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BTS Jimin X Reader Angst:

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The first time you heard the rumors, you didn’t pay any attention to it. It had been an old friend from high school who was gossiping with you. She didn’t know you were dating Jimin and you never corrected her.

“Oh my gosh, do you still like BTS right?” she had asked. You guys had bumped into each other while shopping and decided to catch up over lunch. “Their music is so good.”

“Yeah.” You agreed easily, a smirk on your face. If only she knew.

“Is Taehyung still your favorite?” she laughed.

“Hmmm…these days I like Jimin,” you declared.

You were briefly interrupted as the waitress set your food down on the table. You guys began to eat in silence for a few minutes.

“Did you hear that he’s dating that girl idol?”

You choked on your food as you heard that. You reached over for your drink as your friend eyed you with concern.

“Are you okay?” she asked as you finally calmed down.

“Yeah, wrong pipe.” You answered shortly. You mood for the rest of lunch is more solemn, which goes by unnoticed by your friend.

When you returned home later, you had come to the conclusion that it was just a rumor. Your friend had been known to be a gossip during high school, and most of the time it wasn’t even true. You shouldn’t have let that affect you so much. Jimin would never cheat on you.

The second time you heard the rumor, you chalked it up to fans shipping their favorite idols together. You were scrolling through fan comments and had noticed his and her name showing up together a lot. Some of the fans claiming to have seen them on a date together, but there was no truth to any of their statements.

You dropped your phone onto the couch next to you with an exasperated sigh. No matter how much you believed that Jimin wouldn’t cheat on you, no matter how much you knew that he loved you, you couldn’t control the way your heart felt heavy. And even though you knew these comments had no merit, you couldn’t stop thinking about how little you have seen of Jimin lately. Of course he was busy being an idol and all, but you still felt lonely. And no matter how much you logically denied that it could be true, your subconscious kept nagging at you.

“Y/N! I’m home!” sang his voice. You looked up and smiled as he walked through the door.
Your legs carried you towards him as you jumped into his arms. His smile easing you of any worries you had. Jimin would never do anything to hurt you, he would never cheat on you. His innocent smile just proved that he wasn’t capable of it. How could someone have an innocent smile like that and do dirty deeds? It simply wasn’t possible.

He distracted you from the rumors and the fan comments. You were to focused on having you little bit of time together be happy, that you were willing to forget all about it.

But after 20 minutes of talking together on the couch, he pulled out his phone and was texting someone. His attention was off you and the story you were telling him slowly faded away. You watched at a dangerous smirk formed on his lips as he was texting. The nagging voice in the back of your mind returned and you wanted to ask him who he was talking to, but the words were caught in your throat.

The third time you heard of the rumors, it was like a slap to the face. You had avoiding reading fan comments, not wanting to let a simple rumor with no merit ruin your relationship. But this time your best friend had texted you a link.

The link brought you to two separate pictures of the idols, but they were both wearing the same bracelet. Many of the comments were speculating that it was couple bracelets, saying that it was easy to deny and say that they were just friendship bracelets - the perfect cover up. And no matter how much you wanted to deny it, the evidence seemed real. Jimin had introduced you to all of his friends, why would he hide her away unless it was something more?

You didn’t realize that your legs had dragged you to the studio until you were standing outside the door. You knew he was in there, he said he had to record with Yoongi today. You were frozen outside the door, debating whether or not to go in and confront him. You wanted to give Jimin the benefit of the doubt, but all the dots were lined up perfectly.

You took a deep breath before opening the door and peeking your head inside.


You were surprised to find Yoongi, and only Yoongi in the room. You were slightly relieved because that meant you could avoid the confrontation, but disappointed because that means that Jimin had lied to you.

“Yoongi, hello. I’m sorry to disturb you but Jimin said he was going to be here,” you explained as you took a step inside the studio. “He said that you guys were recording a song today.”

Yoongi looked at you confused, “Jimin’s not here. We finished recording that song around a week ago. Did you hear wrong?” He looked concerned as he watched you face drop. “Is everything alright?”

“You’re one of Jimin’s closest friends right?” You asked after taking a deep breath.


“And we are friends too, right?” You hands were folded together in front of you.

“Yeah, we’re friends.” Yoongi motioned for you to have a seat but you ignored him and remained standing. “What’s the point of all of this?”

