frowing up

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“Stop freaking out, you’re making me freak out! And I’m the level headed one of the house!” The outlaws

“They’re out of cheese burgers, Jason!” Roy says, shaking his head.

“What are we going to have for dinner now?” Kori mumbles “Maybe I should cook us someth–”

“NO!” Roy yells and she glares at him “I mean, it’ll be awesome that you made us something but I don’t feel like homemade stuff right now, you know?”

Kori nods, but her glare doesn’t leave her eyes.

“What are we going to do then?” She asks.

“Jason?” Roy moves his hand in front of Jason’s face, but he doesn’t even blink “Jaybird? Say something!”

He shakes his shoulders and Jason finally reacts, pushing him away and frowing.

“I’m thinking, shut up! And stop calling me that, damn it”

“But they’re out of cheese burgers and there’s no other place open at this hour” Roy repeats and Jason grunts.

“Those cheese burgers were our only hope” Kori ads.

“And their out of them. We’re going to starve until tomorrow morning!”

“We can’t go to sleep without eating”

“Stop freaking out! You’re making me freak out! And I’m the level headed on of the house!” Jason stands up and storms away.

Kori looks at Roy with a smile and he shrugs.

“Guess he really liked those burgers too”

…I got nothing to say about this, is silly, I know.

Imagine demon Dean often talking about you in his sleep even when he is with other women.

“You know I thought you were some good guy deep down, pretending to be bad. But seeing you back there. You kept punching him and refused to stop. You were nt doing it for me. You were doing it for you, weren’t you?” she crossed her arms over her chest, brows frowed and tears welling up in her eyes.

Dean turned his head to look at her “I never said I did it for you, did I? Look-” he let a sigh running a hand through his longer-than-usual hair “-I told you not to get too attached, I am just rolling through town.” he shrugged as if it was nothing to him. And truth was that was the case, because being a demon left little to no room for feelings for him.

“… Is this all because of her? What did she do to you to turn you into this?” she asked after a long silence.

“Who?” Dean for the first time had no single idea what she was alking about.

“(Y/n)” she said the name simply but it made Dean’s back straightened and his body stiffen at the mere mention of it.

“How do you know about her?” he growled in a low voice, eyes darkening.

“You call her name in your sleep. Ask her to stay and fight the disease with you. I don’t understand much.” she said matter-of-factly.

Dean rolled his eyes, lips still pursed, not wanting her to look at him and what his expression (that he knew he wouldn’t be able to control) would give away.

And she conitnued “I only know a name. And the fact that you loved her, obviously. Maybe still do.” she shrugged her shoulders though Dean’s jaw clenched “What was she Dean? Ex? Someone that dumped you for someone else? Someone you dumped but didn’t really want to? Someone you had feelings for but wouldn’t say a thing?”

Dean’s didn’t even blink let alone turn his head to look at her and speak. How would he be able to answer this question?

She shook her head when she saw he clearly ignored her “You know what-” she started speaking again, voice thich with unched tears “-Maybe I doubted myself but this? This is not for me. I deserve better a-and as much as I want to stay I am going to do what is right because I respect myself.” she willed her tears down and turning she left the door.

Not that Dean cared anymore. He clenched his fists by his sides, closing his eyesand taking in a deep breath. He had had those dreams many more times than he could count. He hoped he’d be over it but of course that was not the case. How would he ever be over you even as a demon? Maybe he should do what he planned for all this time but put it off. Pay you a visit.

pt 2

-simon realized almost immediately the type of person baz was

-they had two classes together, french and english

-baz took notes during every lecture (his handwriting mesmerising??)

-he gave the teachers his undivided attention

-simon, meanwhile, slouched back into his chair, doodling idly while only halfheartedly listening to the class

-baz kept his notes organized like he kept his life organized

-like he literally had a spot for everything, he knew where everything was, he often scoffed whenever he saw simom searching for something

-after the first week or so of classes there was something else that caught Simon’s attention

-or rather, someone else

-a girl, with long blonde hair and big brown eyes

-she was in his photography class (intro to photography ??)

