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The Whole Damn Zoo

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          Lying beside him under the duvet, facing him. I still got my heart going crazy everytime I looked at him, even after months of being together.

           He was fast asleep, his features were now smooth, clear of any wrinkle and frown. The past few weeks he has been working on his new album and just released it yesterday which meant he had to do promotions for a couple of weeks. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get him to rest and eat properly. I hated to see him tired and frustrated in the studio. He also developed some unhealthy habits, like he would spend his day and even night in the studio, he ate junk food then spent hours in the gym, he wanted to stay fit and young, as he would say whenever I told him not to spend too much time on the treadmill he jokingly said that he gotta keep up with me since I’m younger than him.

           Even dead exhausted he looked stunning, my breath always hitched a bit looking into his eyes. When I look at him I always see the traits I love most about him, that he’s always there to give me cuddles after a long day at work, he always makes me smile, cheers me up and is just as childish as I am.

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One Week

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One Week

You had exactly one week before Siyoung left to go on tour and you were determined to make every second of it memorable. Lately you’d been busy with school, and work. There was just too much time passing by you two. You didn’t want the time apart to distance you anymore so you planned the perfect week.


Siyoung frowned looking at you and the tangled mess of yarn. “I don’t think I’m doing this right…” You suggested knitting something for one another. That way you could have something me made while he was gone and he’d have something you made.

The sentiment was sweet, but all of that was easier said than done.

You glared at the yarn as you attempted to make your boyfriend a blanket. This wasn’t going very well, but you weren’t a quitter. It was knotted, and uneven but it was yours.

Siyoung chuckled moving closer to you. You were so focused on knitting you hadn’t realized that he’d pulled you onto his lap and wrapped his arms around you. You always got like that when you were in focus mode. It wasn’t until you felt him peppering kisses on your neck that your concentration broke.

“Hey” you pouted looking at him. “You’re supposed to be knitting me a scarf”

“Done~” He chimed, playfully wrapping a few long, knotted strands of yarn around your shoulder.

You set down your knitting needles and giggled at the scrap of yarn he tried to pass off as a scarf. “This isn’t going to be very warm.”

“It’s a summer scarf” he gave you a bright smile before pulling you into a deep kiss.

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  • *2.30am, 221B Baker Street*
  • Baby Holmes: *crying*
  • Sherlock: *pacing the flat, rocking his son; yawning* Alright...alright, you win! You can come with me on my cases.
  • Molly: *making coffee; scoffs* I don't think so.
  • Baby Holmes: *still crying*
  • Sherlock: *desperate* It's been an hour, Hamish *sighs* Fine, I'll buy you a car, you can play with John's gun...I'll even give you the entirety of Mycroft's liquor cabinet if you let Mummy and Daddy sleep.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I'd prefer for you to take him on your adventures *places his coffee on the table*
  • Sherlock: *rests Hamish on his shoulder; smirks* I knew you'd come around.
  • Baby Holmes: *snivelling*
  • Molly: *relieved* Oh, thank God. Don't move...I'll get some blankets *hurries to the bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes; to the baby* Thanks, son.
  • Baby Holmes: *falling asleep*
  • Molly: *returns wiht the blankets and baby monitor; sets them on the sofa* Be careful. Don't wake him up!
  • Sherlock: *gently lowers to the sofa; sighs* Oh, I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Excessive time spent sleeping on the sofa, not to mention supporting our tiny human-
  • Molly: *kisses his forehead* I'll massage you in the morning. Fair?
  • Sherlock: Mmmm.
  • Molly: *ruffles his hair* Happy Anniversary, handsome.
  • Sherlock: *sleepy* Happy Anniversary.

my first chaptered klance fic! (read on AO3)  and @ainu did this totally awesome drawing because she’s awesome


Chapter 1

“Lance, we’re going for two weeks,” Keith frowned, watching his boyfriend struggle to pull his overstuffed suitcase out of the back of Shiro’s car. “Why did you pack so much stuff?”

