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“I can show you the world,
shining, shimmering, splendid,
tell me, my queen, now when did 
you last let your heart decide?
I can open your eyes,
take you wonder by wonder,
over, sideways and under
on an icy dragon ride”

Scene from chapter 9 of “In the service of the Queen” by wolfspirit93, if you read it, then you know that Aladdin song is perfect, although with some changesahahaha!!!  

Coloured!!!! Aaaaaaaawwww I am so proud!!!! All those damned houses, they took me two hours!!! But in the end I enjoy doing backgrounds XD and no, Frost does not have that medal on the collar, I put it in a moment of madness uahahahahahaah!!!!

Why on the Earth I always have to ruin my life with the details on Elsa’s dresses?! XD

For the Weary, a Kristanna fic (with bonus Ice Bros)

It’s a bit silly and not at all worthy of her, but this is for upthenorthmountain who actually remembered my half birthday and gave me a present, because she is the sweetest and best person ever <3

For the Weary

Rating: G

Pairing: Kristanna (with bonus Ice Bros)

Words: 2110

“Princess Anna was in the ballroom just a moment ago—”

“I’m sorry, she was here, but then she went to check on the queen in her study—”

“…they just left not a minute before you arrived, I believe there was something about a dress fitting—”

“Have you checked the kitchens? I saw her going that way—”

“No, I haven’t seen her, but when you find her would you please remind her highness that she needs to consult with the florist at her earliest convenience?”


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ItsotQ: the dragon knight of Arendelle

I swear, Elsa’s magenta cape is much brighter than this and I really don’t know why the scanner doesn’t catch the right shade, bloody hell! Anyway, today I coloured all and I’m very happy with the result, especially the shading on the metal and the ice blade of Winter’s Sting, oh yeah!!! 

markers and pastels on paper

Endure and Survive, Epilogue

Rating: M
WC: 1242
Pairings: Kristanna
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Horror
Summary: The world as we know it was lost 13 years ago, thanks to a cordyceps virus that turns humans into the deadly infected. Anna Bell and her sister Elsa have taken refuge in the city’s quarantine zone, where rations are scarce and executions of suspected infected run high. When the sisters meet Kristoff Bjorgman, a fellow survivor with plans of escaping and finding a cure, they must choose to stay in the zone, or risk it all in hopes of finding the one thing to ensure their survival. A Last of Us/Frozen crossover.
Also on: {} {AO3}
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Abuse and Abusive Themes in r9kElsa Is Suffering

It has not been easy to write this.

Not just because of’s delightfully arcane restrictions on copying and pasting.

My soul feels lighter though.

My first impression of r9kElsa Is Suffering – an incestuous AU slashfic of Frozen – accompanied a sincere heart-wrenching feeling. The first chapter reads like a boxing glove to the face; the “wanna build a snowman” of modern lonely shut-ins. It spoke to me. It’s a bit much to unpack all at once, and so I haven’t written anything like a comprehensive review or analysis. Instead, I am interested in writing some about the unspoken assumptions, and the themes of abuse in r9kElsa Is Suffering, henceforth shortened to “the fanfic,” or some variation thereof, as the mood strikes me.

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Breathe, a Frozen Kristanna fic

Good grief, after living nicely in my head for a week, as soon as I started to write this fic fought me tooth and nail. It just took me nine hours to write 2018 words o_O (granted, with various interruptions, but still. Tooth and nail). 

I really wanted to write something for the last day of Anna Week, and I actually tried to put this fic off and write something else because I didn’t think this one was Anna-centric enough–it focuses primarily on Kristoff, and a little on Elsa–but even though the story was fighting me, my brain refused to produce any concepts for a different one. So I stuck with it (possibly out of sheer cussedness). 

In the end, though, I think it really is Anna-centric, because it’s a story all about how important she is to the people who love her. And it conveniently matches the Day 7 Anna Prompt: 'Someone out there who loves you.’