-and god she was beautiful

-aphrodite in the flesh

-simon decided to talk to her in his third week

-she wore a playful smile the entire conversation, flirting with him heavily the entire time, they agreed to grab a coffee later so they could study for a test

-simon was in a daze the entire walk back to his room

-he fell face first on his bed the second the door closed

-baz looked at him carefully, an amused smile tugging at his lips


-simon turned his head towards him and smiled dreamily

-(Baz’s heart caught in his throat)

-“ive got a date with a cute girl later”








-“her name is Agatha, we’re going to study over coffee tonight”

-Baz turned around in his chair to face Simon

-“you say all this like we’re friends, Snow”

-simon sat up, frowing, “because i thought we /were/ friends, basil”

-baz looked at him like he was stupid (it was an expression simon received quite often)

-“we’re roommates, simon”

-“so we can’t be friends?”

-“we’re not friends just because we sleep in the same room, and frankly I’m not sure i want to be your friend. Honestly you’re far too sure that your charm will work on everyone you talk to.”

-“ What charm???”

-Baz rolled his eyes and turned back towards whatever journal he was writing in

-simon, on the other hand, was fuming

-he changed into a loose shirt and a pair of shorts and slammed the door behind him

-Baz could be such an Asshole

-he went to the gym on campus and stayed there for a good hour

-he showered before dinner and hurried back to his room to grab his books afterwards

-the date (study-date)(call it what you will) went marvelously and ended with simon learning nothing thathad to do with photography

-he’d been much too focused on figuring out how close they could be without touching (and then she’d ended up brushing her leg against his)

-he walked her back to her dorm and took the long way back to his own

-when he walked in (quietly, so quietly, he didn’t want to wake Baz up so he could deal with any more condescension) he realized that Baz was sitting up on his bed, reading a book (with the book sleeve missing)

-simon looked at the alarm clock on the shelf above his bed, 11:47

-Baz was normally in bed by 11:00

-they didn’t talk to eachother

-simon got undressed after dropping his books by his desk

-he climbed into bed and stared at the wall

-the lamp glowing from behind him cast an orange glow on the white paint

-he traced the brushmarks with his eyes for a few minutes until the light clicked off

-baz closed his eyes almost as soon as the light was off

-why had he waited up?

-a thick uncertainty spread over him like chunky peanut butter on bread

-Simon Snow talked too much and made an ass of himself on a daily basis

-he was so confident in his easy going personality

-so sure that making you feel welcomed would in turn make you welcome him

-it was exhausting amd nauseating and


-baz had barely stopped thinking about Simon’s one rule

-N O A L C O H O L

-what horror had he seen

-he opened his eyes and looked at the lump across the room from him

-it was moving slowly up and down, in time with the ticking of his old alarm clock

-4 weeks into the year and Baz had already heard rumors about him:

-he was an orphan

- he was a flirt

-he was homophobic

-he was a super model

-the credibility of most of these claims was obviously not /so/

-but the orphan one had caught his attention (so had the flirt)

- just as the boy had

-he watched his breathing slow and heard a soft moan

-simon snow moaned in his sleep

-nothing like a sexual moan

-at least, it wasnt like any sexual moan baz had ever heard

-but then again, he was only educated on sex(and sex noises) because of porn

-another soft moan

-baz wondered what simon sounded like when he was having sex

-his face felt like it’d been splashed by lava

-he shoved it into his pillow and focused on his own breathing

-insomnia was an old friend that baz hadn’t missed

-baz thought back to that afternoon, when simon had stormed out

-he wanted to go back in time to wring his own neck

-“i don’t want to be your friend”











-he closed his eyes and

-wished he would have taken his medicine and


-having simon snow as a roommate was proving hard and

-he wished he understood why he felt so confused

it’s just, it’s astonishing to me that the only high profile white director who manages to succeed in the diversity field is quentin tarantino. the dumb loudmouth asshole gets it more than any of those Intellectuals and that’s so fuckin baffling. like, all anybody wants the coens or ridley scott or wes anderson or whoever wlse to do is just acknowledge that there’s more than just white ppl and these directors are all scratching their heads like ??? how is this so hard for you to understand you fuckin wrote fargo u clearly arent stupid