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Worth Keeping

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Fluff, smut, smut with feelings, biting kink (idk how that got in there)

Words: 3,326

A/N: It’s been too long and I apologize profusely, please take this as a peace offering :)) I reallly like this one :)

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Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz

Letting out an irritated groan, [Y/N] rolled over in her bed. With her eyes still closed, she pawed for her phone that was obnoxiously buzzing on her night stand. Yanking the charger out, she opened an eye to see that it was a facetime from Tom is better than Harrison👍👌🙌. Groaning again, she slid to answer.

“You better have a damn good reason why you’re facetiming me at three in the morning, Holland.” Regrettably sitting up, she tried to adjust to the brightness of her phone.

Tom gave an apologetic grin, “I miss you, does that count as a good enough reason?” 

[Y/N] tried to fight back the smile but gave in. Playfully rolling her eyes, she squinted at his surroundings. It appeared that he was at the beach and that it was sunnier than hell. She instantly became jealous. “I was going to let it be a good enough reason but now I see your ass is at the beach and I’m pissed again.” 

“Oh but love,” Tom pouted. “I can’t help if I’m shooting near the beach.” Jutting out his bottom lip, he pulled his sunglasses up on top his head. “If it helps, it’s really not that much fun.” 

“Mhm, yeah okay.” She said sarcastically.

“I’m being completely one hundred percent serious.” Tom flinched when a fan walked past and waved. It always made [Y/N] giggle when fans did that. It always caught him off guard and he’d have mini heart attacks because he’d never be aware of his surroundings when he facetimed with her. “I really do miss you.” 

Shifting into a better position, she laid on her side with her head propped on her hand. “I miss you too.” 

“Will you please come to me?” Tom asked. 

[Y/N] took a deep inhale, she hated when Tom asked her that. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, it was because she hated planes. She became extremely anxious and would nearly have a panic attack every time. “You know I can’t.” She finally said.

Tom frowned, “Please, baby.” 


“I promise it won’t be that bad. You just have to make it here and then you’ll have me on the way back. I just miss you so much.” Tom pleaded, he hated being away from her for too long. It made him go a little mental when he was apart from [Y/N]. 

“I’d be on a six hour flight, Tom.” [Y/N] whined. “And then getting used to the time zone switch.” 

“Please,” Tom dragged out. “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” He wiggled his brows and laughed at her expression. 

“Is that why you want me to endure a six hour anxiety induced flight because you just want some?” She asked with a raised brow. 

Tom laughed again. “I mean it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get some if you came.” 

“Thomas Stanley Holland, if only your mother heard you right now.” She warned. 

“I’d be in a shit load of trouble.” Tom responded as he took a seat on a bench. “I’m almost certain she believes we’re still virgins.” 

“I don’t think you give your mother enough credit. We’re twenty and have stayed in multiple hotel rooms together since we were eighteen. I’m sure she knows we’re not saving ourselves for marriage.” 

“Well I am. I’m saving all of me just for you.” 

Rolling her eyes, she yawned. “Wrap it up, kid. I’m sleepy.” 

“[Y/N] [M/N] [L/N], please for the love of god, will you get on the next plane and come to me.” 

“Tom,” she whined again. “I’m seriously about to have a panic attack thinking about it. What do you think is going to happen if I do get on a plane for six hours.” 

“You’ll probably hyperventilate and scare the shit out everyone that’s sitting beside you.” Tom shrugged his shoulders at her expression, “You asked.” 

“I hate you sometimes.”

“No you don’t.” 

“I really do.” 

“Ahh, you really don’t.” 

“Fuck you.” 

“I mean I could if you were here.” 

“Thomas!” [Y/N] shrieked. 

Laughing, Tom ran a hand through his hair. “Babe, just please come. I really need you. I’m getting so unbelievably stressed out right now and you always know what to do and say to make me feel better.” 

[Y/N] groaned, she hated when Tom used that whole ‘you make my stress go away’ ruse. But, she knew at the same time that it wasn’t just a trick to get her there. She really didn’t know how she made Tom’s stress disappear but she did. “Baby.” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” She groaned. “When I wake up later, I’ll look up the flights okay?”

Tom smiled, “Let me know which one and I’ll pay for it, okay?” 

“Absolutely not.” She countered. 

“What? Yes.” Tom snapped back, his brow raised. “I kind of peer pressured you into coming here, so let me pay for it okay?” 