Characters: Anna, Kristoff, Elsa

Rating: T

Title: Breathe

The scream that woke him wasn’t loud—it was small, hoarse, half-strangled—but it brought him out of bed, on his feet and in the hallway, hatchet in hand, before he was truly awake.

Kristoff had spent most of his life in the mountains, in the open. He’d gotten used to sleeping with his ears open, listening for danger, for the sound of bandits, the sound of wolves, the sound of Sven sneaking into the carrot supply. None of those were problems that he faced in the castle, but a part of him was still always alert. Always listening. For Anna.

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A commissioned portrait of Queen Elsa I of Arendelle and High King of the Norse, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, based on the fan-fiction, Of State.

This one took a while, but I also had a lot of fun with the opportunity to do a commissioned painting. 

As far as the pairing fandom goes, I tend to avoid it, lol. But, in this case, I’m enjoying the direction that my commissioner, Dane, is going for with the narrative in his fan-fiction. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Dane was also gracious enough to give me a testimonial to go with his commission. Thanks mate! 

This is the first time I’ve commissioned artwork for a fanfic and I hope that any future transactions go as well as this one did. Charles Tan is an utter professional and brilliant artist. I am very proud to have his work meet mine in this instance and I only hope the writing can stand beside the drawing.


Miss Arendal (Nursery Teacher AU) Chapter 1

So this is the AU I randomly came up with this evening. I hope everyone enjoys it and please let me know what you think! I am from the UK by the way and this is all based on a nursery I worked in last year. It was connected to a school.

Words: 1560
Rating: T (eventually)
Nursery Teacher AU. Anna is a newly qualified nursery teacher in a British school. When one of the children in her class starts acting up, it leads to a chance encounter with the child’s adoptive older brother.


“Okay kids, remember, toys must go back once you’ve finished playing with them. We don’t want a repeat of yesterday!”

“Yes Miss Arendal” the class replied, jumping to their feet and scurrying off.

Anna couldn’t deny she was exhausted. She had been up until the early hours of the morning finishing a policy document for her nursery class. Being newly qualified was hard, she decided, she wasn’t as practiced at this than other teachers. Gerda, the classroom assistant had been here for years. She sympathised with Anna more so than the other teachers who simply waved a hand and said “You’ll learn”.

“Here, Anna” Gerda said, approaching her at that moment with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

“Mmm, thanks Gerda!” Anna said taking a sip and sitting back in her chair, watching her class at free play before yawning widely.

“Were you up all night with that blasted paperwork again?”

“Only until two this time!” Anna told her.

“Still far too long” Gerda said “How did you even manage to get up this morning?”

“My sister”

Elsa had woken her up bright and early with pancakes before hurrying out to work herself. She really owed her sister an awful lot. Letting her move in with her after university like that was sweet enough but she always made sure Anna was fed and watered before she left the house and when she came home too.

“She’s a good one that sister of yours” Gerda told her.

“I know, I wish she wouldn’t work herself too hard”

“What is it she does?”

“She’s a graphic designer. Currently she’s working on the new shopping centre in town. It’s a lot of work for her and…”

“AHHHHHH” A tiny voice squealed across the room from the dressing up corner.

Anna jumped up to see Lizzie screeching at the top of her lungs, a police helmet clutched under her left arm and Sven’s teeth clamped around her right.

“SVEN! STOP THAT AT ONCE!” Gerda cried as she and Anna hurried over. Gerda took hold of Lizzie and took her to the toilets to dry her eyes while Anna grabbed Sven’s hand and led him over to sit on the carpet while she knelt in front of him. It wasn’t the first time he’d been in trouble. She’d only been here two months and he was the first name she learnt in her class, mainly from having to shout it at the top of her lungs across the classroom after he had snatched from, bitten, hit or kicked another of his classmates.

“Sven” Anna sighed “We talked about the biting last week. It’s not nice.”

