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コーヒーのある食卓の風景・その97 - Steely Dan特集

1. Coffee with Blueberry, Setoka(Japanese Orange), Mango & Pumpkin Sweets feat. “Can’t Buy A Thrill” Steely Dan CD - Breakfast

2. Coffee with Frozen Pizza & Vegetable Juice feat. “Countdown To Ecstasy” Steely Dan CD - Breakfast

3. Coffee with Kauai Chocolate feat. “Pretzel Logic” Steely Dan CD - Teatime

4. Coffee with Country Maam Cookie feat. “Katy Lied” Steely Dan CD - Teatime

5. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Soy Milk & Yakult Juice feat. “The Royal Scam” Steely Dan CD - Breakfast

6. Coffee with “Zermatt” Breads & Vegetable Juice feat. “Aja” Steely Dan CD - Lunch

7. Coffee with “Zermatt” Donut feat. “Gaucho” Steely Dan CD - Teatime

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The One With All the Kissing

Inspired by that one Friends scene with Chandler panicking and kissing everyone, aka one of my favorite things from that show. 

I was super nervous about sharing this, it’s my first fic for this fandom and second in total so I had no idea what I was doing. But here it is, thanks for 200+ followers I cannot believe I even have that many and I love you all, the things I do for you all. 

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You should do Poe/Finn living across the street from Baze/Chirrut with #43 :D

“There’s a naked guy mowing the lawn,” Finn says, coffee frozen halfway to his lips as he stares out their front window. “Poe, why is there a naked guy mowing the lawn?”

“Oh,” Poe says, stepping up beside him, sipping his own sugar filled monstrosity. “That’s Chirrut, he and his husband moved into the house across the street last week.”

Finn looks from the man carefully skirting their tomato bushes with the ride on mower to Poe and back again. And…oh my god, is the guy blind? There’s a naked blind man mowing his lawn.

“You didn’t answer the question,” Finn says weakly. It’s too damn early for this.

Poe grins at him as he heads for the front porch. “He lost a bet we had going yesterday.”

Jesus Christ, and Finn actually married this man. “Of course he did.”

“Come out and I’ll introduce you.”

Finn takes a large gulp of his coffee because if Poe’s found someone willing to take him up on shit like this, he’s gonna need it.

the promptis disney date nobody wanted

bleh okay so i told myself no more @promptisfanweek prompts till i update my fics, buuuut… well. you know how many times i’ve threatened to write a promptis disney date? IT HAPPENED. nobody will appreciate this, nobody, but i’m gonna post it anyway. written for day 3: promptis date~ 

Noctis hates a lot of things.

He hates crowds, and really, he kinda hates people in general. He hates lines, and waiting around for things, and he really hates being awake early.

But more than Noctis hates all those things, he loves Prompto, and so he’s here, hand-in-hand with his boyfriend, walking down Main Street. Prompto is grinning ear-to-ear, their twined fingers swinging back and forth between them. The smile is worth it, Noctis tells himself, even though he’s quite sure he looks rather grumpy. Prompto has gone all out, as he always does, and it appears that Disneyland is the one place where that is entirely acceptable.

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Speaking of x ray what if ut bros sf bros and uf bros saw a full body x. Ray of their s/o?

UT Sans: Woah. He had a rough idea of how your bones looked like under that skin and flesh of yours. But actually seeing it, yes, that is awesome. And you look as beautiful with skin as you do without. 

He will trail your bones with his finger on your body.

UT Papyrus: He knew it. Humans and skeletons are related somehow. His theory of humans descending from skeletons seems still possible to him, after all, you do have a skeleton in you.

And that’s where he realizes. This is you. You skeleton. Uncovered. Completly. You have never heard him make that weird, screechy sound ever before.

UF Sans: He was with you in the hospital. You fell off the roof, why were you even up there? And he teleported you here right away, scared shitless that you got seriously hurt. Now he was sitting in front of the X-Ray room, coffee in hand, sweating nervously. To many people, too many sounds of people in pain, too many worries about you, man, he really needed more coffee.

You came out of the room the moment he was taking a sip, showing him your x-ray proudly. Nothing broken, nothing fractured, you were a lucky one. 

Sans sat there completely frozen, coffee dripping out of his slightly open mouth.

UF Papyrus: He is studying the picture silently, a blush creeping onto his face while he compliments your bones. His voice is rising with every word. His hands are slightly shaking. His soul is pounding while his blush makes his entire face glows in a dark red shade.

