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“I only very recently took a DNA test and discovered that, to my surprise, the largest nationality in my blood is actually Scandinavian. My family was VERY quick to tease and link this to my fanaticism with Frozen. I’m certainly aware that Scandinavia includes other countries besides Norway and that Frozen wasn’t the best showcase of Nordic culture - but it’s certainly changed the way I’ve watched the movie. And I will never hear “Vuelie” quite the same way again. I’m loving my newfound heritage!”

Being Single on Valentine's Day

When You See All the Lovey-Dovey Couples:

And How You Respond When They’re Obnoxiously Lovey-Dovey:

And They Get Sad Because You Just Swore At Them Very Heavily:

But There’s A Possibility That Your Harsh Attitude Is Just Covering For The Intense Loneliness:

And Really All You Want Is Someone To Ask You This:

You Know What Disney Taught You About Dating:

And Although In You’re Mind You Think This Is The Problem:

But The Problem Is The World Is Saying You’re This When You’re Single:

When In Reality You’re This:

And Those People Who Are So Nauseously “In Love”:


So Here’s What You Gotta Do:



So While You Wait:

Then It Takes Too Long:

And When It Finally Arrives:

But If You Realize You’ve Just Been Eating Your Feelings:

You Know What You Should Do Next?

Then This Will Happen:

And Then You Realize:

You Have Single Friends:

You Can Do This:

Although This May Be True Of You:

And That’s Great!

But If That’s Not You, Invite Your Single Friends Over!

Have a S.A.D. Party (Singles Awareness Day)!

Watch The Total Opposite of a Romance Movie (Action or Horror):

So Before You Were Thinking This:

And This:

And You Had This:

So For All Those People Saying You Should Be Dating Someone:

And Even If They Think You’re Weird:

So Will You Feel Bad About Being Single On Valentine’s Day?

Because You Are Amazing:

And You Should Have Raised Self-Esteem:

And Don’t Need To Be Defined By A Holiday Based On Whether You’re Seeing Someone Romantically Or Not:

So Have a Happy Singles APPRECIATION Day!

That got a lot more inspirational then I thought it would. I was going more for snarky when this thing started.

Trouble Part 2 (Tom)

Part One

Requested- You should definitely do a Part 2 to Trouble! It was amazing😍

- - -

One week had passed since the heated encounter of you and Tom. You hadn’t had a chance to talk to or be with him privately, but you wanted to. You could feel the boy’s gaze lingering on you during classes, and yes, you were staring at him, too. You found yourself dozing off during class, which was unusual as Potions was your favourite class in Hogwarts. The bell rang, and the class was dismissed. You stood up, gathering your belongings. “Ms. y/l/n?” Professor Slughorn called. 

“Yes, professor?” You looked up at him, and he was smiling with Tom on his side. 

“I was just telling Tom, m’boy, here that I’ll hold a party tonight. You should come, too, it will be great to have you there! So proud to have you in my Slytherin house.” Slughorn replied cheerfully, patting Tom on the shoulder. “Oh and, Ms. y/l/n, don’t forget, you are allowed to invite a date,” he chuckled. Beside the man, Tom was smirking like usual with his hands in his pocket, and you felt your cheeks slightly heated.

“I-” You started, but was immediately interrupted by the professor. 

“Great, we will see you tonight, then!” He said, eyeing you happily. “Tom, you may leave now, sorry to take so much of your precious time.” The dark-haired boy smiled politely, “it was nothing, sir, I’m glad to.” Slughorn patted his back again and entered his own office. You stood frozen, aware that you were alone with the incredibly handsome yet graceful boy in front of you. “A party, huh?”

“A rather useful one,” he spoke, appearing to be thinking deeply.

“You still haven’t answered my question from last time.” You stated curiously, “what was it that you were thinking about?” 

Tom narrowed his eyes. The corners of his lips were lifted up, “why are you so interested in me?”

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senpainoticedmebeforeitwascool  asked:

For the drabble post!!!! 37. "Wanna dance?" You're the best!!!!!! <3

(Send me a number & I’ll write you a drabble)

I’M SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO GET OUT! I’ve been working a lot and had some complications BUT I FINISHED AND I’M GETTING THEM OUT THANK YOUUU FOR THE REQUEST! (also ily omg) Okay, onward:

“No one asked her to the dance.” Killua’s arm was slung over his face, shielding his eyes from his best friend’s too bright ceiling lights.

“Eh?!” Gon raised his head, chest down on his bed next to Killua. “I thought it was girls choice!”

“That’s a Sadie Hawkins dance, Gon. This is Homecoming.” Killua sighed, having to move his arm from over his eyes as he realized it would difficult to roll them any other way. His head lolled to the side, deep blue eyes regarding the dark haired boy beside him.

It was a school night and Killua knew he should be getting home soon but he’d prefer not to. Sometimes, Gon was the only source of sanity he felt he had, besides Alluka of course.

“N-no one asked her? Are they crazy?!” Gon almost yelled, mouth hanging open and eyes blinking almost several dozen times in a single minute.

