* It’s a common knowledge that Salvador Dali applied drugs, just look at his art. Also he and Man Ray really were friends, although probably (unfortunetly) just friends. Man Ray was kind of a womanizer, while Dali really wasn’t 100% hetero, but so much into Froyd that end up with a woman who was more like a mother to him.

** There is a reason why Leo and David are shown as friends. They not only share red hair and mean personalities but also love for the antiquity. (Leonardo is from Renaissance , David is from Classicism)

*** wanna know how David got his scallllls? Jacques Louis David had harelip and was very insecure about his appearance. But some sources says that he took part in a duel that left him scarred, so we’re going with this, since it’s more badass. But that’s it for a badass since he can’t pronounce “r” and says “l” instead. It’s especially embarassing for him since the name of the person he likes starts with “r”~

**** Théodore Géricault and Eugène Delacroix really were friends, young Delacroix was even one of the models for Gericault’s “The Raft of the Medusa”. That’s why we ship them (geridela). They are from the Romanticism so they’re very expressive about their feelings.


If you like psychology your gonna love this. It is a great start up video on froyd’s theories, ideas, on various aspects.


“I would never want to be part of a club, that would have me as a member" 


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Track: Weisses Rauschen

What a track :D