SF Sans: He sees the x-ray and wonders who that beautiful skeleton is. Then he looks at you and it clicks. It’s your skeleton. He heard about humans having skeletons on the inside, but he never knew if it was true….or how those skeletons got inside humans, that sounded kind of rude. Just crawling into humans.

But all those questions didn’t matter at the moment. he was too busy looking at your x-ray. He wanted to enjoy it as long as he could, you looked amazing in real and on an x-ray.

SF Papyrus: Man, you have probably never seen him this excited before. He is a big fan of medical science and everything that comes with it. And he always wondered how humans looked on the inside. And now he get’s to see your skeleton too. It’s a two in one thing or him. 

He will definitely keep that x-ray somewhere and peek at it from time to time.

The Winter Soldier of Oz

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

The Winter Solider of Oz

Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 5,691

@mikeys-thighs @cassandras-musings

Bucky Barnes and the Reader may work together but that didn’t mean that they trusted each other, he’d tried to kill her too many times and the Reader’s powers make him uncomfortable. Eventually they warm to one another and a friendship blooms from their mutual love of The Wizard of Oz and, through no fault of their own, end up in a prank war with Tony and Steve.

To say that you didn’t trust James Barnes would be an understatement, considering that he’d tried to kill you twice already. Once when you’d been helping Steve, Nat and Sam bring down SHIELD and then later when The Winter Solider had escaped custardy he’d tried to throttle you.

Otherwise you’d tried to stay out of the fight between Tony and Steve, you’d not even read the damn document yet and they were already way too eager to take strips out of each other. In the end the decision had been taken out of your hands, you’d arrived at the airfield that day in the hopes of calling a ceasefire and finding a way to work it out for the sake of your sanity.
You skidded into the aircraft holder just as Black Panther was about to stop Steve and The Winter solider.
“Steve what you’re doing is crazy.” You had implored him, the pair of you had been good friends until this, not that you had many friends, and you didn’t want to lose him because of this.
Steve ignored Black Panther for a moment to set his sights on you, “Y/N you have to know that I believe in what I’m doing. I believe what Bucky has said, if we don’t go now then the world will be in worse trouble. You have to trust me.”
Trust him, he’d said, like it was that simple.
Like he wasn’t putting all of his faith in a man who’d strangled you until you’d turned blue, not once but twice. The solider himself looked almost repentant when you looked over at him, did he even remember trying to kill you?  
Again the choice was taken from you, which was actually good because you were indecisive at the best of times. Outside of the door you’d come through into the hanger Vision’s aim must have been off because something rocked the building and part of the ceiling hurdled down towards you.

It had barely registered with you that you were about to be crushed when you were yanked forwards. It hurt your arm getting snatched forwards by the metal hand that had twice before tried to strangle you. Instinctively you swung your fist as you were pulled and punched him square in the mouth. Barnes barely blinked at the collision even though his lip began to trickle with blood and luckily your leather gloves had softened the blow of your knuckles against his teeth. Ripping your hand from his grip you jumped back and eyed the cement block that had landed where you’d just been before eyeing him wearily, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He grumbled with more politeness than you’d expect from someone that you’d just slugged in the face. Natasha arrived to stop Black Panther and in a moment of pure insanity, you helped Steve and your attacker-come-saviour into the aircraft and stayed to help Natasha.
Life went a bit mad from there, you were locked away with the others until Tony managed to get you all out, of course there where rules. For the most part you were all under house arrest unless strictly needed and Tony explained to you everything that had happened with him and the two men out of time.
Your heart went out to both Barnes and Tony, the one who had killed a family and the one that lost it. How Tony had found it in his heart to let Bucky move into the tower you’d never know but if you had to guess it had a lot to do with Steve in his ear.  He was going to be under more orders and rules than all of you, never allowed to be out of sight of at least one of you, not allowed out of the building unaccompanied. Tagged and monitored but at least he got to escape prison if the country found him useful.

You weren’t sure how you were going to get on living with the man who had both tried to take your life and saved it.