“Because—oh fuck,” Lance began, giving the suitcase a final hard shove that dislodged it, but also sent him tumbling to the ground. “Because,” he began again, standing up and brushing off the back of his jeans, “if I bring home all my dirty laundry I can do it at home for free.” He grinned at Keith with a self satisfied look on his face.

“That’s dumb but whatever,” Keith rolled his eyes, adjusting the strap of is modestly sized duffle bag on his shoulder. “Get your giant bag and let’s go through security.”

“Yeah, hold on a second,” Lance said pulling out a second, considerably smaller bookbag from the trunk, and then a large warm navy North Face coat and slung it over the crook of his arm. “Ok, got my laptop, my clothes, my thick coat for New York… is there anything I’m missing?”

“Your brain,” Keith provided sarcastically.

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Monster Inside

Canonverse│OS│Bellamy + Clarke

Based on this by @bellamysking

“What do i do when our child finds out what I did and sees me as a monster?”

He tosses and turns on the bed, too hot but too cold at the same time. Beside him she sleeps soundly, chest swelling, two heartbeats thrumming. Her belly is extended, stretched and unfamiliar, a small hand resting protectively over it as she sleeps.   

It hadn’t seemed real at first. I’m pregnant, she’d said, eyes wide and voice small. It was supposed to be near impossible, but things down here didn’t work like they used to on the Ark. So the impossible quickly became reality, which quickly became a nightmare. If they couldn’t rely on their medicine, what else could go wrong? 

She wore a pained frown for the next weeks, stealing into the med bay to have hushed discussions with her mother when she thought he wasn’t paying attention. She became hyper aware of her own frailty, taking small considered steps as she moved around camp, forcing herself to not join in with the various physical tasks of preparing for winter. At night, when they were alone the normally independent, brave Clarke faltered, leaning into his hands as he rubbed comforting circles on her back, clutching her stomach instinctually. She never said a thing to him about it, it just became another one of those things they never talk about. Like Charlotte. Like Mount Weather. Like her and him. They both knew exactly what happened, so why waste time talking about it? 

They walk on needles for weeks, until it happened. Until three days ago she felt a flutter deep inside. She’d brushed it off as nerves at first, she’d admitted later. It wasn’t until it happened again two days later and she went to see her mother that she even told him about it. The baby is moving, she’d said, eyes round and wet, bottom lip worried between her teeth. I can feel her. 

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Boxed Wine (Michael Clifford)

(I’ve been having major Mikey feels for the past few days so expect one more )

“Please,” you heard him beg. A sigh left your lips as you stared down at the phone that was sitting on your desk.

“I don’t know” you mumbled “I have a few songs I need to finish, and I have a meeting this week” you added “You really caught me at a bad week” you frowned. Hearing as he mumbled into the phone you raised your eyebrow

“I’m only in town for a few days” he sighed you could hear the disappointment in his voice “You know before I leave for Australia” he added. Running your fingers through your hair you closed your eyes. As much as you wanted to see him you did have a busy week ahead of you

“Only for a few hours, I need to finish these songs” you replied. You heard as he giggled into the phone.

“You won’t regret it” was the last thing he said before the line went dead. Rolling your eyes you continued to work.

Running your fingers through your hair you heard your phone ringing. Ignoring the call you slipped on a pair of shorts and a plain t-shirt.

“I’m coming” you groaned into the phone hearing him giggle in the other line “I just needed to change I’m on my way,” you said.

You made your way up to the gate and clicked on his apartment number. Hearing the door buzzing you quickly pulled the gate open and made your way down the sidewalk. Walking towards the last building you went around the corner and knocked on the door.

“You’re here” he squealed as he wrapped his arms around you. Giggling you wrapped your arms around him quickly before stepping inside his apartment.

“Whats the plan,” you asked as you placed your purse on the table.

