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Commission for @gerdavonrinnlingen of her Sith Warrior Ringa and Quinn’s reunion! Basically a sequel to this :3

EXO REACTION:  unexpected pregnancy


Minseok had noticed that you’d rub your breasts and whine in discomfort during the short time he got to spend with you. He thought it was just your normal monthly ordeal, until you started to turn down the food he brought home. 

That’s when it hit him. The two of you were intimate for the first time without protection for your anniversary. So when he came home the next day, he was equipped with a pregnancy test. He shoved it into your hands and pushed you to the bathroom. 

Once you were done, you returned to him, cupping his face as he gave you a sleepy smile. “I hope it’s positive,” he whispered, leaning into your palms. “In three minutes times, our life could be completely different…”

The buzzing of his phone made him pull away from you to go check the stick while you stayed in place. You heard a yell of joy from the bathroom, followed by him coming to wrap you in his arms. “We’re going to be parents!”


Junmyeon had been coming home in the am, exhausted and hungry. You’d made sure that his pyjamas and a plate of food were waiting for him before you went to bed.With tonight’s food there was a small sticky note wrapped around the fork. 

You’re going to be a Daddy~ Make sure you’re free Monday so we can go to the scan together!  

The plate was completely forgotten about. He wandered to the bedroom, kneeling next to you sleeping figure, eyes on your stomach. “I’ll be there,” he promised, leaning to kiss your head before he pushed up the shirt of your pyjamas. “Daddy has to be away for a little while. Look after Mummy, okay? When I come home, I’ll spoil the two of you.”


You’d promised Yixing that you’d wait for a break in his schedule to take the test. The more you stared at it on the counter, the more you wanted to do it, to find out of the two of you would become parents. After staring at the box, you gave into the urge. 

You watched the numbers on your phone slowly decrease to zero. When it jingled, you grabbed the stick, squealing when you saw two lines in the small window. Clutching the stick, you ran to your phone, calling your boyfriend. 

“It’s positive!“ you cried down the phone. “Two lines! We’re having a baby!” you grinned, eyes still on the two lines. “You took it without me, huh?” his sweet laugh filled your ears. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist,” he hummed. “I’ll be home before midnight. Try and stay up for me so I can kiss you, okay?”


“Y/N talk to me…” Baekhyun begged from the other side of he door. “I hate seeing you like this,” a soft thud signalled that he’d slumped back against the wood. “Whatever it is, we can work it out… Please don’t push me away.”

The sound of the door unlocking made him stand straight. When he finally saw you, he wrapped you in his arms, holding you close. “Talk to me,” he breathed into your hair. “I’m pregnant,” you whispered, hoping he wouldn’t hear, and the ordeal could be forgotten. “You’re not?” he pulled back to look over your face. “That’s amazing…” a smile had replaced the frown. “You better send me texts every hour letting me know how you’re doing when I’m away.”


Jogndae had collapsed next to you on the sofa he got home. You were quickly used as his pillow, his arms wrapping around you while he got comfortable to sleep. “How was your day today?” he asked, lips pressing to your neck lazily. “Boring. My doctor left me waiting nearly an hour,” you mumbled, fingers brushing through his soft locks. “You’re sick?” he frowned, looking up at you through sleepy eyes. 

“No,” you smiled, your turn to press a kiss to his skin. “Then why did you go to the doctor?” he moved closer to you, almost laying on top of you. “I wanted to see if my gut instinct was right,” you shrugged, pulling a blanket over him while his droopy eyes looked over your face in confusion. “I’m pregnant,” you laughed, another kiss was given to his head. 

“Why must all the exciting things happen when I don’t have the energy to celebrate?” he whined, his face nuzzling into your neck. “When’s your next check up?” he placed a hand on your stomach, rubbing lovingly. “Next week,” you spoke softly, trying to coax him into sleeping. “I’ll be there.”


Chanyeol suspected something was wrong when you weren’t waiting up for him when he came home. During his free hours, he decided it was perfect to talk to you about why you were avoiding him.

“Is it because you don’t like what they’ve done to my hair?” he asked, now leaning against the counter as he watched you. “I wanted to tell you after the promotions were done…” you sighed, moving so you could plate up the food. “It’s just hair. I’ll change it in a few weeks,” he frowned. “It’s not that,” you turned to look at him. “I’m pregnant,” you set the plates down on the table. 

When he didn’t reply, you turned to him, to see him staring at you. “You’re pregnant..” the shock turned to a toothy grin as he pulled you close. “This is brilliant!” he exclaimed. “I’ll make sure to be with you every second I can.”


You finished the icing on the cake, each letter was piped with love and care. You made a cake for each win your boyfriend bagged. This cake would be different this win. It read ‘Congratulations on being a Daddy’ instead of the usual ‘Congratulations on the win.’ 

The sound of the door unlocking made your heart race faster, the nerves finally hitting you as you tried thinking of what to say to him when he found out he would be a parent. 

You skipped out to greet him in the hall, arms wrapping around him as you peppered kisses to his face. “Smells delicious in here,” he hummed, returning the kisses to you. “I make the chocolate cake we love so much,” you grinned, taking his hand and leading him the the kitchen. 

He stilled as he read the top, eyeing it for what seemed like forever before he turned to you. “Really?” he breathed, hand coming to your stomach. “Really,” you confirmed, making him beam with delight. “I love you so much,” his arms brought you close to him. “Both of you.”


“Sorry I couldn’t be there when you woke up,” Jongin murmured, laughing as you tried calming your bed head. “It’s okay,” you smile at the screen before moving to get more comfortable. “I put something in your bag,” you informed. “It’s not your main gift, but I think you’ll like it,”

He left the phone at the table to go look through his bag. He returned with the silver box and pursed his lips as he tried guessing what it’s contents could be. “Just open it!” you whined.

Once the lid was removed and he could see the white stick with two lines, his eyes began to fill with tears. “This is the best news I’ve heard all year…” he gazed lovingly at the stick before looking back to you. “I wish I was there to kiss you and talk to our baby…” he frowned slightly when a knock at the door signalled that he needed to go. “I promise I’ll make it up to you when I’m free.”


Sehun let his bag fall off his shoulder the moment he got through the door and went to flop down on the sofa next to you. “You looked good today,” you smiled, stroking his hair. “You watched?” his brow rose as he looked to you. “Of course I did,” your words made him smile and lean to kiss your cheek. “How was your day? Do anything interesting?” he asked, taking your hand and kissing over it. “Found out we’re going to be parents…” you shrugged while his eyes widened. “You’re pregnant?” a nod was given in reply. 

“You’re mad…” you frowned, trying to take the stick, but he closed his palm around it. “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad that I can’t probably get to be with you for the next month. I can’t hold you if you’re sick, or be here to calm you down when your hormones are crazy.”

Throwing my hat into mermay!

“I don’t think Bucky likes me,” Tony said quietly, watching a crab skitter over his toes.

Steve frowned, looking up from braiding some kelp together. “He likes you, he’s just… Ever since he was attacked by that sea monster, he’s been… suspicious.”

“We were basking and he almost drowned me, Steve,” Tony sighed, then bent down, hand dipping into the water to scoop up a starfish. He flipped it over to look at its mouth. “Not to mention all the times he decides I’ve been hogging you and just… takes you.”

“He’s getting better about that! And he didn’t mean to almost drown you. He didn’t know you couldn’t breathe underwater!” Steve insisted, and then scowled and smacked the brunet’s hand when he started poking lightly at the starfish’s mouth. “Quit it. You’re freaking it out.”

Tony obediently tossed the starfish back into the water, curling his toes into the sand. “If you say so, Steve.”

Steve sighed. “He is getting better.”

“I believe you,” Tony lied, shifting his feet so the sucker-marks that curled around the back of his left leg weren’t as visible.