After many years of living in solitude it had taken a while to get used to the idea of living with other people but Bruce’s assurance that they were good people kept you with the Avengers, he’d had similar experiences to yourself.  You’d met them while they were looking for Enhanced before Tony had made Ultron. They been quick to trust you since you’d worked for SHIELD before you’d been forced into the experiments that had given your icy powers. You radiated cold and if you were holding something and lost your temper then the thing would be no more than an icicle. That alone should have been enough for Steve Rogers to be weary of you after his years in the ice but if it fazed him then he didn’t let him show and, maybe it was because he understood what it was like to be experimented on, he became a close friend quickly.
Clint had basically decided that you were one of his children and though Natasha didn’t give much a way the others told you how much she had taken to you. Thor helped your confidence a lot as well; with your powers being focused around the ability to conjure Ice Thor’s knowledge of the Ice Giants aided you.
Tony’s constant playing of the Frozen soundtrack did not.

“I can’t believe you made me wake up for this.” You grumbled and rubbed your eyes, you’d only been awake for about half hour and now you were all sat around the table waiting for Barnes to be brought in.
“Let it go, Y/N.” Tony smirked at you over the top of his coffee mug.
God, you were sick of that joke.
Clint rolled his eyes, “Tony if you carry on with that then we’re not going to stop her from freezing you.”
When Clint’s threat did nothing to lessen Tony’s smug expression you pushed yourself over the table to reach where Tony sat across from you and reached out to touch his coffee mug with one finger so that the liquid inside it froze. You sat back and Tony groaned and dropped the mug down onto the table. The frozen coffee block slid out onto his saucer, “You’re an ass.”

“Takes one to know one.” You countered and the others shook their heads at you both.
“Are you always so childish?” Tony asked and you stuck your tongue out in answer.
“Tony leave her alone.” Steve, ever your defender, jumped in.
“Hey! She could turn you back into a Capsicle and I’m the bad guy?!” Tony gestured to you exacerbated.
You nudged the table with your knee so that the coffee cube rolled around in his saucer because you knew that the noise would annoy him, “Least I didn’t make a homicidal robot.” You sang.
His eyes narrowed and his crossed his arms over his chest, “Just for that I’m going to put heaters in your room.”
“I’ll freeze your whiskey.” You countered and he pouted. You both knew alcohol didn’t freeze properly, from your last attempt, but you’d never threaten to freeze his suit, not after he’d fallen from space partially frozen and terrified.  You didn’t want to bring that up for him.

Your back and forth was cut off by the doors sliding open and the Winter Soldier, or Bucky or Sgt Barnes, whatever name you knew him by, was marched in with a group of armed soldiers. Beside you Steve bristled at the sight and on either side of him you and Wanda both put a hand on his thick arms to remind him to be calm. This was a delicate enough situation without him throwing his shield at it.
The head of the little group stepped forward with a regimented stamp of his foot that you knew Tony was dying to mimic.
“I am to ascertain whether you are all certain of the obligation you’re about to undertake?“ He barked.
“What?” Wanda asked, annoyed at his sharpness.
“He means, do we want to keep him.” Sam explained and it was clear from Bucky’s expression that he was ready for Sam to have him sent back for a refund.
“Well he did save me from getting smushed.” You told them all as you spun slightly in your chair.
“Not a real word.” Clint mumbled and you shot him an amused look.
The jumped up Army man was still waiting for an answer when Tony waved him away, “Yeah, yeah we know, all sales are final, we want him.  Go away. Actually no, bring me a coffee, mines gone cold.”

You gave him a big grin at that and slowly the armed men left you with Bucky and no one knew where to look.

It was about a week before things started to fall into a pattern, of making sure that Bucky was always with someone and getting used to living with someone who had shaped the course of history by murdering people.

You’d stopped being bothered by his presence after a few weeks and the more Steve told you about him the less you worried that he was about to try to strangle you again but that could have been thanks to him giving you a wide birth after finding out about your powers. After all, it wasn’t just Steve that had been frozen against his will for years and you tried hard to keep control of your powers when Bucky was around to try to make him feel more at ease.

By month four you’d gotten used to each other, the restraints against Bucky had eased to the point of him being allowed to be alone as long as someone was within 5 minutes of him within the tower. It was often you who was in so you got used to seeing each other in the kitchen for snacks and when you wanted a drink.

For the most part you stayed in your ‘lair’, Tony coined the name, it was a small room by the towers standards that doubled as a library with a large spare wall that you could project movies onto. Tony let you do whatever you wanted with the space and people often joined you for a film night if they wanted to hang out or just read together. Bucky, Steve and Natasha were the few who were unbothered by the coldness of the room after you’d been locked in there for a long time of your own.

