frozen concept art


Frozen concept art. Anna was to have magic in early Frozen designs and here it looks like she had power over the Aurora Borealis and is trying to dispel Elsa’s winter storm. I love the contrast between the two sisters in the last picture. We can see Elsa grieving over her sister. It must have killed Anna to stop Elsa’s storm. Just like in the final designs it takes Anna life to show Elsa the era of her ways.

Artist unknown.


Jean Gillmore character and custom designer on Frozen. Has work on movies for Disney like the Loin King, Treasure Plant, Disney Atlantis, and has gone on to work for other studios including Blue Sky.  

My favorite is the end of the move Anna and Elsa. I like how their green dresses match and are still unique to themselves. The dresses represent how both sisters have come together, but have over come all of their past demons, and I love the tiara Anna has. She is the only princess that dose not have a tiara to were. I just love that they indeed had one for her. Even if it never made it in to the move.


Hi!!! Here you can see the same characters of my drawing, but separated!!! I hope you like them ;)