Steve noticed anyway, and his face twisted into something terrible. “Tony—ACK!”

“Well,” Tony mumbled, leaning his elbows on his knees as the blond was yanked under the surface of the water. “At least the noise you make every time doesn’t stop being funny.”

It took several minutes, but eventually, Steve resurfaced. He lifted his hands to shove his wet hair out of his eyes and sighed loudly, annoyed. “Sorry. Bucky, say you’re sorry.”

Bucky surfaced so just his eyes were above the water. He glared at Tony suspiciously.

Say you’re sorry,” Steve repeated icily.

Bucky ducked back under the water before popping back out just long enough to blurt out, “Sorry, I guess.” Then he disappeared under the surface again, probably to sulk.

Steve made another annoyed sound and rolled his eyes, then looked up at Tony earnestly. “Listen, okay, we’re friends. I’m not going to stop being your friend just because Bucky gets jealous sometimes. Do you understand that?”

Tony curled his toes in the sand again, nodding. “Yeah.”

“I’m a person and I get to decide who I spend time with. And I wanna spend time with you.”

“Okay,” Tony agreed obediently. He stood. “Would you be offended if I said I have to go now? I have to get ready for a business trip.”

“No,” Steve answered, swimming closer to him. He put his hands on Tony’s shoulders, stretching up, and placed a chaste kiss to his lips. “See you soon.”

“Yup,” Tony agreed. “Won’t be more than a week.”

“’kay.” Steve smiled at him before flopping backward into the water, splashing him.

Tony squealed, skittering backward. “Steve!

“Adorable,” Steve said, grinning at him, then yelped and ducked under the water when Tony threatened to throw a rock at him.

“Jerk!” Tony yelled at the water, but he was smiling.

Steve’s smiling face poked out of the water. “See you in a week!”

Bucky frowned. “Maybe his trip got extended. He said that happened sometimes.”

“Maybe,” Steve mumbled, laying his head on his arms.

Bucky sank in the water so just his eyes were visible, staring balefully at the rocky little cove where Tony always met them—met Steve, anyway. It was going on the third week.

Steve sat up suddenly, turning to scowl at him. “You really hurt him last time, you know?”

“I’m sorry,” Bucky muttered, more sincerely than he’d ever said it to Tony’s face. “I didn’t think I had him that tight. I’ll apologize when he comes back.”

Steve wasn’t finished. “He thinks you don’t like him!”

Bucky grimaced. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Tony, he just… he just didn’t know how to deal with humans. Especially when Tony had very blatantly stared at his left arm—he was already self-conscious about how it looked, he didn’t need someone judging him for it.

“I’ll apologize when he gets back. For real this time,” he snapped, then ducked under the water petulantly so he couldn’t hear what Steve said next. He curled his tentacles anxiously. He would apologize.

He wouldn’t apologize.

Bucky snarled as he crawled up the beach. Sand was getting in his suckers. He hated dry sand. It was itchy and gross. He was chafing. He hoped Steve appreciated what he was doing! And he hoped that Steve kicked Tony’s ass when he dragged him back down to the beach! Who the hell says ‘I’ll be back in a week’ and then just fucking leaves for six months?!

Tony’s house was locked up tight, but there were lights on.

Bucky muttered to himself and squeezed one of his tentacles through the keyhole, slapping around until the tip of it caught the deadbolt and unlocked it. He fell through the door with a yelp and dull ‘splat’ as his tentacles spread out to try and catch him but didn’t do it fast enough. “God fucking damn it.” He paused when he saw what looked like an aquarium nearby, emptied of fish and water. He sneered at it.

He’d barely crawled his way through the living room when he heard footsteps. He stopped, curling down into the floor, tentacles shifting and changing color to match the wood beneath him.

Tony came stumbling out of a hallway, wild-eyed. “Bucky?!”

Bucky would have asked how he knew it was him, but how many people with tentacles did Tony know? “You said you’d be back in a week,” he said accusingly. “Steve misses you.”

“I miss Steve,” Tony blurted out immediately, looking confused. “But—you should be happy. Because I’m not hogging him anymore? You don’t—you don’t like it when I spend time with Steve.”

…Maybe he would apologize anyway. But only for making Tony think Bucky didn’t like him, not for accidentally hurting him!

“It’s not that I don’t like you spending time with Steve,” Bucky told him icily, and did not expand that he was suspicious anytime Steve spent time away from him. “And anyway that doesn’t matter. He’s been waiting at the cove every week for six months to see you and what—you just couldn’t be bothered?!”

“I can’t,” Tony said, and if Bucky hadn’t been so angry he might have noticed the way the human’s eyes went round with fright.

“You can’t or you’re just tired of us? The novelty wore off of actually knowing mers?” he spat, and waved around at the human’s big ugly house. “What, are you looking for something new now? Something more interesting?”

Tony took a step back, hurt. “It’s not—I want to come see Steve-!”

“Good,” Bucky snapped, reaching out a tentacle to wrap around the brunet’s wrist. “If we leave now he’ll probably be there.”

Tony stumbled a few steps, clawing at the tentacle around his wrist. “No-! Bucky, I can’t—Let me go!”

“Do you know what all you’ve even put Steve through?!” Bucky asked, dragging him out the door and to the stairs carved into the rock leading down to the beach.

“Let me go, Bucky, I—” Tony shuddered as he heard the waves brushing up against the sand, tugging more insistently. “I can’t, I can’t—BUCKY I CAN’T!”

Bucky yelped as Tony tore his wrist free, falling forward, but he caught himself this time. He turned, frowning in confusion, and made a concerned noise when he saw Tony curled up on the ground. He shuffled over to him. Tony was trembling and making the same terrible noise that he’d made when Bucky hadn’t known he couldn’t breathe underwater, like he was drowning. But he couldn’t be drowning, they hadn’t even made it close to the water—

Tony gasped in a big breath, then went back to that terrible wheezing noise.

Bucky began wrapping his tentacles around the man, trying to uncurl him. “Tony, you need to breathe!”

“I can’t-!” Tony choked out, tears clinging to his lashes. “I can’t.

Bucky got the unsettling feeling that Tony wasn’t just talking about being able to breathe.

“They… drowned him?” Steve asked, brows furrowed together in confusion. “But you said he was still alive.”

Bucky held his hands out helplessly. He didn’t really understand the explanation he’d been given. “They drowned him but they made him breathe again afterward?”

“That’s horrifying.”

“Yeah, well,” Bucky muttered, crossing his arms with a scowl. “I guess they only had him for three months. He tried coming down after he got home because he knew you’d be worried but as soon as he saw the water he… like an anemone, when you scare them? Just—” He gripped his hands together into a ball. “—Schlp. There he went. He did that when I was trying to bring him down.”

Steve’s lips moved silently, copying the noise Bucky had made. “I never would have described anemones like that but okay.”

“You know what I meant,” Bucky snapped.

“Okay, but, how am I supposed to see him if he won’t come down?” Steve asked, frowning, and crossed his arms. “I’m glad he’s okay. …Ish. But I’d still like to see it with my own eyes.”

Bucky did not say that seeing him with his own eyes probably wouldn’t help him decide that Tony was okay. Instead, he silently held up the three buckets he’d dragged down the stairs with him.

“…What… what are you even planning with this?” Steve asked suspiciously. “You’re not gonna try to carry me, are you?”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “I can’t carry you; we’ll both fall down the stairs. But I can keep you wet. Do you think you can make it up the stairs?”

Steve turned to squint at the carved stone steps. “…If you keep me wet enough, I should be able to.” He yelped when Bucky immediately threw one of the buckets of water on him. “I’M NOT OUT OF THE WATER YET YOU ASSHOLE.”

“I’m practicing.”