“You would tell me if… If I had something to worry about regarding my relationship with Jimin, right? Because friends tell each other this things.” You blinked back tears, determined not to break down.

Yoongi mouth open and closed several times before he cleared his throat and finally answered you. “Of course I would tell you. What brought all of this on?”

You sighed and chuckled slightly. “Don’t worry about it,” you gave him a smile. “I’ll take me leave now so that you can go back to work.” You left out the room, ignoring his protests for you to stay and talk more about what was wrong.

The fourth time you heard the rumors, it was your own mind reiterating it to you as you witnessed it for yourself.

“Jimin?” you voice was barely a whisper but he still heard you. He turned around to see you standing in the middle of the coffee shop, you warm drink in your hands. He smiled widely at you as he waved you over.

You were confused. Why was he smiling about this? He had been caught cheating. This wasn’t a happy matter. Unless he was happy that he got caught because he wanted to break up with you.

Despite you confusion, you approached the table with a tense fake smile on your face. Jimin took notice of the smile a frowned in confusion before slightly pulling you to sit next to him. “Y/N! I’m happy to see you.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, ignoring the way your body tensed, and kissed your forehead.

The idol girl in front of you was pretty. It made perfect sense why Jimin would chose her. She had those big doll like eyes, her skin was really fair. She was pretty, something that you were not. But when you and Jimin had first gotten together, he said that he didn’t care that you did not have the perfect features of the idol girls he often worked with. He said that most of them were pretty on the outside but had no personality. He said that you were pretty because your personality was pretty.

You should have known that after a while his eyes would wander.

When he introduced you to the idol girl, she had offered you a hand to shake - which you chose to act like you didn’t see by choosing to take a drink at that exact moment. She let out an awkward chuckle as she took her hand back, but Jimin clearly wasn’t happy with you.

You couldn’t understand his angle. What game was he playing at? Did he actually expect you to befriend the girl he was cheating on you with?

When the girl offered you a compliment on your style, you scoffed before saying thanks. Her eyes widened in surprise as she leaned back in her seat. Your tone had been harsh and sardonic. Jimin’s eyes widened too, he was shocked and appalled by your actions. At this moment, you couldn’t find yourself to care.

“Y/N!” He chided you. “She was just being nice.” You rolled your eyes at his comment as you rolled your cup in between your hands. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what has gotten into her,” he apologized to the idol girl and you let out a dark chuckle.

Before you knew it, Jimin had a grasp on you wrist as he dragged you out of the coffee shop. He pulled you down the street and into a secluded alley, ignoring your protests and his grip tightened every time you tried to yank your arm back. Your back was pushed up against the wall as he stood in front of you with an intimidating glare. He clicked his tongue in disapproval, his arms were crossed in front of his chest.

“Do you mind telling me what your problem is?” Jimin asked, his voice was sharp. “Why are you being so rude?”

You sighed dramatically and stared up at the sky, refusing to make eye contact. “Why were you with her?”

“Why do you mean why was I with her? We’re friends. I didn’t know I needed permission to hang out with my friends.”

“Just friends?” you questioned accusingly.

His hand gripped tightly on you chin as he forced you to look at him. “Is that what this is about?” He eyes glared into yours, his tone was icy. “You think I’m cheating on you?”

“Jimin.” You whined as you try to get his grip to loosen, you could feel a bruise forming. “That hurts.”

He dropped you chin. You rubbed at the soreness. His back was facing you as he took a couple steps away, his hands were balled into fists. He spun around to face you again after a few minutes, once he had collected his thoughts.

“How could you think I would do something like that?”

“The evidence doesn’t lie.”

“What evidence?”

“You lied to me on multiple occasion on where you were going, who you were going to be with!” you yelled.

“Oh, so now you are checking up on me?” He raised an eyebrow. “You’re spying on me? What a bitch move.” He stalked closer to you, the look on his face was murderous. You leaned as far as you could into the wall, wishing that it would just swallow you whole. “You are my girlfriend not my mom. I can do whatever I want. Gosh, you are so fucking clingy.”

“Jimin,” your voice cracked. “What was I supposed to think?”

“I don’t know, maybe you should have some trust in your boyfriend.” He sighed.

The two of you stood there in silence. You eyes were trained onto your shoes but you could feel his stare on your face. After a couple minutes of the tense silence, Jimin let out another sigh. You looked up at him, your eyes catching his.

