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The Celtic festival of Beltane, usually celebrated on the first of May, honours the Spirit of the Green Man, consort of the primordial Great Goddess. He’s the hunter and the seed of vegetation, fertility, growth and change. He can also be called Herne or Cernunnos, just like a deer he mates with the mystical Goddess and she gives birth to the Star Child. The veil between the world of the mortals and that of the fairies is extremely thin during Beltane, and the two realms are in communication, the fairy Otherworld is said to bestow gifts upon seers and poets during that time, people that may have fallen asleep under a May-tree. One thing is for sure inspiration and the observation of natural cycles are closely related. The natural world is the sensual world.

illustration by Brian Froud.

Low on cash

Hey guys! Unfortunately, I’m a bit low on funds, and am struggling a little bit to get by.

With this, I am offering paid readings and art!  


I’ll be offering either a 5 card reading or a 5 minute scrying reading, both $5 each. For each additional card or minute, it will cost another $1. 

Tarot/Oracle Decks: The fairy oracle decks by Brian Froud, The Fairy Tale tarot, and the Fenestra Tarot deck. 

Scrying: Mediums used are either water, fire, or stones/crystals 

To reach me, please email me at Email me with the details of your request including the question and what method to be used for the reading.


Currently for the art, I am offering commissions for either sketches or flat colored pieces: Full body, half body, portrait. Examples below

Portrait goes for $15, half body goes for $25, full body goes for $35. It will be an extra $5 to add flat color: $20, $30, $40.

To reach me, please email me at with the details of what you want. 

Request for help: Fairy Oracle Guidebook?

Hey all! 

So a while back I purchased Brian Froud’s Fairy Oracle deck from a secondhand store, but it didn’t have the guidebook with it.

If anyone has access to the guidebook’s contents or any tips on how to read pulls from this oracle deck, it would be greatly appreciated!! I’m kind of up shit creek without a paddle at the moment…