Steve was tempted to tackle him into the sand because he knew how much Bucky hated getting sand in his tentacles but he was too worried about Tony to follow through.

“Oh,” Tony said, hopeful and sad all at once.

Steve looked up from where he was sprawled out on the wood floor in a large puddle. “Sorry about your floor.”

“What are you—That’s not going to be comfortable!” Tony exclaimed when he noticed Bucky dumping a bucket of water into the empty aquarium.

“Well he’s gotta stay wet somehow,” Bucky reasoned. Steve wasn’t like Bucky, who could do well out of water for a time because of his slimy mucus. His scales and gills dried out. His chest was already heaving with effort.

“What happened to your wrist?” Steve asked, concerned.

Tony moved to hide his wrist behind his back, then stopped. It was too late anyway. He looked down at his wrist, frowning, and rubbed the bruises from Bucky’s suckers gently. “Bucky was trying to take me to see you. I—I panicked. I couldn’t get the right words out and I couldn’t say the right thing. So I just. Um. Yanked.”

Steve held his hands out and made a quiet noise when the brunet obediently offered him his arm, thumb trailing over the little round bruises. “Ouch.”

“It didn’t hurt that bad,” Tony insisted.

“Yeah, because you were a little busy trying to breathe,” Bucky muttered.

“ACK!” Steve exclaimed when Bucky’s tentacles wrapped around him and lifted him off the floor.

Tony couldn’t help a smile. “That’s never not going to be funny.”

Steve yelped as he was dropped into the aquarium. It was true—it wasn’t comfortable. His tail curled up at the end awkwardly and the glass dug in under his armpits. Still, he already felt better with his tail submerged, and he felt almost normal when he splashed water on his gills. He accepted the bucket Bucky handed him and shoved his head into it, taking a few deep breaths so he could wet the insides of his gills as well.

When he pulled his head back out, he saw Tony hadn’t moved, and was instead chewing on his bottom lip anxiously. “…Even this amount of water bothers you?” Steve asked sadly.

“I can’t, um—I can’t even shower,” Tony admitted quietly, shoulders hunching with shame. “I just. Use a damp washcloth. To get clean.”

“It’s not your fault they made you fear the water,” Steve insisted when the brunet’s shoulders hunched even more.

Bucky couldn’t help but curl a tentacle over Tony’s shoulders, he looked so sad. “Yeah, that’s on them. Any human would be afraid of the water after drowning.” When the human didn’t look convinced, he grumbled and muscled him down to coil the rest of his tentacles around him.

Tony let out a slightly hysterical giggle. “I’ve seen porn like this.”

“Well, if you want me to fuck you with my sperm tentacle, you have to say please.” Bucky smirked when the human choked. “And then don’t be mad about the mess. I know Steve was mad the first time I came in him.”

“It was slimy and everywhere!” Steve exclaimed indignantly. “And inky. Oh my God. You stained my scales. The other mers laughed at me all week!”

Tony giggled again, flustered. “Oh my God.”

“Don’t laugh!” Steve whined. “This asshole wasn’t even sorry!”

“Why would I be sorry? Everyone could see that you were mine.” Bucky loosened up his hold on Tony when he felt him relaxing. “Plus it’s not like I’m the filthy one here. You’re the one that asked me to ink on your face while we were above water.”

“Shut up!” Steve shrieked, flushing pink, and shoved his head back into the bucket.

“He’s just embarrassed because he doesn’t want you to think he’s a deviant,” Bucky whispered, smirking.

Tony tilted his head. “Is he? A deviant, I mean.”

“Well, octo- or squid-mers and fish-mers are kind of odd couples. We’ve been more accepted in recent years,” Bucky added thoughtfully. “The older folks might think he’s deviant. I don’t know why. Who would willingly pass up tentacles? I can have one in his mouth, one wrapped around his dick, and another inside his—”

“Yup,” Tony cut in quickly, squirming. “I can see how the older generation would find that deviant.”

Bucky looked at one of his tentacles, twisting it this way and that. “Also the texture is way different than a dick. It’s squishy. I mean, I squeezed it through your keyhole.”

“Yeah, I saw the video, that was kinda gross not gonna lie.”

Steve lifted his head from the bucket. “Yeah, it takes a little getting used to, but Bucky’s really good with them.”

Tony buried his face in his hands. “Can we talk about literally anything else because I didn’t actually plan for that to be anything but a joke.”

“A shame,” Bucky sighed. “But if you ever change your mind—”

“I’ll let you know,” Tony squeaked, cutting him off.

They eventually got Tony to be willing to come close to the aquarium after a couple weeks. But that might have mostly been because it took Bucky a hell of a lot more effort to carry a fresh bucket of water to Steve to breathe through.

“I’ll probably never be able to approach the waterline again,” Tony admitted miserably instead of accepting their praise. “Just thinking about it—”

“Hey, no, that’s fine,” Steve hurried to say. “You bought a bigger tank just for me. I don’t mind coming up here. Especially since you rigged that basket so we don’t have to climb the stairs anymore.”

“Not that Steve actually minded the stairs,” Bucky added in a drawl. “‘Buck, look at my triceps! Buck, look at my shoulders!’ I wanted to push him down the stairs but he would have just crawled back up saying ‘extra reps!’”

Steve stared at him, disappointed. “Why must you constantly embarrass me in front of Tony?”

“I think your biceps are amazing, Steve,” Tony offered.

Steve pointed in Bucky’s face smugly. “HA.”

“Don’t encourage him!” Bucky exclaimed, betrayed. “I have to go home with this guy! I hear enough of him being a smug asshole without you helping!”

“…I find it hard to believe that you are not also a smug asshole,” Tony said after thinking it over. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be friends.”

Bucky opened his mouth, then closed it thoughtfully. “…Well. You’re not wrong, I suppose.”

“The sex is good too,” Steve added helpfully. “I’d stay for the sex.”

Tony snorted. “A ringing endorsement.”

Steve hummed, smiling, and ducked his face into the bucket to wet his gills before he sat back up. “Would you ever get in the aquarium with me?”

Tony’s grip immediately tightened around the glass, knuckles going white. He closed his eyes, visibly trying to ground himself as his breath caught in his throat. Steve would have touched his hand, but he was wet and he didn’t want to make it worse for Tony.

Bucky frowned, concerned. “Hey, you don’t have to get into the aquarium. Steve was just wondering. I mean you made really good progress already, you can stand next to it!”

“I just… I really miss hugging you, is all,” Steve admitted quietly.

Tony’s hands were shaking, but he eventually wheezed out, “I can try.”

When Tony curled up on the ground trying to wheeze in a breath after trying, Bucky’s tentacles curled around him, Steve gaped at him. “I didn’t believe you.”

“Why wouldn’t you believe me about this?!” Bucky snapped.

Steve curled his hands into a ball. “Schlp. There he went.”

Bucky’s lips twitched with the want to smile, but this was really not the time to laugh.

Tony did eventually get in the tank with him. There was barely enough water to keep Steve’s tail damp, but Tony was already shaking when Steve wrapped his arms around him, so he didn’t say anything. He’d missed this—Tony always felt perfect in his arms. He ignored how slight and fragile Tony felt, ignored the thought that maybe Tony didn’t eat enough or was so anxious all the time living by the ocean that he could hardly keep food down. Instead he curled his arms tighter around him and lifted his tail so Tony’s pants stopped soaking up the minuscule amounts of water, so he’d stay drier.

“’m sorry,” Tony mumbled into his shoulder. “I used to be able to swim. Now I can barely sit in an inch of water.”

Bucky curled his tentacles over the side of the tank. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault that other people hurt you.”