The Winter Soldier had joined you a few times for joint silent reading. You stood and stretched your shoulders, “Hey, er Barnes?” You asked, you had found it was the most neutral thing to call him, “I’m going to get a drink do you want anything?”
He looked up at you, “Water please, if you don’t mind.” The first few times you’d offered he’d simply shook his head so it was nice to see that he was starting to get used to live with you all in the tower. You nodded and on the way out, for the first time, you noticed what he’d been reading. A history of music from the war, your heart pulled a little at the poetry of it.

After you took Bucky his water and put your own on your desk in the lair, you nipped out to your room and came back with your laptop and your old iPod, Tony had brought you one for your last birthday and you didn’t like to throw things away so you’d kept your old one. You sat down with them at the desk and set to work. After an hour of restoring, downloading, uploading and charging you were ready.

You stood and walked over to Bucky, stopped just short of him and waited for him to notice you, he looked up from his book and sensing that you wanted his attention he closed it and placed it on the arm rest of his chair.
“Something I can help you with?” He asked, his voice edged with its usual gravel.
“I’ve got you a present.” You told him, the iPod in your hands hidden firmly behind your back.
His brows shot up into his hairline, “It’s not even my birthday.” He joked deeply and you gave him a small smile at his attempt. He’d been joking more with Steve and Sam as he’d gotten used to being in the tower.

You pulled your hands from behind your back and presented him the iPod, “Ta-da!” you exclaimed as he took the offering from your hands slowly with his human hand. He rarely used the metal one if it could be avoided, you noted.  He flicked it on and began to scroll through the songs and it was hard to repress the smugness of being right when you’d thought that he’d be able to use the device. He just seemed so much more in tune with modern technology than Steve and you’d been right to assume that he could use it.
“Hopefully it will be full of all the bands in your book.” You told him eager to watch his expression.
He looked up at you with complete sincerity in his eyes, “Thank you.”
He didn’t have to say anymore, you were already blushing like crazy with how he studied your face.

He was looking back at the song list when his eyes lit up, “Steve told you about The Wizard of Oz?”
“Steve? No.” Your face flushed again, “Sorry it’s just one of my favourite films. I’ve put the soundtrack on everyone’s device in case I lose my own.”
His lips tugged with a smile, “It’s my favourite too.”
“No way!” You cheered, “lets watch it, I have it hooked up to the projector!”
He gave you a quizzical look and you pointed to the projector which pointed at the blank wall near you both. He gave you a half smile, “Okay then.”
“Yes!” You cheered again and he stood, slipped his new iPod into his pocket before following you down to the kitchen to get the much needed snacks.

“So did you see the film back in the day then?” You asked him as you were raiding Tony’s cupboards looking for popcorn. Bucky flinched visibly and you instantly felt bad, he only talked about his old life with Steve. But after a moment he answered you, “Yeah, it came out during the great depression. No one that we knew could afford to go see it.”
“But Steve told us that you both lived together, that you never had any money either.” You told him. He gave you a look that, if you believed your eyes, was almost cheeky on the Winter Solider, he shrugged, “I was nimble with my hands. I stole some meat from the back of the butchers shop and sold it on, got the tickets with the profits. Steve was getting over a bad chest infection and needed some fun and medicine.”

“Well aren’t you the bestest friend ever.” You teased, “I bet it blew your mind didn’t it?”
His cheeks flushed slightly, “Shut up, it was the first colour film I’d seen of course it blew my mind.”
It was nice to see him joke and somewhat tease, the poor man who had been frozen and enslaved. He waved his human hand like he was waving away the thoughts of the past, “Anyway less than a month after it came out the war began. Obviously we didn’t join the allies straight away but it affected us instantly all the same.”

You threw the popcorn in the microwave while Bucky looked for other sweets and snacks that you knew Tony had hidden away.  
This time Bucky restarted the conversation, “Tony reminds me of the Tin Woodman.”
You titled your head to the side as you contemplated it, “The suit?”
“No, wanting a heart.” He tapped his chest where Tony’s Arc reactor would lie, “But the suit is a good comparison.”
“What about the Scarecrow?” You asked enjoying the way that you’d slipping into such an entertaining conversation.
Bucky didn’t miss a beat, “Steve. How he used to be all thin and gangly, he used to bend in the wind.”
You laughed at the image before asking, “And wanting a brain?”
“He only had to look at an ill person to catch a cold and he was always getting into fights that he couldn’t possibly win.” He paused, “Well couldn’t win back then.”
“I bet you always rushed into save him, didn’t you?” You asked and enjoyed the way that Bucky’s cheeks hued again.

