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Just felt like drawing Tiana and Charlotte again, and then I saw some very cute videos with the couples Merida/Anna and Belle/Charlotte so I drew these also but sadly I can’t find the links to the videos anymore!

EDIT found them! [x][x]

And it’s valentines day so I thought it would be a good moment to post this!

Hi guys! You may not know me since I’m fairly new to Booklr, but I’m Charlotte Bowyer, I’m seventeen, and I write YA LGBT+ novels. I know, I have the best job ever! My debut novel, ‘His Frozen Fingertips’ is available for pre-order now. It is a fantasy novel about two friends going on an adventure quest with many LOTR and Harry Potter vibes (only it’s a lot gayer). If this is the type of LGBT+ fantasy that interests you, then feel free to ask me any questions or… you know, to buy it… ;-) This starts with our generation, let’s normalise same-sex relationships in YA literature! 

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the signs as disney scenes

Aries - when lilo beats up that brat

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Taurus - rapunzels mood swings when escaping the tower about how her mother will feel vs how she will feel.

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Gemini - when kronk gives kuzco the wrong poison turning him into a llama.

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Cancer - when ariel uses a fork as a hairbrush at the dinner table.

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Leo - flyn riders smoulder

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Virgo - when kristof can comprehend how someone could get engaged to someone they met that day.

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Libra - when charlotte is wishing on the star for prince naveen to come and then how she cleans herself up to meet him.

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Scorpio - the sexy belly dancers during the song ‘never had a friend like me’

Sagittarius - dory’s whale calls

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Capricorn - when mulan is bathing then all the naked men come

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Aquarius - when they made her ink

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Pisces - chip in general

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Frozen Charlotte is a name used to describe a specific form of china doll made from 1850 to 1920. The name comes from the American folk ballad Fair Charlotte, which tells of a young girl called Charlotte who refused to wrap up warmly to go on a sleigh ride because she did not want to cover up her pretty dress. She froze to death during the journey


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    “Frozen Charlotte” doll with white satin dress, late 19th century.

    The little china doll has no joints in the arms or legs, so she is “frozen” in one position. The dolls were popularized by a Victorian story in which a girl was so vain, she refused to cover her beautiful dress up with a coat during a carriage ride home in the winter. When the destination was reached, Charlotte was discovered to be frozen solid. 

    This doll is wearing a white satin gown - possibly meant to represent a wedding dress - with a long train, edged in lace. Its somewhat clumsy construction indicates it was probably made by the child who owned the doll, likely from dress scraps. The doll’s feet are bare, which may indictate this was a “bathing baby” doll, instead of a dress doll, which often had painted feet and stockings.

Living Dead Doll headcanon?

All the characters have a phobia based on what they died from.

Frozen Charlotte- hydrophobia (died from drowning in icy water after falling through ice)

Ava- thanatophobia (died from being bitten by a zombie)

Orchid- hemophobia (always nauseated by blood; probably starved to death from not being able to eat what she needed)

Maggot- nosophobia (died from smallpox?)