It Always Hurts

A Bucky & Steve One Shot. 

Since you guys did nothing to dissuade me, the plot bunny happened. 

Summary: A moment in time - Steve reaches for Bucky, but immediately stops when he sees the instantaneous reaction. This plot bunny is 110% the fault of me watching CATWS yesterday. This one occurs at some undetermined time post-CATWS. Steve’s found Bucky. Bucky remembers him, but he’s still on very shaky ground when it comes to his recovery and re-integration into the world. 

Word Count: 749

It Always Hurts

Steve froze, hand hovering midway between them. Bucky was trembling. His body rigid with fear, eyes fixed on Steve’s hand, hope and terror warring in his expression. He felt his stomach churn at the idea of what had been done to his best friend to cause this.

“It’s okay, Buck. I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to.” Steve slowly lowered his arm. “I promise. I won’t hurt you.”

A small whimper slipped from Bucky as his eyes followed Steve’s hand as it dropped to the blond’s side. Steve fought to stay standing, to not let his knees buckle at the agony he felt.

“I … I want …” Bucky’s eyes went wide as the word fell from his mouth. “No. No. No.” His tangled hair whipped around his face at the violent shake of his head. “I didn’t … I don’t …”

Steve wanted to throw his arms around the other man, pull him close, and never let go. Instead he forced himself to stay where he was, afraid any movement would send Bucky running.

“Ssshhh. Buck, it’s okay. You’re allowed to want. You’re allowed to tell me what you want.” Steve shuffled forward, leaving only a foot between them. “Buck, look at me.”

Blue-gray eyes rose slowly, meeting Steve’s. All the confusion, fear, and want lingered beneath pooling tears.

“Please, Buck. Please tell me what you want.” Steve whispered, trying not to shatter the moment.

“Sometimes I remember flashes of touching you, of touching other people. It didn’t hurt then, but that’s not right.” Bucky trembles harder as he speaks, voice wavering at the uncontrolled violence of it. “People only touch me when they have to … when I need maintenance. And it always hurts.”

“Oh, Buck. It doesn’t have to hurt. Not when people touch you for the right reasons. Not when they want to touch you.” Steve’s voice chokes off before the sob he feels can escape.

“But people don’t want to touch me. I’m just a weapon.” A single tear slips down Bucky’s cheek as he speaks.

“You aren’t. You aren’t just a weapon. You’re my best friend. Neither of us are the same men we were before the war, but Buck, that doesn’t change anything. I will always love you no matter what happens to us. I will always want to touch you, to hug you, to be there. Those assholes spent 70 years convincing you you deserved nothing but pain. I’ll spend a hundred convincing you that you deserve anything but pain.”

Steve raised his hand slowly, making sure Bucky could follow the movement, could step away if he wanted. Seconds ticked by before his thumb brushed gentle across the tear stained cheek, wiping the moisture away. Fingers weave their way into tangled strands of hair, the touch gentle, yet firm. Steve’s trying to reassure him, trying to stop the trembling that threatens to shake Bucky apart. To take Steve with him if he’s being honest, because the sight of his best friend, the man that was always full of casual touches and affection, coming apart because he’s so starved for touch and yet so terrified of it may be more than Steve can handle.

He watches as Bucky’s eyes fall shut, as he feels a slight increase in the pressure of Bucky’s head against his hand. Bucky whimpers again, a quiet sound that tears Steve’s heart from his chest, even as he feels the solid weight of the other man crumple against him. His free arm comes around Bucky on instinct, bracing the man’s weight between this body and arm. The hand on Bucky’s face shifts, the arm wrapping around his neck to hold him close.

Bucky’s body continues to shake, but now Steve can hear the sobs muffled against his chest. His own vision blurs with tears and he’s whispering promises and reassurances against Bucky’s head, not even sure what words he’s using.

Steve feels the tremors begin to lessen. He feels Bucky shifting, pulling his arms free from where they were trapped between their bodies. He starts to loosen his grip, not wanting the other man to feel trapped, but is pulled tight again by two arms - one flesh, one metal - wrapping around his torso.

“Stevie.” He almost misses his name, whispered against his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Buck. I’ve got you.” He whispers back against the tangle of hair, letting his eyes fall closed as he places a gentle kiss there. “I’ll always have you … ‘til the end of the line.”


