frozen cosplay


My Elsa Cosplay!

Special thanks to my friend Sam for taking/editing these photos over the weekend! (I edited some of them as well except that I had no idea what I was doing can you tell the difference)

The photoshoot didn’t last long because we had to take into consideration that I am not actually Elsa and the cold is a bit of an issue, especially in the booneys of Québec

There might be more photos to come

Elsa! This is Prince Loki, of Asgard! He’s so funny and charming! Not power hungry or cruel like Hans at all~! What do you think??? He said he’s a big fan of winter too! Can I date him please??

Ah boy, still one of my favourite metrocon moments~! Thank you so much @flamboyantwreck I’m so glad you were up for this~! 💙


Here are some awesome shots of my Frozen Fever Elsa cosplay from Anime Expo! I had such a blast this year!

I’m currently waiting on some photos of my Cinderella cosplay so I’ll be sure to post those as soon as I can! To see more of my cosplays, check out my cosplay tag here! :)

Thank you Louie and Jess for being my photographers / cape managers haha!