Request: Anonymous said: How’d you think Lucifer would react to the reader using a safeword?

Warnings: Mentions of bruises/welts. Fear of abandonment. 

Words: 523

Lucifer’s eyes locked onto you as his entire body froze, hovering over you while his wicked grin slowly slid from his face and a look of askance creased his brow.

“Really?” he pressed, surprise laden in his tone with an underlying note of concern.

Your chest rose and fell heavily while your body quaked, trembling from unspent passion and built up pain. You’d never had an occasion to use the word before, but now, after it had fallen from your lips in haste, you were grateful that the two of you had initially decided on one.

His eyes darted back and forth between yours, waiting for confirmation as though perhaps you’d spoken the word by accident, as opposed to saying it out of need. When you nodded, repeating the word again you felt a pang of guilt well up inside you. Things had been going so well and you felt as though this could upset him or potentially drive him away from you.

Easing back slightly, he shifted his weight to lift his hand, causing you to flinch subconsciously beneath it. His gaze softened almost imperceptibly as he gently lowered his hand to you, resting it against your chest and urging you to lay flat. You obliged, laying on your back and staring up at him, wondering what he was planning and silently praying that he wasn’t disappointed in you.

He stared at you for a moment longer, remaining inhumanly still until the racing of your heart had slowed to a near normal pace. Watching you closely, he lowered his face to your skin, hesitant as if ready for you to tell him to stop. When you didn’t, he brought his lips to the small welt he’d left on your stomach, one of the many love bites he was so fond of leaving. The cool touch of his lips against the burning heat of the raised welt felt nothing short of divine, and the tension gradually began to ease out of your muscles.

Lucifer exhaled softly as he moved to the next mark he’d left on you, slowing his movements and trying to make sure he didn’t startle you again. One by one, his lips found every blemish he’d left on you, though you were certain he’d added a few kisses here and there. When he was adequately satisfied by how relaxed you were, he curled his body up beside yours, draping his arm over you and carefully tracing circles around the bruises that were already beginning to form.

You loved to play rough with your Devil, even if you both took it a little too far on occasion. The striking difference between his playful and caring side were nothing short of jarring, but in these quiet moments where he let his guard down, you revelled in just how sweet he could be.

“That’s my girl” he reassured, placating not only your body, but your mind as well as his lips absently kissed at your shoulder and collar bone.

Despite having to use your safeword this time, you were already eagerly anticipating the next time he’d try to push you to your limits.

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Sorry you had a bad time! :( Could I request Reaper feeling starved for attention and coming to his crush for some much needed cuddles? Thank you so much, honestly!

You’d barely blinked before Reaper threw himself into your arms, head pressed into your shoulder. You froze for a moment before starting to rub his back.You just sat down there, Reaper following suit and began to hum.

His grip tightened and you just kept rubbing his back, his voice rumbling with a grumble. You can’t imagine what he’s going through, clearly starved for touch with the hungry way he held you.

The two of you just sat the and Reaper slowly eased his grip, you rocking him back and forth. When you pressed a thoughtless kiss against his mask, he froze before nuzzling his face against yours.

Day 1: The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

I’m not prepared for Reyes week at all, but if there’s one thing I can do, it’s hit my keyboard until a drabble falls out.

He’s not sure what to call this, really, and Reyes has more options than most people. Maybe there’s just no word for it in Spanish or in English - or maybe any language at all. It’s sweet, almost, but harsh; like the aftertaste of a tequila shot handled poorly. It hurts, too, but it’s a good hurt. Reyes isn’t the kind of man that romanticizes pain, because he’d rather just avoid it.

But this.

This is something else.

There are twinkling lights below him and twinkling lights above; an ocean out there in the darkness, and another ocean behind the stars. He hadn’t been planning on coming home before they froze him, but he’s been outwitted by his stumbling feet. Maybe it was calling him. Maybe he just wanted it to be.

Either way, the lights are soothing. Either way, the air is warm. It’s strange to think that he’ll never see these stars again.

But there’s a patch of sky out there he will see - and this is definitely a call. It’s a tug. It’s a summons. It’s hope.

And there it is. He’s got it.


when i was getting my root canal the dentist took out a box that had a dental dam inside of it and as he was talking he opened the box wrong and just flung the dental dam onto the floor and froze and i could see him berating himself mentally like god dammit josh you can perform complex dental work but you can’t open a fucking box what would mother say

It would have been nice for Stiles to have mentioned that Isaac was crashing on his couch and Scott was sleeping in the spare room at Stiles’ apartment while Melissa renovated their house. It would have saved a lot of awkwardness as Derek snuck in and out of the apartment. 

He felt like he was doing the walk of shame, or reliving teenage years when the two of them had to sneak past their parents. And they were doing really well until Isaac rolled over and stirred enough to notice the moving shadow in the night.

He blinked rapidly before muttering, “Derek?”

Derek froze.

“What are you doing here?” Isaac asked, his voice still thick with lethargy and his thick golden curls tousled by sleep.

“I came to check on you, Scott and Stiles,” Derek lied. “But you were all asleep so I’ll just leave you be.”

Isaac groaned, rolled over and laid down again, pulling his blanket back up over his shoulder.

Derek took a step towards the door, halting when he heard Isaac call his name. “Yeah?”

“You might want to cover up those hickeys until they heal,” Isaac muttered. “And come up with a better excuse then ‘checking on us’ or ‘falling over on a stroll through the park’.”

Derek’s face flushed bright red and he was grateful that the darkness of the night hid it. He didn’t reply; he just left, followed by the sound of Isaac’s laughter. 