Steve stroked a hand through his hair. “Besides, this is fine. I… was starting to think I might never see you again.” He pressed his nose into Tony’s hair and took a deep whiff. He still smelled the same, human scents that Steve couldn’t name that made up a scent purely Tony. “I don’t know what I thought had happened to you, to be honest.”

“Whatever you think of will probably never be as bad as what actually happened,” Tony croaked, shivering.

No, Steve and Bucky agreed silently. They supposed not.

They got Tony up to three inches of water. He still trembled with fear, but seemed to do alright if he was clutching onto Steve or if Bucky had his tentacles wrapped around him.

“You know we’d never let anything happen to you, right?” Bucky asked one night. “I know I was an asshole when we first met—I didn’t know you couldn’t breathe underwater. But after I learned that you couldn’t, I wouldn’t have let you drown.”

“Yeah, you’d just grip him too tight,” Steve muttered into Tony’s shoulder. The bruises around his wrist had healed, but here were still some vaguely sucker-shaped prints on the back of his left leg.

Bucky glared at him. “What if I just wrapped one of my tentacles around your neck?”

Tony giggled just a touch hysterically. “It’s hard to focus on being scared when you two are bickering like an old married couple.”

“We wouldn’t survive marriage,” Bucky said. “Or, well. Steve wouldn’t survive marriage. Because I’d murder him.”

“How do you know I wouldn’t murder you, huh?!” Steve exclaimed, clutching Tony tighter. “Tony could be my new husband then!”

Bucky scoffed. “Don’t be stupid, Steve. I’ve seen the way he looks at my tentacles—”

“—With terror?”

“—With curiosity,” the brunet added, glaring at him. “I bet he’d love to have my tentacles in him. Besides, I can survive longer out of the water than you.”

Steve scoffed back at him. “Please. Tony could make a nice big tank for me. And even if he didn’t, I’d figure something out.” He gave the human a pat on the butt, making him squeak in surprise. “My husband would need me, after all.”

“You guys are too much,” Tony giggled, hiding his face in Steve’s neck.

“I think we’re just enough,” Steve teased, smiling, because the brunet had stopped trembling as much. “Don’t worry, Tony. I’ll let you know when I’m going to kill Bucky so you can at least say goodbye.”

“What!” Bucky squawked indignantly.

Steve tilted his head. “Although you really should try out the tentacles at least once before he dies. It is certainly something.”

“Listen you piece of shit,” Bucky began, crawling up the side of the tank and looming over the blond. “If anyone is getting murdered here it’s gonna be you for your smart mouth!”

“Boop,” Steve said, poking his nose, because he was ridiculously unafraid of everything.

Bucky snarled. “Steve!

Tony threw his head back with a bark of laughter. Even though he really missed the sound Steve made every time Bucky yanked him under the surface out of jealousy, he much preferred this bickering to Bucky mulishly glaring at him from under the water.

“That’s it,” Bucky snapped, and then Tony yelped as a pair of tentacles wrapped under his arms and lifted him from the tank. “This is mine now.”

“Noooo Bucky come on!” Steve whined, making grabby hands.

Bucky dumped an empty bucket onto his head with a clang.


Tony laughed again. “I missed that noise.”

“I will make sure he makes that noise often,” Bucky promised, cradling the brunet in his tentacles. He smiled smugly at Steve when the blond pushed the bucket up and glared at him balefully. “It’s the same one he made when I first penetrated him.”

Steve slung the bucket at Bucky’s head with an angry screech. “Stop embarrassing me!

Bucky tipped backward from the force, stunned. “Ow! What the fuck, Steve?!

Steve reached out to try and grab Tony back. “He was mine first!”

“Hey!” Tony laughed as he was tugged up against the tank, but Bucky’s tentacle around his waist held fast. “Come on, I’m a person! I only belong to me!”

“…No,” Steve and Bucky told him, then began tugging again.

Tony squawked, then went back to laughing. “You guys are impossible!”

“Tenacious,” Steve corrected, giving a mighty tug that brought his feet up off the ground.

“Yeah, that,” Bucky agreed, then jerked back, more tentacles flying up to wrap around Tony for a better grip.

The squabble eventually ended with Steve and Bucky violently making-out in the tank. Tony clutched his chest because those kisses looked like they hurt.

(They did hurt, but just the right amount, he learned later.)

Stay Close | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader


You had always been a light sleeper, the slightest movement or sound would have you opening your eyes to see what it was. Tonight was no different. The soft sound of something falling onto the metal of your fire escape shook you out of slumber.

You slowly opened your eyes, half-dazed from the interrupted sleep and briefly see the darkness of your room before a red figure moves in from your window. Your eyes focus and you see your best friend, Peter Parker, Midtown’s resident nerd, and also your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

He had taken off his mask and in the dim lighting you could only faintly see the outlines of his face. You sent him a soft smile as he turned to check if you were awake, you always were. “Hey,” you said softly, not wanting to wake your family nor disturb the silence in your room. “Hey.” 

He was moving slower than usual. Maybe he had a bad day, or a bad week. You frowned at the thought. He pressed into the spider on his chest and his suit slowly fell off of him, leaving him in his boxers. You turned away despite knowing you could not see in the dark anyway.

He stood for a while, waiting for a sign to tell him what to do. He had no clue why his tired body brought him to your place instead of his. You, still somewhat half-asleep, reached out to him. Grabbing onto his bruised hand, you softly tugged him to you. You moved to the side as he slowly got in bed with you.

You were both uncharacteristically quiet. The pair who always talked about anything and everything under the sun now laid in silence and it was a difference you both could get used to. You could feel your eyes slowly start to close as sleep called you once again. Peter turned to you and smiled as he saw your sleepy face.

You were halfway to saying how unfair it was that he could see you but you could not really see him but it was not worth breaking the peaceful forcefield you had crafted around you both. “Sleep,” he whispered as he ran a hand from your cheek to your hair. He could definitely get used to this. You leaned into his touch and moved even closer to him.

“Stay close,” you whispered, it was almost inaudible but you knew he heard you. He smiled once again and pulled you even closer. “Always.“


just a quick lil imagine for you guys because i was craving some cuddly peter :)

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reddie prompt! eddie gets cast as the lead in a school play and he has to kiss the main female, richie gets so jealous he does everything in his power to join the cast too and ruin the play

I’ve used this prompt to make a second chapter in my Reddie fic! So bless your heart anon! Head over to Archive of our Own and leave reviews! Or reblog! I love both.

For other chapters - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Chapter 2: School Play Gone Wrong

Richie was holding his stomach cracking up, “Romeo and Juliet?! You can’t be fucking serious.”

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 2] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by s-tttop

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped. 

Genre: A lil fluffy

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: This one is also kinda slow, but the next one is when things get real dramatic and amazing. I’m excited to share it! Honestly I was gonna post this last week. Sorry for procrastinating. 

P.S. I really love G Dragon’s outfit on him. Like I don’t usually like suspenders but seriously, it looks amazing. Plus I’m a sucker for his dark hair.

Not my gif

~ Admin Brooklyn


15 years later

   Music was blasting as you worked on your final essay of your high school career. You were calmly working on it now. Unlike your usual routine to put it off until the last minute resulting in all-nighters, coffee, monster drinks, and some tears. You had a steady pace going for your essay until a knock sounded on your bedroom door.

   “I cannot believe you are actually getting that done a whole week before it’s due.” A teasing voice called you. You look up and smile at Ji Yong quietly leaning against your doorframe. He smiled back and walked in your room. Your room never seemed to change from the first time you two met, the same wall color, the same bed, and the same stuffed animals in the corner. All but that stuffed puppy he gave you. It seemed to rest itself next to your bed, claiming its own solitary corner. You scooted over on the bed, shifting to another comfortable position as Ji Yong lay down next to you.

   “I’m sorry that I want my last essay of high school to be good.” You say back, going back to your work. He stared at you, studying the way your lip curled as you went back to focusing on your work.