After a moment you asked, “And the Lion?”
Bucky thought for a moment, “Dr Banner.”
You irrupted into giggled and Bucky spared you a smirk. He pulled out a bottle of fizzy pop from the cupboard and set it down, “It’s warm but is this okay?” he asked.
You reached over and held the side of the bottle with your palm and slowly the plastic started the get more rigid and freeze. You stopped short of freezing the drink so that it would be just enough to keep it cool and Bucky was visibly impressed by your control.  

After a moment you asked, “What about you?”
He scratched his scruff on his face in thought before deciding, “Dorothy.”
You grinned instantly, “I could see you in red heels.”
“Ruby heels.” He corrected and you laughed before he continued, “More the long way from home.”
“You’re not enjoying it over the rainbow?” You asked lightly but you both knew what you were insinuating, was he starting to feel human again?
“It’s not so bad,” He reassured you slightly, “But there’s no place like home.”
There was a tense pause before his guff voice asked, “Who would you be?”
“Toto.” You answered promptly.
“The dog?” He asked his lips pulling into a small smile.
“Hell yeah the dog,” you told him as you pulled out the popcorn from the microwave, “Toto was the star and she was in like forty other movies you know.”
His raised his brows, “Wow you really do like the film.”
You shared a smile and went back to your lair to settle in to watch the film and gorge on your snacks, neither of you spoke during the film, you figured it was Bucky’s first time watching it in 75 years so for the most part you left him in peace. Except every time the gang where on the yellow brick road you looped your arm through Bucky’s human one and nudged him from side to side like you were skipping down the road. You had no idea what had processed you but after the second time he wasn’t so rigid and finally when the gang where nearly at Oz and released from spell in flower fields by the Glinda the Good witch, you could have sworn that he was moving with you.

Your shared passion turned your uneasy alliance into a new, tentative friendship. You discussed Oz and he told you about the original book series which you immediately ordered, on Tony’s card, so that he could reread them. Once you’d both read them you also lent him the Dorothy Must Die book series. He didn’t like them as much as the originals but that was because the originals were a connection to home. Eventually you shared more TV with him and he shared more books with you and through them you divulged information about your lives to one another.

He told you about his life before the war and, if he was feeling up to it, he’d tell you about some of his time as The Winter Solider and in return of his trust you told him about how you’d been taken by Hydra and experimented on. Your late parents had worked for SHIELD and you’d followed in their footsteps to a small degree, you worked as a coordinator for SHIELD, often helping plan out the logistics of missions.  
Apparently Hydra had been watching you for some time, they’d seen potential in your parents, and had taken you one night as you’d arrived home. When your powers had first taken over you, you’d frozen the entire Hydra facility and from what Steve had told you on his last recon, it was still frozen. You’d had little control of yourself back then but your connection to SHIELD had made the Avengers trust you and helping fight Ultron had given you a much better handle on your powers.

The others had noticed your friendship with the Winter Solider blossoming but the only person to say anything was Steve, he’d taken you to one side and thanked you for trying hard to be nice to be Bucky.
“Not to be rude or anything Cap, because you know I love you,” You had told him and waited for what he was sure would be an insult, “I didn’t try to be nice to Bucky for you. He’s a good guy whose had a lot of shit handed to him.”
Steve smiled and dropped his massive paw onto your shoulder, “This is why I like you.”
“Well I can rest easy now, knowing that you like me.” You teased and he nudged your shoulder playfully.

You both walked into the kitchen to find Natasha and Bucky sat at the table and Tony stood waiting for you by the counter with his hands on his hips.
“And just what do you call this, Icy?” Tony pointed to an empty coffee jar on the counter before his hands went back to his hips like a sassy mother.
You raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t you supposed to be a genius?”  
Steve joined Nat and Bucky at the table and you didn’t need to look over to know that they were watching your little spat.
Tony ignored your remark and pointed to the boiling kettle on the side, “I came to make myself a coffee and low and behold, someone has used all the coffee!”
“Well who did that?” You asked innocently.
“You were the last to see the victim alive.” Tony accused and your rolled your eyes, it was always your or Clint and you both always tried to set each other up.
“Tony why are you mithering, you don’t even like instant.” You snarked.
“I have to have instant because you froze my coffee machine!” He snapped his face full of more sass than a grown man should have.
“Sure, blame the girl with the ice powers,” You argued, “Anyone could have done that!”
Tony started to complain at you but you tuned him out and sent a side eyed glance at Bucky who was watching you with amusement in his eyes. When you knew that you had his attention you leaned up onto the balls of your feet and clicked your heels together like Dorothy would.
At the table Bucky held his glass of water up to his face to hide his amused smirk at your antics. You didn’t pay attention to Nat or Steve to know that they’d shared a look.