Sven glared at the floor, his face screwed up and brown hair falling into his face so Anna couldn’t see him. Anna slumped, laying on her front and looked up at Sven from the floor so she could see him. He smiled slightly at his teacher before remembering that he was supposed to be angry and he shuffled away from her slightly

“Why did you bite her?” Anna asked, moving again so she was looking up at him.

“She said I wasn’t allowed to play the policeman game”

“That’s not really a great reason to bite her, Pal” Anna said.

“She said it was because her daddy’s a policeman and I don’t have a real daddy so I couldn’t play”

“Ah” Anna said, sitting up. She still wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with this problem. Sven had recently been adopted in the summer by a local family after ending up in the foster system as a baby. She thought for a moment, looking down at the tiny three year old in front of her, sat cross legged and staring so hard at the floor that he was in danger of burning a hole into the carpet, and decided to give him the truth.

“You know, Sven, I don’t have a daddy either”

Sven looked up at her then.

“Why?” he asked

“Well, he died when I was little. I just had my sister. It was hard sometimes but we never bit people” Anna told him, feeling a dull twinge in her chest as she looked into the little boys eyes and saw the same look of confusion and anger that had been present in her eyes for so many of her teenage years. She pulled him into her lap and he cuddled into her as she gave him a big hug.

“But you need to remember Bulda and Cliff love you so very much and they’re going to look after you, just like they have with all your new brothers and sisters”

Sven didn’t reply, just clutched to Anna. She lifted him and carried him back to her seat where they sat in silence as she held him close.

“You know” she whispered after a while “I am going to have to tell Bulda about this. We made that deal after you bit James”

“She’s not picking me up” he told her “my brother is”

“Okay well I’ll have to mention it to him, alright?”

Sven shrugged against her shoulder and was quiet again until it was time for dinner.

“What did Sven say?” Gerda asked when the class had been dismissed for lunch.

“I think he’s struggling with the adoption” Anna said.

“The poor mite” Gerda sighed “he needs to stop the biting though”

“I know; I’m going to mention it to his brother when he picks him up this afternoon”.

She couldn’t be certain but it sounded like Gerda chuckled.

Home time came soon enough and the children gathered their coats. Parents were already waiting in the playground so Anna opened the door and began dismissing her class.

“Sven, will you please tell your brother I need to speak with him before you go?”

Sven nodded and hurried out into the sea of grown-ups. The final members of the class filed out and Anna turned back to pick up some dropped wellington boots when there was a voice behind her.

“Miss Arendal? Sven said you wanted to speak to me?”

Anna stood straight and turned to face the voice coming from the doorway. She froze and gazed up at the tall, muscular blonde, holding a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack and the hand of tiny little Sven. His black tee shirt was tight and outlined an impressive chest and his jeans were low enough that the waist band of his boxer shorts was just visible. His blonde hair fell into large, chocolate coloured eyes which stared back in to her own blue ones. She continued to stare at those eyes and began to feel as though she was floating.

“Miss Arendal?” he asked again, frowning slightly.

“Mmm? Oh! Yes! I, um, yes” she stammered, blushing furiously “It’s about Sven. We caught him biting again today. We’ve given him plenty of chances, but I did say last time I would have to report home if it happened again”

The blonde’s eyebrows furrowed and he sighed, before crouching to look Sven in the eye.

“Is this true, buddy?” he asked.

Sven nodded, looking at the floor again.

“We talked about this after you bit Melody in the garden, it can’t happen. I think you need to apologise to Miss Arendal, she doesn’t need to deal with you biting people; she already has a lot to do”

“I’m sorry Miss Arendal” Sven mumbled.

“It’s okay, sweetheart” Anna said crouching too “but will you promise no more biting?”

“Yes” Sven replied.

“Good” she said

“Okay, bud, do you wanna head to the car? Your sisters already waiting for you”

Sven hurried off without another word leaving Anna alone with the blonde.

