frozen cave

Michigan Gothic

Acres and acres of forests. The leaves begin to change color. The leaves begin to scream. Their dying wails diminish as they fall fall fall to the ground. 

The Cherry festival is upon us and the harvests are red and juicy this year, the toil and sacrifice of the farmers has been accepted.

While swimming in Lake Huron you feel something brush against you, your friends tell you it’s just a fish, you nod and accept this; but fish don’t have finger nails.

“The engine is the heart of a car” is the note you receive with the life insurance check and the body of your spouse, they could have at least sewn the hole back up. 

A fresh batch of fudge has been made, a tourist asks what the secret ingredient is as the proprietor gives a knowing smile, another tourist vanishes. 

A bonfire on a beach is a great way to spend a summer night. The darkness creeps in, you remind your friends to add more logs, but, you have run out. The shadows are getting closer. Nick went to get more wood but he hasn’t been seen in nearly four hours. You and your friends mourn and huddle closer as the shadows begin to whisper.

A storm is coming in off the lake, the wind changes direction and you breathe a sigh of relief, until you notice the clouds are still getting closer.

Your car inexplicably stops on the side of M-25. The deer surround you, it’s hunting season.

The robins sing. The robins get louder. The robins have grown. Insect will no longer sustain their young. 

It’s the hottest year on record and the bodies begin to rise from Lake Superior. 

The boats rocking is gently lulling you to sleep, the anchor has been dropped, the anchor has been cut, the rocking is no longer gentle. Something is attempting to capsize you, and it’s working. 

The locals know not to swim at this beach. Never this beach. Only tourists and the young and reckless dare to swim at this beach. 

The lakes have frozen over, the ice caves have risen. You stand in the middle of the lake as the crack of the ice sounds like a gunshot.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes wake up, hundreds are injured, dozens are dead. 


spectacular photos of daghestan:

1. talsukh village, on the border of daghestan and georgia.

2. a frozen waterfall inside a cave.

3. snow-capped mountains, shamil district.

4. canyon, bermamyt plateau.

5. chirag-chai river.

6. batluh village.

7. wild horses.

8. tower of the ancient village of kahib, founded over 1000 years ago.

9. shinaz village.

10. khutkhul village.

It is cold in the forest. Frost blankets the ground in glistening, diamond sheets that cling to every blade of grass. The pond next to our cave has frozen over, the ice looking black in the moonlight. It is so quiet here; the animals that roam the night have long learned to stay away from this part of the woods.

I look out at it all through sleepy eyes. I am warm; your fur is thick and deep and soft, the motions of your chest soothing against my back. Our breath fogs together in front of us, but your heat always drives away the chill. I burrow in closer as I take in this sparkling world of ice, and you nuzzle against my neck, making me feel even warmer.

Winter is beautiful.
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars - Snippet

So here we are. The first snippet of my Star Wars AU. I’m actually posting this, heaven help me. So this is a Time-Travel fix-it fic of sorts, but not one I’ve seen (even though I’ve searched many archives). I’ve got an instinctual recoil against spoiling my own work, so my summaries can be infuriatingly vague, but the whole unedited text will be below the link.

This snippet takes place mid-scene, so it’s missing some set-up. So here’s the basics that you need to know for the scene to make sense: The setting is the desert planet of Jakku. There’s been a mysterious rupturing of the force on this planet and representatives of both the Jedi and the Sith have been sent to investigate. Three younglings (relatively speaking) have been caught up in the crossfire, and have been shuffled off to safety by the Jedi. They are all currently holed up in a cave waiting out a massive sandstorm.

Horribly vague, I know. But if you want names, slivers of plot, and (I hope) good writing, click the link.

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I’m kinda sad that Cave apparently died of like moon dust poisoning or something, someone like him should have had a far more spectacular death, with explosions or something