Gon was absolutely shocked, flabbergasted as to why no one would ask Alluka Zoldyck, the sweetest and smartest girl he’d ever met, to a dance. Alluka was incredible, and his best friend’s little sister, which meant she was his little sister, too.  

Killua, on the other hand, was furious. It made his blood boil that anyone had the audacity to ignore his shining star of a sister, Alluka had cried. He was willing to start putting his fists into people’s faces.  

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i really love how Disney books and audio read-alongs countaining the whole story of an upcoming short or movie are made to entertain kids and are therefore meant to children

yet i’m pretty sure that most of the sellings and downloadings are done by the Disney fandom to know everything about the next footage that is going to ruin our nerds lives

anonymous asked:

an Elorcan fic (modern AU or not, your choice) where Elide gets frustrated that Lorcan hasn't proposed yet so she does it herself

Sorry these have taken so long, school’s been a bitch. And I wrote this a first time and then I lost it all fml.


Honestly, at this point it was just getting ridiculous. Elide knew Lorcan knew she had been dropping hints about wanting to get married. But he never acknowledged it or better yet, actually propose. So Elide had decided that she was gonna take the initiative. And so, she sat outside of a small cafe across from Perranth’s best jeweler, debating whether she should buy a ring for him or just get to the point and ask him.

You know what, screw it… Elide thought to herself. She threw down a couple of coins for her untouched tea and began the trek back to the castle to where Lorcan was supposed to be. Though Elide knew he had followed her and was more than likely beginning the trek back as while to beat her.

But she missed his tall form slipping into the shop behind her back.

Elide was a little surprised when she got back and found that Lorcan was not back before her. Normally he could make the trip in half the time she could due to his ridiculously long legs and quick pace.

Her mind was too riled up to just sit and wait for him so, despite the throb in her ankle, Elide paced the room and waited for him.

And that’s how Lorcan found her when he silently slipped into their room, one hand shoved into his pocket, the other hanging at his side.

Pushing his nerves down, he called softly to her, “Elide…”

Elide whipped around to him, but the speed threw her off and her ankle gave out. Lorcan was by her side in a second and holding her up her shoulders. She caught her breathe before looking up to him, her face devoid of almost all emotions except subtle anger and annoyance.

She removed herself from his arms and stepped back, crossing her arms over her chest. And judging from the look on her face, Lorcan knew he was either about to meet his death or he was gonna be sleeping outside again for the next week.

“Where were you?”

Lorcan’s throat felt like sandpaper when he swallowed and squeezed out, “You know where I was…”

And judging from the fire that passed through Elide’s eyes, Lorcan knew he had just crossed into dangerous territory. But she didn’t say anything. She just waited.

Lorcan, suffocating from the silence, opened his mouth to say something but was cut short, “Elide-”

“Will you marry me?”

Lorcan’s heart jumped into his throat and his mouth bobbed like a fish out of water. But when he couldn’t find the words, dread filled Elide’s body and devastation was written all over her face. Making Lorcan’s body suddenly sky rocket with fear and regret.

“You know what? Nevermind. Forget I said anything-”

“Wait, Elide-”

“I just thought that maybe you’d want to marry me-”


“But I guess I was wrong. I mean I guess since we’re mates there isn’t really a point-”

“Elide, wait-”

“I just thought that maybe you’d want to get married, but sorry for bringing it up-”

“Gods, Elide. Can I say something?”

Elide, suddenly frozen and painfully aware of what she just said, stared at him with something in her eye he couldn’t place.

“You kind of ruined the surprise…” The look in Elide’s eye was suddenly replaced with shock as she watched him pull a ring from his pocket. It was simple, with an sapphire set on a silver band. “I was going to ask you but I was just nervous and kept telling myself that you wouldn’t want to marry me… But I guess I was wrong. So, um, will you marry me?” Lorcan dropped to one knee, and Elide nearly started crying alone from the most hopeful and vulnerable look Lorcan had ever given her.

“Gods, you didn’t have to get a ring. I just wanted to get married,” Elide squeezed out as she sunk to her knees and threw her arms around his shoulders. Lorcan’s body shook a little from his silent sob, but neither of them said anything about it.

When they pulled apart, he took her hand gently and slipped the ring, but hesistated, “I’m just assuming that’s yes.”

Elide laughed before grabbing his face and kissed him unceremoniously, before muttering onto his lips, “I choose this.”

Lorcan’s face broke out into the biggest and brightest smile she’d ever seen before it was replaced by a hearty laugh when she said, “And you’re taking my last name.”

I Love Frozen

Autism awareness month seems like the right time to make this post.

I see a lot of criticism for Frozen on my dash. I agree that its character design could have been better and I think its fandom sometimes praises it as something it isn’t (Elsa doesn’t really do anything explicitly feminist) but for me it was something special.

It’s not that I see Elsa as autistic, but I related to her for, I think, the reason a lot of gay people did. The reason anyone did whose parents - - loving, supportive, well-meaning parents - - had tried to teach them to be normal because they feared how hard other people would make our lives if they could see we weren’t.

