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75 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 21
  1. The Beard Weave
  2. Fratty Adam Auditions
  3. The Guys Flip Their Long Weaves
  4. Matthew Kisses Will; Denzel and Mirjana Freak Out
  5. Identifying the Models’ Spirit Animals
  6. Ben Hits on Tyra, Kelly Cutrone Retaliates
  7. Tyra Smells Adam’s Boozy Breath 
  8. Tyra Drools for the Manaconda
  9. The Spyder Byte Commercial
  10. Ben and Adam Serenade Us with a Shitty Song
  11. The Models Have Safe Sex with Bird Versions of Themselves
  12. Denzel Hates Will’s High Heels
  13. The Model House Is Decorated with the Finest Art
  14. Battling Diarrhea at the Final Runway Show
  15. Romeo Head-butts Adam
  16. Cory Is a Robot: Fall in Love with Him
  17. Tyra Pretends She Graudated from Harvard Again
  18. The DNA Test Results Are In!
  19. Franco Lacosta Screams on the Subway
  20. The Dance Remix of Tyra’s Horniest Catchphrases
  21. Modeling in a Haunted Slaughterhouse
  22. Kari Gets an Alien Stripper Makeover
  23. Tyra Screws a Virgin
  24. Mirjana and Denzel Break Up – Then Get Back Together
  25. The Selfie EDM Runway
  26. Dancing with a Korean Boy Band
  27. The Surprise Guess Deliberation
  28. Yu Tsai Is the Worst
  29. Emergency Couple Acts Out ANTM
  30. Silly String Runway Show
  31. Romeo Casts a Spell on Chantelle
  32. GIFS from the Clip Show
  33. Tyra CAN’T BELIEVE There’s an All-Male Final Three, Even Though She Rigged It
  34. The Gang Takes a DNA Test
  35. Mirjana Dumps Matthew
  36. Miss J’s Back
  37. Everyone Hates Chantelle
  38. The Models Go on Go-Sees
  39. Onesie Slumber Party
  40. The Panel Gives Some Hair-Shaking Criticisms
  41. Runway Show on Stilts
  42. Raelia Needs a Bra
  43. The Guys Lift the Female Models
  44. #WillieHunch
  45. The Boys Hold Their “Fire Hoses”
  46. Electric Love Army Photo Shoot
  47. Romeo Uses Witchcraft to Send Ivy Home
  48. Adam Gets Likable
  49. Chantelle’s Haters Continue
  50. Denzel Has an Old-Fashioned Romance with Mirjana
  51. Adam “Curtails” His Drinking
  52. A Homophobe Weighs In on Gay Kissing
  53. Denzel Chucks a Bicycle
  54. Franco’s Frozen Fotoshoot
  55. Jamie Rae Arrives Fashionably Late
  56. Controlly-Doo and Stiffy-Doo
  57. So THAT’S Why Erik Asla Is Always the Photographer
  58. Kari Gets Cut
  59. Nick Cannon Hawks His Shitty Headphones
  60. Bowling with a Pedophile Bear
  61. Adam Gets Cocky
  62. Everyone Is Pairing Off Romantically
  63. Meet America’s Next Top Witch
  64. Acting in a Space Lovers Scene
  65. Tyra Chooses the Cast and Asks Us to Curse at Her
  66. The Models Lie on Each Other Nearly Naked
  67. The Ice Bucket Challenge, Sorta
  68. The Finalists Have Daddy Issues
  69. Tyra Imitates Elvis and Marilyn Monroe at the Same Time
  70. Everyone’s Crushing On Kari
  71. Tyra Wants Original Contestants – Then Chooses Duplications
  72. Keith Is Too Attractive
  73. Tyra’s Soul/Seoul Food Buffet
  74. Will Gains Confidence… Then Promptly Loses It
  75. Chantelle Runs Away from Keith’s Large Dick