   “When do you leave?” He asked, pulling out his phone. You stopped typing and looked down.

   “I have to be there a week after the graduation ceremony.” Your voice was quiet, almost washed away by the music that blasted through the small speaker she had. He looked up at her and frowned.

   “Two weeks. You’re leaving in two weeks?” He asked you. You nodded your head and frowned at him. “I’m sorry Yongie.”

   “Why did you have to pick a medical career?” He groaned, rolling onto you for more dramatic effect. A small laugh left your lips as he rolled onto your lap. He faced away from you. You ran a hand through his dark hair repeatedly, immediately relaxing him.

   “I’m sorry that I don’t have a family business like you do.” You say. He stiffens. You notice this, but you continue to run your hand through his hair, continuing to relax him. “You never have told me what your job is.”

   “You’ll find out later.” His voice was steady, never breaking a strong sense of conviction that was inherited from his father. He always got this way when he talked about his work, especially around you. You never understood why, but every time you tried to mention it, his entire demeanor changed. His eyes get dark and his face goes emotionless, so you usually don’t bring up the subject.

   “Oooooo. Look at the lovebirds.” Your younger brother whined. You looked up from Ji Yong and saw him at your door frame. You glared at him before turning, pushing Ji Yong off your lap in the process. You grabbed a pillow, then threw it at your brother, who just laughed and walked away. Ji Yong watched your brother as he walked away.

   “Why the hell would someone want a younger brother? Was one child not enough?” You muttered under your breath, turning back to your laptop to work. Ji Yong set his head on your lap once again, leaving you to do your work. He was on his phone while you were working on your essay, silently sitting together and listening to the music playing from your speaker.


   “Good luck in college. Do well and don’t do any drugs or anything that could hurt you okay?” Your mother scolded you. You nodded your head, smiling at her. “I know mom this is what the sixth time you’ve told me.”

   “I’m just worried.” She gave you a small smile, before pulling you into a hug. Currently, everyone was outside. Your bags were packed and sitting your friend’s car, ready to take you off to college. You pulled away and smiled at your mother. You turned to look at your dad who looked down at the ground. You sent him a small smile anyways, before turning to your little brother. You pulled him into a hug, and he groaned in return.

“I’ll miss you, little bro. Good luck with your first year of high school.” His arms wrapped around your waist and hugged you back tightly. You smile into the hug then pull away. You wait for a second and then look at your mom. She looked at you with a sad smile and shook her head.

“Time to go.” Your friend called. You nodded your head then headed towards the car. Ji Yong said he would be here, but he didn’t show up. Frowning to yourself you opened the door to your friends’ car and sat down.  A small pout had formed on your lips and your friend smiled softly at you. You closed the door and your friend started the car. She pulled out of the drive away, and you watched from the window as she drove away. Your parents seemed to get smaller.

“It’s just four years. You’ll see them again and that scary guy you like so much.” You chuckled at their words and shook your head.

“Ji Yong isn’t scary.” (Y/F/N) gave you a look and you laughed once again. “You’re right, though, it’s just four years. What could happen?”


you walked up to the familiar truck and looked inside, sure enough there was Theo. you didnt want to wake him up but a police car driving by made you think maybe now was a good time. you tapped lightly on the window.

Theo opened his eyes slowly and looked up at you, then smiled, opening the car door so he could talk, “its you.” he said.

“yeah, who else?” you grinned.

“cops. every day for a week they’ve been waking me up.” he sighed, sitting up in his seat.

“a week?! Theo please dont tell me you’ve been alone in your car for a week.” you frowned.

“okay, it wasnt a week.” he said, “it was more.”

“why didnt you call me?” you asked, “or Scott?”

“because im not part of your pack, you have no reason to help me.”

“well maybe i like you.” you smiled at him, “listen, you can stay with me until you get somewhere else.”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x) thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! i think we all need more Theo in our lives <3

A Favor Returned

Just a stupid little New Year’s Eve ficlet, almost 2 months late, but who cares?

summary: modern AU. Emma is scelebrating New Year’s Eve with her girls, and they are having fortune cookies of a special kind. A handsome, but infuriating stranger doesn’t help to lift the mood…

rating: k for kissing ;)

also on: and ao3

Like every year, Ruby Lucas makes a big show giving out the small tulle packets with the homemade fortune cookies she brought back to Boston from her Christmas visit to her grandmother. It’s tradition that she and her bunch of friends each get one to open at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Like every year, she reminds them, “Granny says not to open them before midnight!”

Like every year, her girlfriend Mulan jokes, “Wait, those are Chinese, shouldn’t I be the one giving them to you?”

Ruby rolls her eyes, “Don’t be so cliché. It’s getting old.”

Emma Swan frowns suspiciously at the cookie in her hand. “Wait, this is a trick? There’s some stupid message inside just to…”

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time. Granny Lucas, at whose house Emma spent a lot of time in her youth, has tried more than once to send encouraging messages especially to her. Over the last years, however, it has become more and more annoying, and Emma started to feel the pain of every only single among a bunch of friends who are all happily taken. Endearing as it is that they all care so much for her, it’s still unnerving when even your youth’s friend’s grandmother tries to get you to finally find a boyfriend – or a girlfriend, whatever floats your boat, as Granny put it so eloquently.

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malec fics i’ll never write but want to read....
  • 5 times they spend the night on the couch, 1 time they go out (and decide to never leave the couch again)
  • where magnus needs alec to rescue him constantly because people finally figure out that all they have to do is bind magnus’ hands the right way for his powers not to work. magnus is annoyed at being bound and kidnapped again. and alec would take this all a bit more seriously if the people attempting to take magnus were in any way competent. (or where magnus really does have a weakness but no one with intelligence wants to take the risk of pissing off the high warlock of brooklyn and his shadowhunter boyfriend)
  • magnus has a stack of ancient texts to read. alec needs to catch up on paperwork. sharing an office may be the best bad idea they’ve ever had
  • magnus and alec go on a double date with simon and raphael. simon books them in two escape rooms - competing against each other. only one couple will be the victor
  • alec is on a beach vacation with his family. desperate to be alone for even a few hours, alec rents a paddleboard and is caught up in a storm. the driving winds take him in the opposite direction of his rental house and directly to magnus’ door
  • clary creates a rune that makes alec fall asleep - for 16 years
  • jace wants to go skydiving. alec can’t let his parabatai go without him. magnus can’t let alec go without him. izzy won’t let any of them go without getting this all on video
  • there’s a blackout in NYC. alec remembers his neighbor across the hall always seems to be bringing home cartons of candles. alec has food he can trade for light. knocking on his gorgeous neighbor’s door to make a formal offer is only logical. a matter of survival, really. alec undoing a few of the buttons on his shirt as he crosses the hall? that’s only because the blackout has also come on the hottest day of the year
  • izzy sees what’s happening between magnus and alec and starts to write it all down (malec through izzy’s eyes)
  • magnus bane is a famous magician in las vegas. alec lightwood is a respected antique weapons dealer. alec has a sword. magnus needs a sword. it starts as a negotiation and ends up as one big magical innuendo
  • alec challenges magnus not to use magic. magnus challenges alec not to frown. one week. penalties are wracked up. sides are taken. hilarity ensues
  • trivial pursuit. monopoly. sorry. game night becomes a thing in the lightwood-bane household
  • shadowhunters magnus and alec decide they need to get away. au magnus and alec decide to take a vacation. both couples end up sunning themselves in the same dimension. when malec meets malec all bets are off
  • magnus always shows up flawlessly put together, but lately he’s been leaving the institute with his hair a bit askew. alec’s hair is a mess from the moment he wakes up, collecting tree branches and various detritus when he goes out on missions, but now he’s also coming home sprinkled in glitter? (ie, where magnus and alec’s relationship is revealed because of messy hair)
  • title - the magnus phase
  • never engage a warlock in a pillow fight (even if you are a highly trained demon hunter)
  • magnus always knew he’d have to take over the family business someday. on his first night as death™ he’s sent to take the life of one alexander lightwood–and alec doesn’t take kindly to magnus’ arrival. but magnus will have literal hell to pay if he doesn’t bring alec’s soul back with him. “darling,” magnus said to the stunning man holding an enchanted knife to his neck. “please behave. I’m just trying to make a living.” (or the one where magnus and alec rewrite the paradigm of life and death)
Star Cross’d - Part 1

Yay, like, a real chapter! With, like…a real chapter length! :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Words: 1,890ish
Summary: And they’re off to see the Wiz–the reader’s fianceé.
Warnings: Swearing
Other Parts: Masterlist

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An imagine where Theo is having severe ptsd and Liam/Scott/whoever decides he needs to see a therapist, but Theo doesn't want to go to therapy alone.