“I thought we could just chill here” he shrugged, nodding you smiled at him and made your way towards the couch “How was work,” he asked as he joined you on the couch

“Eh, its a normal Tuesday” you replied shrugging slightly and looking up at him “How was the tour,” you asked. You couldn’t help but smile when his smile grew. He turned slightly towards you and started explaining everything that happened. 

You could feel a warm feeling inside as he spoke, your heart jumped for joy as you heard him talking about his fans. Everything he told you took your breath, actually, he was the one who took your breath away. You love hearing his tour stories, you can see how happy he is being on stage and how happy he is doing what he does.

Looking over you watched as he tilted his head back laughing at one of your lame dad jokes. His lips parted as the giggle escaped from his lips. The coffee mug held tightly in his hands. Looking down into your cup you noticed the red liquid was about halfway over. Swirling it a little you heard as he chuckled nervously. Looking over at him you raised your eyebrow

“Sorry” he mumbled a little blush creeping up on his cheeks

“For what,” you asked before taking a little sip from the cup

“Not having those fancy wine cups” he added with a small chuckle, shaking your head you handed him the cup over and motioned towards the boxed wine that was sitting on the counter.

“I like the coffee mugs” you giggled as you grabbed the green mug from his hands. He laughed and shook his head as he poured himself more.

“Also sorry I don’t have the bottled wine” he added. Smiling you winked at him and took another sip.

“Michael you don’t need fancy stuff” you replied shrugging “Boxed wine is pretty good” you added with a smile. “I don’t hang out with you because you have fancy stuff. I hang out with you because I like you” you giggled. He smiled at you shyly and nodded his head scratching the back of his head. Scooting across the kitchen floor you sat down next to him. Laying your head on his shoulder you sighed and played softly with the mug in your hands. Closing your eyes as you felt his lips on the top of your head.

“I leave on Friday” he whispered, nodding slightly you slipped your leg slightly over his. You watched as his smile grew, his green eyes focused on your leg.

“When will you come back,” you asked looking up at him, he turned towards you and smiled

“You want me to come back” he whispered. Giggling you nodded your head quickly

“Of course, I do Mikey, I go crazy without you here. When you leave for the tour its hell, I mean I’m glad you’re going home your mom will be very happy but I miss you so much” you replied leaning back against the wall. Staring down at the white tile floor. You could feel his beautiful green eyes on you the whole time. Looking down at the mug you frowned noticing it was empty. Sitting up slightly you reached over him and grabbed the box from the counter. A giggled left your lips as you set it on the floor. Looking up at the clock that sat on the wall, you quickly sat up.

“Holy shit Michael it 9,” you said as you gripped the counter wobbling a bit. “I need to get home,” you said as you made your way towards the table to find your purse.

“Whoa hold on there,” he said as he made his way towards you. Grabbing your wrist he stood in front of you. He was a bit blurry to you, you could see him smiling down at you. “Why dont you stay the night,” he asked as he rubbed the back of his head “There’s no way you’re driving home and I cant drive you” he chuckled a bit “I had a few too”.

Watching him go through his suitcase he finally pulled out a black blink 182 shirt. Holding it out to you with a small smile on his face

“Just tonight” he whispered to you, nodding your head you turned around and headed down the hallway towards the bathroom to change into the shirt. Looking in the mirror you tugged gently on the shirt, your hair was messy from leaning against the wall, your cheeks red from the alcohol. Slight mascara streaks down your cheeks from laughing and tears rolling down your cheeks. Running your fingers through your hair a bit so it wouldnt be too tangle, you ran your hand slightly over your cheeks to get rid of the little gray streaks. Taking a deep breath you stepped out of the bathroom and made your way towards the living room. He sat on the couch, his feet up on the small coffee table, his arms crossed over his chest as he focused on the screen in front of him.

Michaels P.O.V

She tilted her head back and laughed. Her laugh was music to my ear, she gasped for air a bit before he wiped the small tears that rolled down from her cheeks. Her eyes focused on me as she took another sip from the wine.

