frozen (2013 film)

Can I just talk about how much I freaking love this little two-second moment in Frozen?

Like seriously, this little movement is so damn human! And to see it replicated so flawlessly and realistically in an animated movie sends chills up my spine. You can just feel how exasperated, concerned, and restless Elsa is. She’s lost in her own snow storm, trying to escape Arendelle with her life while also worrying deeply about Anna. She’s got so much on her mind but she can’t afford to stay idle in one spot for too long. Even though she can’t see through her own created whiteout, she’s gotta keep moving, and that flusters her.

Just…uggh, it’s such a delicately subtle moment of character exploration and portrays everything you need to know that’s happening with Elsa WORDLESSLY. This kind of attention to character animation detail ASTOUNDS ME.