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Reunion~Marco & Jere

It seemed quite busy around the Castle with all the new arrivals. After making sure that his boys were safe and had eaten their meals, the vampire left his quarters to head down to the common room. He wanted to see what the fuss was about. He made his way through the decorated hallways and became lost in his thoughts. One upon a time he was nothing but a lost soul in this big world. Now he had a place where he belonged and people who actually cared for him. This was now home.

Entering the common room, Marco surveyed the layout. Others were about and his blue eyes scanned the inhabitants. That’s when he froze. A familiar face stood out among the many. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing a glamour. He walked forward toward the man as he licked his lips. As he approached him he dared to voice his name. “Jere? Is it really you?”

intervene (supercat drabble)

Kara smoothed out the collar of her shirt and did the top button, then stepped out of the elevator and into the CatCo bullpen.  A few muggings and a car chase or two was no problem, but lately, it was getting harder to slip away unnoticed.  As Kara drifted towards her desk, she glanced towards Miss Grant’s office and froze at the sight of Winn practically squirming as their boss sat on the couch opposite and leveled her own version of laser eyes on him.  Kara immediately tuned into what they were saying, overcome with pity for Winn and more than a little curiosity.  

“–no idea what your recent tiff was about, and honestly, I don’t care.” Kara had heard that one before, and was pretty sure that it was a lie.  "But it’s starting to interfere with Kara’s work and so it has become a huge inconvenience for me.“  Miss Grant’s tone was grating and sharp, like tires spinning on gravel.  

"I’m not sure what you mean,” Winn said, the words barely audible.  Kara winced and leaned against her desk.  If she barged in now, Miss Grant would probably fire both of them. 

“I mean that your crush on her is getting in the way of my business,” Miss Grant snapped, standing up and towering over Winn.  "So you need to get over it.  I don’t care how.  Have a sleepover, braid each other’s hair, go shopping for penny loafers and cardigans, just get it done.  I expect the two of you to be once again connected at the hip by the end of the week.  Am I clear?”

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he told me he loved me and i froze.
i wanted to grab the words out of the air
and shove them back in his mouth,
i wanted him to tuck them away
and never say them to me again,
i wanted him to take them back.
but instead, i sat there.
i folded my hands neatly in my lap
and stared at the floor beneath me
and i tried not to cry,
but it was almost impossible
because i knew it would be over soon.
here lately, it’s gotten hard to believe
what people tell me because
you told me you loved me, and i believed you,
so i opened my heart up to you and i let you in
and you made yourself at home in my head
and engraved our names together on every
inch of my brain and then you set fire to my
insides and watched me crash and burn
and all you could say was you were sorry.
—  “sorry” isn’t going to stop me from dreaming about you
Things I should not do if I intend to sleep ...


Things I did yesterday afternoon. 

Watched CATWS. The whole damned thing. Straight through to the final end credits scene. 

Things I did last night while I should have been sleeping …

Started writing a oneshot in my head. 

Things I’m doing while I should be going to the gym ….

Writing a chunk of what promises to be another one shot in my Avengers collection.

So, based on this snippet. Do I neuter the plot bunny (as my sister so eloquently put it) or do I let it have it’s way and see the light of day?

Steve froze, hand hovering midway between them. Bucky was trembling. His body rigid with fear, eyes fixed on Steve’s hand, hope and terror warring in his expression. He felt his stomach churn at the idea of what had been done to his best friend to cause this.

“It’s okay, Buck. I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to.” Steve slowly lowered his arm. “I promise. I won’t hurt you.”

A small whimper slipped from Bucky as his eyes followed Steve’s hand as it dropped to the blond’s side. Steve fout to stay standing, to not let his knees buckle at the agony he felt.

“I … I want …” Bucky’s eyes went wide as the word fell from his mouth. “No. No. No.” His tangled hair whipped around his face at the violent shake of his head. “I didn’t … I don’t …”

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32 Stevetony. Please and thank you <33

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

“I know.”

Tony froze, breath hitching in his throat.  He’d thought Steve had been asleep beside him, but it seems that he was mistaken.