As someone who still has nightmares about public meltdowns, Elsa’s frantic “it’s only for today” mantra and fear of harming someone really struck home. As did her locking herself away deciding if isolation is the only way she can avoid hurting people or being hurt then it’s worth it. It’s really good to see a character with that level of anxiety about not being normal whose reaction to it isn’t just sad but defiant, angry and confused.


Good morning!

Frozen Paris in February. I’m thinking about you… February, February, February. Also known as Singles Awareness Month. A short, but fun, transitional month that is the bridge into early spring! Oh, how I adore you, February💗❤️

Happy Monday!

The Reluctant Queen

I don’t write anything for a little while, and then I do this when I have plenty of other projects to work on. Oops?

This basically stemmed from the idea of “Oh hey I haven’t tried a sad!fic yet”.

Notes: Major character death

Rating: K+

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters, side Kristanna

Summary: Anna never expected to be queen. 


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It Started With a Tweet

Pairing: Joe & Caspar

Word Count: 3,053

Summary: Caspar had a crush on Joe for a long time nad when he works up the nerve to tweet him before vidcon, he never knew it could lead to what it did.

Caspar has had a crush on Joe since he saw his video with Zoella, who happens to be his sister. Caspar just started YouTube only a year ago and he wasn’t that popular. But, he knew many YouTubers like Zoe and Pewdiepie and Dan and Phil. But, it was only a few months ago when he knew who Joe was.

It was one night while he was browsing YouTube for inspiration. He had about five hundred thousand subscribers back then and had an audience to impress. He spent a lot of time looking at Shane Dawson and then he somehow ended up watching Zoella, only to see she uploaded a video with her…brother?

Now, Caspar always had a small crush on Zoe, but he wasn’t a legit fan. He didn’t watch all of her videos, so he barely knew much about her. But, when he clicked on the video, his heart dropped as he saw a very cute boy appear on the screen. He was small, but rather masculine in a petite way and Caspar found himself staring more at Joe instead of Zoe now.

Ever since then, he’s binged watched all of Joe’s videos. He wasn’t obsessive, honestly, he does that to all YouTubers. But, he had more fun watching Joe than anything. The boy was funny, witty, sarcastic and a bit hotheaded. However, Caspar figured it was just part of his character. Sort of like how Caspar acts annoying on purpose.

Most of the time.

As of now, Caspar was so nervous. He knew that he was going to be seeing Joe at VidCon and he was freaking out. It was the first time he was going to actually meet his own fans, rather than going just to see other YouTubers. Caspar was tagging along with his friends; Oli and Josh, who were also YouTubers. Oli had some little more subscribers than him and Josh just started out.

On the way to VidCon, Caspar was freaking out. He kept scrolling the twitter on his phone, looking outside the plane with a hesitant expression. He had the urge to tweet Joe, because surprisingly, Joe did follow him. Maybe he thought Caspar was a fan, since his account wasn’t verified, but Caspar had over one hundred thousand followers and it said YouTuber in his bio, albeit adding ‘wannabe’ to the front of the word.

“Are you going to type or just look at the white, blank screen?” He heard Oli chuckle next to him.

Caspar scoffed,”Well, obviously I’m keeping it blank. It’s more unique that way.”

“Yes, I see a lot of depth with your masterpiece,” Oli quipped, rolling his eyes. “I don’t see why you don’t just DM him. Lots of YouTubers talk and chat around, that’s how collabs happen. I’m friends with Alfie and he’s dating Zoe, ya know. I can get Joe’s number if you want it.”

“No, that’s just pathetic and embarrassing,” Caspar pouted, thumbs hovering over the keyboard. “I just don’t know what to say. He’s just so…nice and pretty—what if he thinks I’m a loser? What if he’s straight? Should I bother? I mean, I’m younger and—“

“Relax, Casp,” Josh laughed from next to Oli and leaned forward. “Joe’s so nice, I’ve seen him interact with fans and stuff. Even if he is straight, he won’t be mean or anything. He’d just let you down easy.” He then added with a snap,”Not that he’ll reject you or anything. I’m sure he won’t, you’re a cool guy.”

The pep talk was not helping at all. If anything, he was just more nervous now. Caspar frowned and glanced out the window, contemplating if he should even try tweeting the guy. Maybe he can be casual. He’s going to vidCon and so is Joe, perhaps a small tweet won’t be that strange since everyone is tweeting about it.

Caspar_Lee: @Joe_Sugg heard you’re going to vidcon !! it’d be cool if we met up or something ! Up for a collab or something? :)

Simple, but effective. Caspar nodded slowly and he clicked the button before he could hold back. As soon as he tweeted it, there were over a hundred retweets. His fans are very dedicated, he adored them. He saw tons were shipping them already and Caspar blushed. He really hoped Joe wasn’t against that, some YouTubers hate it.

Caspar was fine with the idea of people shipping him with anyone. Because, he didn’t see it as annoying or a bother. He ships people, he’s pretty sure everyone secretly does. As long as he’s aware of who he’s dating, that’s all that matters. Some people take it too seriously and get offended, but he won’t judge them for that.

