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Elsa’s Classroom Visit

Yesterday I visited all the 2nd grade classrooms at the school where my aunt is a second grade teacher! It was absolutely MAGICAL!!!

I went to 3 different classrooms (1 ½ classes in the first two and two classes in the last room) and did the same basic thing for all of them!

Let me preface the story with the fact that, particularly at this school every single kid sings Let it Go and knows Frozen and Elsa and everything to a T!!! Some of the teachers sing it with them at the end of the day for fun and at one point this group of first graders was walking by (they didn’t see me because i was up high and they were all walking in a line) spontaneously all singing “Let it go”- Basically Frozen is a big deal! Anyway…

My other aunt was with me as my helper so she went into the classroom and had the teacher set up the “Let it Go” video on youtube. The kids were majorly into it and singing along and everything- then when Elsa transforms into her ice dress, my aunt opened the door of the classroom and I came in! It was the cutest thing ever!!! The girls were all squealing and gasping and it was soooooo sweet!!! I talked to them a little bit and then read them The Snow Queen and Frozen (both of which were pretty short!) After the books, i answered some questions from the kids and then individually took photos with them, promising to print them out and autograph them to be returned to them the next day! Every single kid was so sweet and kind!

One of the cutest moments was when I was walking from one of the classrooms to another and it was recess time right outside the door!! One of the kids saw me and was like “who is that…?” and all of a sudden the kids started running towards me!!! There’s a photo above where you can see the group of kids get progressively bigger!!! The teacher was trying to hold them back, but i felt really bad that i wasn’t able to go to all the classes and do photos etc. so i wanted to do something quick and fun with them! They were all shouting questions at me so i began singing “Let it go” (bear in mind- i am not a singer…) they all joined in and it was soooooo cute!!! (i’ll post the 5 second video we got of it in a minute!)

For my aunt’s class, we decided to get a group photo so all the kids wanted to help me hold the cape! It was too precious!!!

It was an absolutely amazing experience and I would do it again in a second!!! I wish that i could have done more classes!!!

My next real appearance as Elsa will be Philly Comic Con on the 20th i think… I may also visit one of my coworkers cousins on her birthday party for a bit this weekend but we’ll see how that goes…

(BTW- my costume was not entirely finished here. I still need to glitter the undershirt, do the shoes, finish the bodice, and finish the hem of the train)

Frozen Family Costumes (so far)

Our family decided to be the characters from Frozen this year, I had a lot of fun with the boys’ costumes!  My 10 year old son decided to be Kristoff, and I decided that my 15 month old would be a great Rock Troll, since he already kind of looks like one.  I’ll post more pictures when we get the whole family completely finished!


Anna: End of the Movie Dress
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I’m super sorry they are all gifs. I looked to see if I could find other cosplayers who’ve done this but I couldn’t. I’m really sorry! I hope this helps. <3 <3 


Alright! So I figured out all the fabric choices for my Elsa costume. 2nd and 3rd pic are chiffon glitter knits, the lighter one will be the neck and sleeves and dark one will be an overskirt for added sparkle, 4th pic is a sequin tulle that will be her cape ((which I might dye into an ombre effect)), 5th pic is the holographic 2 way stretch sequin, and 6th pic is a cotton with glitter that will be her skirt((I ended up choosing this one because it has a similar vertical texture to Elsa’s skirt)).

Though her cape looks more of a turquoise, I believe physically that a white cape will look more attractive than a turquoise one, and it will give more of an “ice-y” feel.

I plan to do a corset back((if I have the time)). I’m not too sure how I’m going to attach the cape yet, probably just going to use tiny snaps.

The shoes. I usually wear a thicker heel than a thin one. But I guess it’ll all depend on if I can find cheap shoes that I can alter easily((probably add leather cutouts or broken plastic snowflake ornaments))

All the fabrics are from, except for the turquoise sequin from



I finally started work on my cape, which I have been pleasantly surprised to find out is not as frustrating as I anticipated. So far, 3 out of the 5 cape pieces have the giant snowflake motif attached on and then I can sew this beast together. I ended testing to see if you can adhere organza to glitter tulle using heat ‘n’ bond lite and you can, but because there isn’t much surface area for the heat and bond to cling to, I’ll have to brush the back with some adhesive to make sure everything is permanently fixed in place. If anything, the heat 'n’ bond works more like an interfacing for the slippery organza and an adhesive to keep everything in place, until a stronger glue is brushed on. The care instructions specifically said not to iron the glitter tulle, so I’m surprised nothing melted >>;

I really wanted to see if I could figure out a way to create a “frost” look on the cape and retain some transparency, which is why I picked organza of all things for the snowflakes. It creates a pretty interesting look over the textures on the main part of my Elsa costume, which I’m quite happy with. 

Also pictured are my snowflakes for my Elsa braid. The snowflakes are cast from clear resin with a touch of blue resin dye and glitter added to the mixture.I still need to figure out a backing system for the small flakes. I’m thinking about making some coils out of wire and making them into hair swirls, so I don’t have to worry about bobby pins sticking out.

Costume made by: Dessi-Desu
More costume information here and here


Did you guys hear? Elsa and the Frozen gang will be helping light Cinderella’s castle during Mickey’s Holiday party! With such exciting news, we thought it would be perfect to post about our amazing Frozen themed scarves!

It’s starting to get chilly out there so bundle up with our cozy flannel Frozen scarves! Made of two layers of fabric, they will be sure to keep you warm as you trek across the frozen Fjords.

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I’ve been learning Adobe Illustrator and I’ve been working on the designs for the skirt.

I did some “research” by watching Frozen again to see how many repeats of the skirt design there were. I am calling the left image (the shorter one) S, and the right image (the taller one) T. On the front, there are five repeats of the shorter design, one centered on the front of the skirt, and four repeats of the taller design, between each shorter design. I separated the diamond from the tall design, and will embroider it separately because my embroidery machine is too small to do it at once. This may sound stupid to be this analytical, but I hope these details pay off when I’m finished.