Your suffering is my command.

He lays on the bed in the dark, cuddled into a pillow, he sniffs as his body shakes with his crying. He presses the pillow closer and clutches it hard as another sob leaves his body. He’s been like this for a full hour now. Stopping and starting, over and over. He doesn’t even know why he is upset for. He has suffered so much before, acted so strong and held himself together, but its times like this when he can’t pretend anymore. He takes a big shaking breath and rubs the wetness of his face, for a little time he falls quiet, his hand stroking the side of the pillow. He sniffs again and closes his eyes, hearing a car driving down the street, the lights shining around the ceiling but he ignores it. He stays there until he falls asleep.

Downstairs Liam watches as Scott places the room, the Alpha looks troubled. Liam knows why.

“What sort of help Liam? Theo doesn’t seem to need our help” Scott reasoned “And, why would he?”

“He needs help” Liam listened to upstairs, but there was no sound of walking coming from the room above. “Scott, it’s the third time this week, and last week he barely slept, he was shouting about his sister in his sleep and we did that to him- “

“Theo did that to her” Scott knew he shouldn’t get angry with Liam, but it was hard

“I know, but I was the one who got him out of there. He’s not the same as he used to be, he’s different now and there’s something wrong with him. Last night he was just sat up in bed for ages, just looking at the floor, for hours. He’s up there now and I know he’s crying. He does that a lot too, there is just something wrong with him, he doesn’t sleep and when he does he wakes up screaming his sister’s name, he gets confused and looks around the room as if he doesn’t believe he’s really here”

Scott sat on the sofa next to Liam. Conflicted over wanting to help, but not wanting to get hurt. Not yet ready to forgive the person who killed him. He remembered Theo’s maniac expression as he sunk his claws into Scott’s chest. His mind flickered to the boy who smiled at him in the rain, approaching Scott as an old friend returning home. He remembered the concerned boy in the locker room, sitting down next to him to tell him lies and deceit. He sees the fake tears falling down Theo’s face as he teary tells Scott the lies about Stiles killing Donovan

“Are you sure? Absolutely sure this isn’t an act?” Scott warned.
Liam took a while to answer, but then he nodded
“I’m sure. It’s real”

Long soggy hair strands covering her ghostly pale face… the stench of rotten flesh… the decaying bones all ripped open… Her hand pulling out his heart.
Theo leaped up and slammed his head into the headboard, the pillow hitting the floor. A yelp escaped Theo’s mouth and his stomach churned, making him dash to the bathroom, making it just in time. Coughing he flushed the toilet and washes his mouth out. Then washing his face. His hair stuck up untidy, his eyes red and puffy, his face pale. His eyes looked red. He was a mess. He filled a cup with water and sat on the bathtub drinking, his hand shaking as his other checked to make sure his heart was there still. His hands were freezing cold, so were his feet, but the rest of him felt clammy and hot. He wanted to get his hoodie from downstairs so went down the stairs to get it, stopping as he heard Liam talking to Scott.
About him.

“Maybe I should ask my dad to talk to him? Your mother doesn’t really get on with him. He really needs help, isn’t there medication for this? I – I give him Risperdal the other day, he was so upset, he was shaking and he couldn’t breathe right, I don’t know what was happening to him, it used to make me tried so I give him some, he doesn’t know, I crushed some in his drink. It calmed him down a little, he managed to sleep, but I can’t keep drugging him”

Theo frowned, remembering earlier this week when he became really sleeping and went to bed early. Liam didn’t seem surprised. Theo vowed to be more careful around the younger boy.

“Liam, you can’t just drug Theo” Scott sounded exhausted
“I know! I won’t do it again. I thought I was helping him…” Liam muttered.

The step Theo was on groaned, the two boys stopped talking.  Theo closed his eyes hard and opened them when he heard Liam say his name from the room.

“Theo?” Liam’s head came from the sitting room. Theo’s eyebrow raised “Just getting- a drink” Theo shrugged, walking down and past Liam, seeing Liam noticing how rough he looks.

Scott followed Theo into the kitchen. Theo didn’t make eye contact with the Alpha, didn’t look around at him.
“At the hospital they do one to one appointments, my mom does them often without patients. Stiles went once. Maybe you should drop in. Liam says you’ve been having a bad time?”
Theo still didn’t look up; his shoulder was tucked into his neck. He lowered it, trying to relax a little. A hot tear ran down Theo’s face.  He blinked the others away and just nodded. Taking his time making a drink without letting Scott see his tears. It had gotten to the point where even Scott pitied him. He drank slowly, still facing away from Scott until the other boy walked out the room. Theo stayed in there, alone, his lips moving by themselves, sometimes shaking, other times moving to the side. He traced his finger over drops of water around the sink.

He heard the door opening and closing… Scott had left.

“Maybe you should think of going.” Liam came back “It may help you. What you said happened down there with the skinwalkers- “Theo turned around and Liam seen just how tired the other boy looked, how broken he was “You don’t have to face it alone Theo. I can ask my dad, he knows therapist and Melissa, she has access to medication. Maybe its stress you are suffering from, maybe- “Liam broke off. Theo’s eyes were all watery, his lip moving by itself. He looked so much younger. 

Right away Liam went to him and held him. Stroking the back of Theo’s head, he heard the other boy asking Liam to come with him. 

Raphael Santiago x Shadowhunter!Reader | Endgame

requested; yes

I hope you like this annon😊 I’m trying my best & I’m so sorry if it’s not what you truly expected

pairings; Raphael x Reader , Platonic!Raphael x Magnus, Platonic!Magnus x reader


“(Y/N)” the warlock stared at the shadowhunter that stood in the front of his door, “ What are you doing here?”

She rolled her eyes, “ you forgot haven’t you? By the angels, you’re the one who called me here , Magnus. ”

The warlock frowned; last week he was in a bad mood because he had one of his first serious fights with his boyfriend, so he called one of his old friends to come by. (Y/N) wasn’t Exactly home when he called, she was in Idris with some business.

Now she just arrived home and hurried to go at Magnus’s; knowing he called for her a week ago. (Y/N) was holding a bag full of sweets and alcohol and some indian food, his favorites.

“ I know I’m late, like always,if you want I can go back-”

He smiled, “ no way, I haven’t seen you in ages, come in. ”

(Y/N) stepped in, everything was just how she remembered, except that there were another pair of shoes.

“ Your boyfriend’s ?” She pointed to the pair of unknown shoes, (Y/N) heard a lot about his boyfriend, Alec Lightwood and she was excited to meet him; (Y/N) belonged to the Hawaiian Institute, so she never really got the chance to meet the Lighrwoods.