He glanced down at his phone and sighed, then saw Oli was putting in a DvD into the player that they had. It was on the back of the seat in front of them and he handed the earbud to Josh. But, then he saw Caspar pout and rolled his eyes. “Do you want one too? Cause, here,” He handed an earbud and got another pack out, glad there were two slots for headphones.

“What are we – seriously?” Caspar laughed when he saw Oli put on Frozen.

The boy blushed and muttered,”It was the only thing I had on DvD.”

“You had Orphan and 22 Jump Street,” Caspar pointed out and smirked at Oli’s pale face. “Chill, it’s fine. We can watch Frozen. Just be aware, I know all the lyrics and that means I will be singing and that means we might be pushed out of this plane.”

Josh groaned,”Great.”

Caspar laughed maniacally and leaned back, watching as the screen of the tiny TV went through the adverts. There were tons of little clips from other Disney movies and he hummed quietly as the movie started up. Caspar yawned, finding the beginning a little boring and leaned his head on Oli’s shoulder, despite the boy trying to push him off.

As the moving started, he tapped his fingers and then grabbed his phone to check how much longer they had left on the plane. But, he saw a notification and his face blushed deep red as he saw a familiar name and it was like his world stopped. He clicked it and read it and it was then that Caspar knew he could never feel more alive than he did in that moment.

Joe_Sugg: @caspar_lee hey man, that sounds great. Can’t wait to see ya ! love your videos :)

And in that moment, Caspar nearly fainted.


The tweet was ringing through his head as soon as he stepped in America. It was his first time in the continent and he was so nervous when he first arrived. He was rooming with Oli and Josh, so that wasn’t very fun. But, he dealt with it since he was used to them anyways. He was more concerned about seeing Joe.

The night before vidcon, Caspar was up for hours trying to find the right outfit to wear for the day. He wanted to impress Joe, to not look like the dumb person he acts as in his videos. Though, most of that is truly him, he does exaggerate as does every YouTuber. YouTube is like reality TV; it’s real life, but exaggerated.

Caspar had ended up with a light blue, nearly white t-shirt and some skinny jeans that were a bit baggy so they weren’t too tight. The next morning, when he got ready, he fixed his hair up and made sure it was neat and brushed in a somewhat quiff. He wouldn’t call it that, but it was a similar style.

After he made sure he looked okay, he checked once more and heard Josh groaning,”Casp, c’mon. You look great, can we go before your fans flip shit?”

“Fine, fine,” Caspar let out a nervous breath and he nodded to himself before rushing out after Josh.

The two boys headed downstairs since Oli was already there. Caspar was nearly shaking in the elevator and excited, yet scared to see who showed up. What if no one went for him? What if no one was excited to meet him? Bigger YouTubers are there; he doubts anyone went just for him. He’s not good enough.

However, when he entered the room, he was surprised when he saw tons of people gathering to the stage where it looked like Tyler Oakley was interviewing someone. Caspar smiled, he loved Tyler Oakley and hoped he could meet the guy. He’s one of the YouTubers that made Caspar feel okay with his sexuality.

“Caspar?” A female voice asked, causing him to turn and the girl’s eyes to widen. “O-Oh my god, Hi! S-Sorry, I won’t freak out. I just, hi. I love you so much.”

“You do?” Caspar furrowed his eyebrows, not expecting people to say this. “Well, thanks ! Want a picture?”

He only asked since she was holding her phone as if ready to ask. The girl nodded eagerly and then cleared her throat, trying to brush off her nerves. She walked over and Caspar asked Josh to take the photo. They took two, one with him kissing her cheek only because she asked. Then, he gave her a quick hug.

It was so surreal for him to meet fans. He’s only met a couple since starting videos. Considering he doesn’t go out often, he never really has the chance to meet anyone. But, while trying to get to the backstage area where other YouTubers were, he was stopped often and asked for many pictures. It was so sweet, he loved it.

But, then he went to the backstage area with Josh in tow and halted.

There in front of him, was Joe Sugg.

The boy was laughing along with Marcus Butler and nodding his head quickly to whatever was said. Dan and Phil were on stage, doing a little show for the fans and answering questions. Caspar felt his heart nearly stop at the sight of Joe. His breath caught in his throat, unsure of what to do because the love of his life was right in front of him.

Before Caspar could run off, Marcus noticed him and gave a small smile. Caspar blushed when Joe turned and it was like everything soon came together. He hesitated and opened, closing his mouth repeatedly. Joe was confused but then he grinned brightly, easily recognizing Caspar as he walked over and laughed.

“Oh, it’s you! Hey, Caspar,” Joe greeted, holding his hand out.

Caspar took it timidly, shaking his hand and gulped,”H-Hi! I-It’s nice to meet you.”

“So formal,” Joe teased and nodded to Marcus. “The lads and I have been talking! We thought it’d be fun if you came on with us. You seem like a cool guy and we’re gonna answer some crowd questions and stuff. It’d be fun.”

Caspar frowned and glanced to Josh. Then, he said,”I-I don’t know, I only have like, a quarter of your subscribers. I’ll look like a random.”

“Nonsense! You’ll be great,” Joe nudged him and joked,”And you look pretty damn hot, so even if no one recognizes you, you’ll probably gain twice as many followers from this.”