“I mean Calum is really handsome” she giggled, smiling I nodded my head before taking another sip from the wine. Her hair was messy but yet she is still the most beautiful person I’ve laid my eyes on. The simple fact that she sits on my kitchen flood drinking boxed wine from coffee mugs with me. She fangirls over my bandmates and doesnt find it weird that I join in with her. She smiled down at the coffee mug in her hands. Both of her hands wrapped around the ceramic cup.

“I promise I’ll get actual wine cups” I laughed, she shook her head and looked over at me. Her stare sending shivers down my back, it made my heart beat faster.

“This is perfect” she replied “It wouldnt be the same without the coffee mugs” she giggled a bit. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked over at me again. “I like this” she smiled as she scoot over towards me, she slid along the white tiles and sat a bit closer to me.

“You just cleaned my floor” I smiled over at her, watching as she laughed before looking over at the floor

“You’re welcome” she giggled.

She leaned her head on my shoulder, her lips slightly parted, tiny snores leaving her lips. Her small hand in mine, our fingers tangled together as she held them on her lap.

“Lets get you to bed” I whispered, she shook her head and moved a bit, her eyes barely opened she focused them on the TV.

“I’m awake” she replied, laughing I shook my head and pressed my lips to the side of her head.

“Sure you are” I laughed watching as her eyes closed again, moving slightly I stood up and made my way towards the bedroom grabbing the blanket. Sitting back down I moved her a bit and slipped my leg behind her. She cuddled to my chest, her hand gripping my t-shirt as I drapped the blanket over the both of us. “Goodnight” I whispered looking down at her, her head nuzzled into the crook of my neck. Wrapping my arms around her tightly I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

The Time of the Month (lrh)

Halo! It’s my first time to write an imagine and I hope you like 😊.

This is about you having a bloody week and luke taking care of you :)

You were woken up by the weird, moist feeling on your underwear. Slightly alarmed, you got out of you bed immediately and ran to you bathroom. The first thing that you did is to check for red spots on your pajamas. There they are. Forming a map. Just great. Today marks the start of a bloody week.

Frowning, you changed your undies and went to your bedside table to grab your phone. Texting your boyfriend, Luke, that you can’t make it today because ‘it’s the time of the month.’

Last night you were so excited for today that you cant even get yourself to sleep. You’re supposed to be going to the beach today with Luke. Everything was planned weeks before. But now getting tanned in the beach, swimming and fun beach-volleyball games would be replaced with cramps, craving, sleeping all day and wrapping yourself with blankets, pretending to be a burrito.

You went back to bed and tried to sleep, but minutes before you felt the cramps building up. Your lower belly starting to knot itself, so you formed curled yourself into a ball, both hands wrapped around your belly.

About an half-hour or so, your heard someone knocking. You sighed, not really wanting to go down and have to greet someone. With an arm on your belly, slightly massaging, you then went down and opened the door, peeking.

Your eyes widen in shock. There, standing in front of you, was Luke. He was carrying a grocery bag.

“What are you doing here? I thought I texted you that I couldn’t come.” Stepping aside, you allowed him to come in.

Luke placed the grocery bag on the table and walked towards you. “Yeah, I received that.” He eyed you, your hand was still on your belly, slightly massaging it. Your posture was on a slouch, hoping that it will ease the cramps. He then cupped your face with one hand, the other on you belly. “Babe, are you all right?”

You moved your gaze to his collarbone and nodded, “yeah.”

“No, you’re not” He said in a slightly dominant voice. He reached for your hand on your belly and tugged you along. Both of you walking towards the couch.

He motioned for you to sit and you did. Luke grabbed the grocery bag and placed it on his lap when he sat.

“I brought you fruits, coffee, chocolate and ice cream.” He said, taking out each item.

You snatched the ice cream from his hands with excitement, you’ve been craving for it a while ago. “Ohh, ice cream!”

You were about to get up to grab spoons for the two of you when he stopped you, grabbed your arms, and stood up.

“Stay there, okay? You wouldn’t want to become a bloody mess, would you?” He said, smirking.

You glared at him and laughed. Luke came back with two spoons and sat next to you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, fingers rubbing the side of your arm, soothing you. Closing the distance between the two of you, you ate a spoonful of ice cream.

The two of you both eating in silence

Curling onto his side, you grabbed your belly again. Feeling another wave of cramps building up. This one was worse than the earlier one.

Luke noticed you flinched. He dropped his spoon in panic and placed a finger on you chin, tilting your head up to look at him. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Cramps.” you said in between teeth.

“Oh, babe. Im sorry, is it because of the ice cream? I thought it would help. Cal said it helps Mali, so I thought it would help you too.”

You smiled, realizing that he’s been putting too much effort in taking care of you. “Sometimes it helps. But I guess today’s not that time”

He snuggled you and rubbed the small of your back. Slightly rocking back and forth, soothing you. “Wanna rest?” He asked.

You nodded, not trusting your voice.

Luke carefully stood up and squeezed your hand in his. “Stay here, Im gonna go make your bed comfy.” He smiled, reassuring you.

Dropping your body down the couch, you curled your body again in a ball, attempting to ease the cramps.

Moments later Luke was running down the stairs and scooped you up, carrying you like his bride. In shock, you wrapped you arms around his neck, supporting you body weight. Your head on his shoulder blades.

“Does this make you comfortable?” He asked.

You nodded and exhaled a soft yes.

Luke carefully went up the stairs, making sure that you’re alright and comfortable. When you reached your room, he placed you carefully on your bed and tucked you in. Your blanket was replaced with a white comfortable duvet.

He took his place beside you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. He placed his hand on top of your belly, lightly caressing it. Resting your head on his chest, you wrapped your arms on his and cuddled with him.

“Feeling better?” He asked in a soft, caring voice.

“Kinda,” you whispered, snuggling your head on his chest.

Luke kissed the top of your head, his other hand trailing up and down your arm. “Anything else that I could do?”

You shook your head and sighed contentedly. “None. Im so much better now.” You smiled, tilting your head up, reaching for his face, kissing his jaw. “Thank you so much, Lucas.”

He looked down at you, smiling. “Anything for my girl.”

And that’s it!!! I really hope you liked it :).
My name is Leilwin Shipless, Cauthon,” she drawled. “That’s the name I was given and the name I’ll die with. And a good name it is, since it helped me reach a decision I should have made weeks ago.” Frowning, she looked sideways at Domon. “You do understand why I could not take your name, don’t you, Bayle?”

“No, lass,” Domon replied gently, resting a thick hand on her shoulder, “but I will take you with any name you do care to use so long as you be my wife. I told you that.

Knife of Dreams, chapter 8 “Dragon’s Eggs”. 

Originally I saw Domon’s comment as a kind of sappy declaration of love: “I love you, being together is what’s important (and everything else is unimportant in comparison), I don’t care what your reasons for keeping your own name are!" 

But it can be read another way: it doesn’t matter to him that he doesn’t understand his wife’s reasons, not because her name is unimportant, but because he understands her reasons are important to her and he doesn’t need to understand those reasons to respect them. He respects her choices; he respects her.


Dean and Sam are talking quietly as they attempt to figure out how to kill these new monster when they hear you, in your timid 6 year-old voice, “Daddy? Uncle Sammy?” You whisper as you walk into the room with a blanket – your favorite one, in fact, wrapped loosely around you and dragging behind you.

“[y/n], what are you doing out of bed?” Dean asks as he picks you up and sets you on his lap. “Did you have a bad dream again, baby?” Dean asks, frowning. All week you were having nightmares.

You nod. “The monster came and took you and Uncle Sammy away, daddy.” You tell him as tears start to gloss over your eyes. Dean shares a look with Sam and sighs.

“It’s okay, alright? I promise.” Dean says.