“I don’t think this relationship is going to work.” Those were the last words you ever wanted to hear from Jimin’s mouth. They were like a slap to the face.

You sucked in a breath.

He stood there, expectantly. He waited for a response.

“O-okay,” you stuttered. You thought you say a flash of disappointment go across his face, but before you could confirm it he was already walking away from you.

Tears fell from your eyes as you sank to the floor. You wrapped your arms around yourself and leaned you head against the wall. You finally broke. You let out a deep sob that embodied all of your pain in sorrows.

Jimin’s step faltered when he heard your cries. He stood still for a second, making sure he heard right. When he said that you should break up, he didn’t mean it exactly. He was trying to make a point. He never thought that you would just agree with it.

He took a deep breath before continuing to walk away.

It has been approximately three days since you last saw Jimin. You were wrapped up in you blanket on the couch in the living room, wishing that he would just stride in the door with his smile that could always make you feel better. It never came.

On the sixth day, Yoongi showed up at your door. You were immediately embarrassed by the state you were in. Your eyes had to be puffy and red, your clothes had tears and snot stains on them. You couldn’t remember the last time you showered. You were going to close the door on him when he pushed his way inside.

“Yoongi…what are you doing here?” you asked, your voice was extremely hoarse. You throat was dry.

You watched as he simply gathered up all your trash and placed in a bag. He straightened up the living room before taking a seat on the couch. You were hesitant to join him but you eventually did.

“Y/N. Remember when you came to the studio looking for Jimin. That day you asked me if I would tell you if something was up with your relationship,” he didn’t look at you as he talked, instead his eyes was focused on the television. You nodded your head, remembering that day quite well. “I knew what your were asking, even though you didn’t outright say it. You were asking me if he was cheating on you.” Yoongi took in a deep breath and faced you finally. “At the time, I wasn’t sure. He was spending so much time with the idol girl. And then you showed up at my studio looking for him meaning that he had lied about his whereabouts. I mean, that all seemed shady. So the next day I asked him if he was cheating on you.” Your eyes widened, you hand went to cover your gaping mouth.


“What did he say?” Yoongi completed your question. “He told me that I was crazy for thinking so. That he loved you very much. And when I asked about the idol girl, he insisted they were just friends. I still didn’t believe him…” Yoongi sighed. “But then he broke up with you, and he has been a mess since. He doesn’t eat or sleep. He spends all day in his room. He cries all the damn time. He’s a complete fucking mess. And then the idol girl comes over and he yells at her all crazy. Saying how she ruined his life, how she could go to hell. It was crazy. He almost hit her but Namjoon had stepped in by then.”

“Why are you telling me this?” You asked.

“I know. It sounds like a cheater who regrets it, right?” Yoongi nodded to his own question. “But it’s not. I swear.”

“Yoongi,” you sighed. “Why are you here?”

“Will you come see him? Hear him out, you know?”

You were very adamant about not going. You told Yoongi that he could shove that offer up his ass. You didn’t want to talk to Jimin, you were already convinced that he cheated. And even if he didn’t, he had already lied to you on multiple occasions and he broke your heart. What difference would one visit make?

Yet, somehow you found yourself standing outside his bedroom door, your hand raised to knock but you were paralyzed. The last time you saw him, he looked downright evil and scary. He wasn’t the sweet and innocent Jimin you had grown to love.

A hand was placed on your shoulder. You looked up to see Jungkook standing next to you. He gave you an evil smirk, before knocking on the door himself. He twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open before disappearing so quick- you would have thought it was a hallucination if you didn’t know any better.

Jimin looked towards the door, a glare on his face as he prepared to chew out whatever member dared to disturb him. He was stunned into silence when he saw you standing at the doorway.

You took a hesitant step inside and shut the door behind you. “Jimin,” you whispered.

He nodded in response. He opened up his arms and motioned for you to join him on the bed.

“I don’t know…”

“Please,” he croaked out.

You feet slowly dragged you towards him. When you were close enough, he pulled you down on top of his body. His arms wrapped around your waist. His face was buried in your hair. You could feel the tears that fell from his eyes, triggering you to cry also.

“So you weren’t cheating?” You asked. You sat across from him in the dining room of your apartment. You watched as he practically inhaled the food in front of him.

“No. I swear,” he answered.