Caspar wasn’t sure. Despite being a rather confident performer, he gets nervous with live audiences. In his room, he can mess up as much as he wants and not be afraid of someone seeing. But, Joe was right in front of him, asking him to join on stage and he’s not going to say no. Not when he has a chance to be near Joe.

So, he agreed and Joe grinned brightly,”Great! C’mon, Dan and Phil are almost done. Have you met them? I think you’ll like them, they’re pretty cool.”

Joe took Caspar’s hand and led him to the guys (Marcus, Alfie, Jim, and Will) that were gathered around and chatting animatedly. Josh awkwardly followed behind and Caspar felt bad. But, then a girl who was working with headphones on and a walkie talkie caught his attention and Caspar laughed quietly.

Caspar tried not to feel awkward around the guys. They were all friends and he felt like a dork, just standing there and laughing when he had no idea what they were talking about. Alfie was being loud and talking over everyone, Will was trying to jump in the conversation, Marcus and Jim were arguing and Joe was…he was just staring at Caspar with a small smile.

But, then Dan and Phil were done and Caspar went to say hi, however they were already being pulled onstage and Caspar gulped when seeing the huge crowd of people. There were so many. Joe gave his back a small pat and then took the microphone he was handed, giving Caspar the second one.

The man on stage introduced,”Alrighty here, we have Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Will Darbyshire snd Caspar…?”

“Lee. Caspar Lee. With an A, please remember this,” Caspar said sheepishly as people laughed.

Joe teased,”Okay, Caspar Laa.”

“No, like my name Caspar is A-R nor E-R,” Caspar whined, pouting a bit as he heard the audience chucking in amusement.

The man laughed,”Alright, Caspar with an A! We’re going to answer some questions the audience has been dying to ask. Erica is down there with a mic and will go around trying to find the best questions for our British YouTubers.”

And that was how it went. Literally, it was just some questions and they answered them. Caspar was trying to be funny, maybe trying too hard? But, it was better than sitting back and not talking. Joe kept laughing at his jokes and slide remarks. Caspar tried not to get flustered by his smile and he joked around with the guys.

He literally met them only minutes ago, but it was fun. He’s watched their videos, so he knew how they acted and how they were. Jim was probably his favorite aside from Joe, only because Alfie and Will and Marcus were more loud and outgoing than Jim. Jim was nice, he didn’t tease Caspar like the others.

But, then the questions got more tense and everyone was asking for dares more often than questions. When a girl asked when was Alfie going to propose, the guy just chuckled and said ‘one day’. So, the Q&A was ending soon and Caspar felt relieved since he was afraid of the questions now that he knew they were getting friskier.

“Alright next question!” Erica cheered, going to a girl with a Dan and Phil t-shirt on.

The girl stood up and spoke into the mic,”This one is for Caspar; can you kiss the cutest boy on the stage? Considering you have come out as bisexual, I thought it would be funny.”

Caspar’s eyes widened and the crowd began cheering. He glanced at the boys, then at the interviewer. The guy laughed and nodded to the british boys,”Go on, c’mon. I am not objecting to seeing some boy on boy action, it’s vidcon!”

“I – I don’t know,” Caspar hesitated, glancing at the guys he literally just met.

Alfie chuckled,”We don’t mind. Even if we’re basically all dating someone, the girls won’t care.”

“It seems wrong,” Caspar argued with a pout.

Joe scoffed and exclaimed,”Just do it, Caspar!”

And fine, if Joe wants him to do it, then he’ll do it.

Caspar stood up and turned back, glancing to all the boys. Then, he looked at Joe and maybe he finds Alfie more attractive in a general sense, but he’s attracted to Joe in all. He gripped Joe’s shirt and pulled him up, pressing his lips to the smaller boy’s. Joe made a noise of surprise and Caspar had no idea how Joe couldn’t know he would choose him.

Everyone was cheering, but it was white noise in Caspar’s world. He just felt his heart flutter and stomach flip. Everything was on fire, but in a good way. It was as if he was flying and Joe was the wings that made him soar. His lips tasted like tea and they moved slowly against Caspar’s, small hands gently placing at his waist and pulling Caspar closer.

However, they were in public and even though Caspar wanted to keep kissing, he pulled back and smiled shyly at Joe who looked so stunned. Joe then chuckled awkwardly and wiped his mouth as he said,”Ha, nice to know someone finds me attractive.”

Caspar felt his heart ache a bit. He hoped Joe didn’t hate him. He really thought Joe liked the kiss, but maybe it’s just a joke. He forced a laugh as well, sitting down and stayed quiet. For the rest of the interview, he willed himself not to brush his fingers against his lips that tingled from the reminder of Joe’s kiss.

He felt small nudges here or there, glancing to Joe’s foot that kept kicking gently at his back. Joe gave him a timid smile and Caspar just slouched in his seat, trying not to look pathetic considering he’s stupidly crushing on Joe Sugg; a boy who only ever liked girls. He always mentions girls. He likes boobs, not dick.

