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Selling a large part of my Figure Collection!

Hi guys, I have a lot of payments coming up and stuff, so I’m selling a big part of my figure collection to pay them off.

Every single figure listed is in perfect condition with no missing pieces and authentic. There are no bootlegs here. Aside from a few scuffs on maybe a box or two, everything (except one) is 100%! Figures have only ever been posed and displayed in a glass box.

I also do combined shipping!

Shipping will be determined once I get a postal code! I only do Paypal transactions, and I do not offer refunds. If you want to see pictures of the figures in question, please contact me via Tumblr or!


Vocaloid - Megurine Luka: 80 USD

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - Stocking: 140 USD

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - Panty: 120 USD

Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - ARTFX J: 90 USD

Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren - ARTFX J: 90 USD

Majora’s Mask - Skull Kid: 40 USD

Twilight Princess - Ganondorf: 100 USD


Skyward Sword - Link: 50 USD

Metroid: Other M - Samus Aran: 70 USD

Kid Icarus - Pit: 120 USD

Kid Icarus - Dark Pit, used but good condition. Missing AR card: 100 USD

Metroid: Other M - Zero Suit Samus Aran: 60 USD

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Magician Girl, small paint scuff, but invisible: 50 USD

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yami Yugi: 50 USD

Frozen - Elsa - Olaf: 70 USD

ALBW Link DX Edition: 45 USD


Frozen - Elsa - Olaf: 40 USD

Frozen - Anna - Olaf: 30 USD

Majora’s Mask - Link: 30 USD **ON HOLD**

One Punch Man - Saitama: 40 USD

One Punch Man - Genos: 45 USD 


Lucas (x2): 10 USD

Robin (JP Version): 20 USD 

Roy: 20 USD 


Panne: 20 USD

Okay! Here now I will rant about why I hate when people criticize Frozen because “Anna ended up with a man in the end anyway!” 

That man being this guy: 

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lookit that adorable dork

Now I am normally rather indifferent towards Disney princes (”princes” being a loose term for the male protagonists, who usually wind up princes anyway by marriage if not birth) - the exceptions being Kristoff and Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled. 

I love Kristoff as a character because…well, he’s Kristoff. An adorable, gruff dork who somehow manages to be gruff but not unkind or offputting…

But what ticks me off when people criticize his role is what he represents: the family we choose. 

Yes, Elsa and Anna choose each other from the very beginning, but their familial bond is of blood, and not what I’m talking about right now.

 Anna’s family is the embodiment of “This is my family. It’s little and broken, but still good.” Anna arguably did not have a healthy family growing up…losing her bond with Elsa without even knowing why and so blaming herself, ultimately losing her parents as well. Ditto for Elsa, with the added pain of her powers being what they were, and blaming herself for what happened to Anna. 

Honestly, I doubt Anna was truly in love with Hans. She was in love with the idea of being in love with Hans - and because that was the only way she knew she might have a chance of getting out of the castle she was essentially imprisoned in. She wanted family - she even mentions wanting all twelve of Hans’s brothers over. 

Then of course she confronts Elsa, that all happens, and Anna heads out in the storm and meets Kristoff and Sven. Another stupid criticism: Anna “needed” Kristoff to get stuff done. Quite frankly I think the only thing Anna truly needed from Kristoff was logistical: how to get to the North Mountain. And for goodness sakes, she was locked in a castle all her life, that need is perfectly valid and unavoidable. Everything else Anna did: reaching and saving Elsa, taking Hans out like a boss…that was all her. 

What I love is how Anna and eventually Elsa accept Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf into their family. This is shown perfectly by that wonderful portrait from Frozen Fever:

They’re a weird little family. Two sisters (one with ice powers), an ice harvester, a reindeer, and a talking snowman. Only two of them bonded by blood (one doesn’t even HAVE blood…or genetics), but all of them happy and…together. 

Because they chose that. Anna chose Kristoff as family, and now look at them. Kristoff is more than just Anna’s boyfriend, he’s family! Just look at him and Elsa in Frozen Fever:

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They’re like brother and sister. Ice Bros, as I like to say. 

And that is so important. Because family is more than blood. Bonds formed by choice, whether blood related or not, are the strongest of all. 

Rant over. 


ロゼッタとか夏の思い出 By Poo on Pixiv

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  • Disney: *promotes Frozen 2 and Frozen Fever to the high heavens* Man, we did a great job promoting our films!
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Elsa Headcanons

Because I haven’t done these in a while and want to do them again. Tagging searlait, counterpunches, blue-pixiedust, makingtodayaperfectday, and wintermoonqueen.

-She is farsighted. Since she spent thirteen years cooped up in her room, this became obvious fairly quickly. She thinks she looks like an old lady when she wears her reading glasses, but she actually looks hella cute.

-She is big into art as well as geometry. Sketching always helped calm her down and control her panic attacks, so there are dozens of filled sketchbooks lining the bookshelves of her room. Some of them are of building designs, some are of fictional characters’ faces (ahem), and some are portraits of her loved ones.

-Her favorite book is Frankenstein.

-She loves Gothic lit and horror in general.

-She has terrible anxiety and still has occasional fits of depression long after the events of the movie.

-She is deeply suspicious of all Americans.

-She is fascinated by Norse lore and has long conversations about it with Kristoff.

-She and Kristoff also have long conversations about the science and practicality of her magic (”So would you ever consider doing experiments with your powers? Would I be able to watch?” “If I do, Kristoff, you’ll be the first to know.”)

-She has no tolerance for the heat whatsoever and complains constantly about it during the summer.

-She is a Jewish convert. I have a little bit of history behind that: In 1814, a law was passed in Norway expelling all Jews from the country, and that law wasn’t abolished until 1854 (I like to think that Elsa herself abolished it). That might have fed into her feelings of outsider-ness. But I believe that the emphasis on learning in Judaism would greatly appeal to her.

-Because of the energy that her powers consume, she can eat a ridiculous amount of food. And she’s not picky either. She loves basically all food, from bland to spicy to salty to bitter to sweet. But her favorite foods are pickled herring and chocolate cake (though not at the same time).

-She’s a cat person. There’s a stables cat named Snofnugg that she’s very attached to, and who adores her in return.

-She and Anna have sleepovers all the time. The two of them don’t do anything world-changing, just enjoy each others’ company; gossiping and trying on Elsa’s clothing and catching up on all the time together that they missed.

-Her favorite flowers are snowdrops. 

-She happens to love Scottish people personally. The royal family of Dun’Broch came over to visit once…that was a wild time. 

-She is full of ambition and desire to be the best queen, the best sister, the best friend, the best person. Although sometimes she needs reminding that she doesn’t need to do anything…she already is.