“I didn’t–I thought you were–”

“Tony, it’s okay.”

Tony blinked.  “Okay?  How is this okay?  I–”

“Tony,” Steve repeated, turning towards him.  A small smile played across his lips, eyes still glistening with a light, sleepy haze.  “You want to stay with me, right?”

Tony nodded fervently, cheek scratching into the pillow.  Steve’s smile widened.

“Then it’s okay.  We can figure the rest out together, okay?  Trust me.”

Tony sighed, snuggling closer into Steve.  “Fine, just this once.”

He fell asleep to the sound of Steve’s rumbling laugh, and soft hands running across his back.

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This morning it was 34 degrees and I showed up in bike shorts and a long sleeve jersey… That’s all. I borrowed the jacket, an ear warmer and still froze my booty off. But I did it. 40 cold and windy miles. The guy in the photo is a local doctor who is happily married before you all think something. We were the only ones who showed up in shorts. Poor guy had no gloves even. I would have opted out. I can deal with cold legs. Not cold hands.

After, I met my ex at lunch because he took the little athlete to lunch. I came in right from my bike ride. The LA had volleyball and was still in her gear. I was at home and he called me.

“You and M inspired me to start doing something again”

As Khloe Kardashian coined the phrase “revenge body” best. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I am at my best. It fuels me and pushes me. Every. Day. Tomorrow, the bike whisperer is going to coach a group of girls “up The Wall”. Our nemesis hill. Gonna go after it.

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kagami+aomine s/o who isnt into kissing or too shy to even hug initiates to cuddle or their first kiss tgt with the boys

Kagami: You bit your lip, sitting beside Kagami on the couch. The atmosphere was suited for a romantic situation, but you were completely nervous. Despite having no experience, your boyfriend seemed to be the one initiating the physical contact. You really wanted to take the first step yourself. His arm rest behind you, and all it would take was one movement of your head and you’d be leaning into him. But you suddenly froze, feeling the atmosphere shift ever so slightly. You thought it would be okay anyway, slowly leaning your head against his side, feeling his breath hitch. Before you could move out of the way, his arm came around you, sealing your fate in his embrace and you closed your eyes, trying to hide the blush from him. You didn’t notice the shocked but happy smile on his face at your gesture. Instead, you felt a pressure on your head, and realized he’d kissed you, which made you relax in his embrace. You had never been more grateful for his kindness.

Aomine: He’d been sleeping when you felt the nerve to kiss him spring forward. You were lucky Aomine never felt the need to question your nervousness and was somewhat patient with you. He was on his back, lightly snoring on the couch, and you slowly leaned on the cushion. You pushed yourself up, hands slightly shaking as you stabled yourself, leaning into his body. He’d shifted, causing you to freeze. Before you lost your nerve, you swiftly bent down, capturing the corner of his lips with your own. You inwardly cursed at missing the target, but the thought vanished when he responded, eyes widening in shock. He lazily raised his hand, pulling you into his chest as your cheeks turned red and hesitantly ran a hand through his hair. You pulled back, hearing a chuckle from his throat before he leaned up and kissed your hungrily. By the time you were done, red covered your whole face and you had buried yourself in his chest, unable to look him in the eye.

February 7, 1916 - Artillery Duels around Riga

Pictured - Austrian artillery bombards Russian positions.

Germany’s perilous advance through Poland in 1915 jeopardized the strategic city of Riga on the Baltic coast, especially after the fall of nearby Kovno.  To make safe the city, the Russian military reorganized a Northwestern Front consisted of three armies with 28 divisions, and led by General Nikolai Ruzsky, to defend the area.  At sea, minelayers commanded by Alexander Kolchak kept German ships at bay.  In September 1915 the Riga front froze into a trench stalemate, with artillery battles and occasional probing attacks.

Skiing Part 3

1846 words

Part one is here.

Part two is here.

warning: bad language,

*I know Marcus and Niomi are no longer together, but this was written and is based when they were. I respect their choice and in no means am trying to hurt their feelings if I mention them in this imagine.*

Joe’s POV

Never in my life have I been more scared than in the past two days. When I saw Y/N… all blood in my body froze. She was so hurt, the cuts and grazes covering her entire body… and I could do nothing to help her, nothing to ease her pain.