“Are you even listening to me?” Tony brought you back to the conversation at hand.
“No, I’m not really.” You told him.
His face flushed, “I’m serious Ice Queen, behave yourself or there will be consequences.”
At the table Steve shook his head, he knew how this was going to end. You put your hands on your hips, mimicking Tony, before answering, “Don’t threaten me Tinman, it won’t wash.” With that you held your hand out and placed it on the boiling kettle, making it freeze entirely.

His face flushed and his mouth opened and closed several times as you turned on your heels and left, calling over your shoulder as you went, “Enjoy your coffee Stark.”
Tony cursed loudly and stormed out.
Steve shook his head again and drank his tea, “Well I’m sure this will end well.”
“They’ve done this before?” Bucky asked.
“They usually go at each other until one of them ends up injured or Bruce loses his cool.” Nat picked up her mug and took a sip.
Steve watched her before asking, “Is that coffee? You finished it off?”
She offered both men out of time a smirk, “Well it was getting a little boring around here.”


Tony’s retaliation started small, as it always did, with him breaking into your room and swapping all of your clothes for Elsa outfits.
So you froze his favourite car before he was due to go to a press conference.

He replaced your desk in your lair with speakers blasting out ‘Frosty the Snowman’ on repeat.
You released pictures to the press of him dancing to AC/DC in his boxers.

He used FRIDAY to turn the heat up in your bedroom.
You turned the floor of his lab into an ice rink.

He took every book in the tower and hid them away somewhere.
You dyed all of his party suits teal – he hated the colour, said it made him look fat.

He told the press that you wished to referred to as ‘The Ice Queen’.
You put homemade slime in his all of his left shoes.

He wiped all the songs from your iPod.
And that’s where things got complicated, you’d meant to freeze Tony’s stereo but your aim was off and you ended up freezing Steve’s recorded player and inadvertently got Steve to join Tony’s team against you.

You sat cross legged on your bed with your chin rested on your hands and sighed, “I need something new.”
Bucky, who for all accounts was lounged on the other side of your bed, dropped the book he was reading, Steve had snuck it too him, you’d still not found the other books.
“I can help you if you want?” Bucky asked, his deep voice laced with amusement, “Even the playing field.”
“What, are you a secret prank master?” You asked and let yourself roll onto your back beside him on the bed.
He smirked at you, a smirk that you were sure he saved only for you, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”
“Like how you hair always looks so nice even though you never do anything to it?” You teased.
“You like my hair?” He countered and your face flushed instantly.

He sat up and patted your knee affectionately with his human hand, “Come on let’s go to the lair and make a plan.”

“Honestly, sometimes I impress myself.”  Tony told Steve as he brought up the towers surveillance on the screen.
Clint and Natasha watched them both idly while playing cards at the table.
“What have you done?” Steve asked as he came to join Tony in front of the screen.
“What’s one thing that you can never clean off entirely? That sticks everywhere?” Tony asked him.
“Blood?” Steve tried.
Tony rolled his eyes, “Glitter. Not only is it impossible to get off but it clumps and sticks to sweat.”
“I’m worried that you know that.” Clint quipped from the table.

Tony ignored him, “So I made a glitter bomb and placed it here.” He pointed to a hallway on one of the screens, “This is the hallway from her bedroom to her lair.”
“Glitter bomb?” Steve asked.
“Yep, she walks past it and bang! Glitter face forever!” He laughed and then pointed at the screen excitedly, “Look there she goes with her metal armed puppy.”

Clint and Natasha shared a pointed look before Clint spoke up, “She’s with Barnes, near a bomb like device?”
“Yes, isn’t it brilliant?” Tony grinned.
Clint pinched his brow and Natasha following his train of thought took out her guns, Clint continued, “Barnes? Who we know suffers from PTSD from the war and Hydra? Who, you know, follows Y/N around and has a tendency to lose his mind? You thought it would be a good idea to leave a bomb around for him to find.”
“Fuck.” Tony cursed and the colour drained from his face as he watched you and Bucky approach where the glitter bomb was hidden in the wall.

