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My girl Meera was so fucking disrespected. you’re telling me, girl left her home to get to where Bran was with Jojen. she was beaten and almost raped by Karl Tanner Craster’s keep. She had to see her brother getting sicker and sicker by day and then had to KILL HIM when he was attacked by white walkers! SHE CUT HIS FUCKING NECK! HER LITTLE BROTHER’S NECK! she then had to live in a frozen cave for MONTHs OR years, only eating moss, also had to see Poor Hodor and Summer die. finally.. she dragged BRAN’S cripple ass across THE FUCKING TUNDRA to take him home! AND ALL SHE GETS IS A “THANK YOU” and gets dismissed just LIKE THAT. I mean.. shit. after he reminded poor Sansa of being raped on her wedding night I don’t know what I was expecting. shit. FUCK!


Crowd in an ice cave beneath Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier

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Both in 1 fic, Nessian! 😘 -The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here -The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing

OMG! I love that you saw that tag <3 Thank you so much ily

Also, you maybe wanted smut but it turns out all I have in me today is angst and a dash of fluff.

By the time they made it to the inn, Nesta’s feet were dragging, her lower back aching. She couldn’t believe she had just sat there and allowed Amren to convince Rhysand that she was the one who needed to track down these missing relics. That she had to continue “practicing her skills”. As if she cared for one minute about faerie relics and whether or not they were ever found.

She had a sneaking suspicion that these “relics” were a figment of the High Lord’s imagination. A suspicion that had grown when Cassian was suddenly “the only one available” to accompany her, for her “protection”. And especially when Feyre and Rhys gave each other that look. That look they gave each other when they were having a silent conversation about her, about them. Still, doing something was better than sitting around while everyone continued to tip toe around her.  

It was just unfortunate that getting out of Velaris meant being alone with Cassian. Alone. Where Cassian finally stopped pretending everything was normal between them. Where he didn’t feel the need to put on a show for the others, to maintain the facade of sarcastic general.

When they were alone, he was silent. He had yet to breach the gulf that had grown between them since that day on the edge of the forest. That day Hybern had nearly torn him to shreds. The day she had placed her body over his.

If he wasn’t going to say anything about it, neither was she. If that made her a coward, well… That was nothing new. But Cassian had gotten more and more irritable as the day had dragged on. Snapping at her and stomping through the woods as she continued to try to “feel” where these relics might be. She was about ready to shove him from the nearest cliff when they finally saw the lights of the inn reflecting off the snow.

Nesta was dragging her hand over the back of her neck, trying to dislodge the wet hair that was plastered there, when it finally registered what Cassian and the innkeeper were talking about.

“You’re telling me that there are no rooms with two beds left in this entire inn?”

“I’m s-sorry sir, we’re almost completely-”

“Fine. Give me the key.”

The small man handed over the keys and barely stuttered out the explanation of how to get to our room and the washrooms before Cassian was stalking off. Our room. Nesta paused for a moment at the front desk before grudgingly following Cassian. When she caught up he was heading up the stairs, wings tucked in tight, shoulders tense. He gave her half a glance over his shoulder.

“I’m used to sleeping on the ground, it’s fine.”

“Fine.” Nesta certainly didn’t care where he slept tonight. Not with the way he had acted towards her today. Still, she found herself watching him. She could tell by his face that he was tired, and when he thought she wasn’t looking he would rub his thigh. The thigh that hybern had smashed. The thigh that she knew he still favored.

They didn’t speak another word to each other as they separated to wash up and change into dry clothes. When she came back into the room, he had already taken one of the pillows and placed in on the floor, positioning himself between the bed and the door. When she yanked back the covers and slid underneath them, he leaned up to the dresser to dim their lone lantern- the only source of light in the room. Apparently, all of the rooms with fireplaces were taken as well.

They lay there in silence as the minutes dragged on and on. She knew he wasn’t asleep. He kept repositioning and releasing harsh sighs. The tension in the room was almost enough to distract her from how very ineffective her thin blanket was to keep her warm. And she was just pissed off enough and it was just dark enough in the room for her to decided she’d had enough.

“If you have something to say to me I wish you would just say it instead of huffing and puffing down there.”

“Go to sleep, Nesta.”

“I’m not falling asleep in this frozen cave any time soon and neither are you. So either say what’s on your mind or spare me your silent judgement.”

“I’m not judging you.”

Another moment of silence, then, “I tried to finally fulfill the promise I made you and you wouldn’t let me keep it.”

“What do you mean?”

“You keep-” he paused, and she knew he was shaking his head. “I try to protect you and you just keep putting yourself in harm’s way.”