Magnus shook his head, “ oh, no no no. One of my friends, he got tortured by the clave and come over to ask for my help. ”

“ Tortured by the clave? This sounds barbarian. And they say we’re savages. ”

“ Here in New York things are a little difficult and there’s a new douche bag sent by the clave to the institute. ”

“ Things are clearly complicated here. ”

Magnus grabbed the bags from (Y/N)’s hands and went with them in the kitchen, placing them on the table, quickly with the help of his magic.

“ I’ve missed this kind of stuff, staying with you and having magic to make my life easier.”

Magnus laughed, “ since when do you like easier? You were always though and going for challenges. ”

“ What can I say? Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, right? ”

“ Then you’re lucky you got me.”

“ Always the charismatic . ”

(Y/N) made herself comfortable on the sofa, taking off her denim jacket, “ can I go and borrow something of yours, M? This dress is stressing me out.”

“ Go ahead, but be careful, I think Raphael is in the bathroom.”

She winked, “ so that’s his name? Raphael?”

Magnus gave her the “I know what you’re thinking” look, so she turned her back to him and went to his room. She knocked, in case Raphael was already out of the bathroom and went in the room.

No reply was heard, so (Y/N) opened the door. It was empty. The (y/h/c) haired girl took of her black dress, remaining only in her black underwear.

She let her (y/h/c) free from the previous bun and it was covering half of her back. She went to the wardrobe searching for something that she’d like, but her eyes landed on a black shirt, (Y/N) took it in her hands and put it on ; the shirt was a little big for her, but she kept it anyway; the next thing was to look for a pair of shorts, she was sure Maguns would have some from her ex-girlfriends or things like that.

After she found one dark red pair of shorts , she put them on quickly.

“ Who are you?”

(Y/N) turned around to see a black haired guy staring at her. Her eyes moved from his gorgeous hair, to his dark eyes, full lips and shirtless body.

She smirked, “ you must me Raphael? Hi, I’m (Y/N), one of Magnus’s friends.”

He shook her hand gently, that’s when he noticed she was wearing his shirt .

“ Why are you wearing my shirt?” he asked amused

(Y/N) griped the end of the shirt, tugging it down. Ashamed, the girl moved her eyes to the ground, a blush creeping on her face.

“ I needed something to change in and this was the first one I saw. I’m sorry, I guess? I can take it down if you’d like.”

The shadowhunter girl always managed to embarass herself, she had a big mouth that said things she didn’t really mean.

Raphael rose his eyebrows and chuckled amused, “ You don’t have to strip for me, angel.”

“ That’s not what I meant-”

“ Sure”, he said with a longer ‘u’ than usual, making it sound sarcastic.

“ Don’t flatter yourself, Raphael. ”

He just smiled, knowing that a shadowhunter will always be stubborn and there’s no point arguing with them, especially if you just met them and they’re really hot.

“ You can keep that, but that’s it. I won’t give you any other shirts of mine or Magnus will start thinking I’m completely, truly and deeply in love with you.”

She laughed, “ aren’t you?”

“ Not yet, we didn’t even got on our first date, mi amor. ”

“ There’s plenty of time , isn’t it?”

“ Time is a tricky thing; and it’s not a friend of mine.”

(Y/N) studied him, his dark eyes held a lot of sadness and tiredness, there was also this crinkle between his brows that formed every time he frowned, he looked sick of this world, of the shadow world.

“ It’s sucks to be an immortal vampire, I guess. ”

He sighed, “ at first it was good, but that was back in 1953 when my family was still alive and I, somehow, lived with them for a while. ”

“ A lot of time has passed, you must be sick of living.”

“ Sometimes I am, but I know that death won’t bring me anything better. ”

(Y/N) gasped, “ you’re a believer ?”

“ You’re asking if I believe in God? Of course. I’m a catholic. So, I know what’s next for me, hell . ”

“ I believe you’ll get your second chance Raphael, you’re a good guy I see.”

“ That’s the first time a shadowhunter complimented me.”

“ Such a shame, you’re quite handsome I must say.”

Raphael laughed, “ Now its clear you’re Magnus’s friend, you two are so alike , but you might be less annoying and prettier.”

“ Excuse me, Santiago? Am I not pretty enough ?!”

Raphael and (Y/N) turned around at the sound of Magnus’s voice, he sounded amused, but both, (Y/N) and Raphael were panicked.

“ You were listening?” the girl asked suspiciously

“ Of course I was; you went to change like a hour ago, I knew my dear friend Raphael was here as well , but by knowing you two I was 99% sure that you won’t be having sex, so I just had to come and make sure I was right, and of course that I was, you’re just bonding.” He smirked, “ pathetic, but you two are cute, I put my money on you that in at least two years you’ll be engaged. I need a ship name for you two. You two are endgame. ”

With his speech done, Magnus left his bedroom and went to get a shot of whiskey , while Raphael and (Y/N) were sitting awkwardly next to each other.

The girl sighed, “ well, when you’ll propose let me know, I might say yes. ”

A Helping Hand

//hey yall! inspired by a headcanon of my best friend @terfs-can-die , i wanna share the story of how jesse mccree got his first binder. because its about a time before then, there is some description of unsafe binding so warning for that (dont do it!) and also a warning for injuries and some hospital stuff. that should be all! please let me know what you think, and have a nice day!//

For Blackwatch operatives, injuries were unfortunately fairly common. With a height population of around a thousand, it wasn’t uncommon for a small squadron of ten people to leave, and at least four come back with some sort of laceration or other damage. Thankfully, technology has kept pace with their dangerous lifestyle, and the Caduceus technology employed by one of Overwatch’s head nurses has brought more than a few injured back to full health.

Jesse McCree is a fairly new recruit, but he has already made a name for himself in both his exceptional skill with his six-shooter, and his somehow increased likelihood of injury. He’s so brash, that on more than one occasion, Gabriel has suggested he wear a brighter color, because the standard black-and-grey gear doesn’t suit him quite right.

He lays injured and unconscious, just wheeled into the infirmary. The room is filled with a dozen or so of his coworkers, all in various states of disrepair. A few limbs are casted, some have still-healing lacerations, and more than one is sick with some flu or another. Angela comes to his side and finds the left side of his abdomen bloodied, the shirt providing blockage for the wound. It may have helped slow the bleeding on his way here, but now it is an obstruction.

Angela unclips his gear and removes it, causing him to stir slightly. She murmurs for him to rest, while she continues to assess the situation. With a confident hand and sharp scissors, Angela swiftly slices through his shirt; there is no room for privacy as he continues to bleed in slow streams. She is immediately greeted with two facts, and one shocks her far more than the other.

To little surprise, he has a graze across his stomach, probably from a bullet judging by the shape. A wave of her Caduceus staff and a few layers of bandages later and he’s healed in under a minute.

However, to her horror, the upper portion of Jesse’s chest is wrapped tightly in what appear to be bandages, causing a mild concavity of the ribs that should very much not be the case. A number of things click into place in her mind, but more prominent than that is concern for the health of her patient. “Gabriel!” she shouts over her shoulder, readying her scissors once more.

Gabriel knows better than to hover around Angela as she works. She’s a remarkably bright young doctor, and doesn’t need his fussing or protectiveness in order to do her job. But when he is called, he rises from his seat outside the infirmary and heads in, at her side in a second.

“What seems to be-” The question falls short as he looks over the unconscious recruit. After a pause, he sighs, and drags a hand down his face. He’s too young to be getting gray hairs - at least in his mind - but these kids have already given him a few. “Shoulda figured,” he tells himself, shaking his head slowly. “Rough life before…” The thought trails away, so he steps back and informs the doctor, “He’s gonna be out for two weeks.” Angela looks up at him, and the firm set of her brow is one that he’s seen before. She knows far more than him on this topic, and he is aware of that fact, and she is aware of his understanding of it.

