frozen creeks

Everyone Needs Help

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Summary: Newt likes to do things on his own, but you show him (with the help of Pickett) that everyone needs help. 

A/N: MY FIRST NEWT ONE-SHOT ASDFGHJKL! (i hope its not crap)

It was very apparent that all of Newt’s creatures were very attached to him. He found solace and a kind of friendship with them that couldn’t be found with other people. So when he ran into you during his travels, he never could expected how drawn to you he’d be.

Maybe he was vulnerable after what happened in Sudan, maybe he was lonely, maybe….maybe it was a lot of things. Newt was looking for Bowtruckles deep in a Scandinavian forest, trying not to freeze when he met you.

He’d been tracking a nest of the little green creatures, too absorbed in his work to hear the occasional footstep behind him. He’d finally reached their home, a tall oak wand tree near a frozen creek. According to some old friends back in Diagon Alley, it was to be cut down soon. The small green beasts were busily climbing about the tree. With a smile smile, Newt placed his case down on the frosty ground. Just as he undid the clasps, he felt a piece of wood at the back of his neck.

“Who are you?” A voice said behind him, presumably that of the person holding the wand. He rose slowly, arms raised in a gesture of surrender.

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