“Y/N hold on, we’ll get help in a minute,” I shouted to her, holding onto her hand desperately. The tears fell from my eyes uncontrollably, as I cried, “please, hold on honey, it’s going to be okay.”

She just managed to whisper my name back, before I felt her grip on my hand loosen, and her eyes rolled back. I screamed for her, not believing she was gone. Caspar ran back to me, and checked her hand for a pulse… I just bawled there hopelessly like a child. I felt broken, hopeless, and a pain in my chest that I will never forget.

Soon, a helicopter came down about twenty feet away from us; some paramedics and the guide who was at the top of the mountain ran out to us. Caspar pulled me back so the paramedics could take a look at Y/N, but I refused to move. In the end, Caspar dragged me from the floor a few feet back, and I cried into his shoulders… I don’t know what I would have done if he wasn’t there.

Soon, the paramedics took Y/N on a stretcher, and they took her into the helicopter. The guide told us to come with her, but Caspar wanted to let everyone else know what was going on- this wasn’t necessary, as when we approached the helicopter we saw Marcus skiing down to us.

I hadn’t the energy to tell him what happened: I just wanted to hold Y/N’s hand, and believe it was going to be okay. After Caspar told Marcus what had happened, Marcus took the ski lift back up and told everyone else. They met us at the hospital half an hour later.

Marcus’ POV 

Caspar had been gone for a long time: all he was supposed to do was ask Y/N is she’s coming onto our hill- maybe he changed his mind and joined her. Believing this was the case, Niomi and I went to where we thought Y/N and Caspar would be, but there was no one there. Looking down the mountain, I could see it was a difficult path for anyone, but Y/N would be capable of it (I’ve seen her skiing before)

Suddenly, a bright, orange colour catches my eye, and as I turn around I see a guide carrying orange tape and poles, walking our way. She looked panicked, but all the same maybe she was just tired?

Excusez-moi,” she said firmly, as she pushed past us… slightly rude, but also very worrying.

Pardon,” I try my best at French, hoping she would understand me, “vous parlez en anglais? Oui?


“Oh good,” I sighed with relief, “why is this path being cut off? What’s happening?”

“I can not say,” she replied, as she brushed past us and tied the tapes to the poles.

“Please, we need to know-”

“I am sorry, I can not tell you,” she replied, and started to walk back to where she came from. As we turned round, we saw Jim and Alfie running towards us.

“Hey, is everything okay guys?” Alfie asked, before looking behind me and seeing the tapes, “what’s going on?”

“We don’t know,” I replied, “the guide couldn’t tell us anything.”

“But where’s the rest?” Jim asked worriedly, “where’s Caspar and Y/N? And have yous seen Joe? He told us he was going to grab a drink and come back.”

“I don’t know, we haven’t seen him,” I shook my head, “but this is worrying me.” I turned round and pointed at the path which had just been closed off, “Y/N had gone down that hill. Then Caspar left us to ask if she wanted to join the slope with us… that was ten minutes ago.”

“That’s not good,” Alfie whispered, before looking up from the snow, “Joe has been missing for about ten minutes as well.”

“It’s okay guys,” Niomi replied anxiously, “they’re fine: maybe they just went into the bar, and we’re just worrying for no reason-”

I would have agreed, if a helicopter hadn’t just flown over our heads and down towards the bottom of the slope. 

After looking down the slope worryingly, Jim stated, “this is what we’re doing. Everyone get your things, right now. Alfie, go get Zoe and Tan, then we’re all meeting up at the bar in five minutes.” Alfie nodded, and ran back to the slope. Niomi walked back to our slope to get our bags.

“Something’s not right Jim,” I said once everyone was out of earshot, “something’s not right: Y/N is a confident and good skier just like Caspar, and Joe has no reason to be coming late. If they’re in the bar, I swear I’ll…”

Shaking my head, I thought to all the possibilities: they could be in the bar; they could be fine and just messing around; they could be helping someone else; they could be…

“I’m going down,” I stated, and turned round. I pulled down my goggles, and tightened my gloves.