“I’m really sorry about this” the blonde said “he’s just taking some time to settle, his last place was pretty rough”

“I totally understand” Anna told him.

“He doesn’t really listen to my parents at the minute. He’s still testing them. He seems to be doing okay with me though. Actually…” the blonde fished in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a crumpled receipt, smoothing it out slightly before picking up a red crayon from the side and scrawling on the scrap of paper “this is my number. I know you have my parent’s number on the contact sheet but I’m working nearby at the minute so if you have any problems during the day, give me a ring and I’ll come and talk to him”

“Thank you” Anna said, taking the paper and trying not to drown in those brown eyes again.

“Well I’d better get him home”

“Of course”

“I’ll see you around Miss Arendal”

“Anna” she blurted before she could stop herself.

He smiled slightly and her stomach did a backflip. She felt her cheeks glowing and wished there was a human shape hole in the floor she could step in to and disappear.

“I’m Kristoff” he told her “well, see you!”

He left and Anna remained stood staring at the doorway for another five minutes before Gerda entered.

“Anna? Are you okay?” she asked, snapping Anna from her trance.

“Yes, I’m fine. I, uh, just talked to Sven’s brother”

“I’m guessing by that expression it was the blonde”

Anna nodded.

“You might want to splash your face with cold water, girl. I can feel the heat all the way over here” Gerda laughed.

ItsotQ: the dragon knight of Arendelle WIP

Aaahh, I always wanted to draw Anna in her full armour that you find in chapter 27 of “In the service of the Queen” by wolfspirit93 and finally I did it!! The colouring will be very funny!!! And I wanted Elsa in the background because… nothing, I imagined this concept, like it was the cover of that amazing fan fiction!! XD
this is the first time I draw a beaver, it took me a little, but I like very much the result! and when those ruby eyes will be coloured… eheheeheheh!!! The beaver has also a sort of mask, but I didn’t put it here, since hey! we always love our grinning knight XD 

sword concept by the author of the FF
Restart, a Frozen FanFic

Characters: Kristoff, Anna
Rating: T (to be safe for very minor language)
WC: 1,917
Summary:“But honestly, after his best friend had completely ditched him, he was just fine being alone, in his pajamas, surrounded by crumpled candy cane wrappers, a gallon-sized tin of caramel popcorn, and half-empty mugs of eggnog.”-  It’s Christmas Eve, but what starts off as a night alone may turn into something more. 

A/N: So this is for Prompt #3 of the 12 Days of Kristanna: New Beginnings. It’s very loosely tied to the prompt, but I wanted to something different than all the pregnancy stuff I’ve seen today. It’s also somewhat a sequel to The Next Level, though you don’t have to read that to read this. This goes out to picture-of-sophisticated-grace because I know she’s been wanting this for awhile. Enjoy!

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Endure and Survive, 19. The Last Dance

Rating: M
WC: 2483
Pairings: Kristanna
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Horror
Summary: The world as we know it was lost 13 years ago, thanks to a cordyceps virus that turns humans into the deadly infected. Anna Bell and her sister Elsa have taken refuge in the city’s quarantine zone, where rations are scarce and executions of suspected infected run high. When the sisters meet Kristoff Bjorgman, a fellow survivor with plans of escaping and finding a cure, they must choose to stay in the zone, or risk it all in hopes of finding the one thing to ensure their survival. A Last of Us/Frozen crossover.
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Also on: {} {AO3}

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Chaste as Ice

words: 2278

rating: T? idk Kristoff says ‘damn’ a lot for some reason and there are veiled references to sexual subjects. 

Kristoff Week prompt: Family

Chaste as Ice

“Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.” –  Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 – William Shakespeare

“Kristoff,” Elsa asked suddenly, “what happened to your hand?”

He paused, his arm checked in its reach for the decanter, and shared a brief, panicked look across the table with Anna.

“Uh. Ah, I just…had a little accident when I was up in the mountains.”