After the interview was done, they all said goodbye and Caspar hoped he could just run back to his room and pretend like this whole night went differently than he thought. However, as he rushed out, a hand grabbed his wrist and he stumbled right into a smaller body, nearly knocking the person over and causing himself to stutter apologies.

But, then his words were silenced as Joe’s lips were kissing him deeply and Caspar tensed before timidly kissing back. Joe chuckled as he pulled back and stood on his tiptoes. He asked Caspar with a small smirk,”Do you think you might wanna go on a date with me?”

“A date? Really?” Caspar asked, not believing this.

Joe rolled his eyes,”Yes, Caspar. Really.”

And the two did go on a date. That night, they went to the restaurant near the hotel. And then they dated. And then they got engaged a year later, Joe getting down on one knee at vidcon on stage. Then they moved in together and got married and Caspar couldn’t be happier changing his accounts to ‘Caspar_Sugg’.

Cause he’s a Sugg now and he’s glad he sent that tweet.

Frozen Ever After review.


 I am fully aware Frozen has no place in the world showcase and this ride should have never gone to epcot. The argument for that is long over and not what I am getting into today. If you feel that due to it’s placement you can find nothing of value in this attraction for any reason this review is not for you please move along. Thank you.

THAT being said I got the chance to ride the attraction and I have some thoughts about it mostly good some meh. Now let me start off by saying if you are going to head out to Epcot to ride this sucker make sure to plan to lose about an hour or hour and half of your day depending on the wait time. As the line is long and while it does move the capacity for this attraction is not very high meaning it’s going to take a while to get on those boats. Took me about an hour, if you can get a fastpass (good luck) then I HIGHLY recommend doing so. 

The queue for the attraction starts you off in kristoff’s ice master and deliver shop which then exits out to an interpretation of the village found outside of the castle of Arendelle. The queue is nice and definitly a step up from what was previously there, although it feels a little claustrophobic due to them wrapping the lines all around the courtyard area in order to get as much space as they can. So it can feel a little bare in the courtyard area and the lighting sadly exposes the roof above but these are minor gripes. The queue then takes you through Oaken’s sauna where he makes a limited appearance from a foggy window, I think here they could have really benefitted from him being an animatronic ala Scuttle but given the budget and scope of this attraction it’s to be expected. 

Now onto the actual ride if there is one thing I don’t think anyone can deny is they really did their job here transporting you to the sights and sounds of the film. The ride opens up with riders hearing the beginning of do you want to build a snowman while being underneath some beautiful frozen willow trees. It really is imo a moment that kind of makes you gasp. The Olaf animatronic here is probably one of the most impressive things I have seen imagineering do in some time. That actually goes for all of the animatronics on this attraction. From there you are feed a very weak but cute story of visiting Elsa’s palace for some special event. 

The ride then passes by gran pabbie and some troll children and this scene is also weak from a story perspective (he’s literally just retelling the events of the film for the kids) but the animatronics and surrounding room are so nice it’s forgivable. It’s after this scene where the ride imo reaches it’s climax. You pass by Anna and Kristoff singing and inviting you to meet Elsa you pass through some doors and see her signing Let it go. This scene is the only one imo that makes this attraction a must do. I was looking at the room and the walls all glistening and just had my mouth open in awe especially from the Elsa figure and it’s very fluid movements! It’s just perfectly paced and hits that sweet spot of the film in an amazing manner that left everyone in my boat ooing and awing. 

Here’s where the ride loses that moment though, just right after that scene it essentially gets far weaker as a ride. You pass by Marshmallow and the snowgies and then enter a room in which you see fireworks in the sky and the arendelle castle from afar. And just like that the ride is over as you pass by Anna, Elsa (who are in their Frozen Fever outfits), and Olaf singing in summer. This scene just feels like a weird sendoff as it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the ride. It’s the ending of this attraction that lets you know this is an overlay of a preexisting attraction. 

So all in all is it perfect? No. The ride suffers from a really simple story but there are worse attractions from a narrative perspective so it’s really not that big of a deal breaker. The ride does leave you with a taste of wanting more after the fantastic let it go scene, it’s a shame it ends just after that. As it’s clear that when given time and money imagineering can really knock it out of the park, and given the space and scope they were given this attraction was the best they could do. And it shows as it really is a solid dark ride and one that families are going to be queuing up for some time.

 It’s strange to think this is the same company that made the Little Mermaid attraction (one which still needs fixing) as that had 0 limits to it yet look at the two. I also want to note that this attraction has me excited for the the inevitable Frozen E ticket ride for Disneyland which is coming in the future because if this ride is what they can do when overlaying imagine how good things can be when they actually aim for a showstopper? All in all this is a solid must do for Frozen Fans, a solid must do for Dark ride fans, and a maybe you should check it out for everyone else. SO if you want to build a snowman make sure to plan a trip to Epcot soon!

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Heart’s Desire

I have literally been writing Merintosh fics for two days straight and I blame everyone on this damn ship. Anyway, here is one of my pieces, thanks to the wonderful fangirl–of-everything for beta-ing.