“And let you pay for my hotel room too? This is how it goes, you always pay for everything.” 

“Of course not. You’re staying with me.” Tom grinned, “And I’m supposed to and before you hit me with the whole sexist shit, it’s also because I want to. You’re my Queen, baby.” 

She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

“Won’t be soon enough. I love you, get some sleep.”

“I love you too and don’t worry I plan on it.” She blew him a kiss and ended the call. Setting her phone back on her nightstand, she sighed into her pillow. Reaching down to pull the collar of the hoodie she wore to her nose, she inhaled Tom’s scent. At least she’ll get to steal another hoodie of his when she visits. [Y/N] couldn’t even begin to count the number of his hoodies she had in her closet. And she was amazed that he kept buying them knowing that they would end up with her. 

Smiling as she fell asleep, she couldn’t wait to see and feel him again. 


◦ pairing: reader x sub!jackson

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.5k

◦ a/n: Since my boys were eating well and taking beautiful pictures and finally resting on their “BTS Friendship Trip”, all my inspiration flowed in the direction of Got7 and BAP (mostly towards Jackson Wang cause wow do I wanna bang ;)). So here’s a really weird daydream I had in the middle of Econ (cause who cares about wealth inequality when you can get Wanged) I’m so sorry I hate myself for that too. Please don’t unfollow me.

m a s t e r l i s t

Originally posted by vulcanide

“Fuck, baby,” Jackson moaned into you as he tugged you into his body by your clothes. You were taken aback by his suddenness; the bedroom door had just barely closed and the rest of the boys were still in the house. You shrugged the coat off your body promptly, hardly stopping to ask questions as you leaned into the warmth of your boyfriend’s body. “Watching you fight like that,” he breathed, his lips hovering over yours as he groped at your sides, grabbing every bit of flesh that he could through your clothes. “Might have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he growled into your neck as his hands took handfuls of your ass, locking his lips into your sweet spot. You hummed with approval as your hands stroked the hair at the base of his neck, letting his breathing grow heavy against your skin as he pulled you in for more. He loved when you touched the back of his neck like that.

You were a stunt double and combat choreographer and Jackson had been on set to pick you up on the way home. He showed up a little early and figured that instead of waiting around in front of the building, he would come see what you did. He had never actually seen you in action; he only knew that you were good at fighting, and never to steal your phone from you or scare you unexpectedly– two mistakes he had made before. Then, he watched you strut around the studio in a sleek, leather one-piece outfit and order around the actress and cameraman to get the best shot. You had him turned on faster than you could pin a man twice your size to the ground– and seeing you do just that only turned him on all the more.

“Tell me what to do,” he blurted in the midst of his kisses before rolling the t-shirt up, off your body.

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Drift Together

Pairing: Reader x Vernon
Genre: angst?, fluff, High School!AU
Request: “ Could you do a Hansol au? The ‘plot’ being: the reader is a very popular highschooler and everyone loves them. One day they find out their s/o has been cheating on them in one of the empty classroom. Later (still) at school, they start crying on the rooftop and Hansol (who’s the residential “bad boy”) finds the reader crying. They become friends and later more! Also, could you make the reader, flirty and charming?”
Word count: 4,159
A/N: Requested by smol anon. Sorry that this took me so so long! I hope you see this! Also I’m so bad at titles please forgive me


Today’s weather seemed set on offending you. The warmth and brightness of the sun seemed to sneer at you, mocking you for your own miserable demeanor. The sun only emphasized the warmth in your cheeks as you stormed outside, doing your best to stop yourself from crying. You couldn’t. Not here, anyway. Not at school. That would be a disaster.

You managed to make your way to the very back of the school, hiding yourself among the dumpsters. You sunk to the floor, resting your back against the hot, black plastic of one of the dumpsters. It smelt terrible, but you didn’t have the energy to care. You’d just caught your partner cheating on you. At school. In an empty classroom, for anyone to discover. They hadn’t even waited to get home. They’d only just sent you a text this morning telling you how much they loved you.

You burst into tears. Hot, unadulterated tears streamed down your face. Bile had risen in your throat. Just the thought of the two of them, shirts unbuttoned, with lips swollen from kissing was enough to make you want to throw up. How could they do this to you? Nine months. It had been nine months. Maybe that wasn’t very long in the grand scheme of life, but it had felt like something important to you. You’d thought that the two of you had been in love; and you had been, for all you’d known. What were people going to think?

