frozen environment

Transparant Crystalline Solid (2)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: All new! I had inspiration slap me straight across the face, and here we are! This one might hurt a little, but y’all know me, I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

Summary: Bucky has charm, looks, a great smile, and he knows how to talk to a lady. The thing is, he does know it. Bucky’s a womaniser, there’s no doubt about it. But when he lays eyes upon the newest addition to the team, he might’ve found a reason to change his ways. Unfortunately, he knows he’s a coward, and he knows change isn’t easy. Lying.. is so much easier.

Ice: frozen water, a brittle transparent crystalline solid.

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Natasha snorts at Bucky’s story, “My sweet soldier, she’s not called Ice Queen for nothing”

Bucky cocks an eyebrow, “Ice Queen?”

Natasha nods, “she’s really impressive. I’ve seen her fight Steve, gave him a run for his money. I heard she came from Asgard before she got here”

“Asgard?” Bucky gapes at his friend and she rolls her eyes.

“Are you just gonna repeat everything I say? Yes, Asgard. Apparently, she tripped into the multiverse by accident, and ended up in Yotemheim. She was attacked by frost-giants, before Thor and his comrades saved her. They tried to heal her from her.. ‘affliction’ but nothing worked. Even Odin wasn’t strong enough to help her. They say she nearly froze over all of Asgard before they decided to help her control her ability, it was the only way to contain her”

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1st day of Port Mafia Week // prompt: then and now || first mission

{ Chuuya Nakahara/ Kouyou Ozaki } { Words: 848 }
{ Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Character Study, Relationship Study }
{ a/n: this is written under the pretense Chuuya joined at age 12 }

Nakahara Chuuya
Year 02, Day 145

            Silence is unnerving. There’s nothing else to focus on when the environment is frozen, soundless, vapid. Fragmented details multiply by the hundreds, by the thousands. Blood pumping through his ears, a shrill ring several decimals too high for comfort. Under a starless sky surrounded by empty woods Chuuya fights to exhale. Crumpled bricks and torn branches pile over him, scarlet ribbons of tangled hair dyed cherry red scarcely visible among the ruins.

             Grass climbs beneath his fingertips. He pushes against the weight on his torso until speckled lights buzz over his head like star-struck fireflies. Charred flesh mixes with the natural dewy scent of the forest. Given the chill rolling up the exposed skin of his neck Chuuya knows the sun will rise soon. This isn’t a terrible place to die, he thinks. Tears prick the corner of his eyes. Karma works quickly, apparently.

             Had the bomb not malfunctioned he wouldn’t have been this close to the mission point. Buried under remains with enemies (or victims) and brick and cement and all the little things it takes to build a church. Stained cement hovers an inch over his chest, silken red pushing the brittle pieces off his chest. But, there is a time limit and the sand is running quickly to the bottom. At random, bricks and chips of heavy scaffolding crash around him (or on him). Fresh scrapes block out old wounds for a millisecond before they fall into a pool of excruciating pain.

            The temperature suddenly drops and goosebumps ravish his pale skin. Fear jolts a spark of energy through his body. But it’s not enough. It feels like it’s raining but the only thing he can smell is blood. Air catches in the center of his throat; bottled up emotion mixed with soot. Fire-hot trails scratch down from his throat to his chest. A second brick falls and knocks a thicker crack into his rib cage. More rain falls, heavy drops, but he can’t find a single cloud in the sky.

            They’re tears. How childish.

            Four men, that’s all it was supposed to be. But there were six and the timer wasn’t working and fuck if had only practiced more. Debris was not an issue when he was hidden behind a mass of trees. Knocking back three or four, hell even five, chunks of brick and debris was simple. Simple.

            It would have been simpler if he died in that alley of starvation and pneumonia.

           There was nobody to give a shit if he made a mistake. If he fucked up and disappointed those who took him in and spent hours training him. Feeding him. Giving him clothes and a bed and all the things it takes to build a home.

               His legs have turned to stone. Shivers rock through his spine and what he can feel of his left arm. The taste of blood has long become a familiar tang. Cloudy vision makes the sky vibrate. Brilliant streaks of silver melding with violet and tangerine growing like a sunflower from the bottom of the earth. He catches the silence again, but this time he listens.

            To the way his throat scratches when he whimpers out of nature over desire. To the softened rhythm of his lungs pulling in and pushing out as brick after brick slowly descend on to his chest. To the hum of a bee plucking at flowers somewhere. To the birds rustling in trees. His eyes flutter shut.

            He deserved this.

            He misses the flash of dazzling gold. Inhaling catches him by surprise. Chuuya’s eyes widen, lungs caught off guard by the ability to inflate again. Her fingertips brush over a patch of blood dried to his forehead. Kouyou grits her teeth as he coughs a mix of relief and unintended sobs that fill the previous silence. She never realized how small he was, how thin and childish he still looked with his hair a mess and clothes absolutely tattered. How frail his arms and legs were compared to the gnarled branches scattered over the field and the red bricks tossed carelessly in piles by her demon.

            The rumbling of an engine and footsteps cascade over them. His head remains cradled on her lap; he apologizes for the stain to her kimono. She beckons him to stay awake, polished nails dragging patterns over his cheek still flush with baby fat. When he recovers she’ll have to tease him about it. He mumbles a second apology; she says nothing for now.