“Are you crazy Marcus, get back here,” Jim pulled back my shoulder, “there’s no way you’re-”

“Jim, they could be in danger,” I hissed back, my heart pounding from the realization. As we looked at each other, I saw Jim was just as worried as I was. “Fine,” he sighed, his head dropping slightly, “take the lift back up: if you’re not back after twenty minutes we’re all coming down.”

“Jim, that’s too risky,” I tightened my skis, “this slope is not easy: I can already tell from just looking at it that’s its going to be difficult… Give me half an hour, and if I’m not back by then get everyone to the bottom. Stay in the hotel until we return.”

I waited for Jim to approve, and he nodded his head silently. As I got ready in position, he suddenly grabbed my shoulder. “Just be careful, okay? We’re already terrified enough.”

“I will be,” I promised, “I’ll bring them up, don’t worry.” Waving off to him, I went down the slope. As I started, I realized I was picking up momentum very quickly. Shifting my weight and changing slightly my direction, I soon realized why this wasn’t a beginner’s path. As I moved to the right, I saw two pairs of ski trails, and a rather strange pattern to their right…

As I approached the bottom of the mountain, I saw the helicopter and some people gathering round the little tree area. Skiing closer, I tried to see if I could work out who it was, but I couldn’t see exactly who it was (just some outlines of people).

Making glances between my path and the group, I saw someone was being carried into a stretcher onto the helicopter, while three people remained talking. Soon after, one person walked away, while the other two remained motionless.

Reaching the bottom, I took off my skis and ran towards the figures, who were walking towards the helicopter.

Sh*t: it was Joe and Caspar.

“Hey! Hey guys!” I called out to them, before I reached them. They turned round… and I swear I’ve never seen anyone so scared, petrified, and worried. “Guys, what’s happened? Where’s Y/N?” I asked. I looked over at Joe, but he- he wasn’t able to speak. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was shaking.

“She’ll be okay,” he whispered, before wiping his eyes with his hand… there was blood on it.

“What’s happened?” I demanded, but Joe only shook his head and walked away… 

F*ck: what has happened?

“Caspar?” I asked, but even he was on edge. “Y/N,” he began, his voice shaking and his eyes glassy, shining with fright, “she-there was an accident. They’re taking her up to the hospital-”

“Hospital?” I gasped, and I immediately felt weak, “Caspar, what happened?”

“When I left you guys,” he explained, not looking me in the eyes, “I went to see her, but she had already gone down. But, something didn’t seem right: she was going way too fast. I went to tell the first person I saw to look out for us, but that just so happened to be Joe. He went after her, so I told the guide to look out for us, and that if I shone a flashlight three times it meant we needed help…”

“But what happened Caspar?”

“I don’t know. As I went down, I saw Y/N’s tracks had stopped suddenly, but there were broken pieces of wood, and a huge hole as if she had fallen.”

“Her skis broke?”

“Both had snapped in so many places I didn’t even know it was possible… she then continued rolling down, until she hit the trees… when we saw her…”

He couldn’t say more, as his whole body started to shake and he started to cry. “Oh sh*t,” I whispered, and put my hand on his shoulder. I had no idea what to say, I just hoped Y/N was going to be okay- and Joe… He shouldn’t have been there, to see her like that… sh*t.

“Caspar, listen to me,” I shook him slightly, and he looked up at me- his face was red, and his lips trembled, as the tears fell from his face, “you and Joe get the helicopter and go to the hospital. I’ll go get the rest and we’ll meet you there.”

I was walking over to the bar now. 

I was… terrified. I didn’t know Y/N very well (I just met her a few weeks ago), but man… did this have to happen? Did this have to happen?

I saw the rest of the gang sitting together in the far corner; none of them had saw me walking over. I was shaking, my whole body feeling scared. Was Y/N going to be okay?

“Marcus!” Niomi shouted, and everyone turned around, “did you find them? Were they there?”

Niomi’s POV

We had all been sitting in anticipation for Marcus: did he find them? He still had another fifteen minutes before we would make our way to the hotel. Currently, we were all trying to distract ourselves with food and small talk, but we all had the same feeling of anticipation and worry.

I looked over to the entry of the outdoor bar. Marcus still wasn’t walking back, and I was starting to feel on edge: what if something happened to him?