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I stood in the shadows of your love..

It was a dark, twisted, self serving, and painful love..

It burned where it touched the pale alabaster of my skin..

It’s sour roots took ahold of my heart winding around and around until I couldn’t feel the soft beat within my chest..

My lungs became full of the dark, bitter, loathing, you showered upon me…

My tears froze upon my cheeks, frozen by the cold indifference of your careless disregard..

My body stung with the steel of your touch, the vessel you used with ill regard for the contents of my soul..

A passionless transaction, an exchange between strangers, without the coin..

Your love froze the best parts of me, you chipped away at my self confidence, my sass, my beauty ceased to exist, I merely existed..

I stood in the shadows of your love until there was nothing left..

I patiently wait for the sun to shine upon my once translucent soul..

Road to Ruin [Masterlist]

Synopsis: Pretending wasn’t such a bad thing. It was hard and they were best friends, but pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend wasn’t a bad thing in principle. Jackson was doing it to keep his parents happy, ensuring they were satisfied with his choice to move to Korea to train for the Olympics. His best friend needed to prove something to her mother and needed to grab the attention of a guy who didn’t even know her name and probably didn’t know she existed either. But this pact has pitfalls, holes that they couldn’t foresee, no matter how well they knew each other.

[Chapter 1: Get Your Shit Together]

[Chapter 2: The Proposal]

[Chapter 3: The Search]

[Chapter 4: When Hell Froze Over]

[Chapter 5: Jackson’s Friends]

[Chapter 6: Two Worlds, Coexisting]

[Chapter 7: Ramen Shop vs. Ramen Restaurant]

[Chapter 8]

[Chapter 9]

[Chapter 10]

[Chapter 11]

[Chapter 12]


“Cocaine was a seductive drug because it made you feel euphoric and good about yourself. It took away your inhibitions and made even the shyest, most insecure person feel confident – usually over-confident. And we had so much energy – everyone would talk nonsense for twice as long, and drink twice as much because the cocaine made you feel sober. Every pleasure was intensely height ened and prolonged. Like everything, done in moderation it was fine. Done to excess it was not. George used coke excessively and I think it changed him.

Smoking marijuana changed us too, but it wasn’t destructive. Dope in the sixties – a very different drug from the skunk kids smoke today – was about peace, love and increasing awareness. It was the basis of flower power; it was innocent. Cocaine was different and I think it froze George’s emotions and hardened his heart.”

Pattie remembers how drugs affected their lives….


It’s been a busy day. All food made was done today, so very busy.

Got puppy and kitty snuggles all weekend long. They were really cute.

Food tally:
- stuffed shells for work lunch
- Hard boiled eggs
- Breakfast sandwiches
- Blueberry muffins
-green bean casserole
- Chicken mix for lunches to freeze (I try to make two weeks’ worth of food so I spend less weekend time cooking)
-iced coffee
- Cut up fruit for work and froze leftover strawberries and grapes

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Add kills Ciel's s/o and makes it seem like an accident so he can get ciel all too himself

Their body was still warm in his arms, but quite heavy, and quite dead.  Add shifted the weight uncomfortably.  If he could just pass it off to his Dynamo to carry… but no, that would look heartless, and he didn’t want Ciel to think badly of him.

Well, of course Ciel was going to look upon him with suspicion.  Add was coming back with his ex s/o’s corpse, after all.  He just wanted to alleviate as much of that suspicion as possible.

He had his Dynamo open the inn door for him, and schooled his face into an expression of grief.  Ciel froze.

“Add?” he whispered, his eyes on his s/o’s body.  Then he rushed over, cupping their face, pressing his ear to their chest, tears welling up in his eyes.

“No… No…”

“I’m sorry,” Add whispered.  “There was nothing I could do.  I was too far away, and they were dead before I reached them…”

“It’s not your fault,” Ciel choked out, but he didn’t sound like his heart was in it.  Lu appeared at his side, her hand on his calf.

“Ciel,” she murmured.  “Come on.  I’ll make plans for their funeral; you can grieve all you want.”

Ciel nodded.  With one last look at their body, he turned and hurried away.  Add looked down at Lu.

“Can I go with him and comfort him?  I want to make sure he’s alright.”

Lu nodded.  Add set the body down and quickly walked after Ciel, fighting the urge to break into a smile.

This was perfect.  With that asshole gone, Add could comfort Ciel through his grief and make Ciel just as dependent on Add as he was on Lu.

Add could finally have Ciel to himself, just like he’d always dreamed of.

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so i met gerard last week at that comic book signing he had in san francisco and i fuckin. astral projected out of my body as it was happening and froze up. i asked how he was doing twice and told him i love him a lot and that was basically it i just froze and died and now i have a copy of the first issue of shade the changing girl with my name and his signature on it and it just means a lot to me now waw

Dude I feel you I love that motherfucker so much he means so much to me I’d probably just start crying if I met him and not be able to say anything jshsh


another assignment for the class I’m doing! They told us to grab any two characters from a game/movie/series and insert them in another game/movie/series. I first thought of choosing reaper and soldier and adapt them to dark souls because i rly love them but i didnt have any idea on how to adapt soldier and his rifle. And then. I thought of mccree all of a sudden and my friend suggested bloodborne, where you can carry guns! Because reaper isn’t reaper without his huge guns and mccree isn’t mccree without his pistol. So Yep. Mccree and reaper in bloodborne. (open the bigger pic in a new window if u want, it looks better bigger)