That “ if a guy is hitting on u and he is clearly the alpha in his group of guys.. go for the third in command and undermine their whole power structure” post is on my dash with a long chain on reblogs and like… do people really think male groups of friends have like this weird hierarchy and a constant power struggle? Like no, mate, despite it not always seeming lke that, male friendships are mostly based around supporting and caring about each other, even if some dudes are too emotionally stunted to properly express it, and if we were constantly trying to overpower each other in a weird power struggle we wouldn’t even be friends in the first place? Idk what kind of male groups of friends y’all have been seing but honestly at least this is my experience with all the froups of friends I’ve had. Like… if the shy guy of the group got a date our friendship wouldn’t crumble, we would all just be like “Congrats, dude! I’m so happy for you, keep it up my man”

Exo Reacting to you being aegyo just to get something from them


*buys (or give) the item to you* ((he is the mom of the group and is also very rich so i think suho will handle this well))


 “your cute….but im cuter so you aint getting it :’)” ((i would see him laughing at you being mad at him for not getting you what you wanted and him being ll childish and annoying about how he is much cuter))


*Fangirling but slightly panicking cause of cuteness overload* “Fine…. ill Pfftt get it for you” ((i could see him being very dazed and spaced out for the rest of the day remembering hoe aegyo you where just because you wanted something))


*Screams loudly at first but gets all childish when he’s used to it* “AHHHHHHHHAHAHHHHAAH” ((actually i can see him being all embarrassed and blushy about it, he would still end up getting it for you anyway))


*gets all giggly and happy about it* *then would smirk and–* “i would love it if you stayed like this you know” ((would end up getting it for you but would randomly bring it up in the future about the one time you where all aegyo cause you wanted something))


*being childish and refuses to get it for you no matter what* “you would have to be cuter to fool me!!” ((yes sehun would be very childish about it and would also be a brat and tease you, you would probably then ignor him and being all pouty which would make the maknae proud))


*teases you cause you failed to make him react*  (( WeLL mister galaxy not my style here would love to tease you about not even making him react from you being aegyo and would laugh at you but would get you what you wanted cause hes a good boyfriend)) *not my style*


*smiles cutely at how you are acting* ((chen would be the most quiet and nice about how your acting to make him get what you want, he would smile at your actions and hug you while walking and swaying you around because hes surprised and happy at the same time. yes he would get you what you want cause hes a cute poodle))


*trying to contain his laughter* “pfft..your…pfft…so…hahahha….cute”
“fine call me oppa and i will get it for you :’)” ((Xiumin would try his hardest not to laugh at your cute actions but then again here is the eldest of the froup who does stupid stuff, he would want something in return or something in exchange for him getting you what you want))


*straight away would get you what you man because hes a good boyfriend* *later on would brag to the others that he has a cute girlfriend* ((lay would so go around saying that his girlfriend is the best and that she is cute,can cook, loving, fun and etc. to the others members, then he would brag about himself and how good of a boyfriend he is))


“IM A MANLY MAN ILL GET THAT FOR YOU!!” “ IM A MAN” (( Luhan hates being called a girl so he would act all manly and get the thing for you while being 100% embarrassed, he would later brag to his friends about how manly he was when he got you what you wanted )) ((luhan fighting))


*Tao being aegyo to get you to get him gucchi stuff instead of it being the other way around* “PWEEEASE!!!” (( i can see Tao going up to you and being all cute and aegyo just for you to get him presents and Gucci and spoiling him to death))



Sorry if this sucks its my first try after all. if you want you can request them even though i suck or you can request scenarios. 

I don’t get the ‘visual of the group’ thing. For me, if you are in a froup for music, you should have a good voice, or at least a decent voice and good dance skills. But if you say that one person is the visual of the group, it sounds for me like that the person doesn’t have any talent and is just there too look good and attract fans. (Not saying that a 'visual’ member is talentless, just that they should be promoted in another way)