frozen duke of weselton

  • Duke of Weselton: Well, it looks like someone's finally listening to the old Duke, the lone voice of reason callling for the outing of Queen Elsa after her diastrous reveal of her powers. Well guess what, folks? The queen's actually in prison. You're welcome. Now, her replacement has not been officially chosen, but I think there's only one man that qualifies: the man who helped save us all by capturing the sorceress. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Prince Hans!
  • Anna (from the other side of the door): You have GOT to be kidding me!

Here are some behind the scenes/production facts and trivia about Moana!🌴💙 I also have another very exciting Moana post coming soon so stay tuned!

  • The original story for the movie focused on Maui, and Moana was a secondary character on a mission to rescue her love interest. But after the team behind the movie visited the Polynesian islands for their research trip, the filmmakers became more focused on navigation as a theme, and they also wanted to make the central plot of the movie revolve around Moana’s own issues and finding herself, and “not her relationship with a guy.”
  • The filmmakers added HeiHei and Pua to the story after seeing so many roosters and pigs on their research trip to the South Pacific. And while all of Pua’s sounds are from an actual pig, Heihei’s voice is an interweaving of Alan Tudyk voicing rooster sounds and real recorded rooster sounds. (Alan Tudyk is also K2SO in Rogue One and Duke Weselton from Frozen)
  • Moana’s producers met with and recruited Lin-Manuel Miranda to work on the film before Hamilton became a massive success, they had loved his previous work on In the Heights. Also on the research trip, the first song conceived by Lin Manuel Miranda and Opetaia Foa'i was “We Know The Way”.
  • Clements and Musker wanted voice talent involved in the film to have some connection to the Pacific Islands: Auli'i Cravalho is Hawaiian, and they didn’t even open auditions for Maui since they only wanted Dwayne Johnson, who is of Polynesian descent and was raised there.
  • “Moana” is both a name and a word in the South Pacific — it means “ocean” and is not a gender specfic name.
  • When compared to other Disney Princesses, Musker believes Moana is most similar to Mulan.
  • The effects team built an entirely new system called Splash for Moana that would allow them to animate water.
  • Whenever Moana wears red, it’s a nod to her royal roots.
  • And finally, the filmmakers believe that the central message of Moana is “discovering who you are and who you’re meant to be.”

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I find it sad that no one seems to have pointed out the most glorious thing that Disney did.

In Frozen, Alan Tudyk voiced the “Duke of Weselton” or as the characters liked to call it “Weaselton”.

In Zootopia, there was a weasel named “Duke Weaselton”, which Judy mispronounced as “Weselton”…..voiced by Alan Tudyk.

DIsney saw a fucking opportunity and they RAN WITH IT.


List of Frozen references and connections in Zootopia updated!

So , this week a lot of Zootopia stuff has been released, along with this many articles mentioning that it has a lot of Frozen references, much more than other movie references that’s for sure, I made a list a little before Zootopia was released on the US but now I found more stuff and it’s time to update:

1.- When Judy checks her iPod while traveling to Zootopia you can see many songs there, the second one is “Let it Goat”.

2.- Chief Bogo lecturing Judy throws a very clear reference

Life isn’t a Cartoon musical where your dreams come true, so Let. It. Go.

3.- The very well known elephant sisters dressed as Anna and Elsa

4.- Priscilla is voiced by Kristen Bell

Perhaps not a reference but it’s Frozen related haha.

5 & 6.- Duke Weaselton and his Name Quircks

Not Only is he a reference himself but he’s also voiced by the same actor as the Duke of Weselton, Alan Tudyk. What’s more, he hates being called “Duke Weselton” correcting it to “Duke Weaselton! it’s weaselton!” showing he’s definitely Zootopia’s counterpart of the Duke of Weselton.

7.- Hans’ Bakery

During the chase scene, Duke Weaselton crashes with a giant Donut, near there we can appreciate “Hans’s Pastry Shop”. It’s on Rodentia, which makes sense, Hans would be a dirty rodent for sure :).

8.- Floatzen 2

An Upcoming movie referencing the upcoming Frozen 2. Esla and Anna are otters and the reindeer is most likely Kristoff than Sven. Wait if Kristoff is a reindeer and Anna and Elsa are otters…Well damn, there’s gonna be some…size issues there…

9.- Hans’ Height
It’s not on the movie, so it’s not exactly a reference, more like a link.  Hans served as the base Human but the Height comparisons in the development of the animals in Zootopia

It’s funny, from all protagonist, the more animal related is without a doubt Kristoff, yet he is the least represented on Zootopia Frozen references, poor guy.