“Then why were you spending so much time with her?” you asked, a pout on your face.

“Because…she’s like a younger sister to me.” He paused, his head slightly tilted to the side as he thought over his words. “You know, the ex I told you about, the one who died of cancer. She’s the younger sister.”

You gasped. Your jaw dropped.

“She was going through a hard time and I just wanted to give her a shoulder to lean on,” he continued.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” you asked. “I would have understood!”

“I was going to, but then she asked me not to. She thought that you wouldn’t like her due to the nature of the relationship.”

“Jimin! I’m not that cold hearted. You still could have just told me.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” he reached over the table and grabbed your hand. “It will never happen again. I promise to tell you everything and anything!” He declared, the sweet smile on his face once again. “Just take me back please,” he pleaded.

“Do you think I would let you back in my house if I wasn’t going to take you back?” you asked as you returned his smile. “Of course I’ll take you back Jimin. I love you.”

If Jimin’s smile could have gotten any wider it would have. He practically glowed from hearing you say that. He leaned over the table to kiss you. “I love you too, Y/N.”

Not on the Menu Part 2

Summary: After losing the chance of meeting you before, JB gets a second chance.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1821

Part 1

Heavy breathing filled the room, and it was a little strange for JB to hear the soft whimpers of another person in his ears. It had been a while since he had engaged in such activities with another person, and he couldn’t believe that it was you of all people. It was your soft lips pressing against his and your delicate hands running up his sides. The thought that it was you only excited him more, and soon he was gripping your hair, pulling you deeper into the kiss as he pressed your body against the wall.

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i dont think ive ever talked abt it in depth and frozen is outdated now but kristoff bjorgmann is autistic

  • pretty much designed as a social outcast, even though thats also bc of how he lived with trolls…
  • but even before he lived with the trolls, as a child we see he distanced himself from other people, only really connected with his pet, and ran away as soon as he saw something that interested him (ice!!!)
  • special interest: ‘ice is my LIFE!’ 
  • very blunt with anna in the beginning and just generally struggles to talk with her

double-healing-deactivated20150  asked:

Hans on the Arendelle throne, looks evil with a cute pug dog by his side, and Pomeranian dog too ? I got the idea from another Hans fanart, don't ask 8D Thank u <3

“Just as planned, Tinkles.”

Yep, I think I’ve finally reached my breaking point with the Frozen tags. I mean, I’ve mostly shrugged off the Tumblr Social Justice Warriors (is the film problematic on some levels? Yep. Should we talk about it? Absolutely. But it doesn’t mean anyone who likes it is an unequivocal racist or that it’s a total affront to humanity).

But when I see someone, with a completely straight face, identify themselves as a writer and post about Kristoff being nearly identical to Gaston (and treating Anna like an incompetent child), Anna having no motivation as a character except “thinking about boys,” and complain about “the lack of realistic character development,” my brain just can’t process that depth and purity of wrongness.

…I’ve got to rant a little, so I’m going to cut this.

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“I don’t really know where I stand on the Frozen merch debate. I agree that there’s too much of it and I’m sick of seeing it, but working retail’s given me insight on the fact that plenty of kids still love seeing Elsa and Olaf everywhere. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that attention should be paid to other princesses, and that’s absolutely true. I just don’t understand why they also say there’s not demand for Frozen merch when clearly that’s not the case.”

anonymous asked:

Dear Admin, I know you must get this question alot but i must ask- Thoughts on the Frozen debate on how Anna, Elsa and their mother are just redesignes of the same character?

yes & disney is just lazy about animating their females.

Hunger for more power? A look at Hans’ motive

A common feature across all known Disney villains is that they always have only one fixed objective to achieve throughout the movie, and they usually take various attempts to achieve it. Although most of these attempts inevitably fail, some did succeed (but not until the end, of course). Hence, in a Disney movie where one is later revealed to be the antagonist, there is a large tendency to assume that the “evil motive” has been around right from the beginning of the movie. In the case of “Frozen”, Hans is often perceived to have the sinister intention of overthrowing the royal family under the guise of kindness and helpfulness. But, is this really the case?

