Zydeco Washboard (Frottoir) Player

Zydeco Washboard (Frottoir) Player

Zydeco Washboard (frottoir) Player, James (French Quarter, December 27, 2014) — Images by kenne

Boudreaux had a flat tire,
pulled off on the side of the road,

and proceeded to put a bouquet of flowers
in front of the car and one behind it. 

Then he got back in the car to wait.
A passerby studied the scene as he drove by,
and was so curious he turned around and went back. 
He asked the fellow…

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Women’s Washboard Zydeco Rubboard Scrubboard Frottoir Musical Instrument With Free Scratchers

My name is Kurt ( CajunIronMan ) Prudhomme, nephew of Chef Paul Prudhomme of New Orleans, founder of K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen, Magic Seasoning Blends and countless cookbooks. My father was in the commercial kitchen equipment business for years and acquired several patents for restaurant kitchens and even at one time had a joint venture project with my Uncle Paul. He recently called on me to develop a portion controlled seasoning dispenser for Magic. My experience working with 316 stainless goes back 30 years, that’s why all my boards are made of 316 stainless. 316 is a commercial food grade alloy and is a requirement in all commercial kitchens because of its ability to withstand corrosion and rust. Not only is 316 durable, it looks good. The tiny strands or “Grain” in the metal together with the chrome cause it to become shiny and make this board stand out. The women’s rubboard is available in 20 or 22 gauge. Flexible chrome trim around the neck area dress it up nicely and also serve as protection & comfort. The trim is held on by a special glue, so it will never come off and if the trim does so happen to come off, the metal edge around the neck area and under the trim is just as smooth as the rest of the board. No worries.

Great News!! Sunset, Louisiana Is Now The Rubboard Capital Of The World. I’m A Graduate Of Sunset High School 1980, Raised In Sunset And My Current Residence Of Opelousas, LA Sits Just Outside Of Sunset..

Product Features

  • This Board Normally Sales For $165.00. Now Through July It Is Reduced To $145.00. A $20.00 Savings. Give Someone A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime, The Gift Of Stainless Steel. Don’t Forget, Free Shipping And Free Custom Welded Scratchers.
  • FYI – There Are Other Sellers Of Washboards That Claim That Their Boards Are Made Of Stainless Steel. There Is A Trick Of The Trade That You May Not Know. If You Purchase From Them, Put A Magnet On The Metal, If It Sticks, You’ve Been Ripped Off. Stainless Is Not Magnetic. Buy A Board That Is Truly Made Of Stainless Steel, A CajunIronMan Washboard.
  • More On My Background Is, I Hold Welding Certifications In 6 Aircraft Metals, One Being Stainless Steel And An Additional 2 In Inconel 625 Clad Welding. I Have Been In The Metal Fabrication Business For Over 30 Years. I Don’t Only Know Washboards, I Know Metal. I Know How Metal Reacts To Heat, Stress And Under Pressure, And I Definitely Know How To Build A “Top Of The Line” Rubboard. Truth Is…..I Am CajunIronMan.
  • CajunIronMan Has Been A Seller On Amazon For Less Than A Year, And There Are Already Followers Of My Lead. The Other Guy Has A Motto That Is “A good Rubboard is never cheap, and a cheap Rubboard is never good!” Well, His 20 Gauge Previously Sold For $245. And Since I Started Listing, He Reduced His Prices To Match Mine. This Is Good For The Consumer Since It Provides Competition Which Drives Prices Down. You’re The Winner! It Also Tells You How Badly Overpriced His Rubboards Were. My Prices Are Fair And It’s Been That Way Since I Started.

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