddess in her post coital glow with light streaming upon her, the few flowers that had still been in her hair floating off around her. Kristoff remembered old stories of pixies and nymphs who would take the shape of beautiful women to trick men into trading their souls for their love. He lifted Anna slightly, kissing her forehead gently. He would give her his heart and soul any day, in fact if she ever wanted them he would tell her that they were already hers, that they had been from the moment she had tried to climb a mountain herself.

                Anna looked at Kristoff with admiration in her eyes, and saw it reflected back in his. She teared up a little, but smiled at him beautifully. She felt like crying, though she wasn’t sure why. He was perfect, and she loved him, she always had and always would. He saw her for who she was, not for any title or rank or any other unimportant thing. She knew that he was a godsend, and as his lips touched her forehead she began to silently cry, still smiling at him.

                As Kristoff lowered Anna once more he noted the tears in her eyes but he did not need to ask why they were there, she was smiling and he knew that she would tell him if anything were wrong. He knew exactly what she was feeling and teared up a bit as well, walking to a place within the water that he could sit down, but still hold her tight. “I love you.” He said calmly, softly, and with all the meaning he could ever put into words. “I love you today, I love you tomorrow, I love you always.”

                Anna watched as he teared up as well. And laughed softly, “I love you too Kristoff. You’re my everything.”

                Once the soreness had subsided for them both, they left the water for dry land, neither replaced their pants, but only their shirts, lying beside each other atop their remaining clothes in the lush grass, watching clouds with hands clasped.

Sorry couldn’t help myself, I read through the cosmo site today and had a little bit too much fun with this, haha. Hope you guys enjoyed it, sorry if it wasn’t really what you were expecting.

Restart, a Frozen FanFic

Characters: Kristoff, Anna
Rating: T (to be safe for very minor language)
WC: 1,917
Summary:“But honestly, after his best friend had completely ditched him, he was just fine being alone, in his pajamas, surrounded by crumpled candy cane wrappers, a gallon-sized tin of caramel popcorn, and half-empty mugs of eggnog.”-  It’s Christmas Eve, but what starts off as a night alone may turn into something more. 

A/N: So this is for Prompt #3 of the 12 Days of Kristanna: New Beginnings. It’s very loosely tied to the prompt, but I wanted to something different than all the pregnancy stuff I’ve seen today. It’s also somewhat a sequel to The Next Level, though you don’t have to read that to read this. This goes out to picture-of-sophisticated-grace because I know she’s been wanting this for awhile. Enjoy!

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Cookies & Cream - a Kristanna Harvest Fest Fic

I come bearing a fluffy coffeeshop AU! Hopefully this will compensate for the pain I caused yesterday (and I really am very, sincerely sorry to anyone who found that fic upsetting, if you usually read my stuff and needed to skip it I totally understand <3). I promise that this is pure fluff! 

This is another story that started life as an anonymous inbox fic but was never finished, and it’s dedicated to @snowfjord​! I kept meaning to come back to it, but it never happened, and I meant to try to finish it as a regular fic for you birthday, and THAT never happened, but here it is now and happy belated birthday! I hope it’s worth the wait <3

The incredible @sargar3000​ contributed the beautiful artwork, because she is amazing <3 <3 <3 Please heap praise upon her!

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Rated G
  • Words: 5031
  • Prompt: Rain
  • Art by @sargar3000

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Miss Arendal (Nursery Teacher AU) Chapter 1

So this is the AU I randomly came up with this evening. I hope everyone enjoys it and please let me know what you think! I am from the UK by the way and this is all based on a nursery I worked in last year. It was connected to a school.

Words: 1560
Rating: T (eventually)
Nursery Teacher AU. Anna is a newly qualified nursery teacher in a British school. When one of the children in her class starts acting up, it leads to a chance encounter with the child’s adoptive older brother.


“Okay kids, remember, toys must go back once you’ve finished playing with them. We don’t want a repeat of yesterday!”

“Yes Miss Arendal” the class replied, jumping to their feet and scurrying off.

Anna couldn’t deny she was exhausted. She had been up until the early hours of the morning finishing a policy document for her nursery class. Being newly qualified was hard, she decided, she wasn’t as practiced at this than other teachers. Gerda, the classroom assistant had been here for years. She sympathised with Anna more so than the other teachers who simply waved a hand and said “You’ll learn”.

“Here, Anna” Gerda said, approaching her at that moment with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

“Mmm, thanks Gerda!” Anna said taking a sip and sitting back in her chair, watching her class at free play before yawning widely.

“Were you up all night with that blasted paperwork again?”

“Only until two this time!” Anna told her.

“Still far too long” Gerda said “How did you even manage to get up this morning?”

“My sister”

Elsa had woken her up bright and early with pancakes before hurrying out to work herself. She really owed her sister an awful lot. Letting her move in with her after university like that was sweet enough but she always made sure Anna was fed and watered before she left the house and when she came home too.

“She’s a good one that sister of yours” Gerda told her.

“I know, I wish she wouldn’t work herself too hard”

“What is it she does?”

“She’s a graphic designer. Currently she’s working on the new shopping centre in town. It’s a lot of work for her and…”

“AHHHHHH” A tiny voice squealed across the room from the dressing up corner.

Anna jumped up to see Lizzie screeching at the top of her lungs, a police helmet clutched under her left arm and Sven’s teeth clamped around her right.