“That happened once.”

“And it was precisely the moment I told you to run!”, he snapped.

“You don’t get to order me to do anything, Cassian. And I’m not going to apologize for my decision that day.”

“You were going to sacrifice yourself for no reason.”

“I can sacrifice myself whenever and for whoever I wish. That is my choice, not yours.”

His voice was muffled and she could tell he was dragging his hands over his face. “Why do people keep saying this type of shit to me. I’m a commander for gods’ sake I don’t need people sacrificing themselves for me.” His voice had became thicker as he spoke and she felt her breath catch in her throat.

“Would you get your ass up here already so I can see you?”

He sighed again and she rolled her eyes. “Besides, I’m freezing up here and all those pounds have to be good for something.”

He huffed a laugh and there was a long moment where she was sure he wasn’t going to move. Then the wood floor groaned and she propped herself up on an elbow to see him staring at her.

She left her warmed sliver of mattress to roll over to the side of the bed and felt it dip behind her as he sat down.

“I thought you wanted to see me.”

“Just shut up and lay down.”

He moved slowly, as if trying not to disturb the bed too much, and when he stopped moving she looked over her shoulder to find that he had left a large berth between them, he wings hanging off the side of the bed. He was rubbing his eyes with his forefinger and thumb before she grabbed his hand and pulled. His eyes widened as she continued to position them until he was pressed up against her. Her arm slung over his to hold it against her, their fingers entwined.

Finally, finally, he responded. He moved his other arm to worm it under her neck, bending his knees to press into hers.

“If you’re allowed to put yourself in harm’s way then so am I. If you’re allowed to tell me to run then I’m allowed to ignore you.” His only response was to pull her closer and burrow his head into her hair.

They lay there in silence together. This time the silence was easier, comforting; their breath syncing while she felt the thump of his heartbeat against her back. Slowly, his shoulders relaxed and he moved his hand so he could drag it down the length of her arm, back and forth. She finally felt sleep pulling at her, and she was just about to succumb to it’s lull when Cassian lifted his head slightly to place his lips at the shell of her ear.

“We have more things to talk about, you and I.”

“I know. Tomorrow.”

He kissed her hair and behind her closed lids she felt the world get darker. She opened her eyes to see he had draped his wing over them both, shielding them from the cold. It took her a moment to realize that the sensation that came over her was not just from the warmth, but from an overwhelming sense of comfort and safety she felt with him surrounding her.

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[OOC: I was digging through my old rp files and found this extra footage I made for Lor, from @egdramaqueen and @oh-dont-worry-honey‘s Disney Week. So, uh, what could I possibly do but put it on the internet?] 

Michigan Gothic

Acres and acres of forests. The leaves begin to change color. The leaves begin to scream. Their dying wails diminish as they fall fall fall to the ground. 

The Cherry festival is upon us and the harvests are red and juicy this year, the toil and sacrifice of the farmers has been accepted.

While swimming in Lake Huron you feel something brush against you, your friends tell you it’s just a fish, you nod and accept this; but fish don’t have finger nails.

“The engine is the heart of a car” is the note you receive with the life insurance check and the body of your spouse, they could have at least sewn the hole back up. 

A fresh batch of fudge has been made, a tourist asks what the secret ingredient is as the proprietor gives a knowing smile, another tourist vanishes. 

A bonfire on a beach is a great way to spend a summer night. The darkness creeps in, you remind your friends to add more logs, but, you have run out. The shadows are getting closer. Nick went to get more wood but he hasn’t been seen in nearly four hours. You and your friends mourn and huddle closer as the shadows begin to whisper.

A storm is coming in off the lake, the wind changes direction and you breathe a sigh of relief, until you notice the clouds are still getting closer.

Your car inexplicably stops on the side of M-25. The deer surround you, it’s hunting season.

The robins sing. The robins get louder. The robins have grown. Insect will no longer sustain their young. 

It’s the hottest year on record and the bodies begin to rise from Lake Superior. 

The boats rocking is gently lulling you to sleep, the anchor has been dropped, the anchor has been cut, the rocking is no longer gentle. Something is attempting to capsize you, and it’s working. 

The locals know not to swim at this beach. Never this beach. Only tourists and the young and reckless dare to swim at this beach. 

The lakes have frozen over, the ice caves have risen. You stand in the middle of the lake as the crack of the ice sounds like a gunshot.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes wake up, hundreds are injured, dozens are dead. 

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I went to the grocery store and saw these frozen meals called Man Cave which looked like a fancier version of Hungry Man. Possible idea for a comparison foods video?

Every meal in the frozen food isle is a possible brutalfoods video.

You just never know.