I didn’t have to think about that more, as I saw him walk through the gate.

“Marcus!” I shouted, and he looked up to see me, “did you find them? Were they there?” Everyone turned round to look at him, but he sat down beside Jim and just remained silent.

We were all terrified, as we waited for him to say something. He’s terrifying silence was scaring us all. He looked up at me, then at everyone else. Taking the first cup he saw, he drank everything then said, “there’s been an accident.“

….I caught like…three minutes from the new episode bc at first all streams were dead and when I finally found one, it froze all the time… ;0;”

So don’t expect any reblogs from me until I get a hold of the raws.

But my stream could have frozen at worse scenes, though x//D

(Probably the only reason I’m not akumatized by now x//D)

Liam: Supernatural Reveal

It was post either this one or another date one and I finished this first. Its super long and more of a scene setter, but enjoy hopefully. Also contains more than just trace amounts of stydia.

also check out my new and sorta at this moment not complete masterlist

“So… Is it a date?” You prodded, almost squirming with excitement. You knew she’d act all disapproving if she saw the way your feet were wiggling, the way your whole body longed to. You were just too excited.

“I don’t know.” She replied, trying to brush off the momentousness of the occasion as if it was nothing. She looked at you over her shoulder and you froze, stretched across her sheets. “Technically, it could be called research. Or a stake out.”

“But…” You trailed off, leaving it opened ended and she nodded.


With a squeal, you did a jig, head slipping off the pillow in your excitement.

“Can you relax, Y/N?” She groaned with an affectionately exasperated eye roll, pulling four more dresses out of her cupboard.

“Never! I’ve been waiting for this since the very beginning! Long live Stydia!” You cackled, giving her a devious look.

“Please, never say that again.” She gasped, expression as horrified as yours was delighted. You watched her pull out three more dresses, a skirt and three blouses. You studied her expression curiously, she looked too calm, too blank and you stifled a grin.

“Can you relax, Lil?” You repeated slyly and she glared at you. “You could wear a potato sack and he’d be amazed. Though he might wonder if something was wrong.”

Finally, she settled, picking up the first dress she’d pulled out, the one she’d kept picking up. With a few quick movements, she was dressed. You hadn’t even had a moment to cover your eyes.

“Modesty is a construct.” You mumbled, recalling the words she’d spoken to you just a few weeks earlier with a laugh. Hypocrite. Or at least, she used to be.

With a snort at your words, she sat down before her vanity, eyes on you where you sprawled.

“I have to go soon anyway, you have a ride home?”

You rolled your eyes at her naivety. “Ride home? I’m going to be here for the details as soon as we wake up in the morning.”

“You’re going to be here all night?” She mumbled, applying mascara with a steady hand that you couldn’t help admiring. You always shook when you focused too hard.

“Uh yeah? You’re not going to be that long, and come morning I can pressure you for the details, cause I’ll probably be asleep when you get home and will likely try and beat you up if you wake me. But by morning you’ll have had time to come up with a much more flamboyant story than real life, and you know that’s the most important part, the flamboyance of the story.” You smirked before for a few seconds before it dissolved into a giggling, beaming grin. Lydia tried for a stern look but could only accomplish one of exasperated affection in response to your excitement.

You flopped backwards, eyes on her partly blank walls. They were so different from your own, which were covered in a collage of images you’d printed, memories, lyrics, poetry and band members. Just as you were about to mention her décor, pointlessly, you heard a splash and a shout.

Your head whipped toward the door, before tracking back to Lydia whose brow was furrowed. You both rose, you muttering a what the hell, Lydia slipping her heels off and opening her bedroom door slowly. As it opened, the sound increased.

“More! Do it!” Someone shouted furiously and you gaped, the sound of splashing continuing. Is someone doing a weird sex thing in your pool? You wanted to ask, but it’s not like she’d know.

You followed Lydias lead, padding down the hallway and stairs quietly. At the main floor your socks slipped and you thumped onto the hardwood, making her glare at you as you held your knee, slowly rising with a creak and continuing toward the glass back doors.

Carefully, the two of you peeked out, hidden somewhat from the glass panes that made up most of the back wall.