The two of you had maintained a relatively high level relationship, after all. How were you going to confront people, if this got out?

It didn’t matter if everyone loved you. You were alone.

“Oh.” A voice broke your train of thought. “Hello.”

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Forever Yours

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Ackles, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortese, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr.     

Pairing: AU Rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Being away from the ones we love ain’t easy, suspense but not angst.   

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I have wanted to write a rockstar!Jensen fic for so long. Thanks to @like-a-bag-of-potatoes I finally got an excuse to do so. This is written for her birthday/follower celebration challenge and my prompt song was Faithfully by Journey. I hope you like it Ida <3

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend Sana aka @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for betaing this one for me.

Jensen was laying awake in the tour bus staring up at the ceiling. He always had trouble sleeping when he was on the road and away from Y/N, but tonight it was even harder than usual. He kept going over tonight’s phone call over and over again in his mind. He longed to be with her more than ever before, but he knew he wasn’t scheduled to have time off for another month and Y/N wasn’t able to get time off from her job this time to join him on the road. It hadn’t been more than a few weeks but he missed her. Every fiber of his being, every molecule of his body was screaming for her after what she had told him tonight.

Jensen loved being on the road. Part of him missed it when he was at home. He knew he had the soul of a gypsy and that he needed his music, like it was oxygen. It was his drive and passion and for a long time that had been all he needed. Right until he had ran into her, literally.

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Morning Daze (M)

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Baekhyun 

→ DomesticAU; in which mornings with Baekhyun are the most pleasurable ones.

→ Warnings: Smut: thigh-riding, riding.

Word count: 1,2K

Entering consciousnesses, all you could hear was the sheets and blankets around you shuffling before a small gasp and then a petite moan sounding throughout the bedroom. Your eyes opens with ease and you let out a quick moan before turning among the warm blankets to see what the commotion was all about- only to find Baekhyun laying, sleeping on his back in only his boxers that explained just what had Baekhyun gasping in his dreams; morning-wood.

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anonymous asked:

I saw this video a while back on FB where this man had a beard (I think) and he had a little baby girl (like 6-7 months). Well he shaved his beard off and when his little girl saw him she started bawling her eyes out. I could imagine that happing with Harry and his little girl when he got his hair cut for Dunkirk. It's breaking my heart just thinking about it. Hiding her face in your neck sobbing. :(

She’s so used to him with his long hair because it had been a look he sported from the moment she was born. From the moment her green eyes adjusted to shapes and colours, it was something she used to recognise her father whenever she looked around for the comforting attention of one of her parents. It also gave her something to tug on when she was getting more friendly with her hands and used them for everything; grabbing at hands, patting faces, hitting people when they weren’t giving her any attention, pulling on long hair when faces were hovered above her, suckling on her fingers to soothe herself to sleep, and to grab and mush food up in her hands at dinner time when she was settled into a high-chair beside her mother.

So when she comes home after a day of wandering and being taken around Cheshire with the missus and Anne, whilst Harry stayed home to have his hair styled and cut and to finish off the rest of his photoshoot for Another Man, she’s stunned at the new haircut that her daddy sported. And can’t quite comprehend that the man, who is reaching out for her and trying to take her into his own arms, is her daddy. She’s been accustomed to his long hair for 7 months of her life that his short hair throws her off. So whilst the missus and Anne fawn over how much better it looks and how it really makes him look younger and more mature and how it accentuates his face a lot more, Persephone is getting more disgruntled and trying to squirm away from him, her face crumpling up before she’s screaming and crying out.

Startling the missus as she frowns at the crying baby on her hip.

“Hey, now. Hey,” she coos, Harry’s face falling into a look of sadness as Persephone refused to look in his direction, his fingers tickling lightly over her arm as she cries louder and screams out into her neck, “sweet girl, what’s the matter? That’s daddy! You know who daddy is. Daddy just had a nice hair-cut,” she hums, gently swaying her hip to soothe the little girl, “is this you saying you don’t like daddy’s new haircut?”

Anne’s just giggling away from behind the missus at the soft scene that unfolds before her eyes, running her fingers through Persephone’s soft and wispy hair as she cried into the missus’ neck.

