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Scarlet On: Creek Is Worse Than Hans

Ok, as my followers may have noticed, lately I’ve grown obsessed with “Trolls”, the Dreamworks movie that came out last year…

I won’t say again that I like this movie a lot, I think I already made it known enough.

What I wanted to talk about is the fact that I’ve seen Creek, the guru troll…

… being often compared to Prince Hans, from “Frozen.

Now, this comparison is perfectly understandable and logical, since they both:

- were initially the protagonists’ allies or considered as such;

- were “romantically involved” with said protagonist, who happened to be also royalty;

- at some point have shown their true colors (pun intended) and betrayed the protagonist.

Now, there is something I didn’t see addressed (if it happened and I’m beating a dead horse, I beg your pardon) but that, after a little reasoning, it seemed pretty significant to me and makes Creek something more than an “Hans rip-off”: Creek’s actions lead to WORSE consequences for LOWER reasons than the Prince.

Now, let’s start my reasoning with Hans.

Now, if you think about it, Hans’ impact on “Frozen” and the main events in the movie is not that heavy: he didn’t cause Elsa’s outburst - not directly and not consciously - and he was neither the one who almost froze Anna’s heart.

Technically, indeed, he isn’t directly responsible AT ALL of the main conflict of the movie - Elsa losing control of her powers -, he just exploited the situation at hand to bring to completion a plan he already had.

A plan that would have ended up with only one victim anyway: Elsa herself.

Because his plan always involved only killing the reigning queen:

- before Elsa’s powers were revealed, he planned to stage an incident that would have killed her and leave he and Anna as the only heirs to the crown;

- after the revelation, and with Anna already dying due to frozen heart, he was going to kill Elsa to stop winter and being acclaimed as Arendelle’s Hero and King after his supposed marriage with the princess.

So, to finish with him, Hans’ betrayal was born from a premeditated plan and his desire for power.

Meanwhile, Creek…

He has been friends with Poppy and the rest of the Snack Pack for years, while Hans had no previous connection with Anna.

His betrayal isn’t motivated by anything else but fear and cowardice, while Hans wants to become King - and I think he may have been a good King, actually.

His actions almost caused a genocide - maybe also his own kind’s extinction -, while Hans’ victim count would have directly amounted to just one person.

So, Creek’s betrayal hurt a lot more and had far worse consequences and was caused by far lower reasons than Hans.

And he didn’t even had the shrewd grace to be the tiniest bit torn about it, the little petty, manipulative, zen-filled purple…!

… Yeah, I don’t like him very much, but I actually think he’s a better villain than Hans, or at least that he’s more functional to his movie’s story than the Prince is in his own movie.

“Winter Wonderland”

There was a break in the snow as I pulled up to a line of cars waiting for a tow truck to move a car off the road that had just hit another car. (It looked like everyone was ok)
I pulled off the road so I could walk back to this stream to take a few shots, while waiting for traffic to start moving again.
The snow was pretty wet, making it stick to everything it hit.


As promised! There’s literally like 15 requests included in here. I hope it’s not garbage. I’m trying something new with the POV–it’s going to be third person limited from Hunk’s POV. I normally do a clumsy third person omniscient. Not that any of that was remotely interesting. And yeah, I know I’m weirdly inconsistent about how watertight the paladin armor is from fic to fic–I bend reality to fit my needs. It is what it is. Fic below! :D

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