What you did see was surprising enough. Scott and Stiles were trying to drown someone in Lydias pool. Or at least Scott was from where he knelt beside the thrashing body, its head dunked in the water while Stiles cheered, a few paces back.

You floundered, your mouth opening and closing silently before you looked at Lydia, who merely looked irritated.

At her lack of response, you started forward, hand reaching for the door handle. You made it a step before her hand, gently but firm, grabbed your elbow and stopped you. You opened your mouth, half turning to tell her off, while keeping your eyes on the action outside when whoever was being drowned flung their head upward, water splattering everywhere.

You knew it was Liam, without a doubt, the moment the glowing eyes met yours. Your breath stuttered to a stop as you took in his face, the colour in his eyes fading fast, just as fast as the mutations and fangs were receding back into his usual features.

At his stillness, Scott and Stiles looked up and you took in their expressions, unsure whether to run, whether you even could with Lydia still holding your elbow. Stiles looked resigned, Scott simply tired and Liams face had fallen considerably, nervous, fearful and wet.

As if he needed to be afraid.

Lydias fingers squeezed your elbow and brought your attention back to the inside of the house. Furiously, you whipped your head around to give her a look, the speed making your hair whip out and smack her in the face.

“Ow?” She complained, expression hard for a moment before she sagged against the closed door frame.

“That’s all you have to say? Ow?” You hissed, a cruel tone suffusing your voice as you noted how unsurprised she was with the turn of events.

“Uhhh.” She breathed, dragging the sound out longer than necessary, long enough that you were momentarily hypnotised, only to let out a startled shriek when the outsiders knocked on the glass door.

You turned toward the exit, face livid as you took in a damp Scott and a dripping Liam, staring at you.

“Hey guys! You look beautiful, Lyds!” Stiles called, popping up from behind the pair with a wide and laughing grin.

Within a few minutes you were staring down Liam and Scott across Lydia’s mothers dining table, your back to the kitchen, Stiles and Lydia having just left. It was a contest now, to see who would give in and talk first.

It didn’t take long. A moment of you flicking demonic looks between the pair whenever they started to get too comfortable and Scott was sighing heavily.

“Liams a werewolf.” He said, breaking the silence and you burst out with an incredulous ha.

When neither reacted you rubbed your forehead and sighed. You were too young for this.

“Are you serious? He looks more like a twilight vampire.” You growled, gesturing wildly at the boys now dry face. Though his hair was still wet, but not dripping.

“Hey!” He glared and you stared him down for a moment before he muttered something under his breath and you turned your face back to Scott.

“What he may or may look like doesn’t matter Y/N.” He intoned with a fatigued exhale. “He’s a werewolf.”

“And let me guess, you are too?” You snapped sarcastically, only to have him nod seriously, his eyes glowing a deep blood red.

“Oh my god,” You gasped, face disgusted, “You’re both twilight vampires! Both kinds!”

Liam dropped his head to the table, a groan escaping him. For a moment, Scott closed his eyes and seemed to compose himself, before you continued.

“And you guys just never told… And… Ugh!” You smacked your hands on the table forcefully, making Liams head bounce up and down for a moment and he huffed out a laugh, looking up at you. Your gaze snapped down at him, shutting down the sound with a harsh look.

“Yeah. Keep quiet, Dog Boy.” You hissed scoldingly at his lowered gaze and Scott let out a long suffering sigh.

“Y/N, please.” He tried but you cut him off.

“And I assume Lydia was in on it. And Stiles too, since he was cheering you drowning Dog Boy over here. Wait… Is the whole group in on this? Oh my god.” There was no stopping you now as you vocalised all the puzzle pieces connecting. “How did I not know? Why were you even letting me hang out with you guys if you all knew about this weirdness, I mean, I’m not a dog child like you two. Wait! They’re weird too! Kira, Malia. Malia. And Isaac, I bet. Why didn’t Isaac tell me? Or at least Malia?” By the end of your speech your voice was small, wounded and Liam was watching you pityingly.

“We didn’t tell you because we liked you.” Scott said plainly, and you inclined your head, expression still slightly desolate, but still graciously accepting the due praise. “We didn’t want to drag you into this, to be like us. There’s a lot to be unhappy about and you were always so happy. Like a… Oblivious ray of sunshine, keeping us up to date on all the normal stuff we kept forgetting.”