If Hans’ main objective in Arendelle was to get married to the throne, he basically succeded after Elsa fled the kingdom. Looking at how Elsa ran away from her role as a ruler in fear, it won’t be difficult, especially for Hans, to deduce that she wasn’t very keen to be a ruler (which is in fact true). Thus, he did not seem to worry about Elsa coming back to challenge his and Anna’s rule. Therefore, the acts of cloak-giving and castle-opening was more likely out of his own instinct than a politically-consolidating gesture as many would think.

What about the exact time he planned to kill the sisters later on? In my opinion, it was most probably the moment he decided not to kiss Anna i.e. the plot twist. Before that, he was seemed rather fine with his role as a regent, even though he was struggling for ideas to end the winter as well as concerned about Anna’s fate. All that started to change when a dignitary told him that he had to stay due to a possibility that he might be only one Arendelle left. These words, though uttered innocently, gave Hans the epiphany that he could actually be a king in the face of the situation, and more importantly, be himself freely- something virtually impossible and impractical to achieve in a foreign kingdom. It was from this point onwards, the desire to be king started to consume him. So, he changed his behaviour the same time the plot twist occurs, with no revelation of a carefully planned scheme as many would think, just brutally honest outlook and proposed future plans (e.g. the “little accident”- please refer to a previous ask on this blog to see how it also works in favour of this writing).

Although we might never know how Hans’ motive actually works, I think the possibilities put forth above is logically sound with respect to the storyline, as well as making Hans a more complex, dynamic and intriguing character.

I care not about being on a doomed ship, a non-cannon ship, a ship based on complete imagination, a ship based solely on looks and glances rather than physical interaction, a ship that does not even exist except on the basis of fanfiction. I enjoy passionate debates about my ship and yours, but if you try to tear me and/or others down for not sharing the same opinions, well:


  • my partner: (2nr)
  • my partner: finishes
  • my partner: so anything you want to add
  • me: do you want to make a frozen joke?
  • my partner: sure
  • me: **hands partner flow full of frozen jokes**
  • partner: the CP is mutually exclusive, like Anna had to choose Hans or Kristoff, not both. But the plan is like Hans, pure evil, and the world of the neg is like Kristoff--totally fantastic.

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Bandit Hood?

Ok…my take on Bandit Hood.I hope you approve. :)

As Long As He Needs Me: 

She ducks in the shadows, clutching what little she’d managed to take from the Sheriff, nearly screaming as something small and four legged scrambles over her feet.  She bites her lip to keep from crying out as the rodent’s silhouette becomes visible, knowing she’d much prefer to stare down a bear or battle an ogre than deal with a well-fed rat.

God. She hates they city. Give her a cave dwelling in the forest any day.

A moan from behind her startles her, and she jumps on her haunches, squinting to make out the sound source among the piles of waste she’s been avoiding. Then there’s a cough—one that doesn’t sound good at all—one that is undoubtedly human and probably not long for this world. Her legs are frozen, and she debates on whether she should check on the person in trouble or simply keep running to ensure her own safety. After all, helping the sick isn’t something a bandit wanted by the queen herself has time for in the grand scheme of things.

But then there’s a sniffle and a cry. Dear God—a child. Regina cannot turn her back on a child.

Damn it.

She turns and hops over what trash she can see, breathing a prayer that the rats will even find the smell too revolting to bother her any further when she nearly falls over a small child who can’t be more than four year old, one whose haunted dark eyes stare up at her in what light the moon affords.

“Can you help my mama?”

Another cough racks through the person on the ground—a woman, a mother, it would seem, her long, dark hair matted to her face, her cheekbones nearly protruding through her skin as silver light illuminates her face. Her child is thin, but not like this—not skeletal, and Regina reasons that this woman has been feeding her son to her own expense as disease siphoned away what little strength she had remaining.

“I don’t know,” Regina answers honestly, and the woman sends her a small, resigned smile, shaking her head in response.

“You can’t. No one can, believe me.”

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Poems Etched in Stone CHAPTER TWO

Chapter One:


“You mean to tell me, that the same guy you have been nonstop writing smut is now your little tutor buddy?” Gabriel snorted loud enough to make people on the other side of the café jump. “You’re shitting me.”

Castiel hung his head and sipped at his coffee. “It isn’t smut, Gabe.”

“It’s pretty damn close. I mean, I am not even gay but if a guy wrote about me the way you wrote about him, I’d jump into bed with him.” Gabriel nudged his friend’s shoulder with a light chuckle. “What’s his name? Or is it still a mystery?”

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