The queen raised an eyebrow. “You went into the mountains since this morning? Your hand was fine at breakfast.” She glanced from Kristoff’s reddening face to Anna’s excessively innocent one. “Well? What actually happened? I suppose it will explain why you were late to dinner.”

Kristoff looked at Anna. Anna looked back at Kristoff. Kristoff looked down at his hand—he must have broken the scabs open somehow, because blood had soaked through the bandage that had so hastily been wrapped around his knuckles. He wished desperately that he was a better liar, because Elsa had settled back in her chair, her own hands folded neatly in her lap, her face calm and expectant and dammit, he was going to have to tell her. Something about that quietly interested expression dragged the truth out of people, which had been very useful as Arendelle improved its diplomatic position but which was inconvenient for certain ice harvesters with skinned knuckles. Damned inconvenient, because he was going to tell her the whole thing, and he already knew that she wasn’t going to like it. He was in so much trouble.

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Advent Calendar December 3rd- Little Kicks

                Kristoff’s grin was broad as he lay in bed beside his wife. His hands rested lightly on her swollen tummy as they talked lazily about their day. All was dark and quiet in Arendelle with most of its inhabitants having gone to bed hours ago. Tonight was an ordinary night for them, but an extraordinary magical one for the royal couple.

                “Elsa wouldn’t let me do anything today because of ‘my condition’.” Anna laughed, “She keeps calling it that and worrying over me like a mother hen. I know she means well, but I hate doing nothing and honestly I just have this weird feeling like I want to wash everything.”

                Kristoff chuckled in return, “You’re nesting Anna, and you know Elsa is just worried about you and the baby.”

                “I know, but I don’t know if I can take another four months like this.” Anna was currently twenty weeks into her pregnancy and thanks to her small frame it was rather easily noticeable.  From the moment that she had begun to show Elsa would not allow her to do single thing or even lift a finger. Anna, of course appreciated her sister’s love and care, but it was getting difficult to be so restricted in her life.

                “Want me to talk to her?” Kristoff asked as he leaned in to Anna’s face to kiss her forehead lightly. He and Elsa tended to have an open forum of communication when it came to Anna and the pair had an unspoken agreement to assist the red head in any way possible when they could. That was how their relationship worked, through similar personalities and a mutual love of Arendelle’s one and only Princess.

                She sighed softly and ran a hand through Kristoff’s messy blond hair, “No I think I can handle it. She thinks she’s helping and I don’t want to discourage her. After all despite the stress it’s probably put on her, this whole experience seems to be good for her.”

                Anna stretched out a bit, but didn’t move so much to shift Kristoff’s hand off her baby bump. She liked it when he rested his hand on her like that, it was comforting and relaxing. It reminded her that he was just as excited about their bun in the oven as she was.

                “If you say so.” He replied, yawning slightly in exhaustion. He had been working with the palace guards all day, assisting them with some trivial matter that was now required of him as the consort of the Princess of Arendelle, or more simply put, a Prince. He never imagined in a million years holding that title, and as such he never referred to himself as a Prince. Being someone who was raised in the mountains by trolls the entire thought of royal titles seemed far too pompous to him. He was simply Kristoff Bjorgman, an ice harvester who happened to fall in love with and marry a Princess. He had honestly given thought once or twice to the fact that if anyone had told him even two years ago that he would be married to the Princess of Arendelle and would be expecting a child with her, he would have laughed in their face and taken away the tankard of whatever they had been drinking. He would have never believed that he would be where he was today.

                “What do you think?” Anna said expectantly, pulling Kristoff out of his own thoughts.

                “About what?” He asked, missing the first part of whatever she had said due to his intent focus on his thought process.

                “About the name Sofia for a girl and Peter for a boy?”

                Kristoff mulled this over in his mind for a moment. “I like Peter, but maybe Emilie for a girl?” He smiled softly before adding, “I was told once that my mother’s name was Emilie.”