Fandom: Once Upon a Time 

Ship: Merida x Young (Lord?) Macintosh

Word Count: 2000+

Summary: Merida receives an interesting proposal for an alternative to war. Macintosh isn’t too happy about it

The messenger was regarded with the utmost suspicion. He came alone and with no weapons, a scrawny thing that was barely a man. Still, the whole hall kept their hands on their hilts, the guards leading him doing so with drawn swords. Despite this, he wore a swain-like smile, and perhaps that’s what set Merida on edge. He approached the throne, and with a nod from Merida his guards stepped away from him. He looked around a moment before returning his attention to the Queen.

“What’s your name, boy?” Merida asked.

“Tomas, if it pleases the lady.” He said with a wink

Macintosh, who stood front among the spectators, had already grabbed Tomas by the neck by the time Elinor exclaimed. “Show some respect lad. Your speaking to Queen Merida, ruler of Dunbroch and Protector of the Highlands.”

Even with Elinor’s warning, Tomas looked more concerned with the larger man, who from close up, looked willing to snap the neck he held.

Merida, who’d only raised an eyebrow at Tomas’s brazenness, couldn’t see Macintosh’s expression.

“You came here under a white banner, Tomas. Who leads you, and why does he choose now to call for peace?”

“Queen Merida, I come to you from his Majesty, King Antonio, ruler of Illyria.” Tomas said with a flourish

“Antonio, eh? And just why is your king trying to attack my castle?”

“King Antonio has come to collect a debt he feels owed to him by the clans Dinglewall and Macduffin. I’m afraid I do not know the specifics, only that the lairds who created such debt are now both dead. However, King Antonio has decided there is something he’d rather have than the money.”

“Oh and what’s that?”

“If I may, your majesty?” He indicated with his eyes to Macintosh, who had him still by the collar. Merida sighed.

“Let him go, Macintosh.” She ordered. He did so with a shove. Tomas reached into his pocket and, slowly for the benefit of the clansmen, pulled out a piece of paper. He held it out to Merida. Macintosh grabbed it out of Tomas’ hand with a sneer, and carried it to Merida. She reached for it but was stopped by her mother.

“Wait, Merida, it could be a trap.”

“Mother really, what do you suspect, there’s poison dust hidden in the folds?” Merida rolled her eyes and reached again for the letter, but this time Macintosh pulled it away. She gave him a look to say, ‘really’

“Give it here, Macintosh.” Elinor said. He handed the dowager queen the note, who opened it at arms length. No poison powder fell off. Elinor scanned the letter quickly, and soon blushed quite red.

“What is it Mother?”

Elinor searched for the right word. “Love poetry.” She finally said. “For you.”

“What’s that?” Merida didn’t bother hiding her surprise. She snatched the paper from her mother and scanned it briefly.

“Fair…….. Flowing hair….. Eyes like fire…. Are you sure he isn’t talking about Macintosh over there? ” Merida  suggested. The clans all laughed good naturedly, except Macintosh who glared at her. She gave him a smile in return. When the laughter died down  enough to be heard Tomas took the opportunity to say loudly.

“My master, King Antonio, was so taken by your beauty and courage on the battlefield, he has fallen madly in love with Your Majesty and, if you would have him, desires your hand in marriage.”

Dead silence followed his announcement. A glance at the queen told Tomas she’d frozen solid at the offer. The dowager queen covered her mouth in a ladylike gasp. Lords Dingwall and Macduffin stared open mouthed. The entire court looked at either Tomas or the queen, as if awaiting a punchline to a very bad joke.  But it was the Lord Macintosh who looked at him like he would now gladly remove his head from his neck for the sheer joy of it.

Queen Merida spoke first. “Are you fucking with me?” She said the words slowly and purposefully.

“No, but I believe the point is he would like to.”

All hell broke loose in the chamber. Men were yelling obscenities at Tomas and at each other. Many were defending their queens honor, the rest shouting suggestions at what to do with King Antonio’s proposal. Macintosh grabbed Tomas, already drawing his sword.

“Oy! Shut it! All of you!” Merida came to her feet and screamed at the crowd. Silence fell again. Macintosh sent Tomas sprawling on the ground in front of the throne, sword drawn.

“Your Majesty, allow me to send this King Antonio his answer back in pieces.”

“Don’t be dramatic, Macintosh.” Merida said with a roll of her eyes, but she didn’t notice her own good natured smile at his declaration. “Tell your King-”

“Before you refuse him,” Tomas interrupted from the ground. Macintosh’s sword pressed further against his neck. “King Antonio insists I tell you he is willing to pay 500,000 gold pieces for your hand in marriage.”

Merida fell silent. The Kingdom had been in a debt for the past few years, ever since the last time they went to battle. While things were not dire, such a sum would clear them of all debt and propel them into a long state of comfort.

Merida sat down.

“My queen, you can’t be seriously considering this.” Macintosh said, his face a mix between shock and worry. Macduffin and Dingwall voiced their agreement. Merida ignored them all.

“500,000 gold pieces and no more battle?” She clarified to Tomas, who nodded.

Merida turned to her guards. “Return this boy to his King, and tell him I will send my answer shortwhile.”

