frowny face indeed

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I was totally respectful pointing out adultism. I am surprised you are being defensive. Was trying to impart information respectfully. But yes - adultism is a thing, and you are perpetuating it. Your Tumblr is popular and people look up to you. Was pointless to message you? Was it pointless to genuinely share information in the spirit of discourse? Sad. Frowny devil face indeed. Love your Tumblr, btw, and gotta try some fairy bread. Have a fabulous day! <3

My entire post was about how the kids had a right to be loud and annoying but that I couldn’t stand them.

If thinking kids deserve rights, respect, legal protection, to never be abused and to be empowered with knowledge while also not wanting to be around them because as a collective they annoy the fuck out of me while ACKNOWLEDGING that that is my issue is “adultism” then there is fuck all I can do.

Because hey, not everyone likes kids as their process of maturing comes with a LOT of traits I can’t stand and I can’t just tell them to piss off when they are being wankers like you can with adults.

Dealing appropriately with children is complicated and exhausting and requires a level of subtlety and understanding that I can only muster once per fiscal year when I am called upon to babysit. Which I’m, to the shock of many, very good at.

I have never supported any systemic oppression against kids and go well out of my way to support children, preferably from a distance because I do not enjoy their company.

I mean, you probably know that. If you follow my blog you’ve likely seen many posts where I talk about child abuse, children needing to have a stronger sense of autonomy so they can make informed decisions about their own bodies, respecting the choices they make.

So really… What was your point? Do you want to tell me that not liking kids is bad? Ok, if that is your opinion then there isn’t much I can do about that as I’m not going to lie about it and I don’t foresee it changing.