“SVEN! STOP THAT AT ONCE!” Gerda cried as she and Anna hurried over. Gerda took hold of Lizzie and took her to the toilets to dry her eyes while Anna grabbed Sven’s hand and led him over to sit on the carpet while she knelt in front of him. It wasn’t the first time he’d been in trouble. She’d only been here two months and he was the first name she learnt in her class, mainly from having to shout it at the top of her lungs across the classroom after he had snatched from, bitten, hit or kicked another of his classmates.

“Sven” Anna sighed “We talked about the biting last week. It’s not nice.”

Sven glared at the floor, his face screwed up and brown hair falling into his face so Anna couldn’t see him. Anna slumped, laying on her front and looked up at Sven from the floor so she could see him. He smiled slightly at his teacher before remembering that he was supposed to be angry and he shuffled away from her slightly

“Why did you bite her?” Anna asked, moving again so she was looking up at him.

“She said I wasn’t allowed to play the policeman game”

“That’s not really a great reason to bite her, Pal” Anna said.

“She said it was because her daddy’s a policeman and I don’t have a real daddy so I couldn’t play”

“Ah” Anna said, sitting up. She still wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with this problem. Sven had recently been adopted in the summer by a local family after ending up in the foster system as a baby. She thought for a moment, looking down at the tiny three year old in front of her, sat cross legged and staring so hard at the floor that he was in danger of burning a hole into the carpet, and decided to give him the truth.

“You know, Sven, I don’t have a daddy either”

Sven looked up at her then.

“Why?” he asked

“Well, he died when I was little. I just had my sister. It was hard sometimes but we never bit people” Anna told him, feeling a dull twinge in her chest as she looked into the little boys eyes and saw the same look of confusion and anger that had been present in her eyes for so many of her teenage years. She pulled him into her lap and he cuddled into her as she gave him a big hug.

“But you need to remember Bulda and Cliff love you so very much and they’re going to look after you, just like they have with all your new brothers and sisters”

Sven didn’t reply, just clutched to Anna. She lifted him and carried him back to her seat where they sat in silence as she held him close.

“You know” she whispered after a while “I am going to have to tell Bulda about this. We made that deal after you bit James”

“She’s not picking me up” he told her “my brother is”

“Okay well I’ll have to mention it to him, alright?”

Sven shrugged against her shoulder and was quiet again until it was time for dinner.

“What did Sven say?” Gerda asked when the class had been dismissed for lunch.

“I think he’s struggling with the adoption” Anna said.

“The poor mite” Gerda sighed “he needs to stop the biting though”

“I know; I’m going to mention it to his brother when he picks him up this afternoon”.

She couldn’t be certain but it sounded like Gerda chuckled.

Home time came soon enough and the children gathered their coats. Parents were already waiting in the playground so Anna opened the door and began dismissing her class.

“Sven, will you please tell your brother I need to speak with him before you go?”

Sven nodded and hurried out into the sea of grown-ups. The final members of the class filed out and Anna turned back to pick up some dropped wellington boots when there was a voice behind her.

“Miss Arendal? Sven said you wanted to speak to me?”

Anna stood straight and turned to face the voice coming from the doorway. She froze and gazed up at the tall, muscular blonde, holding a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack and the hand of tiny little Sven. His black tee shirt was tight and outlined an impressive chest and his jeans were low enough that the waist band of his boxer shorts was just visible. His blonde hair fell into large, chocolate coloured eyes which stared back in to her own blue ones. She continued to stare at those eyes and began to feel as though she was floating.

“Miss Arendal?” he asked again, frowning slightly.

“Mmm? Oh! Yes! I, um, yes” she stammered, blushing furiously “It’s about Sven. We caught him biting again today. We’ve given him plenty of chances, but I did say last time I would have to report home if it happened again”

The blonde’s eyebrows furrowed and he sighed, before crouching to look Sven in the eye.

“Is this true, buddy?” he asked.

Sven nodded, looking at the floor again.

“We talked about this after you bit Melody in the garden, it can’t happen. I think you need to apologise to Miss Arendal, she doesn’t need to deal with you biting people; she already has a lot to do”

“I’m sorry Miss Arendal” Sven mumbled.

“It’s okay, sweetheart” Anna said crouching too “but will you promise no more biting?”

“Yes” Sven replied.

“Good” she said

“Okay, bud, do you wanna head to the car? Your sisters already waiting for you”

Sven hurried off without another word leaving Anna alone with the blonde.

“I’m really sorry about this” the blonde said “he’s just taking some time to settle, his last place was pretty rough”

“I totally understand” Anna told him.

“He doesn’t really listen to my parents at the minute. He’s still testing them. He seems to be doing okay with me though. Actually…” the blonde fished in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a crumpled receipt, smoothing it out slightly before picking up a red crayon from the side and scrawling on the scrap of paper “this is my number. I know you have my parent’s number on the contact sheet but I’m working nearby at the minute so if you have any problems during the day, give me a ring and I’ll come and talk to him”

“Thank you” Anna said, taking the paper and trying not to drown in those brown eyes again.

“Well I’d better get him home”

“Of course”

“I’ll see you around Miss Arendal”

“Anna” she blurted before she could stop herself.

He smiled slightly and her stomach did a backflip. She felt her cheeks glowing and wished there was a human shape hole in the floor she could step in to and disappear.

“I’m Kristoff” he told her “well, see you!”

He left and Anna remained stood staring at the doorway for another five minutes before Gerda entered.

“Anna? Are you okay?” she asked, snapping Anna from her trance.

“Yes, I’m fine. I, uh, just talked to Sven’s brother”

“I’m guessing by that expression it was the blonde”

Anna nodded.

“You might want to splash your face with cold water, girl. I can feel the heat all the way over here” Gerda laughed.