“Poppet, it’s still me. I’m still daddy. I just had some hair snipped off for when I go off to film for that movie,” Harry explains softly, tucking his hands underneath her arms and lifting her from her mother’s comfort, “hi, sweetheart. Hey. Hi. It’s still me. I’m still daddy. Still your daddy. Stop all these tears,” he chuckles softly, wiping the tip of his forefinger underneath her eyes and over her nose, tapping the tip as she came to a gentle silence, “there we go. Hi, baby. Hello.” xx

pretty sweet (lush and zealous) || nurseychow

It’s dumb. It’s incredibly dumb and completely unfounded and totally unreasonable and he definitely, most assuredly, one hundred and ten million percent should not be thinking it because there’s no way, no reasoning, no evidence, and no defense for the absolute garbage his brain is coming up with.

He’s still thinking it.

The problem was… Nursey was all types of beautiful. Every type of beautiful, if Chris was being honest with himself here, as he idly flipped through his texts for class. He glanced up at Nursey where he sat across from him at their spot in the library, intently taking notes by hand from where he’d typed them up on his laptop. His brow creased a little and he crossed a few things out, then tapped delicately at his lip, and Chris found himself getting the soft butterflies that still hadn’t stopped fluttering despite the fact that they were months into their relationship.

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Strawberry Ice Cream

“I love you,” Zach mumbled while kissing the top of your head. You two were cuddling in his bed watching a movie.

“I love you too,” you said while looking up at him. You adored everything about him. The way his eyes would squint whenever he would laugh. Or the way his laughter filled the room and made your heart flutter. The way he could make you happy just by looking at you. This cuddling session was the most you guys have hung out recently, Zach has been getting busy with basketball. Either always at practice or always at a game.

He started putting his fingers through you hair,

“We rarely hang out anymore.” You looked up at him and frowned,

“I know baby, but its because of basketball. You know I love hanging out with you.” He stopped stroking your hair and grabbed both your hands. You hugged him,

“Can we go get ice cream?” You mumbled,

“Sure babe,” Your face lit up. You jumped out of the bed putting on your shoes,

“Slow down babe,” Zach laughed,

“No you hurry up slow poke!” You were up and ready while Zach was barely putting on his shoes. You kept on whining telling him to hurry up. He was done and you two started walking to the ice cream shop.

You two soon arrived and got in line,

“Babe go sit down I’ll order,” You told Zach, he nodded and walked over to an empty table booth. You ordered for the both of you, strawberry ice cream for you and mint chocolate chip for him. You walked over to the table and handed him his ice cream. He grabbed some ice cream on the top of his fingers and placed it on your lips,

“Let me clean that,” he said while leaning in and kissing you.

“Got a room you two!” Yelled Justin as him and Jessica walked in. You and Zach just laughed and you nudged Zach.

“That was pretty smooth babe!” Zach said in his defense. Jessica and Justin sat in the same table as you guys. Zach was leaning in to lick your ice cream,

“IT HAS STRAWBERRIES YOU DORK!” You yelled pulling away your ice cream. Zach frowned,

“It looks good…you know what else looks good?” Zach smirked,

“What?” You questioned,

“You,” he burst out laughing,

“Why can’t you be like Zach?” Jessica questioned Justin while laughing,

“Because I already make you feel good in bed,” Justin smirked, Jessica pushed him while blushing.

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Hold me tight (don’t hold me back)

Summary: when a door closes, another one opens, but what happens when the door isn’t fully closed?

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

It’s half an hour later, they are all settled around the kitchen table, eating some Chinese food takeaway because why not, when Taehyung mentions the word “date”. Y/n goes stiff, carefully glancing up from her food to look at Jungkook, who keeps eating but has a different aura around him. Taehyung is oblivious to all the tension that creates around him, he raises his chopsticks, eats a piece of chicken and points them to Jungkook “Did you know that this guy right here got himself a date with the girl he has been crushing on for more than three weeks?” Taehyung smiles proudly, probably happy about his best friend getting a date with his crush.

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Imagine cutting Dean off at the bar

“I think that’s enough, sugar.”

You covered the top of his shot glass with your fingers, picking it up and placing it on your tray of finished drinks.

His eyes followed the shot before flicking up to yours, the vulnerability in his expression a stark contrast to the strength and size of the man.

“I paid for that,” he murmured, a quiet protest without any heat.

“I know, darlin’,” you nodded, still holding eye contact. “This is my last pass of the floor before I get off, I’ll bring you back your money.”