“I think dying his hair is the best idea that we’ve had so far.” You told Bucky as you were headed towards your lair.
“Do you think Pepper would help us with that?” He asked you and you shrugged.
A ticking sound bothered your ears and you turned to Bucky, “What’s that no-”

It happened fast.

The next thing you knew you were pressed up against the opposite wall in darkness. Had the lights gone off? No. It was Bucky, his body was completely blocking out the light. It took you a moment to realise what had happened. The noise ringing in your ears was a small homemade bomb; Tony had taught you how to make them once.

Surely he hadn’t been so stupid to put on in the tower with Bucky around?!

His head was over yours so you couldn’t see him well but you were face to face with his heaving chest as he let out ragged breaths. His metal arm was completely embedded in the frozen wall beside your head and his human arm was holding your body to his chest. From what you could tell you’d frozen the whole wall in your panic, you hoped that his human arm wasn’t too hurt by your powers.
“Bucky?” You breathed.
No answer.
His breath quietened slightly.
He inched his shoulder back to give you more breathing room.
“Jesus, James are you okay?” You asked and this time he looked at you, his eyes where dark and sorrowful.
Now able to move your hands, you inched them behind his back then brought them back to show him your glitter covered fingers, “James. Bucky, you’re okay. It was just a stupid prank, its glitter, everything’s okay.”

His eyes searched your face, “I thought. I thought it was real.”
You swallowed at the sad look in his eyes, “I know, I know but you’re okay. We’re both okay.”
Your hands reached up tentatively to rub the tops of his arms. He didn’t move except to rest his head on top of yours.
You dared to speak again when realisation of your situation slapped you in the face, “You thought it was real and you hid me?”
He didn’t move his head from yours.
You continued, “Bucky you’ve got glitter all over your back and head. If it was real, it wasn’t and you’re safe, but if it was, you could have died.”
He moved his head to look down at you, his eyes searching yours, he swallowed, “I just reacted. I’m sorry if I hurt you I just couldn’t see you- -see you hurt.”
His words swept you up and soon your body followed as you reached up on your toes and gently brushed your lips over his, soft enough that he knew your intention but could push you anyway if he didn’t want this.

His gasp danced across your lips and for a moment you were worried that he’d rejected you but then his lips pressed against yours in solid, loving kiss. His metal arm came from the wall to wrap around your waist holding you to him whilst your hands went to his hair, tangling your fingers into it as you kissed in the hallway. The scruff of his cheeks scratching your cheeks was delicious and you deepened the kiss.

You separated from each other, you released his hair and he let you down as you stepped back from each other and you both breathed heavily.
His hair stuck out full of glitter and frost and your hands weren’t much better and you said the only thing that came to mind, “Glitter suits you.”
“You too.” He nodded and pointed to your cheek where you’d had glitter from his face wipe onto your face.
A whirring interrupted your awkwardness and when you looked up you saw a half frozen security camera, you’d frozen half of the hallway in your panic, trying desperately to move. You pointed at it, “It looks broken but someone still trying to use it. This was Tony.”
“They’ll be down here in a minute, they’d know how I would have reacted.” Bucky mumbled like he didn’t want to admit it.
You turned to him with an evil smirk, “Then let’s get out of here. Tony put this here knowing that it could trigger and upset half the people in this tower. This is our final prank. What do you say? It would mean pretending to have lost your mind again.” You winced when you realised what you were asking.

Shouting down the hallway prompted him to answer, “You have a plan?”
“Half of one?” You answered, “It does involve writing ‘Surrender Tony’ in his lab with spray paint like the Wicked Witch did in Oz?”
He gave you a smirk, “And after, we’ll talk about,” he gestured between the pair of you, “us?”
Your face flushed, “I’d like that.”

He held his hand out to you and when you took it he pulled to you his chest and he cupped your face with his hand so that he could wipe more glitter over your cheek. You pushed his hand playfully.
“Let’s a way to rust the Tinman.” You grinned.
“Flying monkey at your service.” He clicked his heels and gave you a mock salute and made more frost and glitter fall from his hair.

You giggled and, taking his hand, you ran off together away from the shouting. That was the first of many ‘annoying Tony’ dates running down that hallway, your own Yellow Brick road.

I was a bit worried about this one because it was just my idea not a request but I really enjoyed writing it and I hope your enjoyed reading it!