frozen creeks

“Winter Wonderland”

There was a break in the snow as I pulled up to a line of cars waiting for a tow truck to move a car off the road that had just hit another car. (It looked like everyone was ok)
I pulled off the road so I could walk back to this stream to take a few shots, while waiting for traffic to start moving again.
The snow was pretty wet, making it stick to everything it hit.


As promised! There’s literally like 15 requests included in here. I hope it’s not garbage. I’m trying something new with the POV–it’s going to be third person limited from Hunk’s POV. I normally do a clumsy third person omniscient. Not that any of that was remotely interesting. And yeah, I know I’m weirdly inconsistent about how watertight the paladin armor is from fic to fic–I bend reality to fit my needs. It is what it is. Fic below! :D

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Excited yet sad to say that I will be moving in two months out of the Rocky mountains to the northern coastal mountain range, the only area I have yet to experience. I will be working in a forestry camp working 5 hours out of a town of 6000 people for 10 day shifts. And am proud to be head of the Silviculture side of business. I could not be more grateful, and don’t worry. Tula was hired as well