“I’m not an oblivious ray of sunshine anymore.” You seethed, angry now, “You’re not going to just drop me, are you?”

Scott ducked his head, expression hurt some. Good, you thought.

“We-“ He began, only to be cut off by Liam.

“They’re not like that and you know it, Y/N. Stop being a brat.” He snapped and you gawked, before he softened his tone. “We kept Mason?”

You let out a quiet laugh at the attempted apologetic joke. You didn’t want to laugh. You were hurt. But Liam didn’t make jokes often, and when he did, they were usually overshadowed by the others more vibrant personalities. Not that the group really laughed at anything anymore.

You didn’t miss the tiny triumphant smile that quirked at the corner of his lips, making you feel better than the dumb joke had.

“Look,” You sighed weakly, suddenly infused with your lack of knowledge. “Just… Just wait.”

Without another word you sprang from your seat, momentarily tripping up the stairs and banging your other knee before finally reaching your bag in Lydias room. After a moment of digging through you pulled out your notebook, pink pen stuck in the pages, and headed back down stairs. Carefully this time.

Flopping back into your seat, you laid the book on the table. You kept it with you all the time, just in case you remembered something you needed to do, or saw something you liked. It was full of pasted in whatnots. It was sort of a diary, but more just an everything book. Liams eyes locked on it precisely, a small smile lifting his lips.

“Okay. Give me the story.” You said, flipping to a blank page and clicking your pen.

Scott hesitated a moment before dubiously asking, “You’re going to write it all down?”

He looked slightly fearful, as if you’d then go and post it all on the internet. You rolled your eyes, giving him a look.

“I’m making notes; you box of rocks. I’m not exactly going to remember all of this straight off the bat. I’ll need notes.” You paused a moment, mulling it over. “Not that you shouldn’t write all of it down, I can already tell this is going to be a ridiculous story. Maybe they could make it into a book or something.”

Scott rolled his eyes before nodding reluctantly and beginning the story. It was so ridiculously tall that you hardly believed it, and the time flew by as you wrote notes all over your page like kitsunes- look it up, sounds coolest and beat up Isaac, something to Malia too. On another page you wrote a quick list of the things they’d encountered, though it wasn’t long, for further discussion.

Eventually, he finished the story and you dropped your pen, flexing your cramped hand over the full pages. You glanced over at Liam, who’d been silent the entire time, realising he was asleep.

Gently, you reached out across the table and brushed your fingers through his long dried and fluffy, messy hair, careful not to wake him.

“I guess you guys need to go, get him to bed.” You yawned, blinking sleepily at Scott who gave you a soft and small smile. Nodding, you rose, soft stepping it around the table, hand steading yourself over Liams as you pressed a soft kiss to his temple. He’d never know.

Or maybe he would, you thought as his clamped around yours and he inhaled deeply though his nose, a smile spreading across his sleeping face, his lips moving around some word you couldn’t hear. Though by the grin on Scotts face it couldn’t have been good. Or normal.

You gently tried to pull your hand free, but his grip only tightened, his lips speaking more words you couldn’t hear.

“Oh my god.” You breathed out, begging Scott with your eyes. To be leaning over Liam, his hand clamped around yours when he woke up would be a mistake.

For a few seconds, Scott let you sweat, you face growing paler and expression more panicked. He could wake up any second.

Finally, he moved around you, pushing you to the side and smacking his hands down on both of the other boys shoulders with a grin. As he startled awake, you were able to pull your hand out of his without him noticing, spinning away and calling a breezy goodnight over your shoulder.

Just as you were about to stick your fork into your waffle like a Hollywood knife murderer, Lydia mumbled something under her breath, a light blush on her cheeks.

“What?” You asked, fork still raised, waffles unmarred on your plate.

“We kissed.” She threw out and you squealed a high pitched sound before clamping a hand over your mouth in horror. Lydias face was equally horrified, blinking at you once, twice.

“What the hell was that?” She gawped and you went crimson.

“I’m just really excited.” You muttered, ducking your head and cutting into the breakfast, a distinct air of embarrassment surrounding you.

“I can tell.” She said dryly before launching into the description of her night.

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