The hall erupted in chaos again, but Merida paid it no mind. Instead she looked to her mother, who looked back worriedly. Macintosh practically stepped on Tomas as he and the other clan lords made to approach the queen. But before they could protest further, she’d grabbed her bow and swept away from them, leaving the room to the reign of her mother. The three clan lords turned to the former queen for answers, but though she appeared to be steeling herself to bring the room back under control, the look she gave them showed she was as confused as they were.

Macintosh turned and stalked back to his clansmen. The Dunbroch guards were wrestling Tomas up and pushing him out the door.

“M'laird, you don’t really think the Queen will accept such a proposal, do ya?” One clansmen asked.

“The fool tries to woo her with love poetry.” Another exclaimed in disgust.

“We don’t fear a war.” Someone else said. “Let them bring their swords, we’ll fight them back!”

“Aye, then all the clans are agreed.” Dingwall said from behind. Macintosh turned to see him and Macduffin. “Queen Merida shouldn’t have to give up love for us, though we all know she would.”

“We need to talk to her Macintosh,” Macduffin said. “She’ll listen if we stand together.”

“She won’t.” Elinor interrupted. “Not if she thinks what she’s doing is for the good of the Kingdom.”

Macintosh stepped towards the window and pointed towards it, where somewhere outside a host sat ready to attack.  "She cannot marry that.“

"You don’t know that. She’s never even met him.”

“That man is about as right for her as a goat for a horse. I’ll make her listen if I have to.” Macintosh declared, and strode away, ignoring loud protests to follow Merida.

He found her on top of the outer walls, looking over the bay to the other side of the water, where King Antonio’s forces had made camp.

“You can’t seriously be considering this.” He stopped a few paces from her. Merida exhaled suddenly, as if exhausted. A piece of paper hung limp in her hand.

“What would you have me do? He’ll stop the war before it begins and give us the gold we need.”

“Not badly. Merida we can fight and win this war.”

“And how many men will die, in one battle, in two or three of however many it takes to win, just cuz I’m being selfish.” Merida pivoted to face Macintosh head on. “How can I ask men to lay down their lives so I can avoid laying in one mans bed?”

“It’s not just a bed, Merida, it is a marriage. You will be bound to him in all things, life, love, and duty. You were willing to break tradition and face all the clans to protect your claim to the throne without marrying a lad you didn’t love.” Macintosh took two steps closer to her.

“This is different. When I refused to marry you and the others, it was because I didn’t want to be trapped in a marriage of my mother’s choosing for no purpose other than getting what I was owed. Peace and money, I’m not owed, I need to earn, for my kingdom, and if this is what I have to do for it-”

Macintosh cut her off. During their exchange the distance had closed between them to less than a step, and he closed it with a powerful stride, taking her face in his hands in a way that she could order his hands cut off for,  and crashed her lips to his.

For a second Merida was frozen. She was hyper aware of his strong body pressed against hers, heat emanating from his bare chest, kissing her for all he was worth. Then instinct took over, and she kissed him back, dropping what she held to place one hand on his chest and fist the other in his hair. One of his hands dropped from her face to her waist, pulling her even closer.

For a few blissful moments they lost themselves in each other, consumed by the hatred that had turned to respect, then passion somewhere along the way. The fiery queen of the Highlands, and the lord who would do anything for her.  All too soon, Merida’s brain sped up to her body and gave her a from command. Stop.

She gasped a little as she shoved Macintosh off of her. She retreated back a few steps, all the while taking long breaths to try and drive oxygen to her obviously faulty brain.  “Don’t.” she warned. “Don’t do that.”

“Merida-“ Macintosh stepped towards her, but she dodged quick as a wink,  and revolved to the other side of him.  He turned to follow her, but she looked at him with something between a warning and a plead.

“You will not touch me like that again.” She ordered. Before he could reply she turned and retreated, with haste, back into the castle.

Macintosh watched her go, anger boiling over at himself. He stood there long after she’d disappeared from sight. Finally, he released a guttural growl, and slammed his fist against the stone battlement. The sting that shot up his arm was welcome enough. He was ready to do it again when he saw the flutter of white from the corner of his eye. It was whatever Merida had dropped. He picked it up and scanned over it, his temper worsening with every line. Merida had been rereading the King’s love poem.

At Armeggedon, I did spot a maiden so fair
Beneath an armored dress and wild red hair
Whose locks of flames gave power to her eyes like fire
And I knew at once I’d found my hearts desire
For she fought as strong as any man
And with kinglike grace did lead her clan
Neither dirt nor blood did mar her beauty
Neither grace nor poise did hinder her in her duty
To fight and slay the oncoming force
Like a warrior goddess she sat upon her horse
And if I would die today I’d ask only this
To Receive one sweet kiss
From her pale pink lips
Feel my hands on her rounds hips
And know heavens bliss

Macintosh gritted his teeth. It was only right he return this to Merida. After all, she was his Queen and he her sworn lord, and this was her property. But he didn’t care enough. He ripped the letter up until it was nothing but shreds, and threw them over the battlements. The little white slips floated down to the dirt below, and he only wished he could deal with King Antonio himself as easily.