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anonymous asked:

how would the diaboys react if they are pregnant?

(We didn’t know if this is what you asked but we thought it would be a funny scenario.)

Shu: *groans and rubs his baby bump* I can’t sleep with this thing… Dammit Reiji, how did you manage to mix up your potions? Look where it lead to…

Reiji: Shut up Deadbead, and stop with all that racket! I know you guys don’t care for your child but I still do. *holds his baby bump*

Ayato: Both of you shut up! And Reiji I don’t want anymore takoyaki!! I want toast with honey… and mustard…

Laito: *throwing up from morning sickness* 

Kanato: *looks at his baby bump and pouts* I can’t believe this is happening…I HATE THIS BABY AND I HATE YOU REIJI! MALES AREN’T SUPPOSED TO GO THROUGH THIS!!

Subaru: *punches wall* Shut the hell up! All of you!! *tears up* god I hate this family! *starts bawling and immediately stops* …Tch how the hell is this baby controlling my emotions!?

Kou: Ruki~! I need you to drive me to my baby photo shoot! 

Subaru: Why the hell did you even agree to that…

Kou: Because… the fan girls will love it!! *frowns and holds his baby bump self consciously*  

Yuma: You’re the only one who’s proud of being fucking pregnant… *looks down* I’m so bloated and disgusting!! Don’t look at me!!

Ruki: Yet again you Sakamaki’s managed to screw up and ruin everything… *looks at his stomach* …and fix this immediately or else!!

Ayato: Ha, someone’s getting mood swings! Looks like pregnancy isn’t working well for you.

Ruki: Says the one with odd cravings… 

Ayato: *while eating chocolate covered cheeseburger with chips and yogurt* …Shut up!!

Azusa: I…don’t like this…I wanted to be…a father someday…but not…the mother!!

Karlheinz: *enters* I know I haven’t visited you all in a while so I just decided I would drop in and- *sees that his sons are all pregnant* … *leaves*

Green Juice

Bruce Banner X Reader

With the Hulk under control and the government pardoning Bruce Banner under provision of working with the Avengers, Bruce finally feels safe enough to live a relatively normal life. He even steps into the dating world but what happens when he looses control in front of Reader’s 4 year old son?

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Don't ignore me!

Originally posted by leakees

Prompt: Don’t ignore me! I want attention!

Pairing: Roman Reigns X Reader

Warnings: N/A

Tagging: @ii-love-roman-reigns 

Word Count: 400+

You laid on the couch in the living room. Roman and Dean were playing video games and had been all day and even through last night.

You were bored out of your mind. Playing video games were fun, don’t get me wrong, but all night and then right out of bed?

“Ro, are you almost done? You promised me you read with me before you went back on the roads and you’re leaving in less than 34 hours.” Roman grunted and wave his hand in the air before returning it to the controller.

“You have fun, Baby.” You frowned. “No offensive, Dean, but Ro you’re on the road with him all the time. I would like it if I could spend some time with you.” Another grunt.

You got up from the couch and snatched your book from the coffee table. “Whatever. Spend time with Dean…” You mumbled, making your way to the bedroom.

The book you were reading was so damn good. You haven’t been able to put it down since you began reading it. 

You didn’t even know Dean and Roman stopped playing video games and now Dean was asleep in the guest room.

Roman opened the door to your shared bedroom and leaned against the doorframe. You were lying in bed, blankets wrapped around you, propped up and most of the pillows. 

Roman smiled, taking in how you looked in the moment.

Roman slipped into the room and quietly shut the door behind him. Crawling on the bed, Roman tried to get your attention by sticking his nose in the corner of the book.

You simply moved the book out of the way to far into your book to notice it was Roman. Next, he tried to curl his large body around yours. 

You still didn’t notice him. Roman sighed. “Baby…” He hummed, dragging his nose up your arm. Nothing. “Baby…”

He dragged his hand up your thigh. Not a reaction. He sighed. “Sweet cheeks…” He nuzzled your neck. 

You flipped the page of your book. He groaned loudly. “Babe!” You bit your lip, eyes still scanning the page.

“Babe…Come on…” He whispered in your ear. You flipped to the next page. Finally, he snatched the book from your hands. 