            She refuses help and carries him to the car. Mori is already waiting she presumes. He’ll be able to survive in the Port Mafia once he learns to think before feeling. But, to be truthful he did succeed in his mission. The boss will be happy about that. She smiles at him, hazy blue eyes gleam back as she wipes the blood off his face with a handkerchief. He looks tranquil; guilt buries itself in her chest. This is not the first mistake she’ll make with him.

           This not the mistake she wants for him.


Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Environment Trailer

Exo as a whole. A theory

I just wanna take a moment to theorise here.. going back all the way from what is love and mama.. if you look at the book in what is love kai’s symbol has a keyhole on it, it is locked in the center of the diagram, suho, baekhyun and lays symbols appear along with it. Kai is the one who can teleport anywhere he wants.. so why couldnt he just teleport them to this “new world” in the beginning? His powers are limited thats why. The gate is locked. When kris is shown he is shown EMBRACING the eclipse, he raises his arms up and closes his eyes as if he was waiting for it to come, he is the only one that does this.
The red force.. it was never more than one. My thoughts are that it was kris all along, which would explain things further along in the wolf and growl era drama video.
The red force created evil to kill the tree of life… the evil that was shown was a storm, with lightning. Which points to chen. In what is love yixing and chen are with baekhyun. But yixing looks directly at the solar eclipse and we are shown a reflection in his eyes. The only other time this happens is in his solo, along with him having red eyes in the solo. Lay has been slowly becoming corrupted by the red forces over time and has now “lost control” over his own being.

Kyungsoo.. he is an omnipresence, the reason why he saw everyone else in the exodus teaser is because he already knew where they were going to be. He knows everything, and has known everything from the beginning. He was the one who gave chanyeol the book to find the stones, and if you notice they didnt have powers back then. They didnt know.. but kyungsoo did.

If kyungsoo knows everything then why doesnt he tell everyone? The downfall of being all knowing is that you cant tell anyone. He has been the calmest member throught the eras, he is the only one who in lucky one did NOT become a line in the maze. The red force(s) know that he knows everything and they need him to be sane and uncorrupt so they can get information out of him.

Back to yixing baek and suho, suho is the guardian of exo planet, the guardian of the tree of life, his job is to protect it. In the end of what is love yixing is as far away from baekhyun as possible!

So since i am now at the ending of what is love, both chanyeol and suho are reaching out.. for what? This confuses me almost as much as kai and kyungsoo tossing an invisible object around in history. Which if you watch each member in that lineup tries to catch the object but misses.

Going on further into the timeline we get to wolf and growl era. If i remember correctly with the tree of life that they form baekhyun is somewhere in the middle. Where the heart of the tree is., now that is the only symbolism that i had found in the actual wolf MV, but in growl they are separated sparatically, there is no order, just like in mama where kai was seen dancing with exo m members. anyway. In the wolf and growl era drama video kris is shown as a partial main character, he is the one influencing Luhan to join him, and in the end it is shown that luhan had chosen the other over kris, which pissed kris off and made him go all alpha. but was it really the eyes of an alpha of was it the red force inside of him?

Now onto overdose era.. the era in which kris left, for reasons plot wise are unknown. inside the maze suho and xiumin both find the map that leads them to the exit… but Baekhyun has also seen this map, but he does not try to espace, why? Maybe he knows that there is no chance of escape, because there is only one exit and the red force(s) Will capture them in the end again. So Baekhyun stays hidden. He knows he is a vital role in everything so he must not be captured. 

furring the dance part of overdose chen and lay throw around a ball of light, is it a coincidence? Or are they toying with Baekhyun? Im not to sure on that part.

In exodus everyone seems to be lost, they dont really understand how they got there.. and all but Xiumin and kyungsoo are freaking out. Chanyeol ‘accidentally’ burns down a forest, Suho pretty much drowns, chen summons(?) a storm and tao freezes time. 

Tao freezing time is the one that got me, he looks so confused,  when you freeze time and move an object it normally doesnt keep moving, but yet in Tao’s teaser the fragments continue to move as if time was still moving when he touched them. this is part of telekinesis master level, at the master level of telekinesis you are able to manipulate time and space itself, time doesnt exactly stop, you just slow it down enough with telekinesis to make it so that very few things actually freeze completely. it would also explain why tao was able to interact with the seemingly frozen in time environment. telekenisis was Luhans power..Was luhan trying to send a message? Telling Tao what had happened and where he was.

This is as far as we had gotten with our theory of exo as a whole, there are alot more factors that play into this theory but i dont think i would be able to completely type everything out in one post. but go ahead and add onto this with whatever you’d like. just please dont remove the original theory or tweak it


The wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) has gained much attention over the past century due to its miraculous ability to freeze and then defrost again just as if nothing ever happened. It’s the frog version of science fiction and cryogenics.

Similar to other northern frogs that hibernate close to the surface in soil and/or leaf litter, wood frogs can tolerate the freezing of their blood and other tissues. Urea is accumulated in tissues in preparation for overwintering, and liver glycogen is converted in large quantities to glucose in response to internal ice formation. Both urea and glucose act as “anti-freeze” to limit the amount of ice that forms and to reduce osmotic shrinkage of cells. Frogs can survive many freeze/thaw events during winter if no more than about 65% of the total body water freezes.



“I saw on this other blog someone saying that they had a new Elsa costume, one their grandmother had made for them no less, but they were, in their words, “terrified” and “scared to death” to wear it. That just broke my heart. I’m not saying everyone has to love or even like Frozen, but an environment where someone would end up in such a situation as that cosplayer and her grandma should not exist.”