                Anna smiled for a moment, Kristoff had never mentioned that to her before. She was sure that it had merely slipped his mind or he had his reasons for not telling her about it at the time, but it brought a smile to Anna’s face to hear it. She knew Kristoff knew little to nothing of his parents except for the fact that they had passed on when he was very small. “Emilie is a beautiful name.”

                Kristoff nearly jumped a mile, seconds after Anna spoke. “Did you feel that?” He asked wide eyed and mouth agape.

                Anna smiled lightly, “I think someone likes their name.” The baby had kicked, Anna had thought she felt it lightly earlier, but with this being her first child she had been unsure. This time however it was obvious to her, and she was beyond happy that Kristoff had felt it too.

                “She… he… it kicked.” Kristoff said, in absolute awe, “Our baby kicked Anna.” She was excited, but he was more in awe than she was. In fact he was acting quite like a kid in a candy store. He rested his hands again on her tummy before shifting to kiss it.

                Anna smiled, “Elsa is going to freak out in the morning when I tell her.” After this she felt the need to add, “A good freak out that is. She’s been asking me for weeks if they baby has kicked yet. She’s been reading pregnancy and parenting books behind my back, I know it!”

                Kristoff laughed a bit, “I’m sure she’ll be absolutely thrilled.” He knew that he was at the very least.

                “Maybe I shouldn’t wait until morning.” Anna said, her happy smile suddenly transforming into a wicked grin. “Maybe I should go tell her right now.”

                Kristoff knew that this was some sort of evil payback on Anna’s part, waking her sister as vengeance for her helicopter sistering.  Yet despite this he did not attempt to talk her down. Usually he was the only thing standing between Anna and a ridiculous idea, but in this case he was standing aside, and was actually joining up to go with her. If Anna was happy, he was happy. And of course the snow queen would be annoyed at being awoken, but not for long when she realized the reason behind it.

                Anna hopped out of bed immediately after the idea hit her, “Let’s go!” She said as she headed for the door.

                “Maybe you’ll want to put on some clothes first?” Kristoff said to her just before she turned the door handle. He might be going along with her on this crazy scheme, but he still would be her voice of reason.

                After they were both adequately dressed the duo went off to awake the Queen and subsequently spent an hour in the library touching Anna’s tummy to feel the kicks of the little royal to be.

Here with me…

I chose this title because I was listening to Dido’s song and it fits perfectly!
Okay, this is the coloured version of the WIP I did the last week. The author of the fan fiction “In the service of the Queen” made me a huge, amazing, wonderful, I cannot find words, surprise by incorporating my fan art in the end of chapter 16 !!!!

I swear, when I was reading and suddenly I recognised my fan art, I started to jump around the living room (and luckly I was alone at home XD) like an idiot…  but I was and still I am sooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!  I think I will never stop to thank you, Rohad, for your story and this present! Enjoy!!!!

Hey, this is my first frozen elsanna fan art!  I am so happy, I had several fangirl attacks while I was drawing it XD (Roses of Arendelle is a crossover after all)

I think it took me more time colouring the grass than the whole drawing XD but who knows me knows also that I am a details addicted person. I loved doing the forest on the fjord’s mountains and the sea and Frost’s expression: you smug adorable lizard!!

Pastels, Copic markers, Tombo markers and Giotto markers on paper
Endure and Survive, 27. The Finale

Rating: M
WC: 3774
Pairings: Kristanna
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Horror
Summary: The world as we know it was lost 13 years ago, thanks to a cordyceps virus that turns humans into the deadly infected. Anna Bell and her sister Elsa have taken refuge in the city’s quarantine zone, where rations are scarce and executions of suspected infected run high. When the sisters meet Kristoff Bjorgman, a fellow survivor with plans of escaping and finding a cure, they must choose to stay in the zone, or risk it all in hopes of finding the one thing to ensure their survival. A Last of Us/Frozen crossover.
Also on: {} {AO3}
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