“Don’t ignore me! I want attention!” You stared blankly at him. Honest. You didn’t know he was in here. You smirked then. “Now you know how it feels.”


request: “Could you do one with Julian where s/o is pregnant and he’s over the moon about being a father” — by anon

a/n: finally, a julian albert request lolololol kinda feel guilty for finishing this first than the other requests (sorry) but i’m kinda happy about how this imagine came to be? idk, hope you enjoy it!

Masterlist Request here!

“He’ll freak out, I’m sure of it. He might even start being a jerk again and break up with me. Hell, he might actually disown the baby and my child would have to grow without a father and then I’m going to be that kind of single mom who who grows old alone in home for the ages or something and -”

“Y/N, stop. Just stop.” Iris didn’t let you finish what you were saying for you were far deep into your own head, digging up ridiculous reasons and thoughts that has been running on your mind for the past few days. “We all know Julian can be difficult sometimes but he wouldn’t be that kind of boyfriend, would he?” she raised an eyebrow.

You sighed. “Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t.” you frowned. “But still, a baby? Would he be ready to commit himself into something like that? I don’t know, Iris. I love him with all my heart and I trust him but I’m afraid that he might find this a little bit too much.”

Suddenly, the door to your apartment opened and Julian Albert entered the room, immediately removing his coat and hanging it on by the hanger before noticing that both Iris and you were sharing a cup of coffee at the dining area.

“Ms. West, what a pleasant surprise.” he walked closer and gave your forehead a sweet kiss, turning to your friend and smiling.

“Hello, Julian, I was just about to leave actually.” she returned the warm smile. “I’ll see you two around.” she gave you a meaningful look as she heads to the door, knowing it was best that you have some privacy with him.

You stood up and grabbed Iris’ mug to place it in the sink, Julian following you softly behind.

“So, what were you talking about before I came home?” he asked casually, your cheeks heating up at the moment he did so.

You shrugged, washing the said cups. “Nothing much, just … relationships and stuff.” you murmured the last part but Julian was able to hear.

“Relationships and stuff? Really?” he quirked an eyebrow. “What about it?”

“Why do you want to know?” you questioned back rather quickly.

He pursed his lips, “Because I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, darling, but I heard you say something about a baby and another someone who I assume happens to be me.”

You felt your heart drop at his words.

“H-How much did you hear?” you stuttered just as he steps closer, locking you by the counter with two of his hands on each of your side.

“Enough.” he frowned. “Is it true then? Are you really pregnant, Y/N?”

You rush your hands on your face to cover your embarrassed expression. “Julian, I swear, I was going to tell you but I was trying to measure the chances that you wouldn’t break up with me.” you admitted.

There was a short pause between the two of you and you abruptly heard his amused laugh, your eyes opening the second the sound entered your ear drums.

“I’m panicking here and you’re laughing at me, how can you be so cruel?” you exclaimed which made him laugh even more and pull you in for a tight hug.

Julian kissed your forehead again, “Y/N, as you should know, the idea of having children and most especially a family with you makes me ecstatic as ever. So instead of breaking up with you, I probably would have proposed to you instead if you’ve told me sooner.” he told you.

You found yourself grinning at what he claimed, “R-Really?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he said instead.

You grabbed his chin and pulled him down, so that you could reach his lips. Julian smiled at the kiss and deepened it for a minute before letting go, though not exactly moving his face away from yours.

“Am I really going to be a father?” his hand went down to your belly, even though there was no bump or indication that a fetus was already in there yet.

You nodded, “Yeah. I found out last week. It surprised me but I’m happy that our love bloomed into something so wonderful.”

Julian lets out a breath of happiness. “Darling, this is amazing.” he kissed you again, longer this time and a lot deeper. You could feel how truly happy he was through the kiss, and you couldn’t be relieved enough because of it.

“I’m glad that I’m going to go through this with you.” you stated while staring at his blue eyes, “I feel rather foolish right now for ever thinking that you would leave me.”

He understood where you were coming from. “It’s alright. All that matters now is that you know I will never do it, and I’ll be here with you with every step of the way. I love you, Y/N. I can’t wait to start a family with you.”

Before he can lean down to plant a soft kiss on your lips once again, you stopped him.

“You do know you’re supposed to propose to me sooner or later because of this, right? I need to be wed to the man responsible for my pregnancy.” you teased which made his eyes roll, giving you a kiss anyway.

“I told you I would, right?” Julian smirked and straightened his posture, confidence dripping on his tone. “And besides, I’m just surprised you haven’t found the ring yet.”

“Wait, what?”