“I can have him on his feet, mission-ready in three days.” She is confident of the matter, but Gabriel frowns.

“Two weeks. I want him out of missions for two weeks. Keep him in here if you have to, but Jesse McCree will not take another mission for two weeks.” He has his reasons, though he doesn’t want to share them just yet. He nods back towards the unconscious young man, turning the conversation back to the patient himself. “Get that off of him, and get him in some hospital stuff. I’ll be back tomorrow at ten AM, sharp.”

The next morning, Jesse McCree is fully conscious and almost entirely healed. He has some moderate scarring, but is most frustrated with the news he received earlier that Commander Reyes wouldn’t allow him to leave for fourteen days.

When Gabriel enters the room, he has his phone in hand. It’s an ancient thing, with touch-screen capabilities, rather than the more standard holo displays of the modern world. He puts it away and finds Jesse glaring at him, arms folded, looking about as sour as a lemon. “Why’m I chalked up for fourteen days, boss?” His tone is flat enough that his anger is thoroughly conveyed, even though he’s visibly still on the mend. Gabriel shuts off the screen, and pulls up one of the rolling chairs to sit beside his recruit.

“I’m approximating ten days for my Amazon delivery to arrive.” He speaks slowly, as though making an explanation, but it seems to have no effect on Jesse’s understanding. He begins to interrupt with a “Huh?” but Gabriel raises a hand to continue the outline. “Then two days for me to make adjustments to your gear once you have it on. Then-” But not even Gabriel’s still-aloft hand can hold back the sharp remark on Jesse’s tongue.

“You bought me something? What the hell?” His confusion borders on defensive, but Gabriel does his best to continue as though there was no interruption. He’s used to people not understanding his machinations, after all.

“Then two days for you to get used to the new gear. That brings us to fourteen, kid.”

Jesse is silenced only for a moment, until he demands, “What the fuck did you buy me?”

Gabriel withdraws his phone once more, turning it on and opening an app. He tosses it towards Jesse, and it lands on the recruit’s lap with a soft thud. On the screen is a website, specifically Gabriel’s recent Amazon orders. The older orders show various fabrics, knicknacks, clasps, and miscellaneous items. But an order from the previous night is a simple black binder. According to the item title, it’s designed for movement and breathability, and comes in a dark grey color. Jesse picks up the phone in hands that shake more than a gunslinger’s should, but Gabriel makes no comment on his disbelief. In fact, he only gives another vague explanation.

“My number one concern is the safety of my operatives.” He says firmly, leaning back in the chair to let Jesse process his words. “I won’t have another instance of you fucking up your ribs with bandages, okay?” He can feel Jesse’s eyes on him now, switching between him and the phone without a single word of interruption. With a small sigh, Gabriel continues, “If you don’t like the one I picked out, or you don’t wanna wear one at all, that’s okay. Come talk to me and we can work something safe out, but you don’t need to endanger your health and your life for a flatter chest, kid.” There is silence between them for a stretch of seconds. Jesse’s eyes are wide, and vaguely shiny with tears, and the hope in them makes Gabe have to grit his teeth a little to keep from mirroring his expression. But after he processes, Jesse nods.

He nods bouncily and over-extendedly, swallowing to get his voice working once again. “Yeah, okay.” He agrees, a bit hoarse, as he slowly hands back Gabe’s phone. “Sounds good.” Jesse smiles, and Gabe knows his little lecture was worth it as Jesse promises, “Sounds real good.”

A little too much

Hi guys, I know I promised to write the pregnancy imagine BUT I was feeling “the sad Jo” vibe and I really wanted to put this out there. If you are feeling sad because of this, go to @lilli-jo for comfort :) xx

Joining Shawn on tour was very fun at first. Jo loved exploring all the new places and experience the nervousness before every show. She loved the buzz, the anticipation, the post-show highs. She loved the team and how everyone was, always making sure she was okay.
She even liked their tour bus and her cozy bunk bed she had been allowed to decorate.

But after nine weeks on the road she could feel her mood shifting. It was the little things at first. Missing her bed. Missing her friends back home. Hugging her mom.

And after fighting with Shawn one night, things seemed to spiral downwards.

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Let Me Love You pt. 2

Originally posted by sehunlays

Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Description: You realize just before your consultation who Baekhyun really is.

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

The next morning you woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon wafting around your room. The smell was so delicious that you thought it was coming from a dream until you felt a soft kiss to your forehead. 

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Give me a smile

Now this is a request for the amazing @wolfcub1635

So the scenario is: “reader has had a pretty rough week, feeling pretty shitty and has made a sort of bubble by keeping people out, not even Mikey could cheer her up. But will a hothead cheer up a hothead?”

Originally posted by lillianlinus

It was raining for starters. That black cloud had followed you all the way into the lair, the thunder reflecting your mood, dangerous and furious. It was like life was against you, of course that wasn’t true but from where you were standing it seemed like the universe was telling you to have the shittiest life ever and they weren’t there to help you out. At all. You were on your own. 

The first one to notice your foul mood was Mikey. He cheered once you entered the fortress of the pizza smelling sewers but you ignored him. Mikey didn’t get hurt easily, but your frown, your posture, the less that skip in your step had made him feel sad. 

“Hey Y/N! How are ya?” he exclaimed cheerfully a second time but all you did was sulk and sulk. You didn’t even join him to play a video game. That was how shitty you felt. 

Donnie was next. asking if you were sick, you grumbled a no and made your way to the kitchen where Leo was trying to offer you some tea. They wanted to see you happy, they really did. But maybe you just weren’t up for it. You didn’t even give them a smile. Not as much as a twitch on your lips. Finally, after what had seemed forever, they had decided to leave you alone which unfortunately for you, made you feel worse. Did no one care? 

You heard the grunting of the certain steroid invested turtle punching a sandbag so you decided to pay him a little visit. The air smelled like tension, you could cut through it with a knife. You sat cross legged by some weights, tracing the patterns of the numbers on them silently, trying to waste some time, knowing Raphael hadn’t noticed your presence. 

“Watcha doing here, shortie?” he grumbled, letting out another grunt as he pushed the bar back up into its holster. 

“Nothin’.” you mumbled in reply, not seeing his rolling of his eyes. 

He picked himself up, swaggering towards you and sitting down beside you, trying to read your hard expression. “Why ya so pissed?” 

You rolled your eyes, sure, you guys had grown closer, having something in common. You were both hotheads. You considered him a friend, maybe something more but in your mind, it wouldn’t happen. 

“I’m pissed at life.” You answered with a sigh, your fingers ghosting over the crack in the floor. 

“Woah, that’s deep. Even for you.” he chuckled but you didn’t laugh. Not even a smile. He frowned. “Rough week?” 

You shrugged. “Maybe.” 

He shook his head in amusement. “You wanna talk about it?” 

You actually scoffed, a twitch almost making its way to your lips. “When have you ever ‘talked’?” 

“I talk.” He snapped defensively. 

“When it comes to your biceps.” You teased which made him smirk. 

“Now, you’re feeling better.” He said which made you frown again. He huffed, shoving your shoulder gently. 

“Come on, shortstack. Give me a smile.” He taunted and you scrunched up your face in a sulk. He rolled his eyes at you. “All you gotta do is smile, dammit.” 

“What if I don’t want to?” 

“Well, I’m tellin’ ya to.” 

“What’s the point?” 

He sighed. “It would make me happy.” He said and you dropped your wall of stubbornness. “I like it when you smile.” He muttered under his breath sheepishly which made a grin curl at your lips. 

You made a bold move. You kissed his cheek with a quick peck and he froze. Slowly, a red blush started at his neck and traveled all the way up to his cheeks, putting his own mask to shame. He then looked at you and